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Dawn of a New Awakening {OoC and Sign ups}

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Feb 17, 2009
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Due to the new area created by the staff. I had to make a duplicate copy of the Ooc Thread. Though I am the Maser of this RP, all the credit goes to DXL, for this RP was his idea... Now then here's the intro!!!

Dawn of a New Awakening

The Before

Over twenty-five years ago, we lived peacefully with the Pokemon
that have lived on our planet. We have bonded with them, had them as companions, pets, partners, and friends. But there have been evil organizations that have been using Pokemon as weapons and tools for their own evil deeds. Most of these organizations have been Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Agua, Team Galatica, Team Snagem, and Cipher. They have been missusing pokemon as their personal gain. This has made the mighty god Pokemon Arceus very furious. He punished these evil people and took some of the wild pokemon who were native to our land with him and made the rest of the pokemon, extinct.

The Middle

Twenty years have passed and humans seemed to forgotten the pokemon that once roamed the Earth beside them. They have forgotten everything about them living here and developed their own lives without them. But few of the people still remembered the pokemon that they once loved and shared joy with and they all wished for them to return. After a while they knew it was impossible to bring them back, because Arceus was still furious with humans and he would never allow the pokemon to go back to Earth.


Five years have passed and a new organization has formed in secreticey. They figured a way to bring pokemon back, but as Hybrid beings. These people have kidnapped kids and have been using them for their experimental gain. What these people are doing with these kids is unknown, they could be able to use this kids for evil or for a break through to bringing our beloved pokemon back to us. Either way, what they are doing is wrong and it's up to us, the Pokemon Hybrids, to stop their plan.

Okay so this is Pokemon RP, we have all started out as simple teens or young adults until, bam, your knocked out unconscious and wake up days later to find out that your whole appearance is different and you realized that your pokemon hybrid trapped in glass tubes. We're all angry at these people for turning us all into their own guinea pigs. Some of us have begin to hate this, but others begin to think of them as invincible now and they can do much more what they want to now.

So there are two sides.

One side is the Rebels, these are the people who think that what these people are doing is wrong and they want to fight them and stop their experimentation.

The other side is the Supporters, these are the people who see what these people are doing and they wish to help them by all means.

We get to be any pokemon we want but we can't be legendaries or Dittos. Because being those pokemon will make you invincible and that will be breaking one of the few rules. But we all have to start out as a first stage pokemon. So if you want to be a Pikachu, Weavile, Charizard, or whatever, you have to start out as the pokemon before it and go off to evolve from that point. Those of you who want to be a pokemon who doesn't evolve, your free to be it.

And if the pokemon you chose has to use and item to evolve or hold an item, don't worry those items will be everywhere in the wild. But for those who chose a Pokemon who needs to be traded to evolve like Alakazam, Gengar, and etc. Well we'll discuss a level that you guys will evolve on but it most be above level 30. Also I only want limited pokemon copies because some pokemon have branch evolutions. For example we have two Eevee's and one evolves into a Flareon and the other evolves into a Jolteon. That is find but I don't want a lot of Eevee's on here. Just a minimum of five.

Also I like to point out that your first posts will have to be your awakening. I don't want anyone breaking out yet. I'll post that up later one when we get enough members.

Your template will be this:

Age: (most be the ages 12-22)
Side: (Put down Rebel or Supporter if your working against or for the scientists)
Appearance: (put down your appearance before the experimentation and this can be a pic, and the one after the experimentation)
Personality: (Your characters feelings and how they act)
Bio:(put down your life before were experimented and then put down how you came to be apart of this)

Pokemon DNA: (put down the pokemon you have been turned into)

Attack List: (this will be a list of attacks you know but put down your three starting moves and one egg move, because we all just became a new born pokemon)

List of Pokemon and Members: (I will be keeping a list of people who have joined up on here and the pokemon they have chosen to be. This will be editted everytime I get a new member.)

