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pk para

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Jan 18, 2007
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who are we to help someone who is drowning in the ocean? it's their life (which, imo, they have set up to fail very quickly). It's their battle to fight, and right now, they're doing nothing. The only thing you can do is give them a panphlet about water safety. cough cough


Anyways, the difference being that the person in the ocean hasn't had the chance to say how he/she feels. If he/she wants to drown, then let em. If not, throw them the life float. (of coarse, people are too nice to just let he/she drown, and would intervene forcefully.) The girl has been offered help (the life float), and so far she hasn't done anything with it. Eventually people probably will forcefully intervene, but until then...

The second part of your post I agree with, though. =]

Tyler Durden

lmao, that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Great job professor Ignorant.

Hormones can act up as early as the age of 10, but that doesn't mean kids are ready for sex. With sex comes consequences, and no 14-year old is ready for those consequences. Her life would be screwed right now if she got pregnant or contracted an STD. If she were 6 years older, living in her own home, providing for herself, then she could handle the responsibility of having a baby. Even if she's using condoms, the principle is that if you're not ready to handle possible consequences, you shouldn't be having sex at all.

Just like she should trust them, which she isn't doing.

My advice is; if she doesn't listen to you, give the boy a beating and tell him to stop and respect her religion or the fact that neither of them are of legal age. If that doesn't work, go to her parents. If nothing works, just wait it out and try not to be bothered by it. She'd just have to learn things the hard way.

READY PHYSICALLY. Not emotionally. Ready for sex as in their gentials are warmer faster.

So know, I am not professor ignorant. =/

mentally ready = / = physically ready.

Tyler Durden

Why in the world was this four month old thread resurrected? nd for no reason, apparently.

Unless Furuba or whatever the name is is that girl. In which case she probably hates me by now.
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