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First Keyblade Master?

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Gee Tee Ecks
Apr 21, 2005
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W/ Headphones On.
never thought of that. I think that thats true. Maybe not a shell of the true one. Or I don't know.

Sgt Moo

New member
May 1, 2005
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i h8 people whi think riku is the "true master" if he was then y doesnt he have it for very long. He obviously hasnt mastered it if he lost it back to sora...DER.

The reason sora got it when the heartless attacked is cos he had to save the world, "his time had come" just remember Sora is the one who will open the door to the light. (thankyou kh2-Sora)

maybe the people who designed the actual story texts in the game made a mistake or something like that...like how can there be a legend (the one i got wrong in my last post :rolleyes: ) if there is a prophecy contradicting it (sora opening the door to the light)(ansem failed to open it properly or something like that in KH1)

(if my facts are a bit off please forgive me cos i have just had a 3 hour exam on the russia and china revolutions and my thinking fuel is low :confused: )


hmmmm.... ok...
KH2-Sora, I know what you mean by the Star wars thing and that proficey actually did come true in a way. Anikan became Darth Vader and brought balance to the force when he wiped out most of the jedi because really, Anakin and The Emperor are the only two Sith and Yoda and Obi-wan are now the only two jedi...so that is balanced in a way... What im trying to say is that this Legened might have its own hidden meaning too. I mean, this legend said it DID already happen right?

Quote[[Originally posted by S KING

*sigh* This is what AR 9 says:

Ansem Report 9

Simply astonishing! Today I had a guest from another world. He is a king, and his vessel is built of the material that composed the meteors. He called the pieces "gummi blocks." It seemed that my opening the door has opened a path to interworld travel.

We talked for countless hours, but one story in particular caught my interest: that of a key called the "Keyblade." The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power. One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it.

I must know what this Keyblade is. A key opens doors. It must be connected to the door I have opened.

As you can see, the legend is in past tense, so it's not a prophecy. Secondly, I believe there were at least two keyblade masters aroind the same time. Both had strong hearts (that's why they got the keyblade) but one chose the Darkness while the other chose the Light. That's my little thought - not a theory.

P.S. I also kinda agree with GTX]]Quote end
So if its a legend that means it has already happened right? Well if there are two sides to the legend then how do we now it happened? I mean, The world coudn't have been brought to ruin or then it would have been destroyed right? Maybe not, what if all the worlds were once one? after all, the report says WORLD... not worlds... so if there is no plural that means it only happened to one world... or all the worlds were once one but now they are split up... ergo, all the worlds being split up is chaos and ruin...

"the same sky, the same destiny..." maybe the destiny is to be reunited?

P.S. im not sure really, can't a legend also be a prediction aswell? I should check the dictionary....
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