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I notice somethin and it may have something to do with his new clothes

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Mar 11, 2005
ok, I'm not sure about this haveing anything to do with his clothes, thats just a thought, not a theory really but anyway, a few days ago there was a post about the paintings in the hotel in travers town and how it says dawn and dusk and how that has something to do with the dusk in KH2. and I was just wanting to go read those after I read it because I was borred, and I did, and directly afterwords I hit the SELECT button and it took me to first person view, I did this right in front of the picture that says Dusk, and I noticed that it is a painting of the road that sora and donald and goofy are walking at the very end when there talking about saving riku and king micky. now this picture of this road was labeled "Autum dusk" ( at least I think its autum... and yess I know I miss spelled autum ) so this is probably the road to dusk... yes? and riku is walking the road to dawn... yes? and if what i heard on some website about KH final mix ( I'm sorry I can't remember where it was, it was a while ago just trust me ) riku was walking the same road in the begining when mickey spoke to him just as a voice, as sora at the end or something like that, so he was walking the road to dusk as well which eventually lead him to giving into the dark ( although not all the way ) and giving him darker clothes...and a.... hula skirt..... ( alittle creepy if you ask me but, whatever he's into is his buisness ) but anyway if any of you have any further questions about my post PM me, cuase I have more, I'm just to lazy to type it
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