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Final fantasy: Death No End

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Mar 24, 2005
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It was dusk. Morning came to the continent of Basquel. It was quite. A beautiful sunrise came into view. It was a crimson colour. It shone strongly over a small town of Remmington. The town of peace and Joy. A holy town. The sea breeze came from the shore and blew gently against a childs face. The child saw a boat come into view. it was on the Horizon. It was a great and mighty boat with the Flag of a Iron fist. The banner blew highly. The boat was the first to come of many.
In the Boat General Lizo, of the Empire, resided. He talked to his Black mages.
"Bring in the mist boys......" He smiled creepily. His glance wikidey on the town of Rimmington as Mist poured around it.
"General, were ready to attack!" Captin Luxirous said.
"Excellent, bring in the 12th squad and attack from the shore....." Lizo glared.
Back on the shore the small kid ran back home to warn the town of peace that the empire had come. The mist grew thick as the kid ran back to the village. Now warriors from the village must attempt to save it....but the town of peace dosent belive in weapons so it may be a causeless struggle, the most they can do is hold off the forces while the townspeople get away. But little do they know this will be a beginning of a great adventure.

No godmodding
No Powerplaying
No Guns this is a medieval/fantasy rp.
All races acceptable except for demon and angel or anything like this (Make ups are ok).
All class's acceptable, except for gunners.
Romance is ok.

Class: (any Ff class)
Weapon/equipment: ( Must suit class)
Occupation: (Anything, to blacksmith to bartender to breeder....anything)

My template
Name: Krew Vonty

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Class: Theif

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Weapons/ Equipment: A Long sword which has a red diamond at the hold. The Sword is called bethreathed. The sword was found by Krew in a cave. It has the ability to cast thunder spells.
Jewel of Harmony A necklace with a crescent shaped moon in it. The crescent is yellow. The Necklace protects the user from thunder attacks, but the weilder may still be hurt from it.
Cape of Stealth The cape is red all over. It provides great speed and stealth.

Personality: Mysterious, helpful ,

Appearance: Krew has brown hair which is long and touchs down to his shoulders. He often ties it up in a ponytail. His eyes a blue and full of sorrow. He has a scar directly under his left eye. He wears a Red cape (Cape of Stealth) and a Necklace (Jewel of Harmony). He has a white Tunic on and wears black trousers. He also wears a black glove which is used to Grip the Bethreathed. Has a tatoo on his right arm. It is a green and yellow snake which stretchs from shoulder to Elbow.

Bio: Krew Vonty is a treasure hunter. He became one at 17 when he saw an award for a tournament, and instead of competing in it he stole it. This was the Cape of Stealth. With the cape of stealth he was able to steal many things.
When he was 19 he fell in love with a girl who was just like him. Her name was Helen But three years later after they attempted to steal a rare item but only to have them led into a trap. Helen was killed and Krew got away with nothing but a Scar under his eye, but came back a day later to collect the Jewel of Harmony. He never got over that experience and hates himself as he thought he failed her.
When he was 26 he started his own gang and they got loads of trasures together and that was fine for a while but soon they got greedy and started killing eachother. Krew disbanded the ones which were still alive and became a Lone wolf.
He wondered into a cave one Rainy day after finding no refuge and faced many trials within it. He finnaly got to the end of it and had his most prized possesion other than Helens Necklace.
He came to the Holy town of Remmington to be forgiven of his so called sins.


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Jun 4, 2006
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