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May 18, 2007
I had to study for finals and to relieve stress i wrote a fan fic which i hope to continue heres the intro and preview


Ever since the sealing of Kingdom Hearts and the elimination of Xemnas, the world has yet to see another Heartless roaming about. Those filthy creatures of dark that was born from the hatred, anger, greed, and sadness of men were no more. The eternal peace seemed to have finally come and without Heartless to destroy, the world no longer needed the aid of the keyblade masters. The bold stories of Sora, Donald, and Goofy's adventure slowly began to die out...

The worlds were no longer connected...

All doors were sealed and closed forever...

All except one...

More than 100 years passed since the peace was restored to the world...

The courageous tales of young Sora and his companions have become nothing more than a legend, a bedtime story for little children...


Shores, Destiny Island

As the setting sun beamed down at the sand, dying everything in bloody red, a lone youth stares out to the open seas, his eyes reflecting the sun's brilliant rays. His fair skin and light blonde hair were tainted light red. All that surrounded him were sand and water, only noise came from the waves whoosing in and sweeping away the sand. The current was coming in, soaking his feet with salty ocean water but the boy remained statinary, not moving an inch from his spot. The youth was in a trance, detaching himself from the reality not thing could bring him back, nothing was able to bring him back, nothing but the warm touch he felt on his face as two soft hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who~!" teased a familiar voice, a warm gentle voice he had known his whole life.

"Cut it out Monica," the boy replied in an annoyed voice and with that the hands were lifted from his face and his vision was restored. Monica got up and then took her place next to the boy, and leaned her head against his shoulder. "Hey," the boy said to Monica, "get your head off will ya? It's sorta heavy."

"Aww you're so mean Nero," replied Monica, "come on, my head isn't heavy."

She slowly lifted her head off Nero's shoulder, then out of the blues Monica gave Nero a soft punch on his right arm. Not so hard that it would bruise but enough for him to feel a little sting. Nero stared at Monica not out of shock but out of amusement. The two had been best friends forever, for all of their 14 year-old lives. Monica got up from her spot and stretched and at that moment the ocean breeze swept in, blowing her red, shoulder length hair way back.

"Hey, did you know?" she said as she stared out to the sea.

"What now?" asked Nero in an annoyed voice but he didn't stop starring at her.

Monica looked down on Nero and stuck her tongue out. "Can't you even show a bit of enthusiasm?"

"Nope~!" replied Nero with a smile, and before they knew the two were snickering which bloomed into a full out laughter. It took a while for them to stop and pick themselves up. Nero gasped for air while Monica wiped away the tears that were forming at the corner of her eyes. "So what'd you find?"

"Oh yeah," Monica finally said after recovering from her laugh riot, "you know about the mysterious wooden door?"

"You mean the one in the cave behind the waterfall?"

"Yeah! That's the one!"

"So what about it?" Nero asked. He had high hopes for something interesting to come up but everyone knew about the door. It had weird symbols and drawings that have faded over time, the cave itself was a place where every kid went to hang out and draw graffiti. There has been a bunch of drawings over the years, most of them usually get erased within a week but there was one of a girl and a boy feeding paupo fruits to each other. Year after year, the picture remained untouched and unaged as if it was protected by a magical barrier.

"Well recently people have been saying they saw black mist coming out from it," she replied, "also at night, you can see a gigantic keyhole glowing in the middle."

"Those are all talk, probably a rumour."

"That's what I thought too at first you know," she replied with anxiousness in her voice, "but last night on my way home from Leena's house, I saw a strange light coming from behind the falls."

"You were probably seeing things," said Nero."It was dark last night and you heard the rumour and your mind played tricks on you."

"Hmmph," Monica crossed her arms together in front of her chest and gave Nero an angry pout. "Well if your so sure why don't we go tonight?"

"Fine, let's meet here at 10 and we'll go see it together."

"Promise?" Monica asked, sticking out her pinky finger.

"Promise," he replied and wrapped his own pinky around hers and made the seal.

Secret Cave, Destiny Islands

"I'm sorry, I made you come," wept Monica, holding lifeless body of Nero in her arms, "I'm so sorry."


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May 18, 2007
okay here's the oficial first chapter, noob at this, light comments and criticizen would be very appreciated

Chapter 1

Waterfalls, Destiny Islands

Monica stood alone in front of the falls with only a small flashlight in her left hand to provide any kind of light in the overwhelming darkness of the night. The night was cold, the ocean breeze sent shivers through her entire body. She raised her right hand slightly to check the time. 10:30 p.m. , where are you Nero? Ahhh~, a yawn escaped from her mouth and turned into mist right before her eyes.She could hear was the waves crashing and the winds howling but no sign of Nero what so ever. Maybe he's not coming, but we promised. While sulking in her loneliness she did not notice the dark figure approaching her from the back and placing a cold metallic object on her neck.

"Kyaa!" she cried on top of her voice and swung her arms frantically at the stranger behind her, hitting him on the left cheek with the back of her left hand which sent him staggering backwards. The sound of the metallic object falling was amplified by the cave behind her. Monica held her fists closed, waiting to punch the lights out of the guy if he approached her again.

