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May 5, 2009
Yes, you know what that means. I cry a lot. No, I mean a lot. I generally break down because A. I'm stressed, even if it's ever so slightly, or B. someone is making fun of me. Now, this has been a problem in my life for 13 years out of 13 years. I visit the school counselor, but that still doesn't resolve my issue at all. Does anyone have any ideas on how to, as my stepdad would say, "suck it up"?

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"suck it up"?

I think that sums it up quite nicely. Seriously, nobody said life was going to be fair. You have to take everyone's shit and kiss so much ass to make it through. Stop crying and whining over little petty things, because if you're "stressed" and "crying" now, you might as well save yourself the "stress" and "tears" now and kill yourself because you won't survive when you're an adult.


Aug 28, 2006
Killing is easy once you forget the taste of sugar
Find something you're good at, stick with it, and try to build friends and self-confidence. If people make fun of you, so what? Realize they're stupid thirteen-year-olds, like you, and they have as many problems to deal with that they shouldn't be worried about yours.

School counselors don't work because they're not real therapists. They're underpaid cat-ladies with an affection for tea and yoga.

Also, stressed? You're 13. You have nothing to stress about. View your stress from a more general perspective....you don't have a job, you don't have to pay bills, you don't have to do anything except do what your parents say and go to school. You don't have to hang out with people that don't like you. You don't have to do things or wear clothes you don't want. You don't have to take care of anyone, drive anyone, go anywhere or do anything you don't want that isn't mandated by school laws or your parents. You have little to stress about, and if it's homework or something, the only way to get rid of that stress is just to calm down and do it. Don't put it off for later; procrastination is a large source of unnecessary stress that builds up because people decide they don't need to do their responsibilities on time. Don't be a procrastinator like me.

Your stress probably boils down to a few things
- School (homework, friends, teachers)
- Family (fights, problems, whatever)
- Friends (relationships, problems, drama)

School. Homework? Do it. Do it right, and if you do it right you'll get good grades, which are the key to your future. If you have trouble, don't feel finnicky about seeking help from a tutor, your teacher, what have you. Friends? Find good ones. If you don't like yours, find new ones. Everyone has a point in life with no friends because they're looking for new ones or what have you. It's okay. Use your alone period to find out your personal goals, what you need to work on, what you're looking for and to focus on your studies. Teachers? Some teachers suck. Just be nice to them, there's nothing wrong with being a "pet". Be nice to your teachers, do what they say, and you won't have a major problem.

Family? You're 13. Any family drama and all that is out of your control. Let your parents handle it, that's why they're there. They're the adults. Not you. If you're having fights with your parents or whatever, realize no matter what that they love you (I was soooo bad at 13), and they'll get over what happened like you did if you both just remain peaceable. Same with fights with siblings. The key to ending any argument is an apology, and saying "I love you", regardless of who's wrong or right. Do those two things and you can guarantee the both of you walking away feeling better. You may even set an example for your grumpier family members. Financial issues? Let your parents deal with it. There are some things parents shouldn't tell their kids, and I say one of those is intricate financial issues. It worries kids, and it shouldn't, because it's not your problem. Trust your parents to do what they need to based on their financial situation, and support them because your opposition wouldn't make things any easier.

Friends? Once again, you're 13. All your friends probably think they're way better than they really are; the imaginary pride built up by young/pre-teens. If they treat you like dirt, leave em. If they don't support you, leave em. Don't let them toy and manipulate you. Let them know that you have standards, and if they don't respect you or love you enough to treat you respectfully, then they don't deserve to be your friends, and find new ones. Don't be afraid of the alone-time when you don't have any either. It's a time to grow and mature. If your friends are having drama amongst each other, try not to get involved, because it will then just grow to a larger-scale battle. If you're a good mediator, don't argue for whose side is right or whatever, just try to bring peace and ensure all parties can move on and enjoy their friendships. Like I said, you'll find better friendships when you're older, because at 13 kids are stupid.

There's literally nothing else you could really stress about, considering you don't do much. You're 13.

Kick back and enjoy the years while you can...before you know it you'll have to take life by the reigns yourself, deal with your own problems, live by yourself and pay your own bills. Enjoy your youth, don't stress.


i had this problem what you do is harden yourself. fight the emotions get you feeling like you're weaker than you are. pray damnit pray


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Jan 20, 2009
Dogen's post.

I made things hard for myself when I was 13, and looking back, I can't even see how there was anything there for me to make difficult, other than petty conflicts within my family and social circle. School was a breeze, but I fretted over it needlessly. I never thought I had a tough life, but unfortunately I didn't realize how good I could have made my life.

As for school, don't sweat it. Do the minimum of what's required to get an A, or a B, whatever you're shooting for. I was stupid enough to waste my student enthusiasm in junior high, where it didn't even matter and I'm getting totally burned out of school now and lowering my standards.

Take a step back and look at your life. Do you really have any problems? If you do, you're probably better off ignoring them than wallowing in them, because problems that occur at 13 are not likely to matter a year from now, unless you're getting into drugs or something. Just reconsider how you approach the conflicts that come up. Don't play the tragic victim of circumstance, you'll be happier if you don't sweat it.
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