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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy: Awakening

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Apr 6, 2006
Hell if I know?
Hello all.

I tried to find my original FF:A thread but it's gone, so I've made a new one in the hopes that maybe I'll get a better response this time round.

FF:A takes place as if none of the FF or KH story's ever took place, so I can mix everything up and mix up all the characters.

Anyway, here's the first chapter.


Chapter 1
The Dream
Zanarkand, a huge city surrounded by water. It had large buildings all cramped together. They were a dark purple colour, as were the bridges and most other things in the city. Thousands of people lived in this great metropolis, spending their days working or playing Blitzball, the city and the majority of the worlds favourite pastime.
One particular individual in the city was about to have his life changed forever.
Squall Leonheart was a normal young man of 19. He lived alone in a small house in the city.
Squall was asleep in his bedroom. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a black t-shirt, light brown pants and black shoes. His floor had dark red carpeting, the walls were a nice shade of crème, and his bed had jet black covers. Squall was moving around in his sleep. He was standing outside the blitzball stadium. It was night and the whole city was in chaos. Buildings were either on fire or collapsing, strange monsters littered the city and the sky’s above it and people were screaming and running in every direction. Suddenly, Squall noticed a man on a rooftop not far away from him. He had long grey hair and was wearing a long black cape. He was also carrying a long thin sword. The man saw him and smiled a horrible smile. He then jumped off of the roof, landed on his feet and proceeded to run straight towards him. Squall wanted to run but he was frozen to the spot. The man got closer and he swung his long sword in Squall’s direction.

“HEY!” Shouted a voice.

Squall woke up to see his best friend, Seifer Almasy standing in front of him.

“You okay?” Seifer asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Squall replied.

“Yeah, well you don’t look it.” Seifer said to him.

Seifer had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a beany on his head, a white tank top, black shorts and dark blue shoes.
Squall got off of the bed and put his shoes on.

“I had the strangest dream.” He told his friend.

Squall explained the dream to him as the two of them went outside into the street.
It was a lovely day in Zanarkand. The sun was shining, there were hardly any clouds in the sky and people littered the streets getting ready for tonights championship blitzball game between the Zanarkand Abes and the Luca Goers.

“That’s weird, but it’s just a dream so don’t dwell on it.” Seifer told him.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Squall replied.

“Let’s go get some coffee.” Seifer said to him.

Squall had lied to Seifer. He couldn’t forget his dream, even though he wanted to. They walked through crowds of people towards a café.
They went inside and sat down at an empty table.
The café was a beautiful sight. The floors were a golden brown colour, the walls were a crystal blue colour with designs of various Aeons on them, Such as Bahamut, Anima, Ifrit and Carbuncle. The ceilings were the same colour as the walls and had similar designs on them. There were also four big lights on the ceiling for when the café was open at night. The tables were made of marble and they were jet black in colour with dark green coasters on them and a clear plastic ashtray in the middle. The counter was the same colour as the floor and there were stools in front of it that were blood red in colour. Behind the counter were shelves with all sorts of different types of coffee and tea on them. Above the shelves was a huge T.V that people could watch while they were there. The blitzball match would be shown on here for people who didn’t have tickets.

“What time is the game on tonight again?” Seifer asked Squall.

“Eight 0’clock.” Squall replied.

Seifer took a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket. He then put one in his mouth and lit it with a lighter that was also in his pocket.
Seifer could see that something was on Squalls mind.

“You’re not still thinking about that dream are you?” He asked him as he exhaled smoke and it drifted up to the ceiling.

“I can’t help it.” Squall replied.

Little did either of them realise, that up on a rooftop, someone was watching them through the window.

Hope you all like it and comments and opinions are appreciated. (just don't be too mean if you don't like it):)


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Apr 6, 2006
Hell if I know?
Here's a new chapter for you all to read.

Chapter 2
Auron and Kimahri
“Tonight’s game is gonna be awesome. Both teams are as good as each other so it should be a good match.” Seifer was telling Squall.

“Yeah, I hear the abes’ star player Tidus may not be playing tonight though.” Squall replied, starting to take his mind off the dream.

