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Jul 3, 2009
“Now remember girls.” A mother says in a dim room. The room is small and has two beds. Two little girls, sisters, sit on one bed while their mother speaks to them. “I always want you two to be safe.” The sisters nod. “There is a lot of trouble in the world. No one person can stop it.” The sisters blink in child innocence. The only trouble they ever caused was running in the house full of mud. The world must be drowning in mud, a thick layer that will harden, and become difficult for it to break. “You two must be good; a little good in the world can change a lot.” The sisters look at each other, and say in unison. “Yes mama.”

Haneul and Jin Sang walk through the schoolyard. Haneul’s short black hair bounces as she walks and the sound of her wind and fire wheels click and clank. Special weapons she and her sister wield since they were very young. Each wheel hangs on her hip on both sides. Chains were attached to Haneul’s and her sister’s wind and fire wheels for extra length, and an extra punch.

Haneul looks down while walking. Jin Sang notices from the corner of his eye and stops suddenly. “Why are you stopping?” asks Haneul. Jin Sang knows Haneul a little too well. He knows when something is wrong with her, and he always knows how to make it better. “Just be happy okay?” Haneul exhales, “I’ll try, it’s just hard!” Jin Sang rolls his eyes, “School will be over and all will be good. You’ll get to leave everything behind.” Haneul crosses her arms. “And my sister?” “Long gone! You won’t have to worry about her.” Jin Sang says with a smile. Haneul can’t help but smile, but deep inside she worries about her younger sister, Mi Sun.

“Everything will be fine. We’ll go to school in the west and start over.” Jin Sang says. “We?” Haneul questions. “Uh, well I can’t let you go alone.” Haneul looks down; she touches the metal wheels that hang on her hips. “I don’t know if I can leave so soon. I can’t leave my parents in danger.” Jin Sang bites his lip and looks around. “What danger?” He asks. “I don’t know, I just have a feeling. A feeling that something terrible will happen.” Haneul turns away from Jin Sang. “Well whatever happens, you know I’ll always have your back.” Jin Sang says. Haneul turns back to Jin Sang, “Thanks. You’re a great friend.” Jin Sang smiles. “Yeah, friend.”

“Oh sister!” Mi Sun shouts. Haneul buries her face in her hands. “My day was almost perfect.” Mi Sun circles around Haneul and Jin Sang then stops in front of the two. “Hey Jin Sang, you’re looking good.” Jin Sang glances at Haneul, then at Mi Sun. “Uh, thank you.” He says looking away quickly. Mi Sun gets closer to Jin Sang, touching his jawline. “I don’t know why my sister doesn’t date you. She’s so shy.” Haneul’s anger builds up, but mostly embarrassment. “What do you want Mi Sun?” Haneul says through her teeth. Mi Sun smiles and backs away from Jin Sang. “Tell mama that I’m going to be late for dinner. I’ve got a date.” She smirks. “Ok, fine. You can go now.” Mi Sun flips her hair and strides away. “Bye Sister!”

“I miss the old Mi Sun.” Haneul says as her sister disappears with a large group. “She’ll mature when she reaches our age.” Jin Sang says encouraging Haneul. “In a year? I doubt it.”

“Haneul did your sister tell you what time she’s coming home.” Mama asks. “No Mama.” Haneul sips from a cup. “She’ll probably come home in the middle of the night.” Papa rolls his eyes. “I don’t know how she got so out of control. It’s my fault.” Haneul and Mama exchange looks. “No Papa, it’s not you, it’s her. She’s the one that changed ever since she’s been hanging out with those thugs.” Haneul and Papa smile at each other. Mi Sun opens the front door and slams it. The whole house shakes, Mama and Papa look at each other. Mi Sun ignores the family and walks straight to her room. “Mi Sun.” Papa says firmly. Mi Sun rolls her eyes; she spins on one heel and faces her father. “Yes Papa.” Haneul stares at her younger sister, she looks so different. Mi Sun looks tired, not tired, but as if she has been drained, like someone has sucked away her youth. Her almond shape eyes have black circles; her lips wore a dark blood color of lipstick.

“Where have you been?” Papa asks. Mi Sun crosses her arms. “Just out.” Haneul and Mama look at Papa, they stay quiet. “I don’t want you to go out anymore. You’re to stay home and focus on school.” Papa says. Mi Sun throws her arms down, “That’s not fair!” Papa continues, “I don’t want a juvenile in my home.” Mi Sun looks around to her sister and Mama, “Fine! I’ll leave then.” Mi Sun storms out of the kitchen, when she reaches the front door she turns to her family. “I would watch out, don’t sleep with your eyes closed.” Mi Sun slams the door, again the house shakes, and so does the family’s hearts.

Haneul sits staring into space, staring into an infinite of nothing. She feels nothing as her whole body is numb with pain. Haneul’s body twitches to regain some feeling, a way to revive her broken body. A pool of water forms in her eyes from the lack of blinking. Haneul flickers her eyes and the tears stream down her face. As the tears fall she awakes inside, Haneul breathes heavily, for air seems to be thinning. Her head aches. Memories and thoughts of pain return from a minute ago. A whole sixty seconds feels like a lifetime. About a minute ago she was left for dead, left with a wound that won’t heal; a wound that will never scab over and turn to a soft scar.

Haneul hits the ground with a thud. Her weapon rolls by her side as her grip loosens. With a smile on her face, Mi Sun walks to her sister. “Haneul you knew this would happen, you knew, and that’s why you didn’t leave for school.” Haneul rolls to her back, she looks up at her sister. Mi Sun looks superior, Haneul feels like the younger sister. “If you left, you wouldn’t have seen Papa and Mama dead. You could have had a happy life with Jin Sang. But no, you wanted to be Papa and Mama’s good child and be a hero.”

Haneul squeezes one of her wind and fire wheels, Mi Sun does the same. The two stare at each other, no one moves. Mi Sun attaches her wind and fire wheels to her hips; she grabs Haneul’s stray wind and fire wheel. She examines it with no emotion. Haneul’s heart begins to race, death is about to meet her. Mi Sun swings the wheel around, and strikes it towards the ground to Haneul’s face. Haneul can feel her heart explode, but she didn’t feel the blood rushing out. Haneul opens her eyes; the metal wheel is pierced into the ground, an inch away from her head.

Haneul exhales and sits up slowly, Mi Sun is gone. Her white clothes have blood splatters, and her left side is drenched in blood. One of Mi Sun’s wheels struck her before. “What do I do now?” Haneul says quietly.

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Aug 30, 2009
Well Krista, it's pretty much as good as how you showed it to me before. For not writing in awhile, it's pretty great.

I especially like the ending of it, I'd like to know more of those two characters! Did you add some of yourself in it perhaps?? Thinking of the wind and fire wheels. haha =3
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