DarkxLight: Riolu
~~Lyric Angel~~: Eevee
OrganizationXVII: Beldum and Meditite
DarkLighting: Eevee and Growlithe
triplehearts: Charmander and Piplup
~Sacred Fox~: Dratini
bbsforever121: Eevee
Oblivion fenrir: Pidgey
Every Heart: Gastly
fenblivion: Vulpix
coolfresh1224: Torchic


1. No Powerplaying (I don't want anyone controlling another persons pokemon unless they are given permission to do so)
2. No Godmodding (Don't make yourself invincible and can't be defeated or make your attacks seem powerful like for example, you just use a Thunder attack and it wiped out a hundered people. No I won't have that)
3. Keep it PG-13 (So just have minimum swearing and blood fights. I don't want to hear that you just rip a person to shreds and leave their body as small bloody pieces. And I will allow romance but make sure that the person your trying to form an relationship with has the same Egg type as the pokemon you are)
4. Keep Posting (I want everyone who has joined on here to post as much as they can. But if your waiting for someone else to reply to you than you don't have to post but please try to keep this RP alive)
5. Have fun (I want everyone to have fun on this RP)
Well that's about it. Oh one more thing. On the OCC thread we can discuss and talk about events and ideas for this RP. But we can also socialize with one another on here too. But I only want a minimum of random socalizing, nothing to serious or weird. Got that? Good, okay now to get this RP started in three....two....one....POST!!!
Read the rules DXL has left behind!!! I will be enforcing them very well especially the relationships within egg families.

Now then here's the Link to something called pokearth. If you need help finding a specific place in a region us this to help you. The main story will be mostly happening in Hoenn for right now. Also check up the Egg families as well, the sight is very well documented on the video games.
Serebii.net Pokarth

Here's a list of the ACTIVE Rpers in this RP

TH:Leo;Charmander(Rebel/Supporter) Kikli;Piplup(Supporter)


DL:Elena;Growlithe (Converted to Rebel) Thomas'Eevee-Jolteon (Rebel)


Al:Katie;Buizel (Rebel) Gilbert;Gible (Rebel)

User Name:Landon;Houndour (N/A)

Blufire:Renn;Pidgey (Rebel)- Amanda Eevee-Glaceon (Rebel)

Here's a list of those who have been inactive for quite some time... You can still come back just contact me and I'll give you the OK

Zalck:Cain;Togepi (Supporter) Calen;Rotom (Rebel)

Clockwork:Jack;Turtwig (Rebel)

C_C:Xandor:Beldum(Supporter) Sieri;meditite (Rebel)

~Scared Fox~: Sylvia;Dratini (Supporter)

Let's see I guess that's it. If you have any questions contact me. Also if you have a few ideas for a little Plot twist, run it by me! I welcome creative ideas. I'll look at them and make a decision, so if I say no, please don't get offended. Thank you.


Also I'd like for the people to repost their temps! Just go to the closed area and find them, since the randomness there wasn't too bad. Please do this for it will be a bit easier for me.

Hate to say this but.... if anyone else is gonna join, no more Eevees please... we've reached the max of those little guys... And umm... try to be a supporter, I need more of them...
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HERE's the first one i could find.. XD


why the heck not? ^^

Name: LeoTrony
Age: 19
Gender: male
Side: Rebel
Appearance: http://i698.photobucket.com/albums/v...nime/Boy23.jpg but hair is a bit shorter... lol. and due to his dna, has same the same skin as a charmander and his hands have aquired claws and has grown a tail with a live fire...... but before being infused with DNA, his hair was a light silver with a hue of brown.
Personality: He feels like he lost some part of himself, but otherwise is a "hakuna matada" type of person. Will roll with the punches, and rarely takes things seriously.
Bio: Was living in Palet Town, in high school and was one of the best althetes in the school. He was the best of the best on the breaststroke on the swimteam. Was out enjoying a stroll toward his house one day when the sicentists took him. After being infused with a Charmander's DNA, his body changed to reflect that and now he can no longer swim, which was one of his favorite things to do in the world. Is currently floating in a tube, wondering how to escape before he drowns....
DNA: Charmander. ^^ yay!
Attacks: Stratch (baby move), Flamethrower, Growl, Fire Fang

and that is my first! woot! and will this take place after the events from the shadow rp? lol.. ^^

*edit* ok.. hopefully those attacks work! ^^ got them from serebii.net! lol. ^^
*edit 1.2* ok, is this good now? because i'm running out of ideas! lol ^^


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May 19, 2009
Here it is :O


Before the transformation he wore a white beanie, and many styles of clothing. He had blond hair, and blue eyes.
After the transformation he grew three small bumps on his head, he wears a black beanie to hide it. He also hides his palish violet skin by wearing makeup.

