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Crooked Little House


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Jun 8, 2005
New York
There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.
And they all lived together in a little crooked house


But in that crooked rhyme, she was no man,
She bore no crooked smile, to which she had no fan.
Her crooked leg was not her fault but that of a spoiled brat
And she ne'er showed her face to a lady such as that

Though she tried to live her life, it was not her own
She stole a bit of her lords fortune to make herself known
She kept it to herself, and ne'er spoke a word
So she lived alone, and that was what she preferred

Until that fatefull day when the tables turned
Now to her there would be no greater lesson learned
When you steal and cheat your lord there be none to blame
But that be only if of course the manor went up in flame

Now she owns a crooked house with money to her name
But now her house is open, though that never was her aim
She lets people come and go, doing as they please
Boarding any who ask to be puts her heart at ease

She turns none away, 'nor does she charge
It would be her own fault, she bought a house so large
The house no longer empty, many reside here
And so the story shall be told, of the crooked house of cheer

Name: Beth Sincrose
Age: 21
Gender: Female

(Click for a larger image)
Personality: Soft spoken and shy, She's normally in the background, listening to everyone. Her voice goes into a inaudible whisper when put on the spot in a group. She prefers one on one talks with whoever with no one around. She sings when she's alone and would die of embarrassment if anyone told her they heard her singing.
Bio: She grew up with a rich family, though she wasn't rich herself. her mother worked for the family and she played with their daughter(who was her age), and their older son(who was a year or so older).
When she was seven, the three of them were playing by the lake. the girl fell in when Beth lost her balance and knocked her into the water. The girl, being embarrassed, stormed back to the manor. The boy assured her that she was alright and that it was an accident. They both walked back to the house where the little girl had gotten changed and was calling for Beth from her room. Elated that she was forgiven Beth had rushed up the stairs. To her surprise the girl leaped out from the doorway and pushed her down the stairs.
Beth had broken her leg in three places and has walked with a slight limp ever since. She moved away to live with her grandmother when she was sixteen and left when the old woman died two years later. beth found work at Darcia's Manor, which burnt down three months later due to a prank pulled by a couple of kids.
In one of her not so proud moments, she found a bit of money in the burnt out ruins of the manor. A small fortune in which she spent a bit on an old house on the top of a hill in town. She saved the rest and put it away for an emergency. Feeling guilt she opened the house to the people of town who had no where to go. Though she'd rather live alone in her 'crooked little house'.

Character Template
Appearance: (Picture if you can find one)
Based in the late 1900's in America ~Ever see the movie Black Beauty?(Yes the one about the horse) Its that time period.

Stick to the basic rules of KH
No God Modeing please
Put 'I wub cheese' at the very top of your post to show you've read through the rules.
I reserve the right to boot you from the RP
No killing unless the person your trying to kill says it's ok
Keep it PG-13 (You can swear just don't over do it...)
No, I repeat- NO chat speak! (That is my biggest pet peeve!)
Don't complain that no one is talking to you (Most of the time the reason is your not near someone)
Please try and post when ever you can! (I under stand it's hard for some people. It's hard for me since I work and go to school)
Be at least Semi-Lit.
When you talk use quotes! Ex. "Good morning everyone!" And when you give directions make it like a book don't use * * or anything else like that.
If you don't follow the rules I will give you ONE warning only after that you'll be kicked out.
And the most important rule have fun!​


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Jun 8, 2005
New York
Beth murmured softly as she sat at the table, sipping at her tea. She sighed softly as she listened to the grandfather clock behind her chime eight. the steam from the hos liquid curled in smokey white wisps. Her eyes closed as she sipped from the chipped cup. The house was quiet at the moment, to her knowledge everyone was sleeping. She sang softly to herself, the ticking of the clock keeping the beat as she smiled to herself.

She set the cup downon the table and tucked a lock of her dark hair behind her ear. Standing up she side stepped away from the table and awkwardly made hr way to the kitchen. "I suppose I should make something to eat. If not for anyone other then myself." She lowered her head as she got together a few bowls and ingredients. She wasn't much of a cook, but what she made was edible, and that was better then nothing.

She hummed as she mixed together the ingredients in the bowls to make pancake batter. The cast iron pan was already on the wood burning stove, heated and ready. She continued mixing the batter and looked around, pausing whenever she heard a noise, whether it was the house itself or it's occupants.

Setting the bowl down, she got a bit of water on her fingers and flicked it at the hot metal. Pleased with the water droplets dancing across the hot surface of the pan, she repeated this a few more times just for her enjoyment. Once she had had her fun, she poured a small bit of batter in the middle of the pan to test the cook time.

Once the first test pancake was done, she nibbled on it while cooking some bigger pancakes and flipping the finished treats on a plate. She stacked them up and finished off the batter, once the last bit was cooked she brought the plate over to the table and set it inthe middle. She retrieved her tea and continued to sip at it as she made her way back to the kitchen. She refilled her cup as well as retrieving some butter and syrup for the hotcakes.
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