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Fanfiction ► Gamers Valintines day

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May 2, 2005
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As perusal I only own Dan Jon and Dave. All other characters are based on fictonal or real people put in a parody.

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Dan: Argh!
Jon: Dan you look pretty pissed to day.
Dave: Did your memory card data get corrupt again because of some moronic thing you did.
Dan: SHUT UP! No It's just that today's Valentines day.
Jon and Dave: And!
Dan: Valentines day sucks when you don't have a date.
Jon: We don't have one.
Dan: No the point....Hey I have an idea
Dave: Not another hair brained plot to get Sakura is it?
Dan: How did you know?
at Gamers corp.
Sakura: Man today is boring. I wouldn't even mind if Dan was to walk through those doors right...
Dan:*busts through doors* HI!!!
Sakura:*jumps up scared* What the hell is wrong with you?
Dan: Oh nothing.*Had a strange face*
Sakura: Dan...what are you up to.
Dan:*innocently* Nothing...
Sakura:*cracks knuckles*
Dan:*jumps up* Alright! Would you be my date?
Sakura: No!
Dan: Please!
Sakura: No way!
Dan: I'll give you a kiss.
Sakura: You little son of a...*cups hands together* Hadoken!*She throws it at him sending him flying into CATS room*
CATS: This room belong to us. You have no chance to leave!
Dan:*steps out the door*
CATS: Left he impossible
minutes later out in the park
Sakura: Damn it! I can't get a date. The guys keep running in fear! What the f*ck am I doing wrong.
Dan: You can't get a date! HA HA!
Sakura: Don't see you doing any better.
Dan: Touché! Though I...*loud crash*
Sakura: What in hell was that?
Dan: Sorry that was me.
Sakura: EWWW! Not that you freak!
E.Honda(btw E.Honda is a fat sumo from Street Fighter...do a google search): OH SAKURA
Sakura: Oh crap not him!
Dan: Huh?
Honda: Come here you!
Sakura: Get away from me you fat brother of Rubin Stutters
Dan: This is almost as weird as the time I worked in the animal shelter with Alf*flashback of him walking into a room were bones of cats were everywere*
Flashback Dan: Alf what did you do!?
Alf: I can't help it I'm the stereotypical Chinese guy*Flashback ends*
Honda:*kisses a hand* Your hand feels very tense*looks at it closer and camera zooms out and it is a manikin’s hand with Sakura's glove* Hey wait a...
Sakura and Dan: RUN AWAY!!!
Honda: Hey were are you going my dear?
Sakura: What now genius!?
Dan: Don't know tomboy what should we do?
Sakura:*stops running and puts Dan in a sleeper hold* What did you say!?
Dan: *coughing and says weakly* Oh boy I have a plain
Sakura:*let's go* What is it?
Dan: First you'll have to go out on a date just for tonight.
Sakura: Fine!
Dan: Ok now let's get Tira.
minute later
Sakura: Come this way Tira.
Tira: So what is it you wanna show me?
Sakura: NOW!
Dan:*pushes her into PS2 and makes her hair brown like Sakura's*
Sakura: It looks just like mine.....you've done this before haven't you?*narrows eyes*
Dan:*laughs nervously*
Tira:*Comes out of PS2* I'LL CHOP YOU INTO TINY....
Sakura:*Holds Tira down* Put it on her!
Tira: I'll rip you apart!
Dan:*puts it on her but is kicked and punched in the face four times*
Tira: Now you'll pay!
Honda: I hear you Sakura no use hiding my dear.
Dan: That guy made us do it or he would of killed us!
Tira: Oh really*walks out side and she looks almost exactly like Sakura*
Honda: Sakura darling!
Tira:*pulls out blade and laughs evilly*
Dan and Sakura:*can hear Honda's screams and slash noises*
Dan: Damn that's gotta hurt. *looks at Sakura* Now about that date. * he says narrowing his eyes*
Sakura: Sorry but when I made that deal I had my fingers crossed.
Dan: Dirty trick!
Sakura: Maybe another time like maybe...never*Kicks Dan into a bush and walks away* Dan: *get's up slowly* Did you guys get all that?
Jon and Dave: *pop outta the bushes* Yeah but what did you need the recording for?
Dan: You'll see in the next episode
Jon: I hate cliffhangers!
Dave: I burn cliffhangers
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Dark warrior
May 2, 2005
nobody cares
Thanks I just wrote random crap but I'm glad you liked it. If there are people who do not like it tell me. I don't want just good replys I wanna know what I can fix too.


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May 2, 2005
nobody cares
Will do but as I said before I also want to hear what I should fix. No matter what it is. It can be characteristics to plot lines I don't care.
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