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Fanfiction ► ~Hush~

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Mar 25, 2005
*deep breath* Here it goes:

Hush: Chapter 1

She knew she should be getting back. It was going to be dark soon and if she didn’t move from this spot, finding her way back home would be a complete nightmare.


She shuddered against the cool breeze that swept itself across the beach. She had been having a lot of those lately, and all of them ended the same way. Sora on his back…. lying on the cold, hard ground…. lifeless eyes unseeing, staring up the sky……

No. She buried her head further into her knees. The sand beneath her hands became painful as she balled them into fists. That’s not how it’s going to end!

She held back a sniff as she raised her head towards the water. The dying sun sinking ever so slowly as thoughts whirled through her mind.

She knew it was over. She could feel it. It had been like this for several days now. It was a painful relief clenching and unclenching within her stomach. She knew that somewhere, somehow, in a world far away the battle ended. And the outcome unknown even to those who knew a battle had even existed.

She stood up, not caring to wipe away the tears that had finally fallen. She glared at the sun as it spilled its red light through the water and the sky. Blood red.

She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the red color imprinted on the back of her eyelids to go away. She sank to her knees, clutching her head. She wished the nightmares would go away. She wished she had never wanted to leave the island. She wished there had never been a war. She wished she would stop feeling like she has lost him……


The strangled word lost on the air as another breeze played through her auburn hair and cooled the tears off her cheeks. The world silenced all around her for a moment before the soft sound of footsteps on sand met her ears.

Trembling, she looked up. A dark figure in the distance was making their way towards her. She rose from her crouched position and hastily wiped the back of her hand across her eyes. She watched as the figure took slow, measured steps, their shoulders sagging, their black hood constantly covering their face. It wasn’t until she saw a glint of metal behind their back did her feet start moving.

Could it be?

Her pace quickened as she began to recognize the brown hair poking out from under the hood.

Is it really….

The smile that threatened to spread across her face broke as the figure raised their head and a flash of recognition crossed their face.


By now she was stumbling over herself in a hurry to get to the one person she thought she had lost forever. Up ahead, Sora dropped the keyblade he had been dragging just in time as Kairi flung herself into his arms, knocking both of them back down onto the white sand.

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