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Fanfiction ► Gamers Christmas special

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May 2, 2005
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Sorry for the delay, I had alot of trouble getting started on this one. I was distracted by Starwars Battlefront 2, I was lazy, and I had to help my mom for Christmas. Anywho I do not own anyone but Dan Dave and Jon. All other characters are ether real in a fictional manner or there from games. I own neither.

Dan:*walks to mail box and pulls out letter. He opens it and three tickets pop out and a letter.* For all your hard work Gamers has deiced to give you a trip to the North pole. You and Dave and Jon are all welcome to go. Sincerely, Bill Gates. SWEET!!
Five hours later
Dave: So why again are we going to the North Pole?
Dan: It was a pres...*cell phone rings.* Who's damn Cell phone is that!?
Dave:*pulls out phone* Mine...
Dan: Oh...ah....Ok
Dave:*hands phone to Dan* It's for me
Dan:*puts it to ear.* Hello? What! You tricked us and now we have to destroy Santa, and he's planning on destroying everyone! Sakura and a new member to our team will be there ok. Thanks bye! *Closes phone* Ok guy we have to..
Jon: The whole plain heard you.
Dan:*Looks around the plain and everyone’s starting at him and he sinks in his seat*
Captain: This is your captain speaking. I'd like to inform you that the in flight movie is Myscene goes Hollywood
Dan:*smacks up against window* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
2 hours later the team is meets up with Sakura at the North Pole
Sakura: Guys I'd like you to meet our team's newest member...Tira
Tira: (from Soul Calibur 3) Hello.*giggles*
Dan Jon and Dave:*sweatdrop* Ok hi
Sakura: Anywho we have to stop Santa. He's officers are, Right hand man Rudolph, it's unkown what his powers are. Then there’s The Snow and Heat Misers nuff. Then there’s Hermey but none cares about him. I'll go alone, Dave and Jon go with Tira and Dan...your with me..*sigh*
Dave Jon and Tira: *Walk to a small house suddenly twenty elves poped out and opened fire*
Elf captain: Kill them!
Dave:*smiles evilly* CHOP! CHOP!
Tira:*sneezes and her face turns evil* i'll be shure to grant you your deaths*She ran at them and started massacring them.
Jon: ooooooook
Dave and Jon:*walk into workshop and there in
Hermeys: "So you got this far huh? well prepare your...*gunshot is heard and Hermey's falls to the ground dead*
Dave:*turns to Jon who looks crazed and is holding a shotgun* You scare me...
Dan and Sakura walk to a strange castle and walk in side*
Snow Miser: welcome to our house!
Heat Miser: Walks down the steps* Yes welcome!
Dan: Who are you two?
Heat Miser:*laughs* I'm Mister Green Christmas*He throws a fire ball at Sakura and Dan*I'm Mister Sun*throws another*I'm Mister Heat Blister*He shots them with a blast of fire* *He does it again* I'm Mister Hundred and One. They call me Heat Miser, What ever I touch! Starts to melt in my clutch! I'm too much!
Sakura: *gets up and rubs her head* Ow man this guys..
Heat minions: He's Mister Green Christmas
He's Mister Sun! He's Mister Heat Blister! He's Mister Hundred and One
Dan: Stop that damn singing!
Heat Miser: They call me Heat Miser, What ever I touch! Starts to melt in my clutch
Heat minions: He's too much!
Heat Miser: Thank you! I never want to see a day that's under sixty degrees! I'd rather have it eighty, Ninety, one hundred degrees!
Dan: Shut it!!*throws his PS3 controller like a boomerang and chops off Heat Miser's head!
Snow Miser: You little! That's it! I'm Mister White Christmas! I'm Mister Snow! I'm Mister Icicle! I'm Mister Ten Below! Friends call me Snow Miser
What ever I touch! Turns to snow in my clutch! HA HA! I'm too much!
Sakura: Hadouken!*she shoots and energy ball at him blowing him up& No let's g...
Santa:*flies down in his slay and grabs Sakura* HO! HO! HO! If you want her back you'll have to come to my work shop! HO HO HO!!
Dan: bastard!
