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Oct 4, 2006
Chapter 4:Save the Town

"Sora!" The young brown haired boy sidestepped a blow meant to decapitate him and turned in the direction of the voice. "They're breaching the doors to the first district!" Leon shot a finger to the wooden doors being broken at the very moment. "Freeze them, electrocute them, just do something!" Leon gasped in pain as a heartless' claw made contact with the open skin on his arms, having discarded his jacket earlier.

"I can't get to them!" Sora took another swipe at the heartless, confused when it ducked and launched back at him in anger. "They're so smart now, why?" Behind him a heartless embedded a foot into his back and sent him sprawling out onto the hard floor. Sora lost his grip on the key blade and the second he lost contact with it; the powerful tool was lost to the eyes.

"Hold on, Sora!" Leon made a mad dash past the heartless to the fallen boy. "I'm not gonna lose you too!" Though his feet carried him as fast as possible, Leon knew far ahead of time that he wouldn't make it to Sora in time. The boy was simply too far away and Leon had to dodge too many heartless bent on their destruction.

"I've got you!" Leon stopped dead in his tracks as the heartless surrounding Sora were destroyed and the ones around him disappeared into the ground. Leon looked confused and glanced his battle filled eyes towards the corridor to the third district.

"Don't just stand there," Yuffie commanded. "We still have a fight to win!"

Leon could see distinctively now that it had been her ninja stars that had destroyed the heartless around Sora. "Yuffie?" He questioned. "I thought it told you to evacuate," He chided the woman. He took a quick swipe at a heartless that had been foolish enough to appear close to him while the others kept their distance.

The young girl placed her hands on her hips. "I tried," she told him, taking aim to knock out a few gathering heartless. "But the people wouldn't leave, they're fighting back." She took a quick step to the side to reveal Aerith awkwardly holding a short sword and Cid gripping his daggers with white knuckles. "We tried, honest, but they wouldn't listen."

"The heartless!" Sora drew attention to the heartless that had once again gained forces and were attacking him. "Those people will be killed!" Sora's eyes were wide with panic as he called his key blade forth. We're totally out numbered!"

Yuffie somersaulted her way out of an attack and looked back to make sure Aerith was fairing all right. "You can't stop those who wish to protect their homes, Sora. We'd rather die fighting for what we have left, then run away and drift in space."

Leon slashed down at a team of heartless that had overtaken Aerith momentarily. "What about the wards? How the hell did this many find this place?" In the back of his mind Leon knew there was a possibility Cloud had betrayed them. He was the only person who knew of the town's existence and of its importance. Cloud was a high possibility.

"No one knows!" Aerith answered, excited she had finally destroyed a heartless. "Merlin is trying to strengthen the wards they've broken through, but his home has been breached and we lost track of where he was. Everything is happening so fast!"

"What the--?" Leon broke off in confusion as the heartless around them sank into the ground and moved quickly away from them. Leon wiped the blood he felt trickling down the side of his face away and shook his head, trying to rid himself of the sudden bout of dizziness. The world was spinning just slightly, causing him to assume he had been stuck in the head harder then he had first imagined.

Cid stood next to him, breathing hard after being forced to fight so hard at his older age. "Why are they leaving?" He asked. "Did we win?" Leon shrugged, not really sure if they had worn the creatures out, or if something worse was coming. It seemed as if they had been losing, and the heartless weren't known for retreating. "We won!"

A low chuckle caused Leon's blood to run cold. "Sorry to burst your bubble." Leon frowned as a dark puddle began to form in front of the fountain. Naturally a heartless would emerge from such a puddle, but Leon had a feeling that it was much more. It was not a creature that emerged, then possibly Leon considered it might be. Whatever it was, the manlike figure that emerged in a blue flame gifted him with a chilling smile of pain and the distinct feeling of pure evil.

"Who the hell are you?" Cid asked. In return Leon shot the man a quick warning glance, but such glance was almost spoiled by a smile, when he spotted Cid's usual toothpick back in the corner of his mouth.