Personality: (Your characters feelings and how they act)
Even though he was turned into a DNA hybrid he still supports the research. But this is only because of the money he still thinks he would be rewarded with. If he ever finds out that he wont get this cash he will probably be heartbroken, angry, and astonished. Kazu is quite moody, he could be nice as Santa one minute, then could be sinful Satan the next. Because of the DNA transformation he wants to fight everyone. But he often suppresses this mood and acts like he should. But if anyone ticks him off he will surly not give in to the suppression.


Kazu was a desperate boy looking for cash. His little sister was sick and needed medical treatment. But the special antidote that cures the sickness cost's a lot of money he never had. So he spent most of his time doing favors, and small jobs. Slowly gaining cash: But it wasn't enough, the only places that paid good enough had special requirements Kazu never obtained. So he put fliers everywhere, need of money, poor sick girl needs help. Only a few amount of people responded. He was so close to having the money, until...
Out of no where a group of people approached him after he bought some food. They greeted him respectively, buying him more food and pokeballs. He said he didn't need it, but they insisted. They said they saw the fliers, the unknown allies commented that it was a sad thing to see a little girl hurt.
They told him if he would do some research with them he would be paid more than enough to help his sis

Pokemon DNA:
Tyrogue(click for image w/ evo.)

Attack List:
-Tackle; Kazu throws himself into his enemy.
-Hi Jump Kick; Kazu jumps high in the air and kicks.
-Mach Punch; Kazu slams his fist into his foe and deals alot of damage.
-Rapid Spin ; Kazu spins on his head and kicks the enemy.



Apr 9, 2009
I'll repost my temps soon... just gotta copy em' from the old thread...

edit: here is renn's temp
Name: Renn, The Flyer


Side: Rebels

Human: Short Brown hair, Green eyes, Peach skin, Usually wore a red jacket over a black t-shirt, Black bifocal glasses, and blue jeans.

Experimented: His hair stayed the same only more spiky, and since he was turned into a bird pokemon hybrid he does not wear glasses anymore, So he gave them up and wears sunglasses now, His arms have turned into small wings, and his toes and heels have changed into talons, His body color changed from peach to white, and his nose has fused with his mouth to make a small, sharp, beak. Although he can still talk.

History: His family told stories of pokemon often, But the only one pokemon that had a signifigance to Renn was Pidgeot. He was born in celadon city in the kanto region. He dreamed of flying across all the way to the other regions, all the way to sinnoh. He decided to travel to the Sinnoh region, then while lost in the sinnoh region he was abducted. When he woke he had short wings and looked like Pidgey: His first and only pokemon. In his frustration he broke out of the lab and flew off, Now after he broke out he flapped his new wings and Identified his surroundings: He was in Eterna city, still in the Sinnoh region. He resides in a mansion in eterna forest, hoping for another hybrid to find him

after he saved another hybrid's life he evolved and his appearance changed yet again, his wings grew longer and his hair has turned from brown and white to a dark megenta of sorts, and his talons have grown out an extra toe, so now he has three talons on the front and one onthe back of each foot.

Pokemon DNA: Pidgeotto

Aerial Ace
Quick attack
Steel wing

Reedit: Here's amanda's temp too...
Name: Amanda
Age: 17
Before: Long, Brown hair, Blue eyes, peach skin. Wore a white T-shirt and Blue jeans and Light blue Flip flops.

After: Her ears are larger to resemble an Eevee's and her hands have been changed into white paws. her Brown hair has grown all over 39a6 her body and she has to stand on four legs. She also has a short Brown tail with a White tip.

After Evolution: Her Eevee ears have pointed out like diamonds and turned white, and two distinctive Blue bangs of blue hair encircle her face, her fur has grown slightly longer and has trurned white as the snow with streaks of sky blue. her tail has slimmed down and forms a small curl at the end similar to the bangs of her hair.

Pokemon DNA: Glaceon

Personality:Witty, Smart, and light on her feet, she can figure her way out of almost any situation. also very willing and determined to find Renn again. The reason why she has followed him around was that she loved him. She couldn't imagine what would happen if she never found him.

