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Apr 26, 2007
"With a new World, there must be Light"



You out of many have been randomly chosen to be rewarded with a free account to play The World R:L! Previous installments of the game have been shown as a huge success. And with the new Light version, hopes are higher than ever! New classes, quests, dungeons, and treasures have all been scattered about in The World. And it is your job as the player to find them all! Please review the manual before asking any questions about The World R:L. Please note that a special event is coming up soon for new and old players alike! So please fill out the account information below to be set on the best virtual journey of your life!

-CC Corp

Please agree to The World's new rules and policies before getting started:

  • No Powerplaying (Staff will be heavily enforcing this rule throughout gameplay)
  • Please do not try and change your account information once the game has started. If you do, your account will be suspended immediately
  • Try and be creative. Do not base your character off previous World installments. *This RP generally gives you SO MUCH room to do what you want. So take advantage when putting together your template.
  • When writing, please be thorough in what you are trying to get across. A paragraph or so should be just fine
  • The staff cannot regulate every word players use while online gaming, but please do not curse every 4th word
  • Remember, if you are PK’d (Player Killed) you are not dead forever. Instead you are transported to one of the root towns.
  • Keep the OOC forums relating to The World itself.
  • Romance is allowed during gameplay...but please do not be explicit.
  • Have fun exploring THe World!

Things you need to know:

Chaos Gates:

Chaos gates are what are used to travel to different locations throughout The World. To use them correctly, a 3 word phrase must be used. But be warned that each word used determines the level, terrain, and atmosphere of that area. For example, Desolate Sky Cave will most likey take one to an empty cove in a sky like atmosphere. In dungeons, however, if a chaos gate is spotted, it will only transport the player(s) back to the root town (Delta Calstoga).


Players will join a certain guild based on its attributes. A guild can look for treasures, find hidden riddles throughout The World, or just compete to be the strongest guild there is. Players do not necessarily have to be in a guild to play The World. But according to statistics, friends are made more easily if one decides to part take in a guild.


Avatars have been almost completely erased from The world. Although, while cleaning out the system, several fragments of the enigma still linger around the server. Any signs of any remaining data are to be reported immediately.

Data Drain:

This supposed ability completely wipes out any target, and further more reduces it to the lowest form possible. Again, this aspect has been removed from the system's data, but inevitably keeps returning. If you are in possession of such a tech, please refrain from using it. Thank you CC Corps.

Psi State:

In The World R:L, each individual Player’s weapon is marked by one of three Psi States. Arga, Sympha, and Deata. These do not reflect on what the player can do, just by what he or she is marked by. Kind of like a rock-paper-scissors game, one trait is weaker than the other as shown:

Arga > Deata

Deata > Sympha

Sympha > Arga

When attacked by a weapon or magick dealing with these types of variables, it is anyone’s battle at that point. Weapons can only have 1 Psi State and cannot be changed by any means. Attributes are moreover raised by 50% when dealing with that of the former Psi State.


Generally, MMO’s provide an excellent balance between melee, range and magickal types of offences. In the World R:L, there are four types that have been installed for use.

Elemental - Elemental magicks are that of your everyday sights. Water, ice, fire, so on and so forth. Elemental magicks can be leveled up and do several points of damage. A new aspect has also been added to the Elemental Magick use, Fusion Force. FF is the combined usage of two or more spells. While one user cannot use FF’s by themselves, party members always supply the second ingredient. Also, Elemental magick can be FF compatible to any kind of magick.

l - Apart from Elemental damage, Non-Elemental Magick can adhere to any aspect of the target. Think of Non-Elemental attacks being that of relevant to unusual elements. Examples such as Baher, in which the target is dispensed by a space aliment. Non-Elemental Magicks can deal extreme damage depending on the type and frequency. These types of magicks, however, cannot be FF’d.

Heavy - A special type of magic that is somewhat opposite to that of Light. Heavy can only come from the inner part of a player. Depending on the Psi State of the player’s weapon, Heavy Magic will deal more or less damage to an opponent. Heavy magick can only be FF’d with other types of Heavy Magick.