"That's not important," The robed man assured them. "But I've got some questions that are."

Leon tightened his grip on his sword, feeling the sudden urge to protect himself and those around him. This new figure was not a heartless, and yet he had the feeling of a heartless. Suddenly he remembered Cid's words and turned to him, his suspicions confirmed. He was one of the big bosses. This was no little battle that was going to unfold; it was going to be an all out war.

"What sort of questions?" Yuffie asked, being shielded purposely by Leon.

The figure slicked his invisible hair back quickly, the flame returning to his head seconds later. "I've been looking for someone," He told them. "And the heartless have led me to this place, and I want to know where he is."

"We don't know what you're taking about." Sora addressed him for the first time.

"But I have good feeling you do." He told Sora. "You know exactly who I want, and I'll destroy your sorry excuse of a town to get him. I hope you really didn't think I wouldn't find him here." The man like creature paced a short distance, blue flame hair turning a wicked orange-red. "That little no body thinks he can weasel his way out of our contract. We had a deal, and I want to collect my share."

Leon took a quick step forward and raised his sword. "For the last time, we don't know what you're talking about. You have no business here, leave now."

"Not until I get what is mine!" The figure burst into red flames and Leon was forced to take a half step back from the heat. "I'll rip this town apart to find that one winged freak." Leon felt his stomach drop into his feet and he was gripped with icy fear. This thing had to be looking for Cloud, had to be the reason Cloud was injured and had been forced to hide in the town. And he obviously wanted Cloud back.

The figure caught the quick looking Leon's eyes and a sinister smile grew on his face. "You wouldn't happen to be hiding him from me, would you?" He managed, the red becoming a flickering blue again. "That wouldn't be smart or healthy for you."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Leon said convincingly. There is no one here, other then who you see. Leave us in peace and we won't have any forced confrontations." Leon's eyebrows furrowed, for once thankful Cloud had left days ago. Leon wouldn't kid himself; he knew he would not win a fight against the fiery figure. And that meant he couldn't protect Cloud. The blonde was better protected far away from the menacing figure that wanted him.

Sora shook his head again. "You have to believe us, we don't know what you're talking about." His key blade slipped out of sight and he hoped it hadn't been seen. "Hades, we're simple people here."

Hades rolled his eyes. "You, simple, Key Blade Master?" He chuckled. "You're anything but simple. But I am afraid you'll have to die." Hades offered him a small smirk before he reached for thin air and sent a powerful wave of dark energy towards the normally energetic boy. "I won't have you standing in my way!"

Sora raised his arms to brace himself when the blast suddenly ended. He had first expected to see Leon, guessing the older male had blocked the blast or taken it instead. But it was then he realized he was no longer standing on the ground of the second district. Leon did not save him; he was in the arms of Riku instead.

Sora blinked confused blue eyes as Riku landed them safely onto of a nearby roof. Knowing it was wrong Sora wrapped his arms around Riku's neck stronger and hugged the older to his body. "What the hell are you doing?" Came Hades' angered voice down below them. Sora felt the warm arms holding him release and he was set gently on the top of the roof.

"We had a deal as well, Hades, and you were not prepared to honor it." Riku called down to him. "Are you injured?" Riku asked Sora quickly, not offering him a look.

"I thought I'd lost you, Riku." Sora wanted nothing more then to throw his arms around Riku and embrace the silver haired teen for the longest of time. But even with his untrained eyes, Sora could tell there was something different with Riku. The older was somewhat distant, almost cold. "Yeah," He said finally. "I'm fine."

Sora leaned over the edge of the roof as Riku took a quick drop down to the recent battle scene. "You hurt him, and I'll hurt you," Riku threatened.

"He knows where Cloud is," Hades argued back. "I wasn't going to kill him."

Sora managed to slide down the building and landed roughly near Riku. He climbed to his feet rubbing his back, sad eyes on Riku. "You're working with them, Riku, aren't you? Why are you working with the heartless? They're what destroyed our world, took us all away from what we loved. The heartless took us away from each other. You're fighting against me, Riku."

