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Finally first time finishing Kingdom Hearts!! Whats with the cutscene at the end???

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Feb 3, 2015
Hi all.. Its been 72 Hours and I am finished ...at Level 64 finally. I just wanted to know is Chain Of Memories another hard slog like Kingdom Hearts Final Mix? Is it worth it and then watching 358/2 days.. Or do I just go straight to Kingdom Hearts 2.5??

Also can someone explain to this new fan... What was that ending cgi cutscene? Guy standing on top of tower lookin down on heartless and gets out his weapons and the words "where is sora?" Appear.. And then you see Kairi lookin smokin hot with long hair on the beach?? What was all that please???

Anyway.. Confusing and convoluted story and I'm still lost a little but I'm sure ill get there... Loving it!


Aug 6, 2008
First off, welcome to the forums :)

Second, Chain of Memories' plot, along with 358/2 days', make the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II a bit more understandable, but they are not necessary to have beaten if you just want to have fun playing the games. If the plot is something you feel is important to the overall playing experience then I would recommend waiting on watching 358/2 days until after having played KHII as there are a couple of major spoilers in that game, and I would also recommend to at least try out Chain of Memories to see if you can get a hang of the battle system, if not then go straight to KHII, you can always return to Chain of Memories later on.

Thirdly: That cgi cutscene after the credits, which I assume from your description is the one called "Another Side, Another Story", was just a conceptual trailer, briefly showing of some of Nomura's (guy who directs the KH series, in case you don't know) plans for KHII. There is also a second unlockable cgi trailer in the game called "Deep Dive" which shows some more ideas. If/When you play KHII the cgi scenes will make some sense.

Hope that helps a bit.
Glad you love it, and keep the spirits high. :)

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Jan 29, 2015
Well, to get the whole feel of Kingdom Hearts, it's best to play all the games, as they will complete the huge messy puzzle in our head called "STORYLINE"
I will try to answer without spoilers. Maaaaybe just a thing or two to make you curious xD

The events in Kingdom Hearts 2 happen aprox. 2 years (perhaps a bit less) after KH1. In this time interval, the events of Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days occur.
When you start KH2, you'll get confused about "who the hell am I playing as??" "why am I here?" "why was Sora in that place?" "why is everybody calling him R O X A S?" "dafuq happened with Riku??" "who's that smexy redhead guy?" "who's that blonde chick?" "why is everybody so angry/sad?" "why is Sora crying?" (my experience) and many other things. Of course, they will keep you curious enough to finish the game, but the game doesn't really come with explanations.

Now, 2 years is quite a lot of time, right? Sora was left in some dark world in the end of KH1, finds his way to a certain spooky castle... But what about Riku? He and King Mickey were trapped in the Realm of Darkness, right? Hmm... perhaps something happened to them too. That's what Chain of Memories is about. Story-wise, it's very important. Many new characters are introduced and the KH universe becomes larger. From my experience playing CoM for the GBA, I loved it, even the rather challenging gameplay. Remember, real gamers don't complain, they master all play styles ;P
Also, after KH1, I was such a Riku hater, man, talk about "hate" with a capital "H"... And then CoM changed everything for me. EVERYTHING.
Be warned, a lot of people die in CoM. But there's a happy end... well, kind of.

358/2 Days is the sad story of a person that was never meant to exist. No wait, of a BUNCH of people who never were supposed to exist. Yet they still are... As a game, it really made me feel his daily experiences, the lies he was always told, the false beliefs he and the other members had. I recommend the game and not the movie for that amazing, saddening and unexpected experience only a player can have. Even so, to deepen the story and also explain lots of the KH2 events, watch the movie, it's yet another side, another story. Oh, and that secret ending shows something that happens at the very end of 358/2 Days. Something really cool, yet also sad. This is a sad game. A good, sad game.
Be warned, a lot of people suffer or are left suffering after Days.

You will recognize characters from CoM and Days when playing KH2 and you will understand their sometimes desperate actions. Until KH3 comes out, which marks the end of this saga, you have plenty of time to cover all games, so why not? And you want to clear up your mind, I bet you're super-confused about everything and KH2 will make it only worse xD


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Jan 11, 2015
Hi and welcome to the forum ;). I'll be honest, When i was little i did Not know the existence of KH CHain of Memories so i started playing KH 2. Pretty simple and clear but i could Not understand how Sora arrived from the country path seen in KH ( at the very end ) to a sort of sleeping white room. How there were enemies called Organization 13 while in kh2 you only see 7 of them ( my question was << Who are the other members?>> ). Playing chain of memories helps u understanding these things in kh2 and Also is very important to the plot. I honestly found 358/2 days a but useless in terms of plot but seeing the videos will certanly help u to understand Who is the blonde guy and how the organization works. However kh 2 happens about 2 years later kh1 and 1 year later kh CoM. I really suggest u to play all the games in the correct order to fully understand kh:

kingdom hearts 1
kingdom hearts chain of memories
kingdom hearts 358/2 days
kingdom hearts 2
kingdom heart birth by sleep ( technically this should been player first since it happens 10 years before sora's adventures )
kingdon heart re coded
kingdom hearts 3d


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Jan 16, 2012
Welcome to the forums new fan!
The series' story works best in this order:
Chain of Memories (takes place between KHI and KHII)
358/2 Days (also takes place between KHI and KHII)
Birth By Sleep (prequel, takes place ten years before KHI)
Dream Drop Distance.
While Days takes place between I and II like CoM, it has major KHII spoilers, and BBS has spoilers for those listed above it.

The whole card battle thing in CoM/Re:CoM is really hit or miss with people. You'll either like it or think it's the most annoying thing ever, but fortunately it does have an easy mode. And if you're having a hard time with its battle system then go straight to KHII, you can return to CoM later.
For BBS you play as three characters through three separate scenarios that overlap each other. You can play one story at a time or all three at once (though I don't recommend that) and the recommended order is Terra, Ventus, then Aqua.
With Coded, after watching all the cutscenes a new secret movie will pop up. Do not watch it!!!!!! Despite it being there this secret movie is really there for those who've already played Dream Drop Distance.
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