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Final reunion

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Apr 21, 2006
in my make-believe room, in my make-believe house,
*final fantasy 7 and advent children spoilers*
Heaven's dark harbringer...

Calamity from the Skies....


She came to the world a long time ago....

To destroy it......

Deafeated, Jenova went into hibernation for thousands of years........

With the use of mako, the planets life-blood, the company called Shinra harnessed Jenova's power......

They made a special fighting force called SOLDIER.....

They also made a man named Sephiroth....

The Promised Land.....
Shinra, Sephiroth, everyone wanted to find it....

Only the ancients could show the way....

The last one, killed....
By Sephiroth.....

He was better than the rest.....

But when he found out what made him, he started hating Shinra......

And eventually...

He started hating everything.........

Rebels, with the help from the lifestream, defeated Sephiroth, who hated everything so much......

he wanted to make it all go away.......

"At least, that's how the legend goes..."
"How do we know its not real though? They're names, the Ancients, someones gotta know...!"
"No one has spoken they're names in so long, even if someone did know, Shinra would keep it under wraps. As for the ancients, they're real, and i know that they'res still some out there...."
"So even if Shinra knew anything, they wouldn't tell us, would they....?"
"No, i doubt it, theres supposed to be a person that still remembers, that's still alive, supposedly...."
"Where does he live...?"
"Mountains, probably..... of course, this is all legend. Run home now, don't want you to get that awful sickness..."

As the blonde haired kid ran around the corner, waving back at him, the hooded man turned around and saw a block of sick children on the street, all having a black mark on them.

"It's happening again..."

"Because of you...."


there have been wars between Cloud, and sephiroth, but theyve passed on now, going back to the lifestream. It's been 200 years after that chosen day, when the planet itself had to use the lifestream as a weapon. 200 years since their stories turned into legends. Shinra has been reborn, not just an electric company, but as a prominent empire over half the globe. Even though, Shinra is on the case, a new sickness has erupted throughout the population. No one can explain why people are getting black marks all over them, and dying. All the people remember is a legend long ago, a legend that could save them all....
even though they're all gone, they still live on, in the lifestream.

hey there! hope you'll have fun in my first rp!:D i just finished AC and thoguht we should make an rp about it
no godmoding/ powerplaying
cursing- allowed but not too much *ex- "damn you mother****** b****in ba*****"
posts- must be at least a paragraph
romance- allowed but keep PG-13
password is "reunion"
no killing off characters without permission
be literate!( spell correctly& have grammar)
have fun!:D

template- (*=special rules apply)

name-your name
age-between 15-45
group- Shinra/turks, rogues( bad guys), rebels(good guys)
personality- what he/she is like around others
appearence- what he/she looks like
weapon of choice- weapon he/she uses
limit break-*
bio- history
occupation- job( if you have one)

1)3 materia slots for everyone
2)no switching out materia(what you pick in your template is what you keep)
3)no over-powering materia(Knights of the round,mime,w-summon,quadra magic, master materia,etc.)summons are allowed
4)time, demi, etc. are all fixed area materia/ cure, wall, etc. are all on- caster materia (unless you cast it on someone else)

limit break*-
1)only used in battle, only when your in danger
2) limits are upgradeable, you choose when it upgrades

my template-
name-Devin Shinra
group- Shinra/turks
he doesnt talk much, and if he does, its usually about work. none-spoken, but demands attention when he does talk. people cannot seem not to respect him. sentimental, can't stand to sit on the side-lines when one of his own are be killed.
appearence- http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/3149/wallpaper34yukiandkyo4pp.jpg the one with the red hair
weapon of choice- dual chakrams,red spikes with black and silver metal, called "split heaven"
materia- bolt, barrier, pheonix
limit break- quartered heaven- his chakrams divide into 4 seprate pieces while in this state, his body flows with lightning coarsing through him, turning him into a being of light. he then throws each peice of his chakram at his opponent, peircing it, and sending a massive shock through its body. which go back to him, and he throws them again, repeating the cycle.
bio- being born to the shinra family, he knew he would one day, become its president. Fascinated with history, he was drawn to the ruins of midgar his entire life. after assuming control, he sent his excavation team to its ruins, hoping to find more facts about his family. They called the president to come, after only 3 months digging in the ruins. He was ecstatic to go, and what he saw lit a fire in him....
occupation- shinra president
*just to tell yall i wont be posting much maybe 2 or 3 each day until summer*
(This is just a rough estimate more people could join)
---------- ------------
---------- ------------
---------- ------------
---------- ------------
---------- ------------
---------- ------------

hope ya'll join =)


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Mar 7, 2006
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Name:Suchii Arrow
Appearance:Short brown hair,Orange shirt,Camo pants
Weapon:Cosmic Twins
Limit Break:planetery Shot
Bio:Suchii has been wondering about the legend since he was little.He was orphaned at a young age.He has learned to fend for himself.
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