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Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy VII: The warrior

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Aug 8, 2004
Between Fantasy and Udder Madness
7 years after the epic battle against Sephiroth, and the terror of Meteor, a warrior was spawned. There are stories about this warrior. It's said that he's as strong as Sephiroth was...or stronger. It is said that if anyone were to stand in his way in battle, they would be cut down in less than a heartbeat. No one knows where this warrior came from but it's said that when he was seven, he witnessed the death of his father.
He's been hired by many people as a hitman and has been in an world altering war. It was ShinRa against ShinRa. Each had different views which ended in a conflict of war. This is the story of the warrior...

~~Chapter One: The War~~​

Anarchy everywhere. Guns firing, the clanking of swords against one another. Amongst all the soldiers stood one man. He stood with a cold, fearless stare. He stood, watching the anarchy around him, holding two swords, both double edged. The blades shone with a red aura.
The smell of blood and death was everywhere. The warrior still stood in the midst of the anarchy, untouched. He had a long dark coat on, with matching pants and black fingerless gloves. His coat had chains that hung from the waist of the coat to his feet. He wore a tattered, stained black sweater under the coat.
As if under control, the warrior tore through the soldiers. He massacred the soldiers with lightning fast strikes, slashing everyone in sight. His face was covered in blood and so were his blades. He quickly sheathed his blades at his sides and ran his hand through his brown hair that covered his face.
The warrior wiped the blood off his face with his sleeve and whistled. Soon, a black Chocobo came racing toward him. He saddled himself up on the chocobo and rode off the battlefield full of corpses and men from both sides retreating. The warrior had rode of to Cosmo Canyon where he got off his chocobo, patted him on the head and said, "Good boy, Layr...here." and fed his chocobo some greens and walked him up the stairs leading into Cosmo Canyon. He was greeted with friendly hellos.
"Ravin!" a voice yelled.
"Nanaki...I've decimated the soldiers at the battlefield of Kalm and Midgar..." Ravin replied, taking his coat off and slinging it over his shoulder.
"The other will be here soon...why dont you rest?" Nanaki asked.
"I shall do just that..." Ravin said as he tied his chocobo, Layr to a post. "Nanaki, wake me immediately when the others arrive."
"I shall, Ravin. Get some rest." Nanaki replied as he watched Ravin lay his coat down next to the everlasting fire of the canyon and lay on his coat and slept.


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Jan 29, 2004
A little vocab variation will definitely help here. I don't know if you want to use the word anarchy, as it usually describes a state of lawlessnes or absence of politcal authority. You may want to use carnage, chaos, or other words to that effect.

Also, don't really like the cliche, ridiculously strong, overcoat wearing badass I've seen in many other fics, but hopefully you'll do something different here. Besides that, there's really nothing more to do except wait for the next chapter. And I agree with inferno, the chapter was extremely short. Hopefully the next will be longer.


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Jun 12, 2005
Since Shuggeh is no longer with us I'll continue teh story for him.

Chapter Two: The Meeting

As everyone arrived, Nanaki woke Ravin telling him that the others were here. Ravin walked up to the others and greeted them with a friendly "Hello". All of them almost shocked half to death by the friendlyness of the fierce, cold warrior could only muster a small gasp.
"Cheery today, aren't we, Ravin?" a familiar voice asked.

"You could say that, Zorander..." Ravin replied.

"Ravin, how's you're end of all this going?" asked a concerned Tifa.

"Well...I decimated the forces between Kalm and Midgar quite easily...The ShinRa are building massive weapons that could probably wipe out a village in seconds...and the ShinRai have much strength in numbers-" Ravin replied.

"And by decimated...you mean killed, correct?" a troubled Tifa asked.

"Correct...thats my job, isnt it?" Ravin asked.

"Yes...but...our goal is to avoid death. We want to stop the war in a peacful manner..." Tifa answered.

"I understand...but isnt our purpose to stop the war at all costs?" Ravin replied.

"Ravin, just...do what you must, but be careful." Tifa replied.

"That I shall." he replied then looked away.

"Ravin...You seem troubled." said Vincent as he appeared in front of Ravin.

"Dammit Vincent! You have to stop doing things like that...and no, I'm fine." Ravin replied, a little on edge from Vincent's sudden appearance.

Soon everyone turned after hearing a ruckus behind them. It was Cid and Barret, fighting as usual.

"Shaddup Barret! You aint runnin' this damn operation!" Cid yelled.

"Shut your god damn mouth, Cid! Neither are you and yet you're still orderin' people around like you a god!" Barret screamed in defense.

"Both of you, cut it out..." Cloud said as he walked up the stairs leading into Cosmo Canyon.

"Late again..." Nanaki said, scratching at the ground.

"Yeah well..." Cloud said, glarin at Ravin. Ravin greeted Cloud with a sarcastic smile. They had something against eachother. No one knew what the problem was but they clearly disliked eachother with a passion. Cloud shook Zorander's hand and said, "Now...AVALANCHE has new recruits and a new purpose...the rest are waiting at Niblehiem, awaiting our orders."

"And who might our new recuits be, Cloud?" Zorander asked.

"Well...I only remembered one name for I was in a hurry to get here...Ryukinh. That was his name...very nice with a blade...maybe able to defeat Ravin." Cloud replied in a wise-ass tone of voice.

"Want to taste my blade?" Ravin asked coldly.

"Hmm...tempting." Cloud replied. Ravin drew his swords and so did Cloud. Before

they could lunge at eachother, Zorander darted in front of them.
"Stop it!" he yelled.

"Step aside..." Ravin said as his blades glowed red.

"Zorander, let him try his best." Cloud said.

"...So be it..." he said as he waved his hands at the two and there was a quick flash in front of the two. Then they charged. They hacked and slashed at eachother with an intense speed and power and soon realized that they were'nt hitting eachother. They both looked puzzeled and everyone looked toward Zorander.

"Wall...a great spell, huh?" he laughed as everyone chuckled except for Ravin and Cloud who sheathed their blades. All had left for Niblehiem except. Ravin stared back at the Canyon, troubled.

"Ravin...perhaps you should tell me wahts wrong..." Vincent said as e put his claw hand on Ravin's shoulder.

"It...it feels as if in battle...I'm controlled. I lose all control of myself and everything just flows freely. I keep one thought in mind; hatred...and...it frieghtens me." said Ravin.

"Dont let hate overpower you..." Vincent said and he walked off.

"I wont...I refuse..." Ravin replied as he followed Vincent off to Niblehiem.
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