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Final Fantasy XII: Aftermath. (A Masamune & Vossler Collab)

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Jul 27, 2006
I promised Vossler this a long time ago..... sorry I took so long to finish.


The war between Dalmasca and Archadia plays a pivotal role in Ivalice’s history. It perhaps is a surprise to some, while a moral for others. Not only did the tiny kingdom of Dalmasca halt Archadian expansion, it also did a number on its army. The war resulted in the sinking of the Bahamut, The prized Archadian Battle fleet. Most of the Judges, commanders of the Archadian Army, were lost as well. Facing heavy casualties, Archadia restored Dalmasca’s sovereignty and was forced to retreat behind its borders.

A year has passed since the fateful struggle and its aftermath has brought winds of change over Ivalice. Perhaps the most affected, was Archadia itself. Lord Vayne, The emperor who had led the assault on Dalmasca had perished in the war leaving his throne to his younger brother Larsa. Basch, brother to the former Judge Gabranth and among the newly appointed Judges, protects Larsa according to the dying wishes of Gabranth. Lord Larsa though adept at being an emperor is unpopular with the newly appointed Judges, save Basch. They find it a disgrace to be ordered around by a mere boy and think Larsa to be much more softer than his brother Vayne. Believing a more aggressive ruler is needed for restoring Archadia they plan a revolt against Larsa. However they do not act alone. The Archadian Senate supports the Judges in secret and with full force as they too find it difficult to pull Larsa’s strings. Basch has learned of the Judges plans and since the Archadian Senate refuses to press charges without solid evidence, he has taken matters into his own hands. Turning to a group of Sky Pirates headed by his former ally and trusted friend, Balthier, He has hired them to protect the young emperor. The Sky Pirates call themselves the “Philanthropists” and have a vision to give peace and equality to Archadia. Balthier, the leader of the Philanthropists and new head of Balfonhiem Port, holds his late father, Doctor Cid, responsible for the condition Archadia is in and so believes it is his duty to clean the mess he made.

Archadia is in a state of restlessness, a civil war is inevitable. The Judges, secretly aided by the Senate, are planning the assassination of Larsa while Basch and the philanthropist do their best to protect him. It is clear that whatever the consequences, Archadia will see heavy reforms and its way of life will change forever. Question is, who will be the one to change it?


The following places will be the only ones accessible throughout the course of the RP. Though it is perfectly fine to include the names of other places in your characters bio, you will not be permitted to go there during the RP.

The heart of the Archadian Empire, and its capital. The Imperial Senate is located here in the Administrative District. The city is run by members of the aristocracy, who generally look down upon those who are at a lower social status. Archades is a very segregated city. A social sign in the city is the wooden chop. The more you have of these chops, the higher your social status, and the more parts of the city you can access. Archades is also home of the famous Draklor Laboratory.

Old Archades:
The lower sections of Archades. Once the main part of the city, it has now become a slum for lower class people. It is thought that once you come down here, you never leave.

Sochen Cave Palace:
A network of caves under old Archades and Archadia, it possesses intricate palace chambers.

Tchitia Uplands:
Grasslands that connect Archades to the lower parts of Archadia. The area is overrun by monsters, making prolongued travel here undesirable.

Phon Coast:
A large coastline that expands far over Archadia. Anyone travelling by foot will arrive here first. There is a Hunter's Camp located somewhere along the beach.

Balfonhiem Port:
A port city, inhabited mainly by pirates, under leadership of Balthier. While it is located in Archadia, the city tries to retain neutrality as best it can. This town is one of the few ports left, and one of the only ways a traveler can reach Mt. Bur-Omisace from Archadia.

Cerrobi Steppe:
Wilderlands north of Balfonheim. There are many windmills located here which the group of Craftsmoogles have been attempting to repair. Their true purpose has been long forgotten though.

Sky City of Bhujerba:
This floating city located on the Continent of Dorstonis, is under the Haalim Ondore. A man who played a great part in the War that forced Archadia to stop its expansion. It contains rich stores of magicite within the Lhushu Mines and is thus an important trading partner in Ivalice.

Almost all descriptions have been taken from the FF wikia. I have decided not to include all the areas because firstly, Ivalice is a huge-ass place and so it would be annoying if people decide to go to far off places. Secondly, This RP does not concern all of Ivalice. It is in peace under their respective rule, this RP is to focus on the aftermath the war had on Archadia.


Meaning human. Enough said.

The Viera have rabbit-like features, including long ears and supple limbs. Due to their long feet, Viera wear stilettos most of the time. The Viera also have a heightened sense of smell, which can put them at a disadvantage against some of Ivalice's smellier monsters.

The Viera's ears not only allow them to hear over great distances, they also allow them to listen to the voices of the spirit world. They can put this ability to great use, either to communicate with the world around them, or to summon monsters from other worlds. Furthermore, the Viera have approximately three times the life span of Humes; they can be more than 50 years old and still be in their prime.

The Bangaa are a lizard-like race, dominant over all of Ivalice. They have long faces, scaly skin, and tough limbs. Due to their brute force, the Bangaa are generally considered to be the most physically prominent of all the races in Ivalice. The Bangaa have both male and females, but it is impossible to tell the two apart, until they actually start talking. While they do have lizard-like qualities, it is considered a racial slur and the worst insult to call a Bangaa a lizard.

Once again taken from FF Wikia..... yeah just call me lazy.

2. You can make as many characters as you want if you can give each and everyone a reasonable amount of time. I suggest 2 at max but its up to you.
3. Must use comprehensible English.
4. Must post once in every three days.
5. Must write at least 5 lines per post.
6. No cannon characters apart from the ones I will put in the Postions list.
7. Romance is allowed. I don't care if its not pg 13.
8. Write 'The Empire Requires You No More!!!' on the top of your post.
9. Please make your template as informative as possible rather than getting it over like a chore.
10. Have as much fun as you possibly can.


Lord Larsa:

Judge Gabranth:

Philanthropist: (Can be any of the three races mentioned above)
Blathier (Leader): Reserved
Fraan (Co-Leader):

Judges: (Only Humes)

Archadian Senate: (Only Humes)


Please note that even if you choose a canon character, I require a template.


Big Boss
Jul 27, 2006
haha lol

Balthier ish mine!!

Btw, I'm a bit put off by the lack of enthusiasm. =(
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