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does anyone think this could mean something?

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Divine Light

check that Ansem report out. it talks about Xehanort having powers that seem superhuman. and i think that is before he becomes a nobody. it just screams Xehanort has a connection to Terra or someone from BBS..

the report reads-

My efforts these many years have come to fruitation, with the world I govern having become a paradise worthy of being called “Radiant Garden.” Nurtured by the pure water that is the source of life, fragrant flowers bloom in abundance, and the people face each day with hopeful smiles. But where there is light, darkness always lurks. As noted in my earlier reports, I must solve the mystery of this “darkness of the heart.” This paradise depends on it.

I shall perform and experiment to probe the depths of a person’s heart. One of my own apprentices, Xehanort, has volunteered to be a subject. The young man has served me ever since I nursed him back from death’s door some years ago. He had lost all his memories at the time, but later showed remarkable intellectual curiosity and readily absorbed my teachings, gaining deep wisdom. Any mental immaturity is surely due to his young age.

If I explore Xehanort’s heart with psychological tests, I may be able to recall the past locked away within. My apprentice, Even, has also shown great interest in Xehanort’s memories. But is he really the right subject? Xehanort does indeed exhibit extraordinary talents…

Too extraordinary…

Perhaps they are even superhuman.
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