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Dead Hearts: Fight Of Darkness 2


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Dead Hearts 2
Akira woke her eyes were fuzzy and she felt pain all over her body. “ Is this Real” she thought to herself. As her view came to she could see that she was in a white bed which had florescent patterns on that were unknown to her. She lifted up slowly in the bed placing her back gently against the beds cold frame sparks shot up her back she winced.
" calm down missy you took a bad hit a few days ago your friend brought you to me" said a girl as she stood beside Akira's bed. Her hand was placed on Akira's arm softly.
" Luke? Where is he??" said Akira in worry she pulled the bed sheet off of her she looked at herself. Her legs were bandaged up from the knees to ankle, She wore shorts and A white top which was stained by the waist with blood, she slowly pulled the Top up seeing a bandage from her stomach to her hips it was stained a dark red. Akira dropped the shirt down so it fell softly against her skin. She looked up to see a girl with green eyes and blue light shoulder length hair, she was wearing nurse scrubs the colour of blood.....
" Hey Akira calm down Luke he was fine when i saw him last i cant remember where he was going but i am sure he was going to look for your sister " the girl said softly as Akira faced away from the girl wondering why Luke would do such a thing for her? She wasn't important and she could look after her self perfectly now that She knew her evil father was Dead of course.
" i can't stay here i have to find him. I don't know you? I don't even know where i am?" cried Akira as she shifted out of the bed slowly into a sitting position which hurt her alot. The Nurse crouched in front of her patient and held Akira's bruised hands lightly not to hurt the child. Martha knew that the Akira was worried about him but as she knew there was nothing the child could do to help him she was in a bad state from when she was brought in but it seems the conditions on her are worse then before.
" Akira. I am Martha,I understand your upset and i understand your afraid of where you are you are too weak child to move your body needs time to heal your making it worse for yourself Akira you really are i want to help you" said Martha Softly looking at Akira's glassy looking eyes. Akira sighed slightly as she held Martha's hands tightly feeling the pain going through her.
" Where am i ? Why am i here? Why did Luke Leave me?" said Akira as Martha nods slowly to each question Akira Asked her.
" you are in a town called Star island not a very big town but its a gentle sort of town where you can have peace and quiet Akira, You are here because you nearly died from the Darkness attack in your home you were weak when Luke brought you here and he seemed fine, He left you to find your sister so she could come to you" said Martha as Akira dropped her head feeling the hurt and pain of what Lukes going through out in the worlds. She felt something tickle her Arm. She looked and saw her Black and green hair long against her arms, it was out of its pony tail.
" my hair " said Akira in astonishment
" I had to take it out of that pony tail you had in your hair was covered in blood and it was a sticky mess to clean out of the long stands of hair you have my dear" said Martha sweetly to Akira. Akira lifted up looking at Martha with Sorrow eyes. She thought to herself “ Maybe i should not worry about Luke he might be alright out there he might be with Laysa right now ” but her thoughts were not as powerful as her heart she was really worried for him,
" Martha i don't understand really why im not finding where i need to be i shouldn't have been here" said Akira as the Nurse girl smiled Sweetly as she stood up.
" Akira you need to rest up right now" said Martha helping Akira lay down in the bed again and she covered over Akira. Akira stared at the window on the far corner of the room until she fell into the depths of darkness in her own sleepless mind.

Laysa walked around in a large tent looking at Luke as she did.
" Luke is my sister alright" she said as Luke stared at her the Laysa he knew so many years ago was gone
She had lost her long vibrant hair to a shoulder length cut and she didn't wear dresses anymore she was wearing a black jacket,A Black shirt, a pair of blue jeans. Laysa had changed so much since she got her group of friends out to fight the darkness. Luke thought maybe Laysa's change was to do with Akira and the destroying of Haka Island so many lives lost on that day of blood shed and horror against the Haka island familys
" Shes fine, Martha is with her in Star Island" said Luke thinking of Akira his best friend lying in a bed blood all over her and who did this? It was His fault that she got attacked that day he should have been strong and got up but Luke left her.
"Its good to hear my sisters safe Luke, but what if the Darkness goes to Star Island like it did to Haka Island what is me and my group gonna do there wont be anything we can do and i cant leave my sister alone i cant let her die alone Luke" said Laysa trying to control the pull of tears that she wanted to cry for her sister.
" Laysa please don't say that" said Luke as he walked towards Laysa slowly but Laysa turned away looking at the glowing oil lamp ahead of her where Light her best Friend Stood.
" Luke Laysa is kinda upset" said Light softly as her eyes looked into Luke's. Luke knew Light was worried about Akira as the rest but she knew the priority of them was to destroy the darkness for good. Light always was a loyal friend to Laysa through out there years together.
" Luke you know im going to Kill the people who attacked my Sister and i am going to destroy the Darkness so it can never come back and cause Chaos again" said Laysa Angrily her eyes showing the fire inside her She would always do what she said she wound never go back on her words.Laysa was in a group of people who belong together to protect the world from the darkness.
" Laysa please shes fine really " protested Luke as Laysa faced him unhappily in a way that showed she was not impressed to even talk to Luke at all. Luke felt her pain of losing her mother dreamer.
" Go back to my sister and bring her here" said Laysa luke nods with out a word. He walked out into the Night holding Akira's blade.

