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Darkest Nightmares A Naruto/Silent Hill Rp ~Sign Up~

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~Darkest Nightmares~

The Village Hidden by God was the 6th Great Nation in it's day and age but it disappeared one day and even to this age no one knows what happened to it but there is said to have been a scroll a scroll with the secrets of Immortality, but even if it exists who would be fool hardy enough to defy the Shinigami?
"Lord Yamata... Do you really think this is a good idea...?" Kabuto tried to keep his tone passive but even he was starting to have doubts about the necessity of Yamata's newest little experiment. "Creating new jutsu’s is one thing, but this new magic, it's not native here, the consequences to using it could hypothetically be-"
"Quiet Kabuto..." Yamata hissed his voice soft, calm, carrying well in the dimly lit stone cave he was standing in. The darkness was thick around them but his snake like eyes could still see the words written on the burned and ancient scroll. The only remaining artifact from the Hidden God Village was resting in his pale hands. The once powerful ninja village was mysteriously wiped out one day and no one had any idea as to how or why. The only clue was left in the instructions for a strange ritual that involved mixing chakra with a new type of power that Yamata was interested in toying with. Carefully he took a dagger from his belt and made deep incisions down the arm of a prisoner he had picked up on the way to the cave. Carefully he took the blood and created a circle around the body, which was bound with chakra threads unable to escape. He began to draw in the symbols in the circle copying everything from the scroll with horrifying perfection. "The fear of blood," Yamata muttered as he drew close to finishing the complex demonic patterns of the symbol. "Begins with the fear of flesh." The blood began to pulse with a sickly light, glowing like fire in the dim cave. Yamata thrust the dagger deep into the hearty of his captive and to his surprise the blood that began to spill was mixed with a dark black liquid. Suddenly the man, who should be dead by now, let out a loud moan his eyes turned white and the cave became filled with the distinct sound of a siren's wail.
"Lord Yamata..." Kai began uncertainly. "The walls..." that brought Yamata's yellow snake like eyes to the black cave walls that were beginning to seep a cold gray fog into the room. Soon the fog became too thick to see anything at all. Then slowly, it cleared out and Yamata and Kai found themselves standing on a blood stained wooden floor surrounded by high wooden walls, two of which bore a total of eight paintings. Behind them were two large wooden doors with the same glowing seal that Yamata had created. In front of them, their captive had been transformed into some sort of creature with no face and no arms and was twitching madly on the ground spitting a black acidic liquid out of its stomach.
"Welcome strangers to the home of God," the voice of a woman brought both of the ninjas attention to a young blond standing in front of what looked like an alter. Behind her was a detailed painting of a little girl being burned alive. Her long blond hair looked almost white against her pale but dirty skin. She walked toward the two her dark gray dress swishing around her bare ankles. She walked barefoot across the blood and gore stained wood resting a pale hand on the bloody pew and smiling calmly at them, and at the monstrosity on the ground. "Have you come for a share of God's power?" She leaned down next to the creature, unafraid of the black acid and began whispering something that made it stop struggling. She broke the seal and with a loud screaming sound the monster ran off into the depths of the... church Yamata realized, the blood stained hellhole was a church.
"I am Yamata," Yamata said bowing respectfully. He needed to be polite, still not knowing what sort of power this woman had. "This is Kai." he added with a slight gesture toward the white haired boy who was examining the painting behind the woman with a mix of admiration and a very disturbed look on his face. "We read about this place in one of our scrolls and desired more knowledge about it."
"You lie." The woman said softly. "I can see it in your soul, you lie often. You knew nothing of this town; else you would have brought a weapon." Yamata smirked vanishing and reappearing behind the blond putting a knife to her neck.
"I don't need weapons." he replied with a slight hiss. The woman smiled seemingly unafraid and unimpressed. She vanished as well reappearing behind Kai a dagger to his throat. The speed and accuracy of the woman was impressive.
"He'd make a nice demon, wouldn't he? If he dies here, that's what he'll become, a demon." she explained drawing a thin line across his next with the dagger. "But let's not fight, let's discuss why you came. After all you were nice enough to bring us a present there must be something you desire."
"Power," Yamata said as the woman dropped his henchman loosing abrupt interest in killing him. "This place is pulsing with power, something so great it can make me unbeatable something so terrible it can even defeat death." He was interrupted as a man with dark brown hair and glasses burst into the room his eyes, so green they were almost yellow, were narrowed in anger.
"Claudia stop this!" he ordered furiously. The woman, Claudia as she called laughed sounding so cold Yamata found himself mildly impressed. She vanished reappearing behind the man putting the dagger to his throat as she had done to Kai. He seemed more angry than afraid.
"True, our power can defeat death." she announced, to demonstrate she pulled open the man's brown vest and displayed a growing blood stain over his heart. "Do you want to die again Father Vincent?" she asked softly, almost playfully in his ear. She dropped him to the floor waving a hand over him that made him clutch his chest and cry in agony. “But it comes at a price."
"Name it." Yamata said quickly. The ability to die and come back to die and return without a new body made him excited.
"Souls, this town feeds off of fear, the souls of the condemned, we need more... a lot more." Claudia said with a smile. "Get us those souls and the power shall be yours as well." There was a long silence before a smile formed on Yamata’s thin lips.
"I can get you lot's of souls..." he said thoughtfully. "Have you ever heard of the Chunin exams?"

