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Even though Darkness has always been portrayed as evil in KH, but do you think in the next saga we might see some disturbing side of Light?

Aug 25, 2021
Similar to these scenes (Sorry you guys can't see the pictures that's why I used the links instead because putting images in this forum is freaking difficult).

1. The Foretellers were trained as Guardians of Light but sadly their light/war is the reason why it destroyed many worlds.

2. Eraqus uses the Power of light to kill Ventus and Terra.

3. Zexion disguised himself as Sora by using the power of light.

4. Master Xehanort using Light in his final battle in KH3.

5. Theories about MoM being a Light entity.



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Apr 27, 2018
That might possibly be the direction the series is taking, but it's not entirely clear yet. It would, however, be the most typically anime thing to do with the next arc.
On the one hand, Nomura is clearly intending to draw a comparison between light and the Master of Masters, especially with the scene where he reveals his name, only for the screen to get brighter, but more generally also with his general opposition to darkness.
However, the fact that the Foretellers are all now harboring Darkness within them makes it less clear whether the Master or the Darkness infesting him is going to be the true force for evil. For all that we know, the Master could have absorbed his Darkness prior to the events of Union X, meaning that all the more diabolical and deceptive elements of his plan could be due to the influence of the Darkness that he allowed inside him.
It's all very up in the air at this point, but I do think there's a good case to be made for the proposition that light will be the side of the next main antagonist. We've already seen light-aligned characters fall from grace, like Eraqus with his anti-dark absolutism, and we've seen darkness be used in positive contexts like with Riku. So, who knows?


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Jan 4, 2018
I think it would be a fun twist. So far there haven't really been any "downsides" to light that we have seen in the KH universe, but it is entirely possible that we could find out there is a world of light that is just as harmful and dangerous as the world of darkness.

Possibly they might be drawing on the success of FFXIV Shadowbringers expansion and try to explore a similar setting, or, quite possibly perhaps "light" or light beings are the antagonists in Quadratum and "darkness" is considered good there since it seems to be a mirror world of sorts.
Aug 29, 2020
We might see another side of darkness, actually. In the Verum Rex trailer, we see the girl who many think is the nameless star cast some sort of spell that destroys the surrounding buildings. If we assume she's supposed to be a good guy, things get really interesting. What it has to do with darkness is that, this spell she's casting is actually something that we've seen before. It's what happens when a world falls to darkness. We see this directly happen two other times. The spell caused a tornado to appear that destroys everything it touches and the crumbled pieces get sucked up into a void in the sky. In KH1 this is exactly what happens to destiny islands. A tornado destroys destiny islands and the crumbled pieces get sucked up into a void in the sky. The other time we see a world fall to darkness is in the union X finale where daybreak town is getting destroyed by a tornado and the crumbled pieces are being sucked into a void in the sky. So, why is someone who is supposedly a good guy casting a spell that is making quadratum fall to darkness? who knows.


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Mar 27, 2012
This has been a key part of how I think the series should go. In fact, KH has written itself into such a narrative crater that there isn't much scope for anything else if you want to tell a good story.

That, paired with the loss of storytelling radicalism marking KH1, CoM and KH2, means I'm not personally optimistic they'll be able to climb out.

Melody of Memory did not instil confidence that it marked a fresh start. It just doubled down on the ridiculous pseudo-lorebuilding gobble gobble that mistakes breadth for depth. KH's story used to sound ridiculous if you just summarized it reductively out of context. Now it's ridiculous even with context.

Riku's character has become redundant following the conclusion of his arc. At this rate, the rest of the cast will follow his lead very soon.

In my personal "how I'd salvage the series if I was in charge" headcannon, Riku gets stuck somehow while searching for Sora in this new reality. Whether that's stuck temporally or spatially, I don't know. Possibly both.

He begins to stew in his own actions from earlier in the series. Eventually going way overboard on the "light" to battle his overwhelming guilt toward the Teen Angst Edgelord Emo Riku phase.

Like many religious converts IRL, he becomes evermore puritanical and radical. Like many religious converts IRL, the radicalisation stems from displacement, upheaval, and the shattering of one's worldview. Riku fits that bill perfectly.

The tragedy would be how the state of balance he strived to reach– for like 10 games in this series– falls apart once again. From doing "bad" things for "good" to doing "good" things for "bad". The centre cannot hold. Literally. Riku's flaw has always been proactive maximalism as an instinctual response to problems. Ends first. Means later. There's echos of this in KH3 but the fact he's completed his arc means that his opportunistic ruthlessness is gone and he's become a reactionary lost puppy. It's boring. It's redundant. All the complexity is absent.

"Priest Riku" being the series' final main villain, it brings Kingdom Hearts, Riku's arc, and Sora's journey full-circle. Riku wants to return every disconnected world to that mythical "one world under one sky" monolith, whatever the costs. Sora, meanwhile, grows out of his wistfully simplistic view of morality (perhaps too far in the other direction) and seeks to preserve world order – for better or for worse.


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Sep 16, 2013
Outer Rim
I won't say it wont happen but I don't think its likely. Personally I view the dichotomy of the two like the SW Force, because in both Light(Force) is the base and origin. The Darkness came later(just as the dark side is a perversion of the Force) and brought strife and unbalance to the realms.

And once again since people keep misunderstanding BBS and Eraqus, pay close attention to what he SAYS to Terra. Eraqus spelled it out for the player and people still think Eraqus was corrupted by the light.

Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the darkness.
This quote is basically a copy of Yoda's famous "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."
And now I've done worse—raised my Keyblade against you and Ventus. My own heart is darkness!"

The last quote is more important because Eraqus is dying. In the narrative when a character is dying is important to have their words be a reflection of events or a revelation. Eraqus has his epiphany, he sees clear through his hypocrisy and acknowledges that he gave in. The Light had nothing do with it, he used it but he was clouded by the darkness. Again like in SW which BBS copy pasted, the PT Jedi used the force but ended up serving the dark side through their ignorance and hubris, much like Eraqus.