Sakura: Damn fatass motherfu..
five minutes later
Dave and Jon: *leave Tira behind so she can mutilate the elves more and they get to Santa's work shop. They open a door and look down. They se a girl tied up. She had the same hair style as Sakura. Actually it was her but in a famine dress.*
Jon: Wrong door*closes it*
Sakura: Wait no...damn it!
Rudolph: *runs out and head butts Dave and Jon sending them flying*
Dave: Ohhhhhhh! Deer meat!
Rudolph: You know why my nose glows?
Dave: Why? A tumor.
Rudy: No this*a laser shots out and Dave and Jon dodge*
Dave:*pulls out three Ds' and throws them at Rudolph pinning him to a wall.*
Jon: should we..
Rudolph:*shoots at them reapetedly*
Dan: *Walks into Santa's work shop from a different door. He opens a door and sees Sakura tied up.* Miss...have you seen a tomboyish school girl around?
Sakura: I am her damn it!
Dan:*smirks* Yay! Revenge for the beating.
Sakura: Leave me here and I'll kill you!
Sakura: Oh shut up and untie me!
Dan:*does so* Ok let's go
Sakura: Duh!
Dan and Sakura: *walk in a dark room and they hear a ho ho ho*
Santa: You made it now parish!*a missle flys out and sends Dan and Sakura flying*
Sakura:*is koed*
Dan:*Get's up slowly pretty scratched up* Damn you! *throws the Ps3 controller at Santa*
Santa: Your controller is no match for my TOE missile!*Blows up Dan's controller*
Dan:*eye's widen* No!
Dave:*pulls out a psp and throws it at Rudy blowing him up* Finally...you burn in hell!
Jon:*sweatdrop and the two walk to a helicopter outside*
Dan:*is running from repeated missile fire from Santa*
Santa: You've been one hell of a naughty boy!*one missle hits a gift and it's a PS3 controller!*
Dan: Sweet!
Santa:*jumps down and throws Dan away from it and into a toy robot*
Dan:*gets up and his body is shaking. Suddenly his fists were glowing he ran at Santa and did a huge upper cut while jumping* SHURYUKEN!!
Santa:*is sent flying and falls in the ferness then bursts into flames runs around for a bet then drops dead*
Dan:*sighs* Wonder how I did that...*Picks up the Ps3 controller and lefts Sakura up holding her head and legs up gently. He walks out and gets in the helicopter and it flies away but not before picking up Tira*
Mrs,Cluase: They killed Santa!!! I will give them a special Christmas present next year*cocks rifle and laughs evilly*
Next Day
Dave:*hands Jon a gift*
Jon*opens it and it's a gift card for Sam Goodie
Dan*hands Sakura a present*
Sakura: What is it...I wont kill you will I?
Dan: No no, just open it.
Sakura:*does so and sees a cute dress* What's this?
Dan: it's a
Sakura: I know what it is but why did you give me it?
Dan: I thought you'd look cute in it.* Suddenly Sakura's fist connects with his face*
Dan:*shakes it off and walks up stairs. Then comes back wearing a mistletoe hat and stands next to Sakura* Ahem! lookie!
Sakura: *looks and jumps away. Her face turns red.* What the hell are you doing!?
Dan:*comes closer and she runs away and he starts chasing her*
Sakrua:*after a bit stops and holds up a mirror*
Dan:*accidentally kisses it* Aw damn!
Sakura*snatches the mistletoe and throws it out the window* That's it! Payback! HADOUKEN!!!*The upper area off the house blows up*
man: Sakura! I told you not to blow up the house unless it's a good reason!
Sakura: He was chasing me with mistletoe.
man: Good enough.*walks away*
Dan:*lands out side and everything but his head is buried in snow* OW! my brains are all over the side walk!
Dave :Then pick them up!
Dan: I'm burred and Frosty the Snowman's smoke in my face!
Frosty: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *says it five times and breaths heavy smoke on Dan knocking him out.
Dave: So! Sakura where’s your gift for Dan?
Sakura: I didn't get one.
Jon: Well you know what that means!
Dave: yep! You have to kiss him!
Sakura: WHAT!!!*face turns red*
Dave: You heard now go!
Sakrua: *goes outside and sighs*
Frosty:*drops his pipe and he bursts into flames and runs around screaming*
Sakura*sweatdrops and walks over to Dan* He's out...good.*gives him a small kiss and walks away* Marry Christmas.
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