Light - Now, Light magick is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill types of magick. Much like that of Heavy Magick, Light can heal OR damage depending on that of the Psi State. Light magick comes with the risk of dropping a player’s level. Therefore, these types of magicks can be extremely powerful, but get weaker as the play uses them. *Note: Per every light attack, 1 level is dropped.


Each class specializes in one or more areas that suit their weapon of choice or abilities. With the new addition of "Class Shift" a player is able to switch between two classes in the midst of battle. Please note that all classes have an optimized attribute but still have somewhat of a weakness to others.

Class List:

Blitz Arcana [Shortsword, Knife] - Seeping through the very confines of the human sight capacity, this Class specializes in the characteristic of speed. Most players use this class for timed missions, chases, or just to annoy the opponent. Although, when leveled very high, a Blitz Arcana can use several types of mid-ranged Light magick.

Voluminous Rapture [Greatsword, Broadsword]
- One of the more stronger types of classes in the World, the Voluminous Rapture is adept in the field of physical strength. Despite the fact that the strength numbers are off the chart, they still manage to use weak magicks to subdue their enemy. VR's are the slowest class and may need some leveling up to obtain a viable speed.

Tranced Caster [Rod, Tome] - The most elite magickal type of class. Casters have a very wide arsenal of non-elemental and elemental spells. While their physical caliber is not all that great, their magick capacity and casting times are relentless. VR's are most likely a key part of a battle due to the fact that almost every foe in The World has a weakness, and this special class can exploit it.

De-Tranced Caster [Stave, Partisan] - Another elite magick class. Much like the Tranced Caster, the D-TC has a low attack and and extremely high magickal attack. But this class is adept in status ailments. Such as poison or shock. D-TC's also can buff their party by raising their speed, attack, defence etc. This class is really effective in a large party. D-TC can manipulate the Psi State of other Players except with those of the D-TC, AS, BA, and DB classes.

Steady Shot [Rifle, Bow] - Steady Shot's often fight from afar and almost always have to be in a party to be affective. An SS will have to be leveled high and have a powerful weapon to fight by themselves. SS's also base their attacks off of skills rather than magicks. Although, magickal ammunition is also a possibility. SS's have the natural ability to be undetected in the environment.

Dire Blade [Sword, Lance] - A well rounded class. Each of it's attributes raise together as it levels up. Despite the fact that this specific class can use high leveled magick attacks, it is only allowed one element of its choice. DB's can combine both physical and magickal attacks to damage an opponent. DB's care most likely able to handle their own business, therefore, a party is not necessary for this class.

Ringer Blast [Dual Blade, Dual Pistol]
- One of the most popular classes in the World today. These players can move almost as fast as Blitz Arcanas but their weapons are faster. RB's are immune to any kind of Light Magicks but their physical defenses are the worst in the World. With that being said, if struck by a VR, it is a sure sign of Game Over.

Shadow Reaper [Scythe, Cursed Katana] -This specific class benefits off the experience of others. Using Heavy Magic, the SR can deal much damage based off of any attribute of the opponent. As far as physical strength goes, they have a tendency to add status ailments to the victim. SR’s are generally skilled at the beginning of their journey, but do not learn much later on as a result.

Adept Scoundrel [Any Weapon, Light Weapon] - Much like the Adept Rogue, the Adept Scoundrel can wield any type of weapon available type of weapon including that of Light Weapons. However, AS cannot use any type of magick or any abilities whatsoever. They mainly have to rely on their basic attributes and help from other party members. AS can also change the Psi State of a weapon.

Template – Please fill out the account information below to begin your trek of The World R:L

Name: This is your name. Please provide first and last.

Username: This is the name of the character you will be using. Provide nicknames, if any.

Gender: Male or Female?

Age: How old are you?

Appearance: What does your player look like?

Persona: What does your character act like? This does not have to be reflective of your personal actions.

Class: Please choose 2.

Weapon(s): Please include the type of weapon and the Psi State. Also give any minor abilities your weapon might give your character.

Abilities: Please only choose up to 4. If deemed too powerful, you may be asked to tone them down.

Magick: When listing magick, please give the type in brackets. Example: [Heavy] Psi Charge.

Avatar: Please list your avatar's name, weapon, and appearance. *You'll only use avatars in the RP very few times.

Level: High, Medium, or Low

History of The World:
Does not necessarily have to be too extensive. Please include background on what you have been previously doing before signing up or re-modeling a character.

