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Danica Syer

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Apr 7, 2005
I really love the story so far! I wish I can write a good story but obviously I attempted once and failed...so I'm doing it again and once again, I might fail...oh well, consider yourself 'lucky' at this point!!! :D


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Mar 31, 2007
Chapter 14 – Fight for your right to Dance!

The day was pretty Damn slow for the Gang, Spanish was quite…Well, Y’know, they did have to wear those weird Hats after all…

After that they had History, It was fun, They had a Funny teacher this year that made you dress up as someone when you learnt about them, Roxas had to dress up a Henry VIII that day.

Then they had break, The same thing happened like everyday, Hayner got told off for pushing people in the Fountain, Sora ate an apple in an ‘No Eating’ Zone, Pence Spent all day by a Snack bar, Olette would read Romeo and Juliet. But For Namine and Kairi, Today was different; they spent the whole break looking around seeing if Kairi would get any reaction to anything.

The Rest of the Day they didn’t have anything very interesting. After Break they had Music and Maths, and then it was Lunch.

Today was Mystery Wrap Day, What is inside these wraps you ask? Well duh! Why do you think they call them MYSTERY Wraps? Some people say its Just meat in there, while others say they see the Women put Gone-off Leftovers in it…

After Lunch They had double cooking, today they were making MUFFINS! Miss let Kairi and Namine borrow the School ingredients seeing as they were away for a while and didn’t know they had cooking that day.

Sora and Roxas both noticed how good Namine and Kairi were at cooking, they were like lightning, they had the Muffins finished before The Twins had even made the mixture…


“Finally! It’s the end of the day!” Roxas yelled to the Heavens. Everyone turned and stared at him as Roxas turned a light shade of pink.

“Seems our family has a problems when it comes to ‘Thinking out loud’” Sora said quietly.

Namine walked over to Sora and Roxas while Kairi talked to the teacher about what they had missed.

“Hey Guys, Me and Kairi are going to the Mall tonight, Wanna Come?” She asked them giving them a “Please Come!” Look.

Roxas smiled “Sure, Where do you wanna meet up then?”

Namine thought for a moment, “How about outside the Mall at 7pm? That way we can hang out longer.”

Roxas nodded and Sora just slumped in his chair, he didn’t really feel like going out tonight, but knew Roxas would most likely black mail him if he didn’t…

“Is that ok with you two then?” Namine asked politely, looking at the two Brothers.

“Sure! We’ll be there! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Roxas said getting excited.

Sora just sat there in silence, Roxas glared at him and elbowed him in the arm.

“Ow!” Sora said rubbing his arm, he looked at Roxas and sighed “Fine… Oh Golly Gosh! I cannot wait!” Sora sarcastically said in a girly Voice throwing his arms in the air.

Namine Laughed, she then noticed Kairi had finished talking with the teacher and was walking this way.

“What’s so funny?” Kairi asked looking at the three.

Sora secretly smiled, Kairi had her hair up, she always looked so pretty with her hair up like that, it was scruffy, yet it looked so cute!

Kairi noticed Sora smiling “What?” She asked looking at him.

Sora quickly looked at his feet and stayed silent, if he wasn’t careful she would think he was some kind of weirdo Pervert that stalks her or something…

Namine turned to her best friend, “Nothing” She said with a Grin, “Sora just said something funny, that’s all!”

Kairi looked at Namine for a moment, then just smiled and walked away towards the door.

“Oh, and Guys,” Namine turned to the boys “If you want you can invite the others too!”

Roxas gave a quick nod and watched as Namine ran away to catch up with her best friend.

“What was that all about?” Hayner had walked over after Namine and Kairi had left.

“Ah, Nothing really,” Sora said getting up from his chair, “Just gonna go to the mall with them tonight. Want to Come? If so, 7pm outside the mall, Invite the others if you want.” He got up and walked towards the door, he could hear in the distance Hayner saying something to Roxas and then hear Roxas run up behind him.


