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Invocation to an Amalgation

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Crisis Break

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Jan 3, 2006
Poisonous California.
This, being appropriately placed, is a roleplay. But what type of roleplay shall this be? From a medieval quest in pursuit of a sorcerous venture, to a dystopian futuristic wasteland where the common family is fitted with guns whose amount is not of modesty? Will there be seven pre-determined heroes that will form together to challenge the powerhungry villain? A journey to escape the boundaries of a magically encasing castle through the eyes of the captives locked inside? Every roleplay, every journey through imagination, is purely a empty shell that is filled with life from its creator. The sole creator of a roleplay is charged with the task to lead, to alter the reality of their own world in order to challenge the volunteers and their characters, weaving together an entire universe of their own to establish each character's story and fuse them together.

However, this is not a roleplay that is bound by one creator, by one God who oversees the events and manipulates the story to their will. All control this fragile and frail world of a roleplay, all volunteers are willing creators, and together our ideas shall establish a new concept of creation- the story is fit to variation by anyone who dares to conquer it.

We all decide the fate of this story. There is no leader, for we are the leaders of ourselves. We are a collective, and our imagination shall be the creator of this roleplay.

How shall we accomplish this task?

Message me, and offer yourself as a writer of this story. Become a character in an interlocking connection of characters.

Of course, there will be questions. Ask them as you see fit. This shall be deemed the OOC thread of sorts, in which questions will be asked and answers will be given. The roleplay is yet on the horizon, but with your assistance, the story could begin. Our story could begin.
Not open for further replies.