"Leave him alone, he's mine," Riku warned Hades a last time. "And leave, who you're looking for isn't here." Riku gazed once more back at the saddened form of Sora. "You can't beat the heartless Sora, and by helping them I guarantee our safety. We'll be together Sora, just not right now." Riku allowed the darkness to flow over his body and vanish into the darkness, retreating back to whom he knew could help him."

Leon had observed the exchange and felt anger boil within him. As if they did not already have enough problems. Their Key Blade Master was now involved with a boy who was aiding the darkness. Their one safe place to rest had now been revealed to the heartless and Cloud's life was in even more danger then he had first realized. "You know where he is," Hades felt the darkness wash over him. "And I'll make you feel his pain when I find him."

"What was that?" Aerith asked quietly.

"That," Leon remarked, "Was big trouble." The heartless around them had since vanished, only a few healing balls and munny left in their place. "Cid, how much damage did the heartless do to the port?"

"Pretty bad," He informed them. "Half the ships were damaged beyond flying capability, but I think yours survived when we started shooting the heartless down. I'm almost certain yours and a few others survived."

Leon nodded. "Yuffie, guard the town. Close down the shops, secret entrances and keep everyone indoors. Try to turn people away from this town if they want to dock. And if it's possible, lock down the second and third districts. Every heartless now knows about this place and we'll be overrun if we pretend nothing just happened. Concentrate on keeping everyone safe in the first district and try to evacuate them as soon as possible." He offered her a conforting pat on the shoulder as he rested his Gunblade on his shoulder and strode off towards the first district and town port.

"Wait! Leon, where are you going?" Yuffie called.

"I'm going to find Cloud. That thing wants him and I'm not going to let him find Cloud."

Yuffie frowned. "You don't even know where Cloud went, you can't just fly around in Gummi space and hope to find him. If he doesn't want to be found, he's not going to be and you know that."

"I'll find a way!" Leon told her, pushing on the half broken first district doors.

"I know where he went." Sora volunteered quietly. Leon drew back almost immediately. "He said something about a going to a place called Hollow Bastion, said there was someone there he needed to talk to and there were some answers he needed to find."

Aerith looked terrified. "But the heartless still control that place. And Ansem will be waiting along with Malificent if they know he's going there. He'll be walking into a death trap, and so will you if you follow him. You can't go after him, you'll be killed!"

"I'm not going to sit back while he's killed either! I'm not going to leave him alone and defenseless in a place he has no memory of. I've got to be there to help him, to-to protect him."

Aerith clenched her fists in silent anger. Cloud was lost to them now, to her especially. But she wasn't going to lose Leon as well. There were no illusions that they were winning against the darkness. They knew going in that it was a lost cause, a predestined fate to fight a losing battle. But they had each other no matter what, they clung to each other as lifelines and shared love. But they had lost too many people each and as a group. And just as they had thought they had regained Cloud, he had left them and was long dead by their current time. "You can't be there, Leon! You can't protect him because you aren't strong enough, you can't be there for him because he won't let you, and you can't go to him because he's already dead!"

"He is not dead. I expected you to know him better then that. And maybe I can't save him, or make him understand why I want to. But I can be there for him when he needs me, and I can die for him."

Leon was gone and Aerith was in shock. "If Cloud is going to be near Malificent, then Riku is going to be there too! I'm going with him!" Sora took off after Leon hopeful he could catch up with the fast walking man.

Cid sighed and crossed his arms. "That went well."

"Stupid Heartless," Cloud muttered as he inspected the claw marks in his cape. He had expected interference into the castle, and had been prepared to fight his way in. But what he had encountered had been almost more then he had been able to handle. Just making his way to the castle gates had exhausted him and caused a fiery hot pain to shoot through his body. And the entrance hall had been even more difficult. He had up until that point managed to scare off the heartless, for he would never have forgiven himself if he had destroyed one. But the heartless in the entrance way had overwhelmed him and he had been forced to strike out.

