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Dead Hearts : Fight From Darkness Story 1


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May 29, 2013
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Dead Hearts is one of the Many Stories that i have been Writing in the Hearts Sequence and i have been writing many Kingdom Hearts and Adventurous Stories Since this one was written in the late 2013

Haka Island
In a realm of darkness and light many of which there are billions of worlds known to them selves but to the children who live in Haka Island its different. These worlds were not normal at all the people were not alive in beating heart.
" dreamer are you coming" said A boy as a young girl sat reading a book on a table.
" Laysa" dreamer shouted as she got from the chair that she sat on. She faced a little girl with a grey and white skin like her own and wavy hair which was beautiful.
" Mommy where are we going " said Laysa as Dreamer crouched in front of Laysa. She held Laysa's dress twisting it the right way.
" We are gonna see someone " said Dreamer as Laysa sighs as she held her mothers hand. They both walked out into the festive streets that glowed up in a billion colours.
" Oh" said Laysa as she saw ghosts forming in and out of things that were never seen before. Dreamer stared at her little daughter enjoying the festival “ Dead Hearts” it was to remember ones who had been though the hard battles.
" mommy what's this festival for" asked Laysa as her mother smiled, facing her with gleaming eyes.
" Laysa, This festival is held for the many people from across the grey sky to celebrate them and what they did for us. We all are very thankful for what they have done and this festival is the know place as “ Dead Hearts” " said Dreamer as Laysa smiled at her mother knowing that she would always be beside her as she grows up into the world of Haka Island.
" Laysa, Dreamer" said Laysa's Father who saw Dreamers angry look at him from across the festival.
" Laysa your grandfather had fighted in the great revolution to rid the darkness from each world there were groups which have never been seen since who worked to rid the dark groups from many other homes and ours too" said Dreamer as she sat on the floor next to her daughter.
" that's cool mother i would love to grow up like that in a revolution " said Laysa hugging her mother tightly. Dreamer hugged her back.
" You my darling you would have to protect some one dear to you and me" said Dreamer as Laysa looked at her mothers hand holding hers then dreamer placed Laysa's hand on her stomach. Laysa gasps as her mother smiles at her.
" mommy" said Laysa as dreamer laughed.
" Don't be afraid that's your little sister she will need you to protect her Laysa can you do that" said Dreamer as Laysa nods looking into the sky.
( Chapter 1 The Wind)
A few years later...
Laysa had a little sister in her life her little sister was beautiful and she was called Akira she remembered her mothers saying when she was little.
“Don't be afraid that's your little sister she will need you to protect her Laysa can you do that”
" LAYSA" shouts Akira as Laysa lifts from her bed sheets. She smiled to see her little 8 year old Sister standing near her bedroom door. Akira had green and Black wavy hair which was up in a pony and she had a side ways fringe ,Very pail skin with grey circles around both her eyes which were a bright shade of blue.
" Akira what's wrong" said Laysa as Akira jumped into her bed.
" Hide me from Daddy Laysa please" said Akira as Laysa heard screams and Shouts from down stairs.
" Akira what's happening" said Laysa as her father came into the room grabbing Akira around the wrist tightly.
" Daddy your hurting me " cried Akira as Her father dragged her out the room. Laysa got up out of her bed and followed her father to Akira's room but Akira's room was locked.
" AKIRA!" screamed Laysa as she heard screams coming from the room. Laysa looked at her mother running up the stairs hitting the door hard to get to her daughter.
" Let her go Zen just let my girl go " cried Dreamer as the door flew open Zen wasn't there but Akira lay on her bed bruised and beaten. Laysa ran to her sister with her mother. Akira hugged Laysa tightly. Dreamer hugged both of her daughters tightly into her.
" Don't worry Akira i will protect you from Zen" said Laysa looking at her scared little sister.
" Laysa you have a good heart darling but i will have to protect you and Akira from Zen he has turned nasty on Akira since she was born. He was never in the right mind for Akira but when u were born Laysa he swore he would never touch you never ever" said Dreamer looking at Laysa
" but i need to protect my sister, she's the only sister I've got in my life mother" said Laysa as Akira shakes her head.
( Chapter 2 Akira's heart)
Akira was 15 years old and Laysa was now 22 years old.
" Laysa" said Akira walking towards her older sister with a grey T shirt on which connected to her black skirt which had frilly ends. She wore white and red striped socks with grey and white shoes which were like trainers.
" Akira are you okay ? " said Laysa as Akira Akira faced behind her to see 3 other people which were friends with Laysa.
" Light,Bloom,Death" said Laysa as She ran to them as Akira sighed.
" who's that? " said Bloom as she looked at Akira facing around to a area of the town which she sensed had something to do with Zen.
" Akira come say hi" said Laysa as Akira faced her older sister then walked towards her.
" Oh she's beautiful" said Bloom as Light smiled at Akira
" i need to go home Laysa " said Akira as she stared at Laysa.
" You cant go on your own " said Laysa as Akira hugged her.
