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Fanfiction ► Fulfilling Destiny

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Mar 25, 2005

Yeah! I finally got the courage to post my first fanfiction on this board. I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: The worlds are in chaos and to protect the world order it will take more than one strong will. Sora and BHK team up and work together through the evil that is yet to come.

Chapter 1

Large rain drops poured down on the pavement. The air was heavy with moisture and the wind was still. It was dark, the sun had set and the lights of the city were dimly lit. The large billboards on the buildings were drenched with water and the neon signs blinked on and off.

Footsteps of a lone figure echoed throughout the streets. They moved slowly, their stride slow and purposeful. Their shoulders slightly hunched and their head down. If another person had been walking past they would think nothing of this. Just another late night owl out to seek the thrills of night life. Yet their thoughts would change immediately when they saw the long silver keyblade held in the person’s hand.

Sora was cold, wet and tired. His black clothes were soaked and chilling him to the bone. The silence of the city irked him. It was deafening. He was not surprised with his conclusion of the place.

Nobody was here.

No sound of cars rushing past, people talking, no signs of life whatsoever. Only the pitter pat of the rain kept him company.

Sora sighed and adjusted his grip on the keyblade. Maybe he should of brought Goofy and Donald with him. Maybe they shouldn’t have parted. But they did, at the crossroads, after escaping castle oblivion and its memories. Sora had taken the middle road without looking back. He would never know which road his friends took.

He came to what looked like the main square of the city. The large area was empty, not to his surprise and a huge screen on one of the larger buildings blinked through faded ads. He walked to the center and stared up at the sky. Endless droplets of water fell on his face. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Behind him, creatures loomed up from the ground. They stalked forward, their bright yellow eyes on the boy with the key. Their antennas twitching with anticipation.

Sora had opened his eyes and noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Whipping around he gripped his keyblade in front of him and surveyed the scene before him. Heartless were forming everywhere, in front of him and behind. Sora grit his teeth. Now he knew why this city was empty.

Transfering the keyblade to his right hand he swung it at the heartless nearest him. It vanished in a wisp of black smoke. The creatures now seeing that Sora had made his first move pounced on him from all directions. Thinking quickly, he lashed out in a series of quick combos that destroyed the majority of heartless within his reach. He could see more and more forming out of the gloom, he was hoplessley surrounded. But Sora had no fear in his eyes, he was ready. Regaining his defensive stance he prepared for a long and agonizing fight. But before he could make another move he was pushed roughly to the side.

“Wha!!” Sora yelped as he hit the ground hard.

Recovering from his fall he looked up. Through the rain that was now coming down in sheets he could make out a figure in a black cloak with a hood pulled over its head. Their back was turned to him and his eyes widened when the figure drew out a keyblade in each hand. With quick and agile moves the person slashed out at the oncoming heartless.

Sora watched with shock and admiration at the fluid movements that they performed. But those feelings soon turned to anger and annoyance when he realized that he was still lying on the ground in a helpless state. Who did this person think he was? Sora was not weak. He could fight for himself.

The cloaked figure leapt into the air, no doubt defying gravity. The heartless were attacking from above.

“Strike raid,” the person hissed and twisted their upper body around and chucked the keyblade forward. The keyblade flew into a graceful arc and took out the many heartless above them. The owner then came back down to earth with both keyblades in hand.

Sora was getting up in that moment still in frusteration and annoyance when without a word the person grabbed his hand and broke out in a full run. Sora stumbled along, having a hard time keeping up and breaking the death grip on his hand. He could hear a low rumble that signified that the hundreds of heartless were following them.

After running like a bat out of hell for ten minutes Sora finally got to stop and his hand was released. He rested his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. He looked up after a moment and took in his surroundings. He was in a thin alley way, probably far from where he had started. Feeling the stare of the other person on him, he turned to them. What he saw shocked him.

It was a boy that looked exactly Sora’s age. His blonde bangs had fallen across his eyes, blocking part of his face and the hood was still pulled up, giving the boy a mysterious look.

Wait a second……

The boy was wearing one of those cloaks that are usually associated with those of the Organization. Sora narrowed his eyes. Who was this guy?

As though reading his thoughts the boy stepped forward and in a voice tinged with adolescence he said, “ You are the keyblade wielder. My name is Ty.”

A/N: All righty! That's done, I have the next chapter up and ready to go but I would love to know what everybody thinks of the story so far. So, I appreciate comments and flames (just not too harsh!).:) Thanks! Oh, and I know most people here have heard the rumor that BHK's name is Tyke or Tyson. And if you're wondering why I named BHK "Ty", it's because I really don't like the sound of Tyke or Tyson and Ty (pronounced Tai) sounds better to me. lol.
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Mar 25, 2005
Well, I thought I would get this story a little push by posting the next chapter. Comments much appreciated.

Chapter 2

Sora looked uneasily at the hand stretched out to him in the form of a greeting. He was still annoyed that this kid thought he needed saving. Not taking the hand, Sora straightened up.

“Name’s Sora,” he replied.

The boy dropped his hand back to his side.