1. Read the RULES!

2. Do not god mode or power play

3. Genin can only have 5 Jutsu 3 If they have a Kekkei Genkai

4. Jonin can only have 10 Jutsu 5 If they have a Kekkei Genkai

5. Swearing is allowed

6. If you choose to quit your character becomes one of your Fears

7. NPC's are controlled by everyone so don't make them do stupid crap.

8. None of the Naruto characters are alive so don't try it

9. Not everbody have the same Kekkei genkai only 3 Sharingan Users and 2 Byakugan

10. Don't everybody be from the Leaf village this is the Chunin exams have some variety

11. Happy Rping

Harry Mason (Silent Hill 1) - One of the first people to come first face with the horror's of Silent Hill his Daughter is Heather, he recently became friends with James Sunderland and have been out of town. He get's to Silent Hill when the James car breaks down.

Lisa Farland (Silent Hill 1) - A resident of Silent Hill and a forced member of the cult. She is dead and when the town goes into the other world she bleeds for everywhere and can't move. She onced met James but James left her alone when she turned.

Dahlia Gillespie (Silent Hill 1) - The mother of Alessa and also one of the leaders of the order. She caused Henry lot of grief when he was in Silent Hill looking for his adoptive daughter. She also brainwashed Claudia Wolf who shares her ideals. She died when god killed her and set her a blaze. She is revived by the revival ritual.

James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2) - The second person to experience the horror's of Silent Hill he recently got remarried and has a adoptive daughter named Laura. He recently became friends with Harry Mason and have been out of town. He get's to Silent Hill when his car breaks down.

Angela Orosco (Silent Hill 2) - A women who was sexual assaulted by her father and she later killed him. She meet James when he went looking for his already dead wife. She commited suicide later when she walked into a burning staircase. She is revived by some unknown means.

Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3) - The Adoptive Daughter of Harry Mason. She is the reincarnation of Alessa Gillespie, She is the third person to come to face the fears of Silent Hill like her father did. She is currently dating Henry Townshend. She get's to Silent Hill when she asks Henry to drive her there.

Claudia Wolf (Silent Hill 3) - A young women who was brainwashed by Dahlia Gillespie into her beliefs. She knew Alessa when she was alive and looked after her for a little bit before Alessa died from her burns. She also likes Heather Mason quite a bit and wishes her to join the Order. She died giving birth to god.She was later revived by the revival ritual.