" Laysa, There's no need to protect me really you have a life of yours to live and im stopping you from doing that" said Akira as Laysa sighs as her sister pulled from her then ran into the grey grass as fast as she could without a stop. She had a heart of gold.
" Akira" Said Dreamer as Akira walked into the house seeing a mess across the floor.
" Mom what's wrong " said Akira as Her mother stud at the opposite area where Akira was.
" Run Akira " said Dreamer as Akira went for the door and a guy bashed her into it but her mother pulled him off Akira. She pulled the door wide open. Looking around for help.
" LAYSA!" shouts Akira as Laysa ran around the corner. Akira was pushed against a wall in her mothers house.
" Hands off my sister Zen " said Laysa pushing him off Akira.
" Really? " said Zen as Akira stud behind Laysa.
" yes really that's my sister your beating up she doesn't need you any more neither do i " said Laysa as Akira stared at him.
" You were always so mean to me when i was little you never loved me as your daughter you never wanted me. Your a worthless dad and me,Laysa even mum don't need you never ever!" said Akira looking at Zen as he ran at her but Laysa stopped him from getting her sister.
" Get out " said Laysa as Zen left the house.
" Oh my baby" said Dreamer as she hugged Laysa in a warm embrace as Akira stared at her mother and Sister hugging close in a everlasting embrace of mother and daughter.
" mom stop it " said Laysa as Akira smiled slightly as She saw a friend of hers outside.
" Luke" said Akira as she ran out to him. He smiled at her brightly.
" Akira its nice too see you again" said Luke as Akira sighed.
" Its Far too soon Luke, " said Akira as She smiled.
" The Darkness is coming back Akira, do you remember those stories we got told when we were kids the darkness has been awakened " said Luke
" It Cant be the darkness should of been locked away Luke, your father and all the ancestors locked it away for good" said Akira as Luke shook his head. Laysa walked towards luke.
" They never closed the dark void which is out there Akira they only vanished it but the evil group is coming back this means we need to fight against the darkness" said Laysa as Akira gasps.
" no that's suicide the darkness isn't going to be a easy defendant Laysa you know that they will kill the whole group " said Akira pleading her big sister.
" i am going to rid the world of the darkness and with that i need a group of people to fight with me" said Laysa
" how Laysa works isn't it" said Luke. Laysa walked away finding people to work along side her in her revolution.
A few nights later the group of hero's,Akira,Luke were all in a meeting in A secret building.
" we are working in defence to stop the world of ours from crashing to the floor with darkness" said Laysa smiling at the group. Akira wasn't impressed with her sisters strategies towards the darkness.
"Laysa you know our world is connected to many other places that have yet been discovered. Are hearts as a world come as one to protect the worlds from destruction by the evil which plague are worlds core forever until no longer it remains" Akira Said grinding a evil look at Laysa.
" we need to act now Akira. You and Luke are on Radio and camera patrol to keep an eye on us if we need help we will call " said Laysa evilly. Akira sighed as her sister and her warriors left on there mission.
" hurry Luke" Akira said as she ran throwing her self into a chair looking at aload of monitor screens. She typed on a keyboard to get everything set.
" Wow " said luke sitting down in a chair next to her.
" we need to watch over them the darkness is rough " said Akira as she placed a head set on with a microphone on.
" Akira warn them about the dark entities that are coming there way tell them to attack with magic" said Luke as Akira cleared her throat.
" Akira what's the status" said Light as Akira sighed
" Akira Here! The route you are taking is towards a hoard of Entities that are from the darkness Luke said Use magic on them" said Akira
" We have no one who wields magic Akira" said Light as Luke Gasps looking at Akira with a smile.
" Akira your a Wielder of Magic Right?" said Luke as Akira stared at him
" of Course i was born into the magic realm what's your catch" said Akira grinning
" No catch if your a magic wielder you can help them take down the entities that are around that area of lightning Hoard town by using my teleportation device" said Luke as Akira smiled.
" of Course that's a good idea but what about Laysa she made it clear to us not to interfere in this because its serious " said Akira spinning on the chair to face Luke.
" What other choices do we have Akira you can get there and come back in 10 easy seconds the shooting range of your magic and the time you will be done before the time expires " said Luke as Akira looked away.
" Light what do you think ?" asked Akira
" Your the only shot we have of getting through be careful Akira" said Light.
" Okay Luke its settled" Akira said standing up from out the chair placing the head set on the table.
" Right there we go 10" said Luke as Akira sparkled out of view then into the jungle of where the Darkness was. Akira placed the ear peice into her ear.
" Luke i think i made it" said Akira
" We need to find the darkness go a few paces toward Akira" said Luke
" Alright" said Akira as she ran towards a colossal entity which was so full of darkness. Akira wielded her Dead Star Sword she swung it at the creature in which was not very strong. Fire arises from the sword bursting the creature into pieces of sparkling balls of darkness. Akira laughed lightly as she was back in the place where she began Luke stared at her surprisingly.
" you have fun with the creature Akira" said Luke as she walked towards the monitors. She grinned as she saw her sister with the group not in any danger.
" They made it though alright i see" said Master Scar the oldest member of the community on Haka Island.