Akira woke up still feeling hurt,She climbed from out the bed wearing the same clothes she fell asleep in She wondered why it was quite here. She walked slowly not to hurt herself to the hut's door placing her hand softly onto a silver nob which was cold under her touch sending icy shivers through her.Akira pulled the door open, Light as gold beams shot into her face she placed her right hand up to cover her eyes from the Sun. She could see in the distance more hut's grey against the green grass, playing in the Grass were young children, 3 or 4 of them they seemed to far to pick out there features but Akira felt warmth in watching the children play in the summers air.
" Akira!" shouts Martha gripping Akira's Arm slightly,Akira yelled out as a burning pain shot up her arm.
"Aw...that hurt" yelped Akira as Martha sighed releasing her grip off the young girl. She saw in Akira what she had seen in her sister once before they had been voyaging through worlds to find the source of darkness.
" Im sorry but you cant go out there,You need a good wash and a change of clothes! We must make you look your best on the first day looking around the town! And not in filthy Rags Akira" said Martha turning to a door which was built into the hut near the entrance to get in, it was a dark brown oak colour with rippling Swirls of white to add as decoration. Once Martha opened the door inside it showed 4 shelves dusty mostly but on the shelves were many people silk clothes of colours that beamed from a summers set yellow to a Violet purple. The clothes were folded up neatly in stacks. Akira let her hand slip off the door nob so it slid to her side.
"What beautiful clothes you have Martha" Akira exclaimed looking at the Martha who faced around smiling at her, holding a silky top that went over the edge of the shoulder showing alot of skin but Akira thought its white shimmer was beautiful and on Martha's arm was a pair of black silky leggings,Skirt with blue ripples along the sides. Laced upon her shoulder was a jacket black with white symbols patterning its frame. Akira loved the idea of wearing them but knew they were not her own. She did miss wearing her own beautiful clothes that made her different from her mother and sister.
" These clothes were made for the Hospital that was built a while back but the hospital said they were fine so i took them for the help to people like yourself" said Martha placing the clothes in Akira's arms, the feel of them on Akira's skin made her smile the clothes were soft and silky.
" Thank you" said Akira happily as Martha nodded pulling Akira Slowly to a room at the back of the Hut's interior structure. It was like a bathroom but sweetly prepared with a bath tub of Flowers upon water,Glowing lights of blue flames. Akira walked in to the room. Martha smiled then shut the door as she went back into the infirmary that she had prepared up.
After a while Akira had taken a warm bath,When she had gotten out and placed on her new clothes that Martha gave her she felt the burning of her wounds which she had to bandage up again with the help of Martha of course!. Akira stood in front of a blue crystal mirror seeing that the shoulder sleeved top was a little big and went over the Skirt the leggings and skirt fitted perfectly on Akira's small frame.
" You look fab Akira" said Martha walking into the bath room smiling. Akira turned to Martha with a small shy smile. Akira's hair swayed against her back.
" Thank you" Akira said cheerfully as Martha took her hand as fragile as she could.
" I think we should go" said Martha Happily as her and Akira left the hut into the warmth of the sun,The light breeze that wafted though Akira's hair made her shiver with delight. A small town new to her eyes made her forget about the darkness before it ever began. Akira walked following Martha through long thick shards of green grass that went on for miles to the eyes cannot see. There were flowers growing in the grass from Red,Green to a light blue colour where they dotted the landscape with tiny tints of colour then just green. Akira stopped in her stride seeing the Children she had saw play earlier sitting laughing and giggling to one another there hair was the same red as Ruby glass but there eyes were different one had a bright blue colour set in his eyes while the other 3 had Brown,Hazel and Gold as there eye colour. They faced Akira who felt there gaze as She looked for Martha who had got onto a smooth dirt road that lead down into a festering market. Akira ran to catch up with Martha Her boots Skidded onto the dirt Road She wanted to catch up to Martha so she didn't get into trouble but that came to be as soon as she collided into a tall green eyed man with blonde hair he looked at Akira with enough Anger that it shook Akira's core.
" Child? Really now i didn't need to be ran into Young Lady!?! I am really late for a important Job!?! You made that much more late now my dear i hope your Happy" He Roared at Akira Angrily making her gulp down the words she wanted to say to him he seemed like a business man with his black blazer,Shirt and Pants with a trusty case of files he had under his left arm.
" Sir i am dearly sorry" said Akira as the man laughed in mockery at Akira thinking her words were not from the heart. He pushed past Akira with Force which knocked Akira onto the floor she groaned as she sat in the middle of the path,the man laughing as he walked away from her. A women stopped in front of her,Akira Shyly looked up at the women who stared at her smiling. Her eyes were the colour of a fire,Her hair was the colour of Tar. Akira smiled as the women held out a hand to her she took it willingly in her grip. She was pulled onto her feet by the sweet women who was Wearing a red flowered white dress.
