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Connection between Sora and Yozora

Aug 29, 2020
Now that you mention Sora saving Kairi (but being unable to speak) in MoM... I wonder if we will actually play that part as Sora in KH IV? I can see that being the end of the prologue story since he was only sleeping in Quadratum for 7 days.
That would be pretty cool. It's similar the theories that people have about playing as Yozora during the Remind fight, but from his perspective this time.

I also really think there is something behind the night/day versions of Quadratum/The Final World. I just have no idea what it could be.
The night time Final world might just be the version that you go to when come from the side of Unreality. The side of reality that we know would have the day time version. Something to note: Yozora means "night Sky", and night time final world is a night sky. I posted a theory above about how I think that Yozora is the power that Sora lost when he fell to darkness, so maybe he got his name when he spawned off Sora and went through the night time final world. He was just named after it.


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Nov 4, 2012
Although, I'm kind of hoping that we don't get straight up alternate universe versions of characters because we already did the clone thing before. And Nomura will not be able to resist bringing in alternate Master Xehanort.
Well, it was inevitable with KH3 having introduced worldlines. Perhaps Quadratum is an alternate universe where Sora lost and Riku won in KH1.... Riku never became good again, Kairi died, who knows what happened with Sora--perhaps his heart is a Heartless (or an AU version of Heartless enemy type that operates the same way as Heartless do--Gigas?) somewhere in that universe? I'm much more interested in Yozora right now, thinking it's related to SRK in this way, than I ever have been before. About Quadratum being dark and "Night Sky" being Yozora's meaning--Quadratum in a way is an exact opposite of Destiny Islands, perhaps deliberately. Destiny Islands is most often depicted in day time and is a very remote, low-populated, rural type of area v. Quadratum being always night, massive, high population, and urban.

I think Nomura said during an interview that Sora looks like that because he's in Quadratum and that, in other worlds, He will have a more KH art style again. Donald and Goofy having that KH art style in the trailer was supposed to convey that.

I know that... He can look like that while in Quadratum where he's slowly becoming fused with Yozora and then look like himself again once he removes himself from Yozora back to his own universe. I think the long-game story will be that he didn't remove "all" of Yozora when he left, or that there's some lingering effect on him because of two versions of the same person coming so close together that way that will have to be dealt with at the end of the game.
I think you might be reading something that's not there as there's no evidence that the nameless star "loves" the person she's talking about.
Nameless Star says she "pines for another," the person she is waiting for. As for the Xion stuff, I suppose it's possible when she says, "A...somebody," it could be meant that way, but I think she meant it more as a reaction to the terms Sora is using being something from his universe and not from hers, perhaps. She probably has no idea what a Nobody is.

Sorry for my posts here. I'm having a very stream of consciousness moment as I'm reading through the stuff from 3 that includes Nameless Star and Yozora, and I'm having a bunch of random thoughts that don't all connect to the same theory.

"Are you done?" "My path is clear." So many of Yozora's lines definitely read like KH1 Riku.

Perhaps that's why Yozora asks Sora how he knows him as Yozora, when he calls himself whatever AU Riku's name is despite being in Yozora's body. And his confusion over why Sora calls himself Sora is because he, as the AU Riku in AU Sora's body who calls himself by AU Riku's name, perhaps thought the Riku from Sora's universe must be in Sora's body the same way he is? Maybe that's the reason he wants to fight Sora immediately, because it's immediately a signal to him that that universe's version of himself must've lost to Sora, making this Sora more of a threat than his universe's Sora was. Even though, going by the whole dialogue of him having wandered in and trials, this could be the moment where AU Riku (Yozora) is taking the trial in 3D to become a Keyblade Master and he was told to save Sora by that universe's version of Yensid, for example, that doesn't necessarily mean he chose to follow that order. He may be fighting Sora against his orders.

I'm feeling less sure of that now, reading through the alternate endings to the fight with Yozora. In the scene of Sora being defeated, when he says "I will save you," it reminds me a great deal of how Riku sounds at the end of CoM, and how he went through so much to save Sora, who was comatose.... And Sora being crystallized--doesn't it look similar to the way Sora looked in the pod at the end of CoM?? I'm almost wondering if Yozora is AU Riku's appearance in the sense that AU Sora is what he looks like when he gives into his powers--the way Riku changed to looking like Ansem SOD throughout 2 in order to be strong enough to save and protect Sora? Except perhaps Riku's powers in that universe are light rather than dark, which is why Yozora disintegrates into light after deciding his powers aren't need to save Sora yet. And perhaps he looks like AU Sora when he gives into his powers rather than that universe's Ansem SOD? IDK, but I'm intrigued about Yozora for the first time right now.

EDIT x2:
I also think this may be how the Foretellers and Quadratum / Yozora connect to one another. I always thought Quadratum came out of nowhere, that the Foretellers were going to be next, and assumed it was only Nomura forcing XIII stuff into the series even though that wasn’t the natural progression. I remember some people pointing out similarities between a couple of the Foretellers and some of the main characters (Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Aqua) before. I wonder if AUs and worldlines could be related to the Foretellers? That maybe they were the “first” versions of the cast or from the original, starting universe or something of that nature?
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