Once finished everything will be reviewed and you will be accepted or denied based on your information given above.

Accepted Players:

Landyx reborn - Landyx
thechasersblade - white wolf
Akans - Reim
∞ - Daedalus
Skye - Aceaveo
Shinra X-2 - Bluefire Blazer
Flower - Evangeline
Piercing Light - Hiro
Sean - Red
Jozi - Morrigan

Pending Players:

Chaos - Ace
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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Name: Dylan L. Smith

Username: Lanydx nickname L

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: A teen with black wavy hair with white tips at the end. He wears a black coat and jeans. Also an eye patch covers his right eye. Eyes are red.

Persona: He act goofy and will try to have fun hanging out but also as a rookie to the World he freaks out when it time for battle.

Class: Blitz Arcana, Ringer Blast

Weapon(s): Two daggers: They will be put in the air attack in the blink of an eye.Arga Two pistols. They are both guns.Deata

Abilities: Super speed: Being able to run faster when HP is very low. Gambler's luck: Able to doge some attacks at higher rate.
Limit: extra attack power at 1% of HP
Plan C: Able to run from enemies faster.

Magick: Elemental Lightning blade. A quick dash attack that deals heavy damage in rage mode.

Level: Low

History of The World:
A high school kid trying to hang out with friends and finish homework on time. Loves playing games and a friend told him about the World. He clicked and thought "Why not? Could be fun."

So am I in?
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Apr 26, 2007
Good temp and all, but you have to give descriptions of your magick attacks or defenses. Kinda like your abilities.


Prepared To Die
Sep 17, 2007
Are technology-based characters, weapons and abilities allowed?


Apr 26, 2007
Yeah since it's somewhat of a technological based world.


Prepared To Die
Sep 17, 2007
Sweet. Is a single laser blade and combined plasma-solid ammunition rifle acceptable, or is that too much?

Nyx Winters

The Dawn Fox
Oct 26, 2008
Name: pryde lebua

Username:white wolf

Gender: Male

Age: 14



he wears a black coat that goes all the way to his ankles
under neath there is a battle suit similair to a naruto anbu uniform
Persona: he is normally a happy person thing is taking out pkers is what really makes him happy because lets just say it he is a bit weird but he is a pkker and their all weird or have a deathwish

Class: adept scoundrel/shadow reaper


psi state sympha
Imageshack - ebonyivorymi4.jpg

shadow.reaper weapon
Scythe death image by gmill711 on Photobucket

only in s.r mode
instant speed : able to move at the speed of sound
light energy : can leak light energy at times it seems to make people happy and none violent
metamorphic: ability to slightly adjust his look eg hair facial markings cloths
eagle eye: he is able to see 10x futher then the norm

avatar a cross between bumble bee and starscream ill edit it later

Magick: none elemental
like example
space distaution: takes away the gravity
temperal : makes the gravity heavier

Level: medium

History of The World:he has been playing for awile you know adventuring and being heroic but that is over for now he is now forming his own guild the silent wolves a group of pkkers they up hold the peace by taking out the blood thirsty he is watching out for a special group of pkers that pked his bast freind max/orion who is now missing that's what really started his witch hunt for pkers

on the outside world he is just an ordinary kid livin life the way he want's
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Feb 7, 2008
Hella interesting. Though since Landyx took my Ringer Blast class, I'll have to do something else...
Anti-speed? Hmm that could work *grins evilly*

Name: Kyoroj D. Kvyonist

Username: Reim (but will usually refer to himself as Kyoroj)

Gender: Male

Age: Just turned 17.

'cept a bit younger.

Persona: Hates moving. Kyoroj is a lazy bum that can't stand having to do more than necessary. However, at the same time, Kyoroj is very loud and outspoken, oftentimes in a very arrogant and annoyed tone of voice that doesn't earn him a lot of friends. His biting sarcasm and dry wit draws both laughs and annoyance from those around him, but he can't really muster up to energy to really care about those who dislike him.
His class choice and abilities reflect his personality. Usually, Kyoroj has to never move to defeat an enemy - in most cases, not moving actually increases his chances of winning, though he is unusually nimble when he needs to be.
He likes PK'ing though. A lot. Though he always finds PK'ing other PK'ers funner than attacking normal players but PK'ers are usually hard to track... so Kyoroj compromises.