" Are you alright? That man didn't give you a care in the world i see you are already hurt a darkness attack i see" said the women in a whisper Akira stared at her as people walked past minding there own business not paying attention.
" Yes. I was attacked by a man with powers of darkness and a girl too. Do you know of the Darkness? " Akira Said lightly as the women nods at her in a sweet way.
" Akira, Akira WillowWhite? Ive heard of you alot and your Sister Laysa, Your mother was my sister Akira but i see the Attack in Haka Island lead no survivors except you and a boy, im glad your safe my child but the man and Girl you in countered were apart of small force in the darkness, Oran and Kesha dark wielders of dark magic " said the women lightly back to Akira who thought about her mom wondering if she was alive and made it out alright. This women? Was repeated to her mother Akira never knew of her mothers family really but better yet Laysa probably did?
" i Never was told? Mom never told me about her family she always said “ my family isn't the Key to you” but i never understood her words?" said Akira in a plea, the women smiled brightly holding Akira's hands.
" she wouldn't of Akira the family of Dreamer should not interest them selves in your life we were warned by your father, but child i am Ezra your auntie at your service" said Ezra sweetly. Akira thought of just walking away she thought this women was crazy too crazy, but one thought in her head told her to stay and find out if Ezra knew anything. But Akira saw that she had walked away from Ezra, towards where she saw Martha waiting for her in the market of the town the streets were full up of stocks of different foods,Jewellery,Clothes and other shimmering beauties that Akira had never seen before, Oil Lamps lit the streets up in many colours. The shops were old and cramped together,Many were White while others were striped Black over the white or the inverted way too.
" hey you took a while Akira what happened" Martha asked as Akira shook her head
" Nothing Martha" said Akira as Martha stared at her in concern.
"Akira don't lie" said Martha as Akira shot a look of confusion towards Martha.
"What! I am not lying" said Akira looking at the other girl with happiness. Martha felt that Akira wasn't the girl she was Any more because of the Evil that's moving across the land as fast. Martha was worried for her people too? When will the darkness come here. To her town once of peace then to a bloody river and fire. Akira faced forward seeing a child screaming to a brown haired girl with yellow eyes, she wore a short long dress that was gold.
"What?" said Martha as she watched Akira run down towards the child and the girl looked at her in horror as the child clung to the girl tightly.
" The Darkness is Coming here?" said the Girl in an uneven voice, Akira faced the dark thunderous sky fall that was coming over the mountains. Akira didn't know what to do until Martha ran beside her, Screaming people came running through the grass near a forest where creatures had flooded out black as night with red glowing eyes,Teeth as sharp as razors and the body of a four legged animal. Akira gasped out in horror at the sight of them.
" Where is my Weapon Martha!" cried Akira as Martha looked at the people around them running for there lives.
" Luke! Luke took it with Him! I didn't know the darkness was this close" Screamed Martha grabbing Akira's Arm tightly and started to run pulling Akira through the running crowd which ran towards a river that was on the other end of the dirt path. Akira Looked back seeing people being taken from the crowd by the blood thirsty creatures. She pulled Martha to a stop the Girl was shaking her head as Akira locked her eyes onto a young child screaming while a creature came to wards it.

Akira let go of Martha's Hand,Running fast towards the child she felt scared running into the danger which had happened in her own home which nearly killed her and Luke. Akira grabbed the child inches before the creature got its claws onto the little one. Akira held the child in her arms as she was pulled back into the running crowd that had fallen small.
" its alright little one" Akira Said Remembering the way her sister comforted her when she was little. She ran towards where Martha stood still until she saw Akira holding the child as she ran,Akira was followed in her run by Martha who looked at her in a scared look.
" The child's hurt Akira" Said Martha as Akira saw that Martha was right,The child had a bleeding arm. Akira had never noticed it before on the child

to be continued less then usual because i am in school and got to chat up in Year 10 studies
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Oh boy. I imagine this is set either ahead of time or after the events in the other thread you have going. *slightly confused* Anyhow, I would love to know more about Laysa group of friends, such as Light. I'd like to see what they do together on their travels, but it's pretty cool to see she's seeking vengeance to destroy the Darkness that's been causing chaos on their world. I love how concered Laysa is for the safety of her sister. And Martha seems to genuinely care a lot about Akira. I hope there's some sort of back story to it? C: