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Fanfiction ► Gamers vs Jack Thompson pt 3-3(1st one Dan's point of view. Then Dave's, then Jons.)

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May 2, 2005
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All people are reay but in a fictional manner. All game characters and names belong to there owners not me. You can email me at koffanboy@yahoo.com.

We start off right were the last one left off.
Fly: ...urd!
Jack:*spits him out* You'll pay for that fly!*pulls out suitcase and it vooms out to his Miami house and you can hear the Fly scream.*
Sakura:*is holding Dan to the ground with one hand and choking with the other*
Dave: Man and I'm sappose to be the crazy one. Man she's messing with the group dynamics.
Jon:*sweatdrops*Noooo coment.
Dan:Ahh! I don't know if I should be more scared or...
Helicopter:*lowers from above* Him put down now Sakura! We need him live!
Sakura:Fine!*lets go and folds her arms* So wadda ya want Cats
Cat: You have the base to belong to us. Thompson Jack is that. New mebers are belong to us. Met there you will. Wellfar!*flys away*
Dave: did he just say welfair?
Jon:HAHAHAHA! Why didn't he say all your baseare now belong to us?
Dan: A downgrade?
Sakura:*sighs* Anyway it translates to we need to take down Jack Thompson once and for all. We'll need to split up. I'll go with Jon and Dave. Dan you go with the newbies.
Dan:Awww man!
Sakura: Eather that or I'll kill you.
Dan:*puts hand on chin* Hmmmm?
After about an hour of fighting and severle medical bills later they got to Miami to fight Jack and Spongebob.
Sakura:New recrutes! State your names!
????: I'm Aron! I use a Nintendo Revolotion controler!
?????:Aries I annoy peopel to death!(not the one you people are thinking.)
Sakura:Ok you will be partnered with Dan. Now heres the plain your group will go after Sponge Bob while we go after Jack. Ok break*walks away with Dave and Jon*
Dan: Oh sh*t!
Dan's group made there way into the house and some how manged to not kill Aries because she was trying to change them. uddenly they were stoped by and aboination.
Aries:What is that? Do you belive in my god?
Dan:OH MY GAWD!!! IT'S....IT'S
Fan girl: What's that sappose to mean? Don't mess with me Inuyasha's MY bishe!
Aries: Yeah well Seproths mine! He's better you've been brain washed.
Dan:*rolls eyes and looks over at Aron*
Aron:*nodes and pulls out his weapon and controles them both. He throws the fangril to her doom but decides on somthing else for Aries*
Aries:*Grabs sword and starts stabing self* Michael's a stobborn bastard! Michael's a stobborn bastard!
Dan:Just finsh it.
Aron:*does so and she she falls over dead* Ewww!
They eventully make it to the room with Spongebob and Jack Thompson. There they see Sakura knocked to the ground and Jon down for the count but Dave is noware in sight.
Dan: Damn it Dave!
Sakura:The...there too...strong*her head hit's the ground and she blacks otu*
Aron:That can't be good.
Dan:Wadda you think?
Jon:*get's up* Damn Dave went off to do something...not shure what.
Jack: AHAHAHAHA! You can't beat me with my NEW right hand man!
Spongebob:*annoying laugh* That's right so jsut give up!
Jon:Hey why are you teamed up with him?
JacK: Because he helps me stop video games' evil
Dan:You know he's been in many games right Jack.
Jack: Is this true!?
Spongebob: Now listen Jack let me exsplain!
Jack: Nothing more out of you! LAWSUIT!!!*law suit papers fly out and carve up and distroy Sponge Bob*
Aron:He's gone finally
Jon:One Tyrant down one to go!
Jack's car randomly drives by and off a cliff blowing up and Dave clibed up the cliff*
Dave:Hey guys what did I miss?
Dan:Whare were you?
Dave:I wanted to blow up his car for being a d*ck.
Jon:Oh and about missing stuff you only missed me and Sakura getting smacked around.
Jon:So were's Aries?
Aron: She went home!
Jon:Oh Ok!
Jack:MUHAHAHA! You can't stop me and my Lawsuits!*more fly out cutting them and the area around them*
Jon: OWEY!
Aron: Ouch!
Dave:*laughs like pillbarrydoughboy*
everyone but Dave:*sweatdrop*
Jack:You bore me now I'll open a portal to my dimension to let the other Thompson's lose.
Thompson:*raises hands and a portal opens that has a door*
Heroe's:*run to the door and shut it but the Thompsons push back threatening to sue*
Jack: Futile effiort!
Dan: Dave! Did you bring the key?
Dave:I thought Jon did!
Jon: Ditto!
Dan: Damn were so dead!
Sora:*randomly wals up and jumps on the groups heads and locks the door. Then walks away.
Aron and Dave:That camio was pointless!
Dan: Hey don't diss the bad camio it saved us!
Dave:Got a point!
Dan:Anyway let's finsh this!
Group:*all use there weapons and send Jack flying*
Jack:I'm....I'm not done...yet!
Dan:*pulls out 3 PSPs* Say hi to satan...when you get to hell!!!!*throws them and blows up the entire place*
About and hour later Dan woke up with Sakura looking over him.
Sakura: Idiot you could have killed us!
Dave and Jon:Here we go
Dan: But I didn't
Sakrua:*smaks him and sends him into a rock and two teeth come out and lay on the ground next to one another. suddenly they turn into DS screens and they hear Touching is good.
Jon:What a weak ending!

Voice:Oh but it's not over! You and your friends have many more things to do why as long as you weild the consle weapons it it never over.

The end...of Jackie boy!
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