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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy: The Forgotten Fables

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Oct 22, 2009
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Note: I'm a little new to this fanfiction stuff. o_O; Don't hate, appreciate.

NoteNote: This fanfic is heavily based on the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Dissidia. Other terms such as spells, classes, enemies, ect. are also based on the series.


Long ago, in a world known as the Land of Hope, there was a goddess of pure light who ruled throughout the land. Her name was Harmony, Goddess of Peace, a being filled with love and honor. But, she had a brother filled with evil intent; a being who was powered by anger and hatred alone. His name was Felix, God of Chaos. The two siblings were rivals; always competing to see who would take over the world. Harmony would defeat Felix in every challenge he could think of. Frustrated by the countless losses, Felix declared war on his sister, summoning the four evilest humans in the world to fight by his sides. In response, Harmony summoned the four purest humans in the world to fight alongside her. Both sides battled fiercely. In the end, Felix's warriors of darkness lost and he was imprisoned by his sister for eternity, trapping a piece of his soul in eight crystals...but even though Felix's body had been sealed for good, his soul (or souls) didn't rest... Once again, Felix summoned four more warriors to fight against Harmony...and once again, she summoned four warriors to fight against his. After his four warriors were defeated, Felix would summon more and more after all four of his original warriors fell. This became known as the Cycle of Chaos to the people of the land. Every decade, Felix's soul would be brought back to summon four more of the impurest humans in the world. Many battles were won, many were lost. No matter what the Warriors of Light did, they still couldn't end the cycle that continued to bring terror across the land...

I know, not much of an opening, but trust me, it'll get better with the next chapter when the main protagonist is introduced. I won't be updating this too much...but wait around every Friday night for me to update this.


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Sep 25, 2010
A good intro, can't wait to see your first chapter ^^ btw I know when starting out it gets hard waiting for people to respond but usually after the first chapter most people do. I'm still somewhat new at this but back on topic great intro! Can't wait for the first chapter and I wonder who the main character will be.
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