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Connection between Master Xehanort and MoM as Antagonists

Aug 25, 2021
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You know what's funny,

Xehanort who lives in the future wanted to find answers from the past. Like how the Keyblade War started and ended in the past (When MoM was just a little boy), how the X-blade was shattered into 20 pieces, and also know the events that happened in X, Unchained, and Union Cross. That's why he became obsessed with the knowledge of the X-blade and wanted to recreate the Keyblade War.

While MoM who is from the past from the Age of Fairytales wanted to find answers from the future. Like how the Keyblade War happened in the future (from KH3) and how darkness prevails and light expired, but we all know that did not happen right. Since Sora used the power of waking many times and defeated Xehanort, that's why he entrusted Luxu to find out what happened in the Keyblade War in that timeline, and Luxu did find out and fulfilled his role.

I also find it interesting that the fortune-teller argument that the master of masters gives is now fully accurate for him now that we know more about him.

He is the Fortune-teller that sees the future with the waking eye and prophesies it in the Book of Prophecies.

He is the artist that drew perfectly accurate depictions of heartless that would come into existence years later.

He is the scholar that acted as the foundation of the understanding of light and dark that is used in KH from the days of KHX to KHMoM and beyond.

He is seeking World peace by destroying the darkness with his insane schemes. Yet, he is also in charge of plotting for the destruction of worlds such as daybreak town which he doomed for destruction three times; the first keyblade war, the fall of the data world, and the break in the real world.

That symbolism is just outstanding.