Class: De-Tranced Caster all the way!

Weight of the World: A big, somewhat clunky staff-spear that Kyoroj carries around with him at all times. Psi-state Sympha.
There's nothing special about it, its just an unadorned stick of wood with a mysterious little engraving at the tip of one end.
Some may call it ugly, but Kyoroj likes it. It's heavy, but it has saved his ass in quite a few dozen situations. The item is non-typical, meaning that very very few people know of this weapon, or have even seen it, most of the time underestimating it, assuming the staff is a low-level item. Its effect? Mass transfer of items.
Kyoroj basically carries a knapsack full of incredibly heavy bricks and chunks of metal. A nice enchanter fixed up his bag so that it will reduce weight carried to 10%, but when all these heavy bricks are quickly transferred into the enemy's inventory... the enemy slows down, very fast. 200 bricks isn't something a person can tote around without breaking a spine or two.
Kyoroj suspects this item is a semi-admin item. He has never seen any other player use it, and its effect itself is borderline admin. He had obtained it through mail - it looks like someone had mistyped a name during sending, since the the opening of the letter said "Reimu", rather than Reim. But until Kyoroj finds this mysterious Reimu, he'll keep it for safekeeping...

Lethargy: Passive. Decreases movement speed. As Kyoroj's movement speed decreases, his defense and health/health regeneration increases. The longer Kyoroj does not move, the better he gets to know the ground and area around him, allowing him to use the environment to his advantage. So when Kyoroj is basically crawling on the ground, he becomes a fortress while it is next to non-existant when Kyoroj is moving fast.
Drawback: Kyoroj takes 2x damage, but gains a 100% melee damage reflection.
Vector Flow: Randomly changes the enemy's Psi state, as well as decreasing all resistances.
Over There: Moving is a pain. When Kyoroj sits down, his laziness carries him until he floats away~...
Its just a short teleportation that looks more like a slide than anything else. Cannot go through objects or up inclines, and works only on level ground.

Magick: His magick does low damage, but can be cast in quick succession. The de-buffs it inflicts is annoying to the extreme.
Weighted Gravity [Non-Elemental]: While it is named 'gravity', its powers is more similar to telekinesis, or manipulation of force. It basically just moves things, though its offensive form is a sphere of crunching force that severely slows the enemy (and for good reason - its usually hard to run fast with broken legs).
Spike Spree [Non-Elemental]: Just your average spike launcher. High chance to stun and has great armorpiercing potential. While this attack is normally a 'medium' in terms of damage, it is by far Kyoroj's strongest normal spell.
Spirited Away: Grants a massive boost to movement speed to a single person, as well as reversing all movement debuffs to buffs. Great for getting your sh*t out of there, but decreases all damage done by half.
Time Spin: Reverses the attack and movement speed all characters in a medium-sized area. Very slow characters become very fast while speedy characters suddenly start dragging their feet.
Petrification: Massive movement speed debuff that is cast with a solid strike of his stick. Ignores magic resistance. Against enemies at a low enough level, it can halt movement completely and deal Earth-based damage over time, though it increases physical defense enormously.
Finisher [Non-Elemental]: A magical finishing move in the form of a big ass lance. It takes a long time to cast, but inflicts immense damage, as well as giving three random high level debuffs to the enemy if they somehow manage to survive. This move drains the caster of all SP and stuns them for 10 seconds afterwards. Damage depends on how much SP is left.

Level: Medium-High

History of The World: Kyoroj had originally designed a speedy Ring Blaster, Blitz Arcana character, but then got tired of it. Very quickly. Not only was there so much requirements on reaction time and dexterity (both of which Kyoroj lacks), there were also a huge parade of RB/BA characters wandering around, so Kyoroj trashed his old character and re-modeled a new one based completely on the idea of not moving.

But he was going to drag the rest of the world down with him. Kyoroj specializes in destroying speed-based characters (though like all classes, he has specific weaknesses), and likes to annoy the hell out of assassin-wannabe characters by slowing them so much that a child could knock them over and steal their wallet. Though Kyoroj lacks damaging attacks, he is by far the most annoying character ever created.
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Apr 26, 2007
@landyx and thechasersblade:

You can only have one Psi State. Change that and you'll be accepted.


