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Dragonball Z RPG (retry)

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Feb 20, 2006
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Fifty Years have passed since Goku and the Z fighters defeated Omega Shenron, and the end of the Dragonball series. Goku and Vegeta are now old men, silent, brooding, but kind. They rarely show their true power anymore. Bulma, Chi Chi, Krillian, and the rest of the Z fighters have also aged, trying to settle into peaceful retirement. Piccolo died ten years ago, but is preceeded by his teenage son, Cello (Prounounded Che-Low). The planet is now defended by Pan and Goten, both of whom are powerful warriors capeble of Super Saiyan 4, Trunks, who has learned many of his Father's signature techniques like Big Bang and Final Flash, Uub, who, although he is aging, leads the group wisely, and last of all, Majin Buu, who has been resurrected. The bubble-gum made being never seems to age at all, and is now as great friends with Pan as he was with her grandfather Hercule, who has sadly passed away.

But a new evil is awakening, and a sudden influx to Earth of powerful otherworldy warriors has the Z-Fighters on edge. Deep in the bowels of the Earth, Dr Gero's machines come to life again. In orbit, Dr Myuu's research centre begins to boot up, and in Hell, the Demon Guards are surprised by suddenly appearing portals. Who could be behind all this, this ressurection of some of the Z-Fighter's most powerful enemies.


My porfile

Name: Akuma

Race: Furion

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/Jyin.jpg

Mirror Image- Spits into four people all the same power.

Unholy Chaos Dual Cannon- Akuma make a unholy energy ball and a chaos ball, one in each hand then puts his hands together and fire them the balls turn into beams twisting around each other.

Furious Blaster- He makes two balls of energy then throws them at this enemy then the two balls spit in millons of small ball that are heat seek to the enemy.

Chaos Cannon- A powerful beam based off akuma chaos fulled rage.

Chaos Furious Blaster- He dose the same as the normal Furious Blaster but he fire about 20 big balls.

Unholy Cannon. A beam make from unholy energy.

Unholy Spirt Bomb- Energy from all the people Akuma has killed.

Tranformations: Chaos Mode
Like super sayain but arua is blak and red, and his hair doesnt change.
When in Chaos Mode Akuma can use power up for power blast, waves, balls, withing second koz the energy feed from Choas energy from all the Chaos around

Dragon/ Garushi Mode.
Akuma turns in a giant black Garushi that stand on two leg. It has spike comeing out of its spine and off its tall. In this mode Akuma its super powerful, and can take lots of hits..

Fusion - Jet and Akuma perform the fusion dance, creating Jefuma. His hair is as long as Akuma's, but the black becomes bright blue colour. Jet's black shirt is kept, and Akuma's jacket is worn over-top, but without the sleeves. His pants are black, with a smokey grey flame. Akuma's shoes are used, but are the green leather of Jet's shoes. The wings are spread at all times, being of an emerald green colour. His speed and strength are greatly increased in this form, but only lasts for an hour, and has to wait a week before fusion can be done again, due to the extreme power boost.

Personality: Bloodthursty, hates all sayains for killing his race.

Biography: Akuma was born on furious, sayain destoryed his home world, he got away before it got destoryed, he landed on a planet when the life form looks like the furions.... As the people called it Earth



Race:sayian(halfblood), korrilian

Age:15(korrilians age 3 times slower than sayains and humans)


Appearance:http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/Nicebody_.jpg but with white spikes added on top

Move origins

mimick move
not an attack, an ability he has naturally. once he sees an attack he can mimick it and some times improve on the attack but only for a short period and then he has to see it again for it to work agian unless he practices!

instant teleportation kamahamaha: learned by a passing fighter known as goku.He helped the slaves defeat a long time enemy of the slavery core. he met Yihazu during abreak in the fight and taught him this move.

They fought of the enemy together and used it simultaniously to defeat the forces leader.

death cannon: ( like the death beam but uses the whole hand and is a red colour instead of purple) during a raid by changelings, Yihazu fought the young leader of the raid. he memorized the ability to the point were he won a beam struggle with the young leader using it.he then continued to wipe out the oppresers using his bare hands

korrilian psyblast: (a high power blast which at its perfected stage can destory whole galaxys at full power) At a young age of two his mother ,the hier to the korillian throne, taught him this technique as she sent him away from the overpowering sayians who killed them.

driven by his perents death he contiued to practice it to the point of perfection. now its hs best technique as he only has to think about using and it attacks full power

Tranformations: super sayian 1-3, supreme korrilian mode, fusion (zetsumi),ozzarana form (,ozaroo with cat like ears, legs and clawswhile in this form his voive is like the ozaroo)

Personality:smart, quick, instinctive and aggresive. he has a rash and calm attitude but when fused with zetsumi he becomes cocky and plays with his opponents

Biography:the last known korrilian and the rightful prince to the korillian throne. when the sayian warriors attack and conquered korrilia one of the sayian leaders fell for the korilian princess and hid her from the invasion.

they ran from the sayians for countless years and then Yihazu was born. as Yihazu grew so did his power level. by the age of two he was as powerful as a full grown korrilian male.

his perents senced that he would be a great fighter and they taught him everything they knew. the greatest of all techniques bein the supreme korilian mode. because of his rising power it was making it easier for the sayians to track them and eventually the sayians found them.

Yihazu's perants fought with all there might to save there son but the sayians were to powerful and they killed his parents.

seeing them die before him his sayian part reacted and he turned super sayian. After killing the sayians he left in one of there pods .

He landed on a slave planet and there he was slaved for 13 years were in learned most of his teachniques watching the slave raids from different forces.he copied them all quirte easly.

he learned hw to mimick moves but only if they were used recently or hed mess up. only when he continously practice could he master them.

one day he saw one of the slaves try to rewire a pod, but he got cought just as he finished and the slavers trashed the wiring. then using what he saw. he rewired the escape pod that he arrived in and headed to earth...
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