Vincent (Silent Hill 3) - A member of the cult who isn't as much of a fanatic and wasn't brainwashed Dahlia Gillespie and her ideals he believes in god, he is also very knowledgeable and helped out Heather when she was in Silent Hill. He died when Claudia killed him by stabbing him in the back and the chest. He was later revived by the revival ritual.
Henry Townshend (Silent Hill 4) - The only person not tied to Silent Hill in any ways. But he knows many people who have faced the monster's there which strangely remind him of the torment of Room 302 and Walter Sullivan.

Yamata Yakushi - A ancestor of Orochimaru and Kabuto his fraternal twin is Kai but he was always better in everything. He also looks alot like Orochimaru

Kai Yakushi - A ancestor of Orochimaru and Kabuto his fraternal twin he looks alot like Kabuto

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) - A symbol of punishment for James. It usually has a spear or giant knife, since it has done it's duty by making James remember what he did, it is usually seen following James around and can't be defeated by anyone but James but now it sorta of a bodyguard for James even if he doesn't wish it.When not around James it is killing other monsters or raping them.

Maria (Silent Hill 2) - A symbol of regret and sexual desire for James. She had survived her last encounter with James, she constantly hunts James down trying to kill him and make him part of the monster's of Silent Hill so she can have him forever,but she is usually stopped by the Pyramid Head. She now constantly takes the form of Mary so that James can't hurt her.

Lying Figure- Skulking, humanoid creatures trapped in what appears to be straitjackets made from their own flesh. They attack by spewing a spray of acidic mist from an opening in their chest. They are slow whilst standing upright, but when knocked down they stay in a lying position and move by skittering very quickly along the ground. The Lying Figure symbolizes a hospital and/or mental patient squirming in agony, and are also a manifestation of James Sunderland's internal suffering.

Mannequin - Headless, armless living sewing dummies which bear a resemblance to French artist Hans Bellmer's Dolls. These monsters consist of a feminine human torso and legs, upon which rest two more legs standing upright. The top pair of legs are used for striking while the bottom pair are used for walking. The creatures react highly to light and tend to stand still in plain sight. However, once a person approaches about three to five feet away they spring to life and start to attack. The Mannequin is a manifestation of James' natural urges and inclinations.

Nurse - As well as being equipped with the standard pipe which most use to attack with, some also carry revolver handguns. It appears as though they have either coughed up blood or have been feeding on a bloody carcass, as blood is visibly splattered all around their mouths. They make heavy panting noises and when injured, they utter bloodcurdling screams.The Nurses are only found within the hospital area.

Grey Child - Knife-wielding, ghost-like children. A swiveling gray stump rests at the base of its neck where a head should be. They represent Alessa's fear/hatred of children who bullied her in school.

Mumbler - Humanoid creatures that loosely resembles a headless teddy bear with giant claws. Although their attacks are quite powerful, they tend to move rather slowly. They represent small menacing demons and animals from various fairy tales.

Romper - Featureless, humanoid creatures that appear to be either skinless or burned. Their gorilla-like movements render them very fast, and they attack with a body blow by pouncing and tackling their prey to the ground. Rompers are more prevalent in the otherworld and around the Police Station. They are a manifestation of Alessa's fear of adults.

Closer - Lumbering, extremely large-armed creature that attacks using blades that extend out of each end of their arms. The lower portion of the body looks more like a female with a mini skirt, with what appears to be high heels for feet. If a person gets too close, the Closer will defend itself by swinging its arms slowly, knocking him/her back.

Creeper - Giant cockroaches that lurk inside the school, hospital, and sewers. The move very quickly, react highly to light, and can easily be killed using melee weaponry. However, it they attack in a group of two or three, they can be too quick to target and may cause significant damage. Creepers are a manifestation of Alessa's aversion of insects.