" Of course they did sir, with Akira's help that is" said Luke" Akira,Luke!!!!" Screamed people from outside. Master Scar held Akira and Luke back.
" Stay here the creatures outside could kill you and we need you to keep Laysa informed you got that" said Master Scar as Luke Nodded.
" But.." said Akira shaking her head as Master Scar sighed looking into her eyes.
" i will protect the people " Said Scar as he ran out of the house Luke locked the door.
" Akira the control now!" said Luke as Akira ran to the keyboard typing in letters and numbers then she placed the speaker on which was connected to Laysa.
" Laysa its Akira do you copy! "cry's Akira as a bang went off behind her she screamed out. Luke pushed him self onto the door.
" keep going Akira " said Luke as she faced the screen.
" Akira what's wrong?" said Laysa as Akira screamed out as black smoke went through the door.
" The Darkness its here on Haka Island Laysa its here " says Akira as she turns towards the door which Luke held tightly. It blew up into black flames. Luke was under the rubble of the doors remains.
" AKIRA RUN NOW!" shouts Laysa as Akira stared at the door a man stud dressed in black looking at her with anger in his red eyes.
" Luke " said Akira running towards him but then the man gripped her launching her into the monitor screens. Akira yelled out in pain as the glass off the screens rained down on her.
" Haha she's Akira" said The man
" Who are you !" screams Akira as He shot Darkness at her in a fire ball she dodge rolled it, landing on the floor starring at luke who lay unconscious. Akira was picked up by a girl who was dressed in a dark evil cloak. The girl threw Akira into a wall which hurt Akira she couldn't get up or even move. Akira felt too weak to move she knew the darkness was a powerful source in which was not beatable this time not by the force of anything. Akira stared at the man and women who came closer to her.
" Get away" said Akira weakly as she fell unconscious onto the floor.
When Akira woke up next she was left in the remains of the burning house. Akira screamed out as she tried to stand up her left leg was badly bleeding. She wielded the heart to stand up she limped her way to the door. Akira gasps as she saw nothing but rubble and flames left of her home.
" Akira" said Luke as Akira faced him he sat on the floor as Akira limped outside. Akira had nothing left here.
" Lets Go Luke" said Akira as Luke ran out to her. He walked with her through the burnt streets of there home.
" Akira Stop your hurt" said Luke as Akira stopped she faced Luke her leg hurt but she didn't want to say here
" Luke im fine " said Akira as Luke held her waist Akira placed her left arm around Luke's neck for support. Akira and Luke walked for Ages with no stop. Akira felt the burning from the bleeding wound on her leg.
" Akira you need someone to look at your leg" says Luke as Akira felt dizzy as Luke held her more tighter.
" Where are we" Said Akira as the wind blew violently against the grey grass.
" were in the plain lanes which is the out skirt of our home Akira" said Luke as Akira Sighs in disbelief
" So were on the Grass lands outside are home "Akira says as Luke nods at her. Akira fell into a deep sleep on Luke. Luke knew she wasn't well she needed help so Luke took her to Star Island a place of wonder and faith. Luke saw A red haired Girl who ran for Akira.
" is She okay" said the girl pulling Akira into a hut.
" What's your name" said Luke as Akira was placed on a bed.
" my names Martha " she said as she looked at the wound on Akira's leg.
" Do u have a chatting device " said Luke as Martha smiled at him pointing into the other room. Luke smiled. He walked through the door. He saw computers and head sets. He ran and sat down. He got visual on Laysa and the others he placed the head set on.
" Laysa Do you read me" said Luke as he breathed hard.
" Yes Luke what's wrong" said Laysa as Luke sighed.
" Its Akira " said Luke as Laysa gasps.
" What" said Laysa as Luke sighed.
" Akira was Attacked in our home she was protecting me but when we woke in the rubble of our home and there was nothing left Akira was looking sick and not well and Akira obtained a wound on her leg Laysa" said Luke as Martha walked in her head low.
" im sorry but Akira cannot leave here she's too sick i fear she could be injured on the inside as well as the outside. She can not go with you on your quest " said Martha as Luke sat wide eyed at the nurse .
" my friend she can fight it she's Akira i know she will pull through" said Luke as Martha sighed.
" Akira isn't well enough to fight what's happening to her she cannot join this Quest im sorry" said Martha walking out the room
" Come to me at once Luke " said Laysa as Luke nods placing the head set down then walking out to see Akira lying still in a bed as soft as day.
" Akira stay strong for me until i come back for u with Laysa " said Luke as Akira didn't stir as Martha sat next to Akira
" Good luck and Akira will be proud of u for venturing into a mighty Quest" said Martha


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This is a really intriguing story for starters. C: I hope you don't mind me pointing out reading this is a little challenging due to the text being all together instead of apart. You might want to fix it later. Anyhow, I thought Laysa was really brave to try to protect her sister from Zen. Luke seems nice and caring towards both sisters. I'm kind of curious why Zen is the way he is. And Maratha is an interesting mix to the story, which I imagine will be explained more in your next chapter.