That's pretty original. You're in.


Prepared To Die
Sep 17, 2007
Name: Jeremy Howell

Username: Daedalus

Gender: Male

Age: 17 years

Appearance: Taller than most people even double his age, but otherwise not physically impressive. Moderately built, with short grey-brown hair and grey-blue eyes. [Picture]

Persona: With just five words: analytical, arrogant, apathetic, erudite and imaginative. Jeremy has always found it very easy to use logic and reasoning to find his way out of a situation, and in having a very good grasp of how anything in the world links to something else, can come up with many ideas quickly for many situations. On top of this, while he may not be great at execution, he understands new concepts very quickly and unless they require a very high degree of skill will usually master them within a few days.
His ability to learn quickly and deeply, through direct and indirect means, has been a source of pleasure and loneliness for Jeremy, typically separated from his peers by a few dozen IQ points, but unwilling to dumb himself down. This ever-present intellectual superiority has led him to become arrogant, though not without justification. He will make sure, in any situation, to observe and understand something before he intends to act upon it or attempt to change it.

Class: Steady Shot, Adept Scoundrel

F.U.B.A.R. - A weapon and tool that is difficult to describe. On his previous account, some properties of which he has transferred to his new one, Jeremy was a mid-level programmer within the game, renowned within certain servers for his efforts and ability to fix bugs and viruses within a day. This is one remnant from that account. The name 'F.U.B.A.R.' is an acronym for 'Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition'. It is not a tool available to standard users, but as a moderator, Jeremy was granted one. The easiest summary of it, physically speaking, is of a cross between a sword and a large wrench, although the tool has many other parts to it that are physical representations of the tasks it can fulfil. Jeremy usually adds, removes or alters functions as tasks become common or rare enough to justify changing the tool, resulting in a very unusual and ungainly tool.
It is a bout a foot long, but can extend from it a three-foot-long laser blade, although its effect isn't much different to a standard solid blade, more just for show. The tool is typically surrounded by orbiting digital symbols of code, and when in use these speed up and brighten. The tool is able to alter most properties of things not directly programmed into The World, and, if it is ever used in battle against viruses or players deemed as rule-breakers, it deals double damage to them. It can dispatch a virus if fully charged, but this takes roughly a minute to do so and has a minute's cooldown. This function is not available to be used on players, though.
Psi-state: Sympha

DA-MB Assault Rifle - A distance weapon that can fire, separately or simultaneously, magical or bullet ammunition. The magical aspect of fire is non-elemental, and deals virtually no physical or solid damage, but drains shields and magical objects/creatures/spells quickly, with an added leech effect that remains for ten or so seconds, depending on for how long it was fired. The solid ammunition can be changed for other kinds so long as the barrel and magazine can fit the bullet. The range of this part of the weapon is substantial, almost nudging into sniper-rifle territory. It's un-augmented shots are weaker than sniper shots, but do have a faster rate of fire and larger magazine of twelve bullets.
Magic ammunition is unlimited, and fires at a rate of one hundred shots a minute, though is affected by both overheat, and when 'emptied' refills at a rate of one shot per two seconds.
Shell types themselves do not change, but the contents can be modified to typically accompany high/timed explosive shots, acid, venom and liquid nitrogen, as well as magical enchantments. Bullets do not run out, and must be purchased or put together through alchemy from gathered resources.
Psi-State: Sympha
These are the two weapons that Daedalus has on his at all times. Other pieces of equipment are added or removed as they are required.

