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DMC4 Remake pitch.

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I was pretty dissapointed in DMC4 back in the day. Unlike the previous 3 entries and the 5th entry, I felt like it needed a massive overhaul. Here are a few options because i'm bored.

A) instead of Dante, Vergil is involved-
I wrote Nero off as a Discount Dante with a lame love story. While that's true, using Vergil instead of Dante is a way to turn that weakness into a strength. Adding Vergil and watching him manipulate both Nero and Sanctus for his own benefit adds more to this tale. Plus Vergil is the series Dark Horse so its a good marketing ploy. He also acts as an audience surrogate- he could write Nero off but change his mind later on. Dante tried to be a trickster mentor but we can do that a little better with Vergil.

B) Instead of Discount Dante, Nero is Discount Vergil-
This description is cheeky but Nero would've been a better foil for Dante if he was more like his father. DMC5 is mistaken, Vergil isn't Dante's reason for fighting, his family is. Vergil is just the one family member he could have a relationship with. So Dante trying to mentor his nephew and keep him on the straight path is more interesting.

Unlike the canon version of 4, this is set in Dante's city. Nero's seeks him out to better understands his origin. It's plot is more episodic like the anime and more centered around Nero and Dante's dynamic.

C) Instead of the DMC crew, Nero has to team up with V and Nico to fight Sanctus-
This is more risky than a solo Nero game. I liked Nero in the later half of 5 when he dropped the juvenile tryhard routine and became a idealistic team player. So I'd just get to that sooner- he starts the game as a lone wolf and ends the game as a team player.

Vitale is part of the local coven in Fortuna and they are fighting back guerrilla warfare style against Sanctus's regime. In this story the Order is a theocracy that runs Fortuna. So he and Nero start out as rivals in the first half fighting the other faction before teaming up in the second half.

Nico is the tritagonist- she's assisting Agnus because she wants to revive her dead mom. This is an optional playable campaign with Nico using an exoskeleton like C.Viper's and its shorter than the other two.

D) Dante was raised in Fortuna.
Nero just acts like a more juvenile Dante so I'd just do a game where Dante was raised in Fortuna after his mom dies. It's divided into two time periods- the first half is focused on 16-17 year old Dante before he left and the later half focuses on 25-27 year old Dante being asked to come back by Kyrie to help out with a crisis. I'm leaning towards an upstart general of Mundus looking to make a name for himself and that could be Berial. The original ending where Kyrie leaves after Nero kills Credo is used for Dante here. They are ex-lovers who have to come to terms with each other's present in order to save the day and that allows you to do more with the uninspired love story.

Vergil gets a segment called "Prince and the Pauper" detailing Dante and Vergil's reunion at 16. They grew up living seperate lives and throughout this half you can set up his envy of Dante while he plays the role of uneasy ally against Sanctus.

E) It's a straightforward sequel to DMC3.
Dante gets approached by Sanctus's predecessor to be the champion of Fortuna and protect it from Mundus's upstart general Berial. Sanctus is the general and planning a double cross for both his predecessor and Dante.

Nero is cut into two characters-

A) Nero is a young man whose forced to become a demon by the order. He struggles to keep his sanity and Dante has to make a choice about putting him down.
B) Rodin is Vergil's 5 year old son whose mother is apart of the local coven. Dante gets suspicious upon seeing him and investigates.

Trish gets a segment called "Rolling Thunder"- it's showcases how she infiltrated Fortuna as Gloria except this time it's for Mundus.

I had fun doing these scribbles and I hope you all had fun reading it.