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Original ► Dissidia Final Fantasy: SE

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Hazen Gregory

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May 10, 2006
One night after months of seemingly endless fights, discord, chaos, confusion, drama and the duo of heroics of heroism and villainy, you begin to a rumbling sound. This noise starts as a low, deep noise that is familiar, yet at the same time, completely new to anything you have ever before experienced. The sound intensifies and now not only do you hear the sound drowning out your surroundings, but you can hear it deep within your soul as well. In some fashion or other, the ground around starts shaking, seeming to move and twist in on itself until the entire area around breaks open and a bright but pale mist completely covers your vision, engulfing your senses and causing you to become drowsy...

"If this is the way you want to do things, we can resolve this more simply than by causing another war..." A soft voice soothes your confused mind but you still can see nothing. You call out and realize that no sound is able to escape your lips. It is then you realize that the voice you hear isn't actually speaking to you.

A deeper, more sinister voice responds to the softer one, "Fine I'll agree to your terms, we can summon forth a few champions from each side of Chaos and Cosmos."

"Ok then Spiritus, let's get this over with. I actually can't believe I'm going to say this, but thank you for not being difficult."

The deep voice let out a raspy laugh that was closer to a snicker and coughed, "SURE....anything for you my dear Materia."

Completely confused about what you've just heard and the strange feeling your body is going through, you fight to remain conscious but hear both voices in your head at once. "Come forth Champions of Chaos and Cosmos, the future of your very worlds is at stake!!!"


When your eyes open, you find that you are smack in the middle of a ruined city-scape that feels familiar but you know for sure that it isn't somewhere located anywhere where near any place you EVER been too. In fact, you're almost certain that you aren't even on your world anymore. You recall the voices that you heard before you arrived and look around at the ongoing destruction. You see that there are monsters all over the place, many of them which in some form, resemble creatures you've battled and or killed countless times. This is such a strange encounter that you almost don't notice that you can faintly sense 4 separate but distinctive energy signatures. You're interested in this because it means that you aren't alone but still doesn't shed much light on the situation you're actually in.

That's when you see the gigantic crystal at the far reaches of the city that is shaking and pulsing. It shines and radiates with an intense force that you can sense from where you are but the worst is yet to come. The crystal seems to be slowly moving back and forth and it opens sideways, revealing that it has row upon row of jagged teeth that are dripping with some kind of magical miasma. In the midst of all the information you're receiving and this scene of chaos you've witnessed, you notice that there are monsters coming at you...​

So, this is pretty much a short rp event based on an alternate Dissidia event. It is open to four participants plus myself. This is going to be a medium paced battle styled role play that will eventually end up as battles between our characters. There will be a few twists etc but I thought it'd be a great experience for FF fans and I was bored <3

I'll post the template scheme below, along with a few rules and information to help in template structure. Take note that though our characters will be able to be powerful, I'm purposely going limit how far we are able to go to reduce conflict over uber powered OCs from the Final Fantasy worlds.

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