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Fanfiction ► {I Should Tell You} Fluffy OC One-Shot

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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
This ... is ... a thing. That ... Silver requested ... n' stuff.... -mumbles-

So, yeah! It spawns. Because they forced me to post it. And it's in first person, 'cause I can't write in any other person ... thing. Huzzah! :D ... you can probably guess what the pairing is if you're a Muffin Soldier.

Warning: "Minor" cussing -cough- and soopah sappy fluff. You'll die of fluff. And ... I sound emo. To myself. Yes, tis ... my own ... perspective.

-hides- I think I'm going to die for this.

~-~ It starts. ~-~

"Hey, secksi."

I inwardly glared at the off-white wall in front of me at the voice; how I hated that tone of his. The I'm-flirting-with-you-what-ya'-gonna-do-about-it voice. Dammit, just quit tormenting me. I love you, and you don't love me back, despite the compliments you're constantly giving me. So just ... quit teasing me.

"Hey, yourself," I responded easily, focusing on the notebook in my hands instead of the silver mane o' mohawk bouncing behind me.

I could really actually FEEL the little 'o:' face he was expressing now, despite the fact he was behind me,"Blantantly flirting with me, Krazy? I'm shocked."

Mumbling something incoherent about my inability to flirt under my breath and resisting the urge to bash my head against the nearest solid object, I suddenly looked down at what I had written so far. Doodles of hearts with 'Silverazy' in them and little stick figures that bore an uncanny resemblance to Silver and me. Twitching a little, I reluctantly stood up from my chair and turned to face him, angrily shutting my notebook and tossing it on the carpet.


The little flirt was-- ... was ...

... looking completely serious. This was a new development.

I tilted my head to the side at him in confusion, about to ask why he was sober and what he ate recently, but was immediately silenced as I felt fingers intertwining with mine. My breathing kind of ... died right then.

Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I'm not that girl

No one had ever ... held my hand this way. Intertwining fingers.... That was reserved for couples. Lovers! Old married people!

But not for Silver and I ...

I mean ... we were just friends ...


Just ... friends...?

Still upholding an unwavering argent gaze, Silver snaked his hand around my waist until it rested lightly at my lower back, reeling me in a little closer to him. I didn't react. I *couldn't* react. I don't even think I was breathing. I must've been, or else he would've called 911 by now....

Don't dream too far
Don't lose sight of who you are
Don't remember that rush of joy
He could be that boy
I'm not that girl

My jumbling thoughts were again abruptly interupted as Silver slowly and gently dipped his head downward to close the gap between us. And he kissed me. On the lips. For real.

And then he just as quickly pulled away.

I stared, disbelieving.

That ... it was ... he ...

... but ...

It was so ... *sweet*. Chaste. Gentle.

Ev'ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in

Everything I hadn't expected from someone like Silver. Silver. Silver, as in perverted, gonna-get-j00-while-you-sleep Silver. Had kissed me. Lightly. Almost like he was afraid I might run away screaming if he went any farther. But I would never ... leave him.

If I could, I would stay here in his arms forever. Because ... because ... I ... lo- ... lov ... I really--

SAY IT. JUST SAY IT. Again, my heart has its own thinking compared to my brain, for the latter seems to be frozen right now.

'I can't!' I retorted mentally, inner-me fighting against the barricades of my heart. 'Haven't you seen the movies?! Friends in love never make it! It wouldn't happen! It *couldn't* happen!'

So why can't you be the first ones to break the rules?

'... breakin' the rules once I learn the game?'

Yes. You know the game, now go break those mod-flammed rules.

I didn't have a response to that, so I just watched Silver's face for something. Anything. Maybe he would burst out laughing any second and claim it was a joke. Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe, in five seconds, I would wake up, and then have to dilude myself some more whenever Silver showed up. Dipping my head to hide my face from him, I mouthed familar lyrics that fit this situation far too well.

I should tell you, I should tell you....

Tell him.

'But he's Silver!'

Silver.... SILVER.

The little ass that's the only person on record to have ever made me blush. Or at least the closest to blushing I can get to.

The little bastard that makes me a jealous-ass bitch every time he even suggestively communicates with another girl that isn't me.

The only one to have ever called me pretty. Beautiful. Gorgeous, even. Repeatedly.

The only guy I've loved that's ever held my hand. Like he is now...

And finally, Silver is now the first and single person to have ever kissed me.

I wonder now --as we stare into eachother's faces at such a close proximity, not knowing what to do next-- I wonder now if he realizes what he's done. Just one little kiss started up a chain reaction I thought I had destroyed long ago. To save myself from hurt. It gave me hope, and the fire in my heart started crackling again. It had been cold far too long...

And I missed the warmth.

Feeling the ice melt away, I smiled up at Silver, reassuring him I didn't have a problem with the kiss, or with the way he was still holding me. He grinned back, lips brushing against my flushed cheeks, still pure. Time, please freeze for me. Just this once. Please.


I don't want to let go.​


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005

I frew up a little.

-points at Kat-

Over dere.

But I guess it's gud. This is still weird. >.O;





Darkrooms and safelights
Mar 19, 2005
Sitting inside the viewfinder of a camera, watchin
Kat, Amme can't believe you're laughing. And not killing them. Don't waste your ecks dees on my reaction. Amme knows. Amme guessed last week was was told unofficially two nights ago and officially yesterday. Amme's already spewed, and fallen off her desk chair at least three times.

Amme's already freakin' out and can't read this one-shot, because her kidneys might fail her. Amme was all ready to speak at Krazy and Silver's funeral because she thought they'd be murdered. Amme's shocked that they actually aren't dead.

Amme's banging her head on her keyboard for speaking in third person so much.

I'm trying to get on MSN. It's having issues.


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Now that the initial shock has worn off, prepare to be flamed separately and together..ly... tomorrow.


Because I heb a lot to say. XP


Vampire Fish
Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
-agrees with Kat-

Mmyes, dark times lie ahead...

-gives Amme a dragon plushie- You be careful falling out of your chair there, Amme. o.o


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
I know.

But since when do I heb mercy?

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