Kairi got up from her bed and walked over to her mirror, she looked wonderful as always, even though she was just wearing Casual clothes. She was wearing a light Blue Roxy jacket that said ‘Roxy’ over the Zip, a White top on under and some Black Jeans.

She felt that she needed to dress up today, she was going shopping with Namine in about an half hour, and it was the first time she would be out with Namine NOT trying to regain her memories.

She walked over to her dressing table and sat down, her eyes wondered over her big pile of make up, then she found what she was looking for, she grabbed the eye liner and started to place it onto the outskirts of her eye.

Once she was finished she opened a small box on the Dressing table full of Jewellery, She pick up different types of rings and Necklaces and putting them on to see if they looked good.

In the end she decided to wear a Black lace Necklace that had a sort of clear jewel on it which she got as a present from her dad on her 7th Birthday and a Ring that she didn’t recognise, It was silver ring, On it - in Diamond’s - There was a K and another letter that Kairi couldn’t recognise, on top of each other.

She quickly Put on the Jewellery and looked in the mirror, She smiled, “Perfect” she said in a whisper.

Her gaze drew towards the clock, the big Red letters wrote ‘6.45’, she didn’t need to be there till 7.10, but it did take her ten minutes in the car to get there…

“15 minutes till I have to go…” Kairi mumbled to herself, she looked around the room, looking to see if there was anything to do till she had to go, her gaze stopped on the bookshelf.

There was a book on the bottom shelf…She must of not noticed it before, it was a dark Crimson coloured book with the words Diary printed in Black Italic writing.

She quietly picked up the book, she didn’t know why, but she couldn’t help but feel she needed to read it. Surely it wasn’t hers, was it?

Kairi pulled out the bean-bag in the corner of the room towards the middle of the room and sat down, she stared at the Diary, It didn’t have a lock on it, it was kept closed by a piece of red string.

She gently pulled the string and the book fell open, she stared at all the writing, the book was almost full, but the one thing that scared her most of all was that at the end of each entry it would say ‘From Kairi’ it her handwriting…

Kairi turned to the first page in the Diary and started to read:

September 4th 2006

Dear Diary,
Today it was me and Namine’s first day of school on Destiny Island, I’ve decided to use this new Diary so it’s like a new start and I can forget about my Past. Actually, it was Mum’s Idea, Even though she’s a pain in the Butt, she can be pretty cool at times! At school today I met this boy called Sora and his twin brother Roxas. To tell the truth, they look nothing alike for twins! Sora is a Brunette and Roxas is a Blonde, but they both have big beautiful Blue eyes.

Oh Yeah! And that Roxas Boy is SOOOO Cute!!!

Sorry, Namine’s round right now and thought she’s put her opinion of Roxas in Here…But anyway, in my opinion Sora is much better looking, but he seems quite ‘Hard’ as they like to call it.
Me and Namine find it quite annoying that we keep having girls give us Dirty looks because we’re hanging out with them.
Also, When we were walking to the Lockers, this Boy, Siefer (I think it was that at least) came up to us and started saying mouthing off to Roxas and Sora, you could see they were pretty annoyed with him, Sora didn’t talk at all ill we got to the Lockers.
Oh Yeah! I almost forgot to say! When we were at the Lockers, Sora’s friend Riku, and Roxas’ friend Hayner were both in a pissy and started shouting at Sora and Roxas for not waiting for them. In the End Riku and Sora started fighting, I could see people forming a crowd so I knew I had to stop them before they got in trouble.
So guess what I did?
I ran over and-​

“Kairi! Its time to leave now!” Kairi’s mum’s voice echoed throughout the house, causing Kairi to have to close the Diary.

She’d have to read the rest when she got home. She took a quick look in the mirror and smiled, then ran down the stairs.

Her mum was waiting by the door with the Car keys “Come on” Her mum said smiling.