“Look,” said Sora. “I know what your name is, but who are you?”

“Ty,” he said. “I already told you that.”

Sora rolled his eyes. “Yes, I know. But who-are-you?”

However, instead of an answer the Ty turned abruptly and began walking away, shrugging his hood up even higher as he went.

“Huh?” Sora stared at the boy’s retreating back. Registering what just happened and kicking himself into gear, he ran to catch up with him. “Wait, I..uh..”

“The heartless are coming, we cannot stay here,” was all the boy’s reply. Ty kept his swift pace with the other boy keeping up beside him.

Man, this guy is weird, thought Sora. And he’s getting on my nerves.

“All I want to know is who you are,” Sora said and stepped in front of him blocking his way. “Oh, and by the way, I didn’t need saving back there. I am the keyblade wielder after all.”

A smile flitted across the blonde’s face. “Of course you are.” And with that he drew the Oblivion and Oathkeeper out. The sleek metal glinting meaningfully in the moonlight.

Oh. Sora forgot about that. He eyed the weapons warily. “Why do you have two and I have one?”

“Because I’m better than you,” Ty said simply.

Sora was ready to strangle the kid, however before he could answer a blast of ice and snow came out of nowhere hitting Ty full force The blonde was thrown back against the alley wall. Sora looked to his left. More heartless. He looked to his right. Ty was in a heap on the ground not moving.

Leaving Ty, Sora held his keyblade at the ready and charged at the colorful floating heartless. It wasn’t easy dodging random acts of nature’s power but Sora made it look easy. He dodged rolled in and out, waving his keyblade in every direction. Within a few minutes all the heartless were destroyed. Sora wiped his brow and ran over to where Ty was lying. His hood had finally fallen back and it was definite that the kid was out like a light.

“Ouch,” Sora winced. He must of hit his head pretty hard. Not knowing what to do he sat down near the unconscious boy. It would probably be best to wait until he woke up.

For the second time that day, Sora stared up at the sky and relished the cool raindrops falling on his face. The rain had slowed and his mind had slowed down too. His thoughts whirled lazily over one another. So much had already happened and it was all too confusing. Who was this boy? Why did he wield two keyblades? What was his purpose? Was he searching for somebody as he was?

Kairi’s image popped up in his head. Her eyes glinting with amusement. God, he missed her so much. Where was she? Would he find her? Where was Riku? He didn’t want to admit it but his friends were lost, lost to him. He knew his true memories had come back and he knew that they were there to help him find them. But where to start? He looked at Ty beside him. Ty would probably help. After all it seemed like he was looking for Sora. But there were still so many questions unanswered. What bothered Sora most of all was why Ty was wearing that cloak. A cloak that would haunt his dreams forever.

Ty stirred, a small groan escaped his lips. Sora got up and then helped the other boy up slowly. “Looks like I’m not the only person who needs saving,” he said smugly.

There was no denying that Ty had shot him a death glare at that moment.

“We gotta get out of here before more heartless come, no offense but I don’t think you’re in the shape for that,” Sora said and half walked, half supported the other boy down the remaining part of the alley way.

Before they came to the end Ty let go of Sora’s shoulder and pointed to something off to the right. Sora turned and met wall. He raised an eyebrow at the blonde’s direction. Maybe he hit his head a little too hard.

“Just go through it,” said Ty as he rubbed his temple.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sora said. “There’s nothing…” Oh, but there was. Faint light emitted from that spot on the wall. As he stared the light got brighter and brighter until it was too painful to look at. Before he knew it, he was being engulfed by it and he shut his eyes tight.

When he opened them up again he found himself staring at, well another brick wall. Yet, this one was different, it had more of an orange shade to it and it wasn’t glowing. Sora looked around and found Ty beside him. “Where are we?”

“Traverse town.”

Sora gaped; it was so long ago that he had been there. “How did we..what did we!?”

“Traverse town is connected to all worlds some way or another. I have yet to discover the ways from other worlds but the portal in Twilight town was pretty easy to find.”

The name rang a bell in Sora’s head. “We came from Twilight town?”

“Yea, why?” Ty asked impatiently. He began to walk again at that annoyingly swift pace.

“Because I was supposed to look for somebody there.” Riku’s image crossed Sora’s mind.


“Oh you wouldn’t know,” Sora said and matched the step of Ty’s pace. Maybe he would tell Ty later, once he had more trust in him.

The two boys came out in the main stream of hustle and bustle of the main square. Since the heartless had been cleared here, people and creatures flocked to this world for safety. If somebody took a good look at the two boys in black walking side by side they could see that they were destined for something great. They would achieve something together that wouldn’t have been able to do on their own and all the while totally unaware that they would form an alliance so strong that would aid in saving the worlds from total destruction. Yet nobody noticed them except for one pair of eyes that glowed eerily in the dark of a hidden alleyway.

“It has begun,” voiced the figure softly to itself and vanished into thin air.

A/N: I realize that there were a lot of spelling mistakes in the first chapter, lol. Please forgive me, I guess I should have somebody review it first.
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