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~^Cowboy Bebop: Tales of the Bebop^~ (A co-op RP)

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Oct 20, 2007
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Myself and Snowdog are starting a cowboy RP for anyone who is interested,


In the year 2021, ring-shaped hyperspace gateways (also referred to as "astral gates") were constructed across the solar system, allowing easy interplanetary travel. Unfortunately, the gate network contained a fatal instability that was ignored by the contractors who built the system. The instability grew until a gateway near Earth exploded, releasing a powerful burst of energy that cracked the Moon. In a cataclysmic disaster referred to as "The Gate Accident", meteoric debris from the devastated Moon rained down on the planet, destroying much of Earth's surface. The death toll was by far the most catastrophic in recorded history; around 4.7 billion lives were lost in the initial incident alone.

Decades later, debris from the disaster still falls on Earth with the same frequency as rainstorms ("rock showers" are a part of daily weather forecasts), forcing those remaining on Earth to live mostly underground. Most left Earth after the Gate Incident and spread out across the solar system, living in colonies on Venus, Mars, some habitable asteroids, Saturn's moon Titan, and the Galilean moons of Jupiter, as well as many space stations and a penal colony on Pluto. As shown by posters and ads the solar community is very interracial and English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese are some of the languages shown to be currently used. The total population of the solar system in 2071, when the series takes place, is only 1.5 billion.

Many of Mars' impact craters were domed and transformed into thriving metropolitan areas for those who could afford it. Venus was terraformed, with oxygen provided by a species of oxygen-producing plants floating in the atmosphere. This is not a perfect process, however, since the spores of these plants cause “Venus Sickness” in some people. This condition, left untreated, may lead to blindness or death, and proper treatment is expensive. Many moons of Jupiter, such as Callisto, Io, Europa, and Ganymede, have been terraformed and colonized with varying degrees of success. Callisto is a cold, inhospitable moon (with the entirely male city, Blue Crow), while Io is a volcanic ball of sand with a toxic atmosphere. Meanwhile, Ganymede is almost completely covered by water and is known for its declining fishing industry. Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is a barren desert world whose population has been at war since the 2060s. The Titan War II in 2068 was survived by veterans such as the characters Vicious, Gren, Vincent, and Electra. There is a Solar System Penitentiary on Pluto, and certain asteroids have been colonized for their minerals and other natural resources.

After the advent of space travel, the bounty system of the Old West was reinstated by the government to help curb growing crime levels. Bounty hunters are encouraged to capture criminals and return them (alive and relatively unharmed) to the authorities for monetary rewards, in part through a regular television broadcast of "Big Shot", a bounty-hunter news program featuring a heavily-accented Mexican named Punch and a perky blonde named Judy (a reference to the puppets of the same name). In addition, ruthless crime syndicates have large influence in the Solar System, indulging in such fields as bribery, murder, extortion, drug dealing, money laundering and other criminal offences. The Woolong is the universal currency, and paper money is less common since more people carry convenient money cards and rely on digital transfers

~The Ship~
The ship where you spend most of your life on is called the Bebop, an old fishing trawler that was upgraded with “Customized” engines. Though quite a large ship it self, the crew quarters and living areas can sometimes be confined and small. The ship fell into possession of one Jet Black, an ex ISSP cop, but has since retired and moved on from the world of bounty hunting since the death of his best friend Spike Spiegal. He sold it to the current captain, Logan Litora.

~The Bounties~
Two bounties have remained elusive for the past few years, a Bonnie and Clyde like couple named Victor Retavar and Kona Iskea. These two have terrorized the solar system making a name for themselves. Bounty hunters have tried for years to catch these two and put them behind bars but none yet have, The ISSP has almost given up and the Statue of limitations is about to run out leaving the bounty worthless. The crew of the Bebop are going to capture them to keep the reputation of Bebop worthwhile.