Kairi skipped down her drive way and stood next to her mothers BMW waiting for her to unlock it. Suddenly the flash of the lock appeared, signalling to Kairi that the car was unlocked.

Kairi opened the door and sat in the front seat; she quickly closed the door and –Before her mum got in – Changed the song to the station she liked.

Kairi’s mum entered the car and sighed when she heard the music, Kairi laughed at her mum for being to slow.

Kairi pressed a button and waited as the window opened, she stuck her hand out the window. Just as her mum turned the engine on ‘The Potential Break-up Song’ By Aly and AJ came on, Kairi smiled and turned it up.

As they drove down the street people kept looking around to watch their car pass by.

“This is the Potential Break-up Song, Our album needs just one, Oh baby please, Please tell me” Kairi sung along with the two sisters in the song “We got along, We got along, We got along until you did that, Now all I want is just my stuff back, Do you get that? Let me repeat that, I want my stuff back.”

Kairi’s mum also thought it would be good to sing along too, and sang along with Kairi as the music pored out of their car.

Soon the Song ended and the next came on ‘Skater Boy’ By Avril Lavigne, Kairi squealed happily as the song came on, she didn’t know why, but she felt really hyper…

“Whoa Kairi, Someone’s a Little happy aren’t they? You’re only going to the Mall.” Kairi’s mum said smiling at her daughter but still keeping her eyes on the road.

“I don’t know why, but I just feel like Im going to have loads of fun today.” Kairi said with a Cheesy grin.

Soon enough they got to the Mall, “Bye Mum” Kairi said as she got out the Car.

“Call me when you want to come home, ok?” Kairi’s mum Replied, Kairi just nodded.

Kairi pulled out her phone, 7.13pm was what it said, she smiled and put it back in her pocket and walked towards the entrance of the Mall, and there, standing with a load of other Kids was Namine.

“Hey Kairi! It seems these other guys were coming to the mall too! What a Coincident, don’t you think?” Namine said smiling,

Kairi laughed “Sure, I totally know what you mean.” Kairi said sarcastically.

“Ok, should we go in then?” Namine asked everyone, there was aloud noise of everyone saying ‘Ok’ or ‘Yeah! Let’s go!’


She looks really pretty, was all Sora could think as they walked into the Mall, It was quite crowded in there today, but not as much as some days.

“Where’d you guys wanna go first then?” Roxas asked the group of people.

“THE ICE CREAM STAND!” Pence yelled making half the building look at him.

“Shut up Fattie” Hayner said hitting Pence in the Belly Making it Wobble “Ew…” He said quietly watching it wobble.

“Don’t be so mean Hayner, It’s not his fault he likes Ice Cream so Much.” Olette said to Hayner “Say Sorry to him.”

Hayner sighed, “Im sorry I called you Fattie Pence, Its not your fault you like Food more than Roxas and Sora use Gel In their hair everyday…”

“Hey! Its takes time to make this hair perfect! Even if it does mean 2 Pots everyday, 3 when it’s raining!” Sora said poking Hayner on the Arm.

Everybody laughed at this statement.

“How about we go to the Arcade for a while, then food, then Shopping?” Namine asked everyone.

“That’s fine with me.” Kairi said, everyone else nodded too.

Even though she couldn’t remember everyone here, she felt really comfortable with them for some reason.

Soon enough they arrived at the Arcade and played on a few different things, Kairi had won herself a Giant Pooh bear in a Tiger outfit, Namine had also won a teddy, apart from it was a Piglet, Pence was ‘Attempting’ to Gamble, Sora and Riku were playing pool and so were Roxas and Hayner.

After a little while Kairi and Namine started to look round the Arcade, everyone following them, and then they saw it.

“DDR!” Namine screamed and hugged the Machine! “We have to play it!”

“How about we have a little contest, we all play, and in the end the last two have to go against each other, whoever loses against the winner has to be their slave for today.” Roxas said with an evil grin.

Everyone nodded, accepting his challenge, for about half an hour everyone played against each other, in the end their were only two people left.

