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Hara Ga Kuroi Akuma (Retry)

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Jan 6, 2005
Basking in Eternal Darkness

Hara Ga Kuroi Akuma

translation: Black Demon

In a society named Arunathia where demons live along side humans in perfect harmony in cities, there are also villages in which some of these demons are sealed within humans themselves. The act is tradition throughout the entire world and was said to have started thousands of years ago when the first human to demon contact was said to have first occurred. The tradition is quite common, though an incident occurred no more than at least one hundred years prior to the present day and time.

Within a secluded, almost forgotten, village, there was held the ceremony in which children first receive the demon that would be a part of them until the day in which they both die. Eggs are presented before the children and they approach each one to see whether or not it will hatch for them. When an egg does hatch, the child takes the demon away from the other group and joins another side group for children who have also obtained they're demon.Each child that has a demon sealed within it gains some traits and abilities of the demon that inhabits them. The more power a person draws from a demon, the more they begin to resemble the demon they contain. After each child has received his or her new hatched demon, a second ceremony commences named "The Sealing". A group of elders in the village then perform a chant before the children and they're demon recedes into the body of its chosen human. Almost all of these demons are good natured and very rarely are they malevolent. Though this is what happened on the incident. A demon had chosen a very odd and peculiar child, one who seemed dark and cold, and was sealed within him. Normally, the consciousness of both beings residing in the body have equal influence and one is not supposed to dominate the other. This demon however, did.
Each child that has a demon sealed within it gains some traits and abilities of the demon that inhabits them. The more power a person draws from a demon, the more they begin to resemble the demon they contain.

The boy had become possessed by the demon and his body changed to more resemble the demon. A rampage commenced directly afterwards. The village had been destroyed and all of its inhabitants killed. The boy now moved onto other villages and did the same.There were few villages left intact after only one day after the demon's awakening. The demon then proceeded on to attack the major cities around the area. During all of this death and destruction, the demon evolved and grew more powerful and completely devoured the young boy's mind leaving only the demon in its place. The chaos spread past the area of the demon's birth and traveled to different nations, wreaking to same havoc and death as what he did with all the other areas. The world's destruction continued for exactly one year and then suddenly ceased after the demon's abrupt disappearance. The result of the attack left only half of the world's original and human and demon populations. The name of this ungodly powerful demon was simply, Yami.

Years went on and the world recovered slowly. New cities now stand over the ruins of the ones previously destroyed by Yami. Villages also began to sprout up and the ceremonies began again. No new precautions have been taken however, to prevent a second incident. Since there haven't been any problems, people have dismissed the fact that Yami still lives. He was never killed, he only disappeared. There are now reports of frequent earthquakes in the vicinity around where Yami was last witnessed attacking before his disappearance. People choose to ignore these reports for they believe it is only the media trying to scare them. Little do they know, Yami's second coming is drawing near and he had a legion of other demons who are also now becoming active.

Alright I'm done typing the story. Now to present....The Rules!!!!

-You must be mostly Literate! I'm not going to stress this that much, but I would appreciate it if you were literate.
-No godmodding! I don't want everyone running around destroying cities or other demons or humans with no limitations. Or controlling other peoples characters to make them jump off a ledge or something.
-No PKing! Please...don't kill of another person character without that person's permission.
-No overly foul Language! Cursing someone out is not okay! Neither is swearing every time your character speaks.
-Romance is allowed and encouraged! But keep it PG13! I don't want to see any scenes that would make someone's grandma cry.
-If you have read these said rules post "YamiRyuu Akuma" in your character template.

The Template! You should all knows these are expected and required, but sometimes dreaded.

This is for a Human Character

Name: (First and Last)
Appearance: (at least 1 or 1.5 paragraphs if typed)
Appearance2: (How your character looks when they start utilizing the power of their demon)
Personality: (1-2 paragraphs)
Bio: (I would appreciate if it was about 2-3 paragraphs. 2 is good though)

Demon's Name:
Appearance:(should be similar to your Appearance2)
Elemental Energy: (Fire,wood, shadow, water, wind, light, earth, etc...you get it right? Should tie into your human's abilities and powers)

This is for a Demon character

Elemental Energy:

And thats it!!!
Note: Remember to specify if your character is human or demon!

My Character

Name: Desrin Higaki
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Desrin is of medium build and about 5'11. His muscle defined, but not overly large in size. His face is slender and his skin slightly paled. His eyes are very slim, as they resemble that of a reptiles. They're color is a deep sapphire blue with specks of gold littered throughout the iris. The hair atop his head falls loosely in long, black strands that come a little ways past the base of his neck.
He downs a garb consisting of a crimson red Chinese style vest with intricate designs that are similar to that of a dragon winding around the entire vest. His pants, not following his vest, are baggey, black, cargo jeans with a thin chain extending from the primary left pocket around to the back of the pants to the other pocket. The shoes he wears are also modernized as they are red tennis shoes with a blacked spiked pattern going across the bottom part of the shoe and up the heel.