"Oh man what a swing," said the stranger. His voice was familiar, a one that she had known closely. Monica took her flashlight and pointed it towards the dark figure which stood less than 6 feet away from her. "Hey do you mind? It's hurting my eyes."


"Yeah it's me, geez I think my cheek is swelling," he replied. He picked up something from the ground and placed it next to his cheek.

Monica held her neck with her left hand and pointed at the thing in Nero's hand with the flashlight the she said in a nervous voice, "Then the wet, cold thing next my neck was..."

"Yeah it was just a can of juice," said Nero while rubbing his cheek with the can. "You're an animal."

Blood rose to Monica's face, making her blush with shame. "I... Itt... It's your fault... th... that it happened... It's all your fault!!! Why were you so late?!"

Nero walked up to Monica grabbed her arms and calmed her down and whispered into her ear, "I'm sorry, don't be mad."

Monica wiped away her tears, she only shed her tears in front of Nero, only when she was with him did she feel weak and vulnerable. But no matter how much she cried, she never felt embarrassed about it, as long as she saw one of Nero's gigantic grin, everything was okay.

"I don't want to hear any excuses," she said in a loud, clear voice, she was back in control, she was going to make sure Nero got something back for making her wait so long and scaring her. "Come on let's go!"

The two walked around the waterfall and lifted up the vines to find the entrance. Monica took the lead, she got on all fours and crawled in head first, then after she was somewhat a distance away, Nero did the same and followed her into the enormous room within the cave. The two settled down in between the drawing of the boy and the girl and the door.

"So how long do we have to stay here?" Nero asked impatiently.

"I don't know, maybe a few minutes, maybe an hour or two."

"Hey Monica don't fall asleep on me," said Nero in a joking voice. Then he heard light breathing and he felt Monica's head resting against his own.

"It's all your fault," she muttered quietly as she slept.

"Yeah, I know," Nero said as he put his head against Monica's.



In the darkness, Monica floated alone, slowly sinking in the endless abyss. She slowly opened her eyes to find that she was surounded by nothing, she tried to call out but no words escape from her mouth. She can't see or hear anything, neither can she feel anything, she waved her arms trying grab something but there wass nothing there. Where am I? Where's Nero? Am I falling? Bunch of thoughts ran through her head until she finally hit the bottom.

She got up, slowly, placing her hand on the floor to see if it was really there. Then at that moment, the floor started to peel off little by little, like the flakes of rust peeling off from the edge of a car bumper and from the places that the floor had peeled from brilliant light showed its face. What remained of the black, cold floor was a warm mosaic with a picture of of the boy from the cave.

"Huh what the heck?" she asked herself.Then she was surprised that she was able to speak again. "Hello? Is anyone here? HELLO!"

Monica took a look around, side to side, up and down until a gorgeous door, decorated with gold and jewels appeared at the opposite side of her, emmiting a blinding light. Monica covered her eyes with her hands to protect herself. Not knowing what to happen, Monica approached the door slowly, hoping that her way out was through the door that stood in front of her. She first took couple of steps, being as cautious as she can be and then sped up, then she heard a voice calling from behind her.

"Do you wish to leave this place?" asked the voice, it was deep voice with no real feeling behind it, almost as if the person's emotions have been sealed away.

"Where, no. What is this place?" Monica asked stopping dead where she stood.

"This place, is the beginning and the end of all," the voice replied. This time it seemed as if the voice was closer to her, almost as if the voice was whispering at ear. Monica turned quickly to see if anyone was behind her but as she expected, there was nothing. Feeling rather secure again she turned to face the door once again but this time she found herself confronting a stranger in a black cloak, his face covered with a hood.

"What is it that you wish?" the strange asked.

"I want to get out of here and go back home," replied Monica in a strong voice.

"Are you willing to sacrifice anything for it?"

Monica took a second to reconsider. What could have been worse than staying in this empty void? I want to get home.


"Yes, take whatever you want, just let me go home," replied Monica.

"Good, the price is this heart," he said as he turned his back against her and in his open hand, a pinkish glow appeared in a shape of a heart. "the heart of the one closest to you. You may leave, for you have payed the price," he said as he opened the door and disappeared into the light, leaving a single, pink flower petal behind.

What a weird dude, she thought as she walked towards the door. Wait till Nero hears about this. Monica kept walking towards the light, not caring about the consequences a head of her, not being able to hear the voice of truth.

You are the one who will open the door to the light...


Secret Cave, Destiny Islands

"Woah what a dream," said Monica as she rubbed her eyes. She looked at Nero, who was laying beside her. "Hey Nero, get up I had a wicked dream I want to tell you about," she said as she shook him, "come on or we'll miss the door lighting up. Nero come on! ... Nero?"

Suddenly an unpleasent light shined from the direction of the door. Monica looked at Nero's head where a single petal of sakura was placed. She slowly raised her shaking hand and placed it on his face.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry," she wept, holding Nero's body, "It's all my fault, I'm sorry Nero."

Monica wept, her tears dripping on Nero's face, the whole time she could not take her hand off from his cold face that ceased to breathe. Drowned in her sorrow, she did not notice the man in black cloak standing in front of the door, nor did she notice the evil smirk that was hidden under his hood.
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