Sora and Kairi.

“You ready to Lose?” Sora said with a grin.

“Watch and Learn, LITTLE boy!” Kairi said as they stepped onto the machine.

“Ok guys, you’re the Last two, whoever loses this has to be the others slave for the rest of the day” Namine said “Me and the others have decided your song will be ‘Butterfly’”

The two nodded, they were both ready. Namine pressed the button and the music started to play.

Kairi and Sora both started to move to the music, Left, Right, up, down, they were all ways.

“Whoa…” Hayner watching in amassment as their scores went higher and higher.

“Who do you think is gonna win then?” Riku said watching the two.

“Sora I think, He is the champ here on Destiny Island at DDR” Roxas said crossing his arms.

“Well, Im think it’s gonna be Kairi, she was the best where we used to live!” Namine said poking Roxas in the arm.

“Well, We’ll see soon wont we?” Roxas answered.

Soon enough the music stopped, as the group all waited to see who the winner was, Sora and Kairi were giving each other evil Glares.

“WINNER” Popped up on Kairi’s screen.

“YES!!!” Kairi yelled as Sora stood there in shock.

“The Champ has been beat” Riku said shaking his head “I feel sorry for you Sora.”

“Now you are my Slave for the day, I’ve decided when we go shopping, you’re going to have to come with me and carry my shopping for me. Ill think of more things for you to do in a bit.” Kairi said smiling.

Namine Gasped, “But Kairi, Your crazy when it comes to shopping!”

Sora smiled Back, Suddenly he saw something sparkle, and he looked down at Kairi’s finger and noticed the ring she was wearing.

Sora looked shocked, that ring, He brought it for her a few months ago when he remembered her for their one month anniversary! It was a sliver ring with a K on top of an S.

Kairi noticed him looking at her ring, “You Like? I found it in y Jewellery Box; I don’t know where it came from though."

Sora Frowned, she didn’t remember.

“Wanna get some food then guys?” Pence said staring at the group.

“Ok, let’s go then!” Kairi said and walked with the group, Sora slumped behind the rest of them.

Soon they got to the Restaurant; they all sat down and ordered Junk Food or course.

They stayed there for about 45 minutes and decided it was time to go shopping. As they walked towards the Doors, Kairi noticed a sign on the Wall, she stopped and walked over.

She gasped as she looked at it, Sora, Noticing this walked over and also looked at the poster, followed by Namine and Roxas.

“Wanted for Harassment and almost Murder, If seen please call the Police.” Sora read out loud, why was Kairi so worried; there was always Murders around here.

But then Sora notice what had worried Kairi so much…

Kairi stared, scared stiff at the Poster, normally she wouldn’t care about these kinds of posters, but this one she did.

There were two boys that they all knew on the picture in the Poster…
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Mar 31, 2007
Well, I dont think I can check EVERYTHING when I write this, I mean, It was 8 Pages on Word! My fingers are going to be in pain for a LONG time...

And By the Way, You'll be surprised on the next chappie, Something might happen that you didnt guess...

Oh Crap, Sorry, I do know the difference, I must of not noticed though, Sorry! Ill change it now.

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Nov 30, 2006
Lilli's writing said:
She was wearing a light Blue Roxy jacket that said ‘Roxy’ over the Zip

You have Roxy in England? *squee*

Sorry, Roxy is just one of my favourite brands ^_^

Loved the chapter! =D There were a few grammatical errors, but as my grammar whore is taking a sick day, I am too lazy to point them out right now. But loving your writing. You've definately improved a lot, and that's always good. =]

EDIT: Fixin' the quote box. =]

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Great Chapter and sorry I havent posted in a while.Also I bet we all know who the 2 guys are................."SORA,ROXAS GET IN THE BASEMENT UNTIL THE COPS GET OVER YOU GUYS,CMON."
~I didnt see them comming anytime soon so I went to go look at the picture to~


~Then everyone started poking me~

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