~Character Templates~

Age: (Minimum Age is 19. Just be awkward to have someone under that age.)
Home planet:
Ship: (you can have one fighter ship)

1.Be Consistant (Don't join if your not going to post at least three times a week)
2.Usual rules.
3.Romance, violence, swearing fine, as much as the site allows.
4.Mention if you're going to be absent for a while.
5.Don't kill character unless you have permission.
6.Character conflict is fun.

All members will start on the Bebop floating over Mars.


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Mar 19, 2006
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Hey. First of two profiles is being edited...

Name: Kona Iskea
Age: 26
Home planet: Earth

Appearance: Kona has a well-proportioned, slim figure. Standing at 5'4, she is of average height. Her complexion is of a general peachy tone, slightly fair in places, and rarely tanned, with striking green eyes, and tumbling, curled auburn hair. There is a somewhat innocent look about her face - it is misleading considering her occupation.

Kona wears a number of different outfits to suit the occasion. Usually, she dons a different style for each day to minimise the risk of recognition. Casual clothing usually consists of skirts, and vests.

Personality: Kona is an amiable woman. Sweet, and kind, with a friendly, helpful nature, she is always quick to volunteer herself and does not shy away from assisting others.

Well, at least that's how she appears.

While this is true upon her surface, the woman is, in reality, cold, dark, and cruel. She is calculating, and quick-thinking, all the while maintaining a cool, calm disposition. She is prone to anxiety now and then depending upon her mood. There is also a raging streak of violence within her - she is not consistently violent, rather, she snaps without notice rather than letting her rage bubble up.

It must be said she has a tender side - of course, no-one sees her true kindness but Victor.

Bio: Born on Earth, Kona was the child of two less-than model parents. The pair were often rumoured to be associated with undesirable organisations, but they dissuaded people from believing such rumours when they became parents.

Of course, this was simply a lie. The two - Kona's mother, in particular - were regularly in contact with the Red Dragon syndicate. However, one day, when sent out to perform a robbery, disaster struck - Kona's mother was cornered, and arrested by the ISSP. To this day, she remains imprisoned, and it does not seem likely she will ever emerge - unless, of course, said escape is within a bodybag.

Raised mainly by her father - who continued criminal activities despite his beloved wife's fate - Kona soon slipped into such habits. Throughout school, she was notorious as a badly-behaved child, with a talent for lying, and tendencies towards violence. It was no wonder she dropped out so early - despite being a bright girl, the authority of the place was choking to her. Something else was calling.

She steered clear of drugs - those things were dangerous - but quickly picked up smoking; which in her eyes, was much safer. Alcohol became an occasional habit, but nothing serious.

Needless to say, she joined the syndicate early on. Carrying out small tasks such as small-scale attacks, drug trafficking, and minor robberies, it is safe to say she has grown up in the world of crime. She is now, naturally, well-experienced in the field of combat, and has progressed to larger-scale, more serious crimes.

Her father died when she was 20. However, it was at this age she also met Victor Retavar. He was in a similar situation to hers - he had grown up alongside the syndicate thanks to his father, who happened to be an important figure; worse still, his father had recently died, too. It was by odd coincidence that the two were paired together - the higher-ups simply stated that putting two experienced young people together would result in great things.

After a number of missions together, the two began to spend much time together. It was no surprise that they fell for one another; Kona and Victor were rather similar as people - kindred spirits, if you will.

Unfortunately, the two managed to unwittingly land the syndicate in hot water - while speaking to what they believed was a future client, they were shocked to discover that, in actuality, this was a Bounty Hunter in disguise to get information for the ISSP. It might not have been so bad, but they had accidentally let slip the location of a storage location - a large, seemingly innocent building, where drugs, illegal items, weapons, and potential evidence were stored. It was like a policeman's goldmine.

The two were, needless to say, hunted by the syndicate. Thankfully, they escaped, and since then, through a number of notorious crimes, they have built up their own reputation as criminals. They are currently on the run after five years, and continue to make their presence known.

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