God - The female solar deity worshiped by the Silent Hill cult. According to their dogma, God was born from two humans, who offered their prayers to the sun, and brought an end to the suffering of ancient man by taking away eternal life from humankind. She created many gods (including Xuchilbara and Lobsel Vith) and angels to help lead people to her. Then, she set out to create "Paradise" for people, but her strength ran out and eventually it caused her death. However, she promised to return again one day.

Fears - Monsters born from a persons negative emotions made real by Silent Hill (Basically Monster you make up) example: Maria

Hopes - Monsters born form a persons positive emotions made real by Silent Hill (Basically Helpful monster that aid you) example: Pyramid Head

Description:(At Least 1 Paragraph or a picture)
Rank: (Genin or Jonin)
Weapons: (5 at maximum)
Jutsu and Kekkei genkai:
Fear: (No more than 3)
Hope:(only 1)
Bio:(Please no unknown past unless I say so)

~Fears and Hope Template~

~My Template~

Name: Horoo Uzumaki

Age: 16

Personality:He is a very brash young man that tries his best to get attention due to the fact the rest of his clan dislike him greatly. Deep down he is very lonely and wants some one to love him. He dsilikes the Uchiha's greatly due to the bad blood between the clans.


Village: Leaf

Rank: Genin


Sin - A Sword made from the Claw's of the Boss Phoenix. When out in the air it is constantly on fire.

Honoo Tate - A Cloak made from the old feather's of the Boss Phoenix. It is extremely resilient to fire.

x16 Kunai

X21 Shuriken

Jutsu and Kekkei genkai:

Phoenix Shukufuku - A recently discovered Kekkei Genkai That transforms the user into a Phoenix with feathers and fire that match the persons hair color.

Tsume no Taifuu (Claw's of the Typhoon) - A C-class Taijutsu that engulfs the user's hand's with blades of wind or fire.

Summoning (Phoenix) Jutsu - A Ninjutsu that allows summon one to summon a animal from the Summoning Realm.

Fear: Rejection,Betrayal


Bio: Horoo is what you would call a black sheep in the clan Uzumaki, well that's what the clan heads perceive him as. His father was a missing-nin and ex-Clan head of the Uzumaki his nickname was the black mist due to the fact his genjutsu was so strong that if the person survived the encounter they would be blind,deaf or mute. His mother was the clan head after her his father left, she died two years after his father death, but passed on the clan weapon and armor to Horoo. Horoo takes great pride in the fact his ancestor was a demon carrier while the others think as Naruto as they do Horoo a stain the Uzumaki clan name. Horoo has been betrayed many times by his fellow clan members who have tried to steal the clan leader set for the clan heads.

He is not that very trusting to people the only things he trusts fully are the Phoenixes he summons even if they are the low level ones. He was currently investigating what happened in the past that made the Uzumaki's gain the Phoenixes blessing. He asked some of the low level summons but they didn't know, he stopped when he heard the chunin exams and started training.

Name: Fallen
Description: A young woman with two wings growing from her back one black the red. She where a long red dress. Her hands are covered in blood. She wields a large spear. She has no face except for a small mouth that is constantly with a smile.
Manifestation: Love

Description: A creature in black armor with many large sword impaled threw it. It carries a Large Mace.

Name: Ascended a.k.a Hina
Description: A young woman who looks a lot like Horoo's dead mother except with large white wings. She like Maria tries to keep Horoo in Silent Hill forever.
Manifestation: Rejection​
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Personality:He has a strong will, although he may look weak. Everytime he tries his best to accomplish a mission.
Description:He has brown messy and spiky hair which brushes the top of his eyes. His eyes are sea blue. He wears a holy robe. A blue cape which goes up to his ankles, brown short boots, dark blue trousers, a light blue sleeveless blouse with a mark/symbol on it and blue fingeless gloves.
Weapons: (5 at maximum)
Jutsu and Kekkei genkai:
Fear: (No more than 3)
Hope:(only 1)
Bio:(Please no unknown past unless I say so)

(OOC:I will end my template later...)
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