Now resting against the inside doors of the library, he could feel the anguish washing over him. He had lost his temper and he had killed. And because he had not been able to contain his feelings, he would never know if he had known who that had been. He would never meet them in the future when Sora set everything right. He would never have a clear conscious, not that he really ever had one. But his one claim had been that he had never killed. And a heartless wasn't just a heartless. It was a person who had let the darkness seep into their heart. He had killed a person who could have been given a second chance.

But reality drew him away from his dark thoughts and back to his cape that had been practically destroyed. Finally concluding that it would be pointless to keep it, he discarded it on the ground and raised himself to a standing position.

His fingers came out to run across the books on the shelves in amazement. There was some deep memory; he could feel that much in his mind and heart. There was something about the castle, but the library specifically that he felt a connection with. The castle was not evil; the walls were neutral as were the books and the windows. The power within the castle was not evil either. The evil emanating from the castle was in the form of a person, of a place rather. Maybe neither, perhaps the evil he felt was merely a feeling, a conscious thought that influenced destruction and chaos.

Cloud slowly made his way through the small maze of bookshelves on the first level, silently and quickly memorizing the way he had come. He was frustrated at himself mostly. There was something about that castle that he remembered, something about it that struck a nerve in his heart. But the harder he tried to remember why he felt safe in the mist of heartless and danger was beyond his comprehension.

He took the steps of the staircase cautiously, knowing that he was not alone in the castle and his presence had already been detected. Just because the heartless had refused to follow him into the library did not mean that they could not if they desired to. It was simply his ignorance of them that limited his adventurous nature. He would be tempted, but he would never again strike out at them. He would never destroy them as Sora did so easily, or as Squall did to protect the town.

"You've come back." Cloud looked up sharply at the voice from the top of the stairs. His eyes searched the figure of the man standing above him, harboring a genuine smile. "I knew it was only a matter of time before you would come home."

"Home?" Cloud asked confused at the way the male was talking to him. "Am I supposed to know you? This is my home?" He gripped the rail as he gazed up at the beautiful sliver haired male.

"You have forgotten me, what we had," He told Cloud. "But fate has brought you back to me and I will help you remember. You will remember me." The man took a step down and Cloud backed away, noticing the black aura surrounding him.

"You're a heartless," Cloud spoke evenly.

The male shook his head. "I merely have the shadow of one. I'm using the power they possess for the time being; until I gain enough of my own to take myself back to our world, and you too. I'm going to take you with me, Cloud. I've been waiting a long time for you."

They met eyes and Cloud was struck with the distinct feeling of familiar. He knew this man, knew him from long before anyone else. This man was special to him, or had been at one time, even if he was a heartless at the moment. "Who are you?" Cloud asked him.

"Me?" He pointed at himself as a smile spread. "You'll remember me soon, I'm Sephiroth."

End of Chapter!


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Sorry guys for a late update,I was quite busy.

Chapter 5:Start the Rescue

Sora swallowed heavily as he managed a glance out of the corner of his eye. Though it was a cliché, Sora could almost cut the tension in the room. Since first launching the Gummi ship from the destroyed port, Sora had busied himself with the sonar and weapons alignment of Leon's advanced ship. It was a complicated system that had taken him a while to figure out on his own. And he had done it on his own, immediately deciding Leon wasn't the person to be speaking with at the moment.

The tall brown haired male had swiftly climbed in the pilot's chair and hadn't moved since they launched. Occasionally Sora would be able to hear an annoyed grunt or see Leon lash out at his ship with a quick fist. But for the most part both males sat in silence.

Sora wanted to talk about Cloud. He wanted to talk about Hallow Bastion too. But more importantly he wanted to talk about what had Leon so spooked about Cloud being in Hallow Bastion. Best he had been able to place was that Leon had spent an expanded amount of time at Hallow Bastion, but hadn't been back since the heartless had invaded.On the other hand Cloud had showed nothing but strength as fast as Sora was concerned, and could phantom the one winged angel needing someone.

