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Famitsu Summary

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Nov 17, 2009
i used google chrome to translate, can someone find a better translation
heres the link ????? ??????????

The battle with the ¨ ¨ new system called overclocking.
Or apply to enemy attack, it gives a technical
¨ ¨ accumulate clock gauge, to be more than a certain
Ability mechanism is triggered automatically.
Gauge the level of accumulated clock clock ¨ ¨ go up
I continue to trigger strong abilities accordingly.

LV1: Otoposhon automatically used when the pinch ...
  1: Purotesu ... * 1? ? ?
  1: Shell? ? ?
LV2: Medic ... the effects of doubling recovery items
  2: Otodojji ... * I have two automatic dodge enemy fire.
LV3: Attack undaunted spirit ... in physical attacks on enemy
  3: Spirit Magic spell ... * During the attack the enemy undaunted 3
  3: Aero Counter? ? ?
  3: Furusuingu? ? ?
LV4 (MAX): Atakkubusuto gas up the power of physical attacks ...
  4 (MAX): Auto-Counter? ? ?

~ ~ ~ Description ~ ~ ~
I think some of you can imagine, and clock gauge
Gauge that is attached to the side of the face of Sora.
This command is like branches BbS finish.
The content and the number varies depending on the ability of the weapon.
It seems there are many new abilities.
Also, the same keyblade ¨ ¨ There are weapons that level,
Ability and also by the number of changes it seems.
Abilities may be manipulated by the touch panel
You can choose your favorite ability.

* 1? ? ? Effect is that you do not know yet.

358 * 2 /'s abilities based on 2 ¨ ¨ Otodojji effect
Written. In fact it may not.
Effects ... I did not write.
So it is that I expected.

* 3 attack each other rather effectively if Spirit
Magic is the expectation of this.

Added a new block.
- Ghost Block
Last PV had 1 min 40 sec out or appear
Or blocks away.

Block - Pair
Stick and two blocks, put the items
Block changes.

- Bound Block
You can jump higher and ride like a trampoline.

New Command-~ (PV including the guy)
Wind Storm - (New)
Saunderlane - (New)
- Fireball (new)
- Wind Spin (PV)
- Burizadodato (PV)
Shield - Aero (PV)
- Sandasupia (PV)

theres also some colored scans but i didnt feel like posting them
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