History: Born in Pewter city in the Kanto Region and was a constant companion to Renn since she first saw him. She cried when he moved to Hoenn with his Grandparents, Eventually she moved to hoenn too and continued traveling with him to the sinnoh Region, They both got separated inside Eterna forest. then she was knocked out and never saw him again.

Quick attack
Tail whip
Iron tail(Egg move)

Side: Rebels
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Oct 12, 2007
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and here's the other one... XD

Name: Kikili Husho
Age: 22
Gender: female
Side: Supporter. for now... hehehe
Appearance: Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket and after getting infused with the DNA, she aquired a feathery down and her hands and arms have somewhat become somewhat like a cross between a flipper and a fin.
Personality: She has a cool personality and it was only reinforced with the DNA. Will hardly talk to anybody, prefering to get her job done quickly and quietly. But will say her opinions once in a rare while
Bio: She was born and raised in Fushia City, the home of the ninjas! At a young age, it was discovered that she had some talent for the art and was trained ever since. When she turned twenty-one, she left Fushia City to persue the rumors of the evil scientists who were supposedly doing experiments on innocent kids. It took her a whole year to track them down, but once she did, they promptly took her and did their experiments. Right before they dragged her in, she swore to herself that she would paly along until the time was right.

DNA: PIPLUP!! ^^ yay! ITS SO CUTE!! *squeals*
Attacks: Pound, Brine, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring (egg move)


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Feb 17, 2009
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Thank you for following my rules everybody!!! makes me feel happy :3 and now I've gotta post my twmps =/ Reason I'm doing this is it's easier on me and everybody else that needs to know who our characters are. They're located on the first few pages :D Easy!

Name: Thomas Hernandez

Age: 17


Side: Rebel

Appearance: He's 6 feet tall,weighing about 200,Thomas is fit. He isnt fat,but he isn't to thin either,he's just perfect. He has short brown hair that stand up a little bit,along with brown eyes that glisten in the light.

Personality: He is very very funny. He loves to make people laugh and smile. Some say he's wierd,but he doesn't mind because he thinks they're right. However,he can be quiet around new people... But will act his usual way if he feels comfortable around them.

Bio:Thomas was born Littleroot town. He had what any other normal kid would have,Parent's who love him. Grandparent who just simply adored him,and friends who enjoyed watching him be wierd. He went to school with no problem at all,he was a grade A student and a joy to have around.
During his Junior High years,Thomas was one of the best in the school,and he kept on learning. And of course,he kept on acting like a wierdo,day in and day out. He then graduated and went to high school were he excelled once again.
Thomas' life seem to be going great,it looked like he would be a very intelligent and prosperous man. However...

On a rainy day,Thomas had to set out for Oldale Town to get a few supplies. On his way there,3 figures attacked him without warning. He fought as hard as he could,fending them off with the umbrella he carried. Finally the figures over took him and knocked him unconcious.

When Thomas gained conciousness,he was able to move. He saw that he was in some kinda of fluid,and he felt.....different. He was able to see his reflection from the glass tube he was encarserated in. He had tall brown ears,and had a white mane around his neck. His feet were furry and seemed to have paw pads,his hands were the same way,but still retained the shape of human hands. Thomas also appeared to have a brown shirt on,along with brown shorts to match.

As he looked at himself,he could see people wandering a room filled with others who had suffered the same fate. Thomas just closed his eye's,hopping this was all a bad dream.

Pokemon DNA: Eevee-Jolteon

Attack List: Basic moves:Tackle,Tail Whip,and Helping Hand. Egg move: Shadow Ball. (Yes this is considered an egg move! Believe me.)

Name: Elena Snow

Age: 17


Side: Supporter

Appearance: Thank you Little Sister for giving me this Pic!!!!

Personality: She can be a little shy,but when she gets comfortable around you,all she does is talk and talk. When it comes to fighting,she tries to talk it out. But if a fight is necessary,she won't back down.

Bio: Elana was born in Lilycove city. She had a mother,but no father. Apperantly he left when he learned that she was going to be born. Her mother decided to keep and raise her on her own. Elena's mother raised her alone for 13 years. Durning that time.Elena surprised everyone at how well mannered she was. She would help others in any way she could,and on top of all that,loved to talk to them about anything.