Leon knew from the beginning that involving Sora in Hallow Bastion too early was a large mistake. The young boy wasn't ready for the evil of Hallow Bastion. But through certain events Leon pressed that Sora would have to make due.

"Will we be able to find him?"
Leon frowned and turned in his chair just a bit, so he might see Sora out of the corner of his vision. He knew he couldn't have heard him correctly. Of all the things to say in their trip this could not be what Sora had chosen.

"I dont know but there isnt any cost for making an endeavor,"Leon calmly replied.

"I hope Riku is fine,"Sora said quietly.He's always been there to hold me, and protect me.He's always made sure the kids at school didn't pick on me."

Leon nodded. "But if the choice comes, can you choose your destiny over Riku or Kairi?"

Sora had no real answer. He wanted nothing more then to be back on the beach under the warm sun with Riku and Kairi lying next to him.The waves washing up on their feet and cooling them in the warm weather.

"Sora!" Leon snapped, disliking the silence immensely. "You have to understand winning this war is more important then myself, you or Riku. If we don't win this we're all going to die. The first worlds have been attacked, but each and every one that exists will follow. Every thing that is living will die. Everything!"

Sora nodded numbly. He understood.


"No!" Cloud shook his head, backing away from the taller man who had taken a near stance in front of him.Cloud took stronger steps."I am not going to help you,no matter what kind of reward awaits."

Sephiroth's smile never left his face, allowing Cloud his room. "If only you remembered what we shared, you would never harbor distrust for me. We are one, Cloud."

Cloud feeling more irritated then ever,sprang up and targeted Sephiroth with his hefty blade.Sephiroth with a quick swipe of his sword blocked Cloud.Before Cloud could make another move,Sephiroth formed a blanket of feathers,disappearing instantly.

"You're fake, and you're not bringing me down with false words!"Cloud growled.Cloud now totally upset walked upstairs and out of the library.Riku totally confused walked out of a dark corner where he secretly had been observing the two scufflers.


Deeper in Hallow Bastion a meeting was being held. Darkness was gathering from the worlds the Key Blade Master had not reached yet. At the head of the group stood Maleficent, raven on her shoulder and staff in hand. Very little light entered the room, and most illumination came from the form of Hades, whom at this time was near bright red.

"They're hiding him from me!" Hades accused. "Each and every one of them. And him too!" Hades pointed a condemning finger at Riku's small form.

"Calm yourself," Maleficent ordered, eyes moving from Hades to Riku. "Are the words true? Have you been concealing whom Hades seeks?"

Riku smirked and crossed his arms. "Much as I'd like to annoy the big blue flame, I've got better things to worry about."

"He's been meddling in our plans though!" Hades began again. "He saved the Key Blade Master from death just recently. He's aiding them!"

"Nonsense!" Snapped Maleficent. "Riku is allowed anything he wants. He desires the boy and has the right to claim him. The Key Blade Master has little hope of stopping us, and Riku shall indulge himself far as he wishes."

Hades' flames sparked again, and Riku couldn't resist. "If you cared so much you'd know he has already entered the castle. The library to be precise."

"He is no longer your concern," Maleficent told Hades. "You were merely to lure him to the castle. You are finished. Return to the coliseum and ensure our presence."

Hades' temper boiled over as he vanished away, swearing revenge upon Riku and Sora, but most importantly Cloud.

"He's showing too much interest in him," Riku remarked. "Though I can't see what he'd want."

"And why is this Cloud so important?" Captain Hook asked, hook running through his mustache.

Maleficent snapped her staff down heavily, calling an order. "He's resistant," She told them quietly. "The darkness has seeped into his heart willingly and it has not managed to take him over. He should be a merciless heartless, yet he has kept his wits and fights to win his heart back. He is resilient, strong and willed. He is simply the perfect candidate. Ansem cannot yet take form in this world and we cannot wait for such opportunity. But we can transfer him into another, and then have him reclaim his body at a later time."