Alchemy: The ability to put together gathered loot and items to make new ones out in the field. Any player without the alchemy skill-set needs to go to towns or travelling shops to acquire net items or repair existing ones. The number and variety of items required to produce things is the same for Daedalus out in the field as it is for anyone at a store.
Technician: A skill-set dealing entirely with vehicles and machines. Objects can have 'parts' of them removed, altered or added to change the properties of the whole, not to mention status ailments induced in them, such as weakened armour or slower movement. Along with this, 25% damage, healing and modification buffs are granted to anything that Daedalus does to a machine.
Engineering: Able to construct machines, typically turrets or automatons, to assist in battle or task fulfilment, which will self-destruct once the battle is over or the task completed, if they were not destroyed beforehand.
Fortification: Grants a state of permanence for Daedalus and anything he holds or has made, including if other Guild Members hold them. Health does not go down, magic does not drain, status ailments do not hold effect, weapons are unbreakable, and so on, for a time depending on how long the technique was charged for. Cooldown lasts ten times as long as the technique lasted once activated, and all heals, damage and ailments take effect once the Fortification wears off. For instance, if Daedalus received enough damage to be killed while Fortification was active, once it wears out he will die. Subsequently, if he was healed enough to negate such a death, he will come out of things still alive.

[Non-Elemental] Rust - Induces stat drops and 'health'/integrity (distance from breaking) decreases in enemy inventions and equipment.
[Elemental] Short Circuit - Enemy machines and mechanical objects are temporarily paralysed and dealt small electrical damage.
[Non-Elemental] Teleportation - Daedalus can instantly teleport to any active (non-broken) piece of equipment or invention in the current field. He can also use this to organise said things into specific configurations, or bring them all together in one place.

Level: Medium.

History of The World:
Jeremy first signed up to The World in the previous version, and grew quickly addicted to the realism it offered, but soon found it too impinging on his studies in the senior years of high-school. Finishing a year earlier than all the people of his age, he found himself with plenty of spare time and used it as a beta tester for the current version of The World. As such, he was given a higher chance of receiving free entry into the system. Through the pulling of some strings with players and moderators he used to know well, he managed to get most of the essentials of his equipment returned to him before his old account was entirely deleted and the involved moderators and players doing the trafficking were banned.


Loveable Iddiot
Jun 17, 2009
Goodbye, So Long, Nice Try, Im gone
Name: Gale Sanada

Username: Aceaveo

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Brown hair, with tight dark blue jeans along with Small Grey shirt finishing with a Grey/tan jacket.

Persona: He's always tries to be funny, optimistic and tries to find any good side even its bad. He can be a total cluts
at some things. He can never be at all gets serious at times, but once hes been told its time to get serious..hes a different person

Class: Dire Blade, Ringer Blast

Tri-Blade - It's a blade that is 3/4s big as him. Its stronger then any material. with the ability to grow 1 more blade diagonally on
each side.

Zen - A upgraded White silver hand gun. Ability, Doesn't need to reload.

Psi State - Sympha

Abilities: High Jump,
Sword movement teleportation - User can teleport a sword or weapon like a missile.
Gamble - At a tight spot one strike could finish off the enemy (If its two strong, Stuns them for a period of time).
Exp - Low health, more exp.


[Elemental]Fire Storm - basically the name says it all
[light] Glower - Improves the stats of yours and the partys weapons
[light] Speedster - Attack rates up ^
Level: Medium

History of The World: He's just the average player who wants to play the game for fun. Until he's been hearing rumors that's been going around. He's been investigating, but the only clue he has...Is that, its about him.

(Just a quick note, I haven't RP'd in a year..)
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Apr 9, 2009
Name: Renn A. Gurski

Username: Blufire Blazer

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Outside the world:
His hair is a dark brown and his eyes are forest green. He stands tall at 6"10' and He has Black Bifocal Glasses, Yes he's a nerd... But at least he tries his best to be stylish by wearing things like Graphic T-shirts, Blue jeans, And White Skater shoes with Black stripes.

In the world:
He still retains his Brown hair but he has black streaks through them now, His green eyes are more of a shiny emerald green rather then a forest green now. His skin is a light peach but he doesn't wear his glasses anymore and a scar that curves toward his nose from his jawline is seen. His outfit is a Black cape with blue streaks and a Black T-shirt and Black Cargo pants with blue tribal designs on each pocket and he has black knight's boots.

Persona: Renn's persona is like that of a recluse... he rarely talks to others to avoid Humiliation because that tends to happen alot once he starts talking. In the world he's seen as the Mysterious Blufire Blazer... but outside the world... he's just an antisocial Nerd... and as all nerds are, his skills in strategy and contests of intellect are astounding. Renn was once happy with this type of life. But since his social life was in the dump, He came to realize that he all he wanted was to be cool... He found a way to do that by joining R:L.