Appearance2: The first change that can be noticed about Desrin is his hair.It turns from being loose and flowing into spiky and collected. His hair is pulled upwards at an angle and becomes very spiky. His eyes go from being their usual blue color to a crimson red slightly dark than his shirt. His ears also elongate and become elfin like. Two bright red triangular markings also emerge on either side of his cheeks and he grows prominent fangs that slightly protrude out from under his upper lip.
His natural body composition doesn't change much, though his muscle mass does increase slightly. On his arms forearms also form markings similar to those on his cheeks, only more elongated to cover the length of the arm. The nails on his fingers also grow in length and sharpness.
Another peculiar change is the growth of a reptilian like tail that is slightly thinner than the width of Desrin's body and black scaled wings the extend downward towards the backs of his knees. The wing span of these said wings are about two or three feet longer than Derin's height. These black scales also cover a majority of his back and small areas on the sides and back of his neck, arms, and legs and cheeks.

Personality: Desrin could be said as being outgoing, but can also be very shy sometimes. Mostly kept to himself in large groups of people, Desrin only shows his true colors when his is alone or with very few people. He can be cruel and insensitive at other times, but it's just how he is.He would like to change his ways but is finding it to be a little difficult. Though his one redeeming trait would be his need to protect all of those who he thinks needs to be saved or helped even though he has a cold exterior.

Bio: Since Desrin has always had a strong sense of justice, hes felt the need to fight for what is right in a sense. Directly after he obtained Ryuuda, his demon, he immediately began feverishly training to hone his new skills and abilites. Though not to long afterwards was his village attacked by a mysterious group of rouge demons. The attack left his village in ruins and his family lie dead in what used to be their home. Ever since then, his personality slowly changed into what it is now.
Today, Desrin lives in a bustling city alone where he is now contemplating getting revenge on the destroyers of his village. His leads point to a group calling themselves "The Followers of the Black Demon." Strangely, it seems that they have only been recently wreaking havoc after the tremors at the site of Yami's disappearance.

Abilities/Powers: Heightened Speed, Heightened Senses, Increased Strength, Flight. Desrin also has the ability to create a black fire inferno and manipulate the fire with his will.

Demon's Name: Ryuuga
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ryuuga is a dragon demon about the size of Desrin, his container. His head is long, and very reptilian like with two grand horns coming out of the top of his head. Between these two horns is a mass spiky red hair that runs down his back between and over his two large wings.His eyes are the same blood red color of Desrin's when he draws on his energy and on each eye is a bright red marking that extends a little over the eye, downwards to the sides of his jaw. Every inch of his body is also covered with onyx, black scales. His tail is also longer than that of is human counter part as well as his markings which are more prominent. Ryuuga's hands consist of three thick scaly fingers that have powerful, sharp talons at their tips. This legs are very muscular at the thighs and also at the calves. His feet are also similar to his hands, which is them having very large and sharp talons. A hard, smooth armor plating covers the length of the front of Ryuuga's torso.
Personality: Ryuuga is pretty much a more confident, self-centered, and obnoxious version of Desrin. Not too mention cocky. He's always talking Desrin down when he fails at something and believes he should have a say in who controls the body. When hes not talking about Desrin, he's quietly contemplating ways to irritate him.

Elemental Energy:Fire, Shadow, and Utter Darkness


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May 22, 2006
Part Way Into The Darkness...
Name: Darc Dorango

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: like this, but blonde hair.

Appearance2: like this, but with scalier look

Personality: He is in love with fighting. The love of fighting has kept him from getting close to many people. He is very shy around a few women. and he loves to gain power.

Bio: Darc was born from a normal family, or so he thought. He had lived with his family for 15 years when he had heard a very strang voice in the back of his head. The voice told him to go to a cave that he was all the way in the part of town that he had never been to. At first he had tried to hide the voice, push it to the back of his head. But the voice was so powerful.

He finally decided to go there after a few days, for the voice had kept him awake for those nights. When he got to the other side of town he asked for directions. The man was very reluctant, but gave him the info that he needed. When he reached the cave, he forst saw nothing. But then the voice told him, " This is my daughter, treat her well, or she will kill you. When he walked into the center of the cave, An explosion happened at the very back of the cave. When he looked there he saw a body that was glowing blue. WHen he walked up he saw a vampiric dragon of sort.

Darc and Akarina, or Rina for short, were inseperable. When the town destroyed everything in the town that Darc had owned he was forced to leave or his mother would be killed. He left with Rina to never be seen again by the town.

Human form: Speed-water-jump high- fighting skills
speed - basiscally can run very fast
water - can bend water into objects
Jump high - do i really ne a description
Fighting Skills - knows many fighting skills, but mostly with a sword

Demon's Name: Akarina

Gender: female

Appearance: a mix of a vapire and a dragon. she is scaly, and very powerful.

Personality: since they have benn cinverged, and together so long she has the same personality.

Elemental Energy: Water, Ice, and a little earth
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