"Is Ansem going to be satisfied?" Riku asked. "Cloud comes with a lot of baggage. He has a solid friendship with Sora, perhaps too solid. And the there is that man Leon.Sora and Leon both could grow to be a thorn in our sides, and they should be disposed of. And lest we forget the one winged man that is very much out of place in the library. He's established wards that neither you nor myself can break. He's invincible there, and anyone who remains with him is protected as well. How do you plan to lure Cloud out of his grasp? There are lift passages that can take them to any part of the castle without our knowledge. We are weakened by his presence."

"We cannot differ this path," Maleficent made to move from the room. "We must have Cloud's body before Ansem can have his mind. Once the switch is made our plans will be final and we will win this war. Dispose of the man named Leon and find some way to draw Cloud out."

The woman was almost from the room when she paused at the doorway. "Gaston, accompany me. I have work for you." The French man strode forth, a sneer of self-satisfaction on his face. Riku shook his head at the arrogance, feeling another of their allies was flawed.

Maleficent's presence had been absent from the room for many seconds before Riku risked breathing heavily. "She's making a mistake." He told his companions. "She's going after big things too fast and she's going to get herself swallowed whole."

"What are you suggesting?" Captain Hook asked, attention sparked.

"Nothing!" Riku snapped, arms waving. "Right now we do nothing! Return to your places."

The spoken and unspoken members of the meeting shuffled slowly from the room some leaving physically and some allowing the darkness to consume them in transportation. "We do nothing until I am ready."

Riku strode from the room in assurance, feet slapping the cold stone floors softly. He passed through the lifts mechanically, having memorized the passage a long time before. Though this time he did not pass upwards on the lifts, but downwards towards the dungeons. He walked smoothly past the heavily locked cells that contained creatures and people that were far too strong to be destroyed, and those that did pose a danger to helping Sora in some way.

At the final cell in the long hallway he paused, turning to face the three occupants. "I need a favor."

One of the fairies hitched up her dress and stalked towards him. "Ooooh! What makes you think we'll help you?" Flora demanded.

"You help me and don't get caught, and I'll allow you to escape." Riku retrieved their wands and held them within sight distance. "I need a small little favor in order to make sure Maleficent doesn't get what she needs," He paused, taking in the green, blue and red small women. "I need you to cast a spell."


As their Gummi ship hovered over Hallow Bastion Leon and Sora exchanged worried glances. "So this is it?" Sora asked, hands and nose placed against the windows of the ship, staring down at the haunting castle. "There's no turning back?"

Leon shook his head, reaching into his pocked and pulling out a small oddly colored Gummi block. "This is for you, Sora." He delivered the important object into gloved hands. "This castle is protected by dark magic that will not allow us to return to the ship in a panic. Until a major source of darkness is cleared away everyone will be trapped. But with this you can avoid being stuck. If such a time arrives you'll be allotted a one way trip back to the ship if to desire it."

Leon's eyes turned hard and suddenly Sora was aware of the severity of the situation. "I'm not kidding you here Sora. When we go down I'm counting on you to get out when it becomes too much."

"But what about you? You'll be trapped if we can't both get back to the ship!"

"We will make out of here,if our hearts enclave strong will and also if we are lucky,"Leon stated with hope.

"You still sure you want to do this?" Leon asked him. "Not too late to back out. I won't think anything of you if you want to stay and get the hell out of here as soon as I'm gone."

Sora frowned determinedly. "I can't run anymore. I know I'm not ready to go up against Maleficent or anyone else in there, but I can't run from my friends. Riku taught me always to stick behind the people that we love. So when I go in here with you, it isn't by obligation.

Leon held out his hand to Sora. "Thanks," Sora met it and they shared a last glimpse of hope. "For a kid you're not so bad."

Sora's face twisted into anger as they began to disappear from the ship. "Who're you calling a kid!" His voice was gone suddenly along with his body, as he and Leon were transported down to the front gates.

End of chapter!


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