Class: Dire Blade, Shadow Reaper.

Weapon(s): A Golden sword with silver rose vines lacing around the blade Psi-state is Arga, and a Rouge Scythe, A scythe that has a black handle and a Purple blade, Psi-state is Sympha.

Abilities: Status Spell: An ability that allows Renn to cause status ailments to spells to inflict more than just Elemental or non-elemental damage.

Rouge's Quick cure: Allows Renn to heal a small amount of health and cure a status ailment, It'll grow with strength to cover all status Ailments but the Amount it heals health will stay the same. Currently can only cover Poison, Paralyzation and Silence.

Status Strike: Adds 5% chance of any Status ailment to happen upon the foe added to the value of initial percentage of inflicting an ailment. Example: 20% chance of inflicting Poison or Silence+ Status Strike = 25% chance of inflicting Poison or Silence. Range will be added as the Status range increases as well.

First aid: Heals 15% of a party member's Max HP to someone who has 5% or less health. Cannot be used upon the skill user.

Magick: Fire spin (Elemental): Renn sends out a Good sized Fire tornado and it deals damage in the same fashion a tornado would...

Blizzard Shot: Renn sends a large hunk of ice at a foe. Dealing ice damage

Recovery (Light): He heals about 50% health to either himself or a party member.

Level: high

History of The World: Renn was 16 when he recieved just got home when he saw this letter adressed to him on the counter. Then his mom came down and explained to him that she entered him in a contest and He was one of the winners. Mom entered him in it to see if it would perk up his mood and Boy did it ever. Renn shed off all his after school clubs so that He could get home to play it... he was absolutely exstatic about playing the world. He built a good Reputation within the three months between the time that he recieved the letter and his 17th birthday. He's now been in the world for about 5 months and People see him as a legend now.


~ ♥~ Grand Summoner~ ♥~
Jan 3, 2006
Racing chocobos ~
Evania Giogeryo





Standing shorter than the average female player, Evangeline has pale skin with dark green eyes and very long, blonde hair cut cleanly around her waist. On her head she wears a teal-colored headband decorated with a pair of angel wings from the sides, with white princess gloves extending over her elbows, white thigh high boots, and a teal and gold colored choker with an Aquamarine at its center. She wears a teal sleeveless dress with two layered skirts that trail behind her.

Evangeline is quiet, though talks when needed. She is used to meeting new people and joining random parties, as well as being invited. She puts her role as Healer above all else, and when on the offensive makes sure that each attack makes a hit. Exploring is something she finds amusing, though analyzing a player's persona is one of her bad habits.

Tranced Caster ; Steady Shot

Psi State--Deata

Evangeline possesses a rare weapon called TwiLa, a bow that collapses together to form a rod.

Twi--The bow form of TwiLa, this bow gives the user a 25% HP Boost.

La--The staff form of TwiLa, this staff gives the user the ability to continue casting, even if hit.

Exchange - When low on HP, is able to exchange SP to HP.
Exp Exchange - Instead of earning EXP, it is instead converted into SP.
Healing Touch - When standing still, she is able to regenerate 1% of her HP.
Perfect Aim - Boosts Accuracy to 100% for an amount of time, depending on how much SP is given.

[Elemental] Gan Bolg - causes Earth damage
[Elemental] Rue Kruz - causes Water damage
[Elemental] Vak Don - causes Fire damage
[Elemental] Zan Rom - causes Wind damage
[Elemental] Lei Zas - causes Light damage
[Elemental] Ani Zot - causes Dark damage
[Non-Elemental] Divinity - Single pillar of light bursts down from above. Ideal for single opponents, 22% chance of added Blindness.
[Non-Elemental] Retribution - Bursts of light rain down from the heavens, showering the area. Ideal for multiple enemies, bursts are randomized.
[Healing] Lao Repth - Recovers a medium amount of HP to those nearby.
[Healing] Rip Maen - Revives dead players

Name: Macha
Weapon: Flower Petals
Appearance: BRB


History of The World:
A few years ago, Evangia's older brother played the older version of The World. Once he graduated and moved out, Evangia kept in touch with him through The World. She has quite a bit of experience under her belt, and when given the inviation, imported Evangeline.
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