“Hey guys, wanna buy a couple of tickets to tonights game?” Asked a voice from the side of the room.

A short fat man with a ponytail, wearing a red t-shirt, bright orange shorts and white shoes came walking up to them. He had two tickets in his right hand and a half eaten donut in the other.

“I’ve gotta go out of town today so I’m gonna miss the game. I was wondering if you two would like to buy them?” He asked with a hopeful look on his face.

“Sorry man, we’ve already got tickets.” Seifer told him.

“Oh well never mind. Thanks anyway boys.” The man said as he walked away to ask someone else.

Squall stared out of the window at the people walking by. Suddenly, he noticed someone watching him through the window. As soon as they realised Squall was watching them they disappeared down into the crowd of people.
Squall got up out of his seat.

“Where are you going?” Seifer asked.

“Eh, I’ll be back in a minute. There’s Something I’ve gotta do.” Squall replied.

“You haven’t even finished your coffee!” Seifer shouted after him.

Squall was already halfway down the street. He walked past many people.

“What am I doing? I don’t even know who I’m looking for.” Squall asked himself.

He came to an alley that wasn’t very well lit as the buildings were blocking the sunlight.

“Squall? Squall Leonheart?” Asked a voice from behind him.

Squall spun around to see a man standing there. He had short black hair and a scar going down his right eye. He was wearing small shades that weren’t even over his eyes, they just sat on the end of his nose. He was also wearing a red coat, black pants and black boots. He had a huge thick sword over his shoulder and his right arm inside the coat instead of the sleeve.

“Don’t be alarmed, I’m not here to hurt you.” He said as Squall looked a bit edgy.

“Who are you and why were you watching me!?” Squall demanded.

“My name is Auron, and Kimahri is the one standing behind you.” The man told him.

Squall spun around yet again to see a very tall muscular creature covered in blue fur standing there with his arms folded and a long spear over his shoulder.

“What do you want!?” Squall shouted.

“I need to speak to you about something very important.” Auron told him.

“Like what?” Squall asked.

“You will be in serious danger if we don’t leave the city now.” He told Squall calmly.

“Like I’d go anywhere with you!” Squall snapped.

“Quiet. Listen!” Kimahri said to Squall without looking at him.

“A man named Sephiroth has been looking for you and he finally knows where you are. If he finds you he will kill you, do you understand!?” Auron said to Squall.

“You’re not making any sense! Who’s Sephiroth and why does he want to kill me!?” Squall asked.

He was trying to make sense of the situation when the dream popped back into his head.

“Wait! Does this have something to do with the dream I had?” Squall asked.

“What dream!? Tell me!” Auron demanded.

Squall explained the dream to him and Kimahri and described the man in it.

“That’s him, that’s Sephiroth.” Auron said to him.

“What does he want?” Squall asked.

“Sephiroth is very powerful, in fact he’s the strongest being on Gaia and has been for a long time. Auron explained.

“You are to awaken Squall, awaken to a power that not even Sephiroth can hope to defeat. You must destroy him.” Auron told Squall.

“What? How am I supposed to do that? How do I awaken if what you say is true?” Squall asked.

“We will help you.” Auron answered.

“How did you know about this?” Squall asked.

“I had a dream not unlike yours and then I was told to find you by a very powerful being named Ansem.” Auron replied.

Suddenly, a huge ball of blue electrical energy hit a building not far away from them. The part that was hit went up in flames.
Other buildings soon followed and monsters started running through the streets and flying all over the sky.

“We have to leave, now!” Auron said.

He and Kimahri ran out into the street and drew their weapons.

“Wait, I can’t leave my friend Seifer behind!” Squall said to them.

“There’s no time!” Auron replied.

Squall followed them out into the street.

“Here, take this.” Auron said to Squall as he held out a weapon.

It was a Gunblade. It had the grip and chamber of a revolver, but instead of a barrel it had a blade.
Squall took it.

The three of them proceeded to run up the street towards the monsters.