During the summer,Elana's mother fell in love with a scientist. The man dated her for only 3 months,then asked her to marry him. The mom said yes,but Elena was skeptical about it. She tried telling her mom about how she felt,but didnt listen. Elena knew it was hopeless,but she showed respect to her new step father and tried to keep the negetive thoughts out. She did this for four years...

On Elena's 17th birthday,the Father wanted to take her out. He told her to pack some cloths and meet him outside. She did what she was told,and wihin an hour,the two were off in the car. Elena was eager to know what was in store,so she asked where are they going. The Father smiled and said 'It's a secret!' They continued to drive until they came to a small town. Elena exited the car and looked at her father a little disappointed. At that moment he gave a devious smile. Before Elena could ask,she was knocked unconcious from behind,and was dragged back inside the car.

When she finally awoke...she saw that she was encarcerated inside a glass tubing... Elena then saw her reflection and gasped. Her appearence was shocking,she had little ears like a Growlithe. Also,her hands and feet were fury and had her feet had paw pads. Her hands were still human shaped,but saw she had sharp claws. Elena then saw she had aquired fangs and a little mane around her neck. The thing that really scared her,was that she had a tail... it keeped wagging in and out of her sight.

Elena couldn't believe what happened to her...before she could scream,a strange gas entered and she fell asleep.

Pokemon DNA: Growlithe

Attack List: Basic attacks:Tackle,Leer,and Ember Egg move:Thunder Fang

Ok so not the best one ever....BUT I WANTED A SECOND CHARACTER!
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Aug 26, 2009
Name: Acla
Age: 14
Personality: ((I would like to make one instory, beacause then I find it eaiser))
Bio: She moved to Kanto form Hoenn, and since then lived in Lavender Town with her sister, who dissapeared shortley after they moved here. |She misses her mother, who passed away not five years ago by falling off a cliff on one of her hikes across Mt. Coronett in Sinnoh, and her father left shortley afterwards.

Pokemon DNA: Eevee

Attack List: Eevee~> Tackle, Sand attack, Helping Hand. (egg move) Last Resort

What Acla looks like now: http://th06.deviantart.net/fs16/150/...plekecleon.png (I cant draw, so I picked the closest match. Supposed to have blue eyes.)

Name: Naira
Age: 15
Side: Supporter
Personality: ((I would like to make one instory, beacause then I find it eaiser))
Bio: She moved to Kanto form Hoenn, and since then lived in Lavender Town with her sister, who liked to explore the tower.She misses her mother a little, who passed away not five years ago by falling off a cliff on one of her hikes across Mt. Coronett in Sinnoh, and her father letf shortly afterwards

Pokemon DNA: Eevee

Attack List: Eevee~> Quick attack,Bite, Take Down.(egg move) Swift

What Naira looks like now: http://file051a.bebo.com/4/original/...515779991o.jpg (I cant draw, so I picked the closest match. Supposed to have green eyes.)
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i'll post mah temp later as for now i've got work to do


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Feb 17, 2009
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Don't worry about it Coolfresh, I've got you covered... I don't think you can copy and paste on your PSP xD

Poke DNA:Torchic
name: zeik wilder
age: 15
gender: male
side: rebel
apperance: he has tan skin red eyes red hair.he tends to wear red and orange.
he now looks like that one pokemon who turns into blaziken. if i can find a picture i'll post it.
BIO: he was a normal kid living a normal life until he was kidnapped. he and his friend cindy were in a forest when a group of men tried to kidnap them both zeik fought them of for long enough for cindy to escape. but then he was hit in the head and lost conciusness. when he awoke he was not human but somthing else."what have they done to me" he thought "and Cindy. whatever it is they'll pay" he thought
DNA: wow i'll edit the name of it as soon as someone gives me the name
Moves: scratch,takcle,quik attack,flamethrower

Alrighty then.... ALSO no more eevees >.< We have enough, so if anyone out there who wants to join, choose the others...


you fuckin rock dl
to show my grattitude how about i show you an idea for some plot


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anyway yo DL since post count doesn't go up can my randomness return?????????
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