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May 22, 2008
In a corner, talking to someone in my head...
Basically this is a poem that I made way back due to boredom. It ain't finished yet I just can't find a good ending so~ I'll be posting every update here until I finish it ^^. It ain't that good just want to show it ._. ...

UPDATE: 1-10


1 The usual
Nothing different
Nothing new
Just me
Missing a piece
One memory
To link all the others
In this world
It is

2 The melody that drives me
The song I sing
But so empty in my heart
That silent melody
That piece I lost
That piece I never found
That memory
A chain to all
That mattered to me
It is

3 My angel in the heavens
That guardian from above
My wings that guide me
My wings that let me fly
To the things that made me cry
That made me sigh
That piece of my heart
Who’ll let no one die
In this sanctuary

4 Where I always smile
Where the flowers bloom
Where the butterflies loom
A garden of piece
In this world to mean
Something more
Than just illusions
In this world

5 So overflowing with power
Overrun by terror
Destroyed by such anger
This chaos of all places
Of the shadow and deceit
No road to take
To make
For anyone’s sake
Nothing more than
This memories

6 That I never had
I never felt I never let
I’m so torn
In this valley of thorns
No one to save me
No one to hold me
No one to care for me
No one in this world

7 Where hatred is most
From that harbor
To that coast
So empty with envy
So full of guilt and arrogance
From the malice in our hearts
This glass so flawed
Unworthy of cleansing
By that heart
My memory
That is

To miss you so much
For this years are my torment
From that day we met
Till the day we forget
That day you never said good bye
Now that I know
That memory
That missing piece
So hard to forget
That memory that never beget
Your heart
To mine
Until we meet again

9 I would never know
Who you really are
Those three hearts
That touched me
Came much more
Hearts that would break
Hearts that would break mine
Hearts caught by angels
And demons of fright

10 I became blind by my actions
My illusions
Why must this happen
Why must I cry
Why must I lie
To myself of all people
In this world
I was the one
too shy

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