Hope everyone likes it and again, comments are appreciated, as is advice if there's anything I need to improve on.:)


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Apr 6, 2006
Hell if I know?
Okay, I really hope people start posting on the thread, I'll post another chapter to see if that helps.

Chapter 3
Auron led the way through the streets.

“We’ll head for the docks and hope there’s still a boat there!” He told Squall and Kimahri.

Suddenly, a strange ogre like monster that was a light purple in colour and had four arms ran through a nearby wall and blocked their path.
Auron stepped forward.

“I’ll handle this.” Auron said.

He ran at the monster and started furiously slashing at it. He hit it so that it flew into the air. He jumped up after it and repeatedly slashed it in the chest and face. Eventually, he spun round and hit it in the chest again, sending it flying into the nearest wall sending several cracks along the concrete. Auron landed on his feet.

“Woah! How did you do that?” Squall asked.

“Years of training.” Auron replied.

“We should keep moving!” Auron said.

They ran round a corner and into what looked like a town square. There was a fountain in the middle. Lights in the bottom of it made it look like the water spraying out of the top was changing colour. Red, green, orange, purple, blue and other beautiful colours as well. If there wasn’t so much chaos going on, Squall would have stayed to admire it. However, as they crossed the square, a huge winged monster known as a Garuda flew down and landed on the side of a building, digging it’s talons into the walls to keep a good hold. It had light yellowy coloured skin and pink fur going along its spine and its tail. It stared at the three of them looking hungry.
Suddenly, someone shot down from a nearby rooftop and landed on the creature’s back. This person had long spiky black hair and was carrying a long thick sword. He was wearing a purple-black sleeveless shirt, a big black belt, pants the same colour as his shirt and black boots.
He slashed at the creature’s head. It took off into the sky with the man still on it. He hung onto a patch of fur that was on its back with one hand and with the other he thrust his huge sword into the creature’s skull. Blood sprayed out of its mouth and it started to fall to the floor. The man pulled his sword out of the creature’s head and jumped off of it and landed on the floor next to Auron and the others. The creature hit the floor with a thud, destroying the fountain.

“Thanks for the help.” Squall said.

“No problem, the name’s Zack by the way.” He said.

“I’m Squall and this is Auron and Kimahri.” He said pointing to both of them.

“Pleasure. Hey, do you know a way out of the city?” Zack asked.

“We’re heading for the docks.” Squall replied.

“Mind if I tag along?” Zack asked.

“Just don’t slow us down.” Auron told him.

“You’re a cheery one aren’t you.” Zack said sarcastically.

Auron glared at him.

The four of them ran up the street to a long bridge. Squall saw someone on the other side.

“SEIFER!” Squall shouted as he realised it was his old friend.

Seifer proceeded to run across the bridge to meet them.
As he did so, someone flew past with a long sword cutting straight through the bridge in several places.

“Sephiroth!” Auron said.

The bridge started to collapse with Seifer still on it. Squall ran along the bridge to try and help his friend.

“Hey, it’s dangerous!” Zack shouted as he ran after him.

As the two got closer to Seifer, the bridge gave way and started to tumble into the street below it.
Squall, Seifer and Zack all went with it as well.

Squall awoke to find that he couldn’t move. He was trapped under some debris from the bridge. He felt a stinging pain just above his right eye and there was blood down the side of his face.
Suddenly, he heard someone drop from something high and a cloak flapping in the wind. The person landed on their feet and started to walk in Squall’s direction. A moment later, Sephiroth appeared round the corner.

“No! Stay away from me!” Squall said.

“Ah, Squall. We finally meet.” Sephiroth said to him in a calm relaxed tone.

“Leave me alone!” Squall shouted.

“Unfortunately, I can’t do that. You see, I won’t let anyone stand in my way, especially a mere boy like yourself.” Sephiroth told him.

Squall just stared at him.

“Don’t worry though, I’m not going to kill you…yet.” Sephiroth said to him.

With that, Sephiroth stamped on Squall’s face and everything went black.

I'm staying optimistic but things don't look good for my fic.
Anyway, enjoy.
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