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Fanfiction ► It's Never Too Late(A Pokemon fanfic)

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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa

Chapter 1
Kerri's Choice​
"I can't believe it's finally the day! The day that I become an official trainer! That dream of finally being a member of the Pokemon League is on the right track!", Kerri Zakashi gushed over the breakfast table. Her older brother was reading the newspaper and didn't seem to be taking in Kerri's words.

He looked over the rim of his paper to stare at his younger sister with his dark blue eyes and said, "There was another robbery by Team Rocket today, what a damn shame."

Kerri pouted as she reached up to move some of her long white hair and bangs out of her eyes. Her bright yellow eyes surveyed her brother as she reached across the table and grabbed Zane's tan hand. "Are you even listening? I'm going to be a...."

"I heard you the first time, an official trainer.", he said without even looking at her. He took a sip of his coffee as he pushed some of his dark blue hair out of his eyes. "But come on, you were technically a trainer. We have been working at Dad's gym for a long time."

"Zane, I was just a gym trainer! Now, I can really be a trainer that travels around! I want to be able to see the cities and catch other pokemon.", Kerri said excitedly.

Zane laughed at this, "You just want time away from Dad, I can understand. Did you already tell him that your heading out to Oak's lab to get a pokemon?"

"I told him yesterday night. He pretty much said the exact same thing. It's just not fair Zane! I'm starting way later than other trainers! Most of them start at 10! But no....he's gotta protect his precious lily from wild pokemon and Team Rocket.", Kerri said with anger in her voice as she took a sip from her soda.

"Kiara, Team Rocket is no laughing matter. You really do have to be careful.", Zane said. "And Dad just wants what's best for you....."

"You know that it's Kerri, not Kiara. Anyway, what about you? You were able to travel. You and Nidoqueen sure had some great times, according to those stories you used to tell me.", Kerri huffed.

"That was different. That was back before Team Rocket used to be as bad as they are now. Look, I won't stop you from leaving, but I just want you to be careful. You can give me a call whenever your in trouble.", Zane said as he stood up and walked over to Kerri's side of the table. He was wearing a long white coat over his clothes.

He placed a hand on Kerri's head. "Besides, someone's got to look out for a little shorty like you.", he said.

Kerri gave him a small hug. "Oh you jerk. Well, I better make sure my stuff's together. I already told Dad goodbye before he left for his gym.", she said.

Kerri ran upstairs and grabbed her bag full of pokeballs, food, clothes, and many other things she thought she would need. Kerri took a quick look at her apperence in the mirror.

She was wearing a white teeshirt with a black vest over it. Her black pants with the chains dangling off seemed to match to her. She was also wearing sandels. Her long white hair lay around her pale face.

Kerri bounced down the stairs and towards the door, but was then stopped by Zane. "Woah, hold on. Are you traveling alone?"

Kerri pushed past him. "No, I'm meeting Nick and Noah at the lab. Also, I'm taking Pikachu with me as well as my starter pokemon. You know, my pokemon I got for my birthday from Dad."

Zane shrugged as he waved a small goodbye to her as she ran out and disappered over the horizen and towards the lab. His Nidoqueen was watching from the front of the house. Zane placed a hand on it as he said, "Feels like old times. When Dad used to watch me run off like that."

The Pallet Town air filled her lungs as she ran to the lab. Kerri made sure that she was warry of the other citizens and taking care not to bump into them. The path to Oak's lab sure seemed to be long. But soon she saw the hill where the lab rested on the top.

"I hope I'm not too late.", she muttered. She ran up the hill, tripping several times. At one point she nearly cursed aloud and sent hundreds of Ratatta scurrying away at the sound of her voice.

Kerri reached the lab. She slammed the doors open and ran over to her two friends talking to Professor Oak.

"Hey Kerri, what took you so long?", her best friend Nick asked. He was also used to be a gym trainer like Kerri. He was wearing a camo shirt and pants with boots. His bright green eyes were shinning under his mess of untidy blond hair.

"Thank God you got here in time.", said her other best friend Noah. He had untidy hair like Nicks, except his was black. He was wearing a black teeshirt and blue jeans with sneakers. His bright blue eyes stared at her inquisitively. He also worked at the same gym.

"Yeah, I was just saying bye to my brother.", Kerri said.

Professor Oak cleared his voice for attention. "So, what pokemon are you choosing Kerri?", he asked.

Kerri had been thinking about it for a while. At first she struggled with her decision all night over Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. But after serious consideration....

"I want Squirtle.", she said. Nick slapped her on the back. "Kerri, your dad will freak when he sees you with a water pokemon. Either that or he'll laugh."

Professor Oak handed her a pokedex and the pokeball containing Squirtle. "Take good care of it.", he told her. Kerri nodded in agreement as she felt the cold pokeball in her hand.

Noah had chosen Bulbasaur and Nick had chosen Charmander. They waved goodbye to the Professor as they started heading out of town. Kerri strecthed as she put her arms behind her head. "Next stop, Viridian City!"

The three of them cheered as they raced off towards Viridian City, Pallet Town laying behind them in a misty fog.

(My stepdad made me get off, so......)​
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Feb 18, 2006
spitting everywhere
Awesome chapter. Even though I'm not too big on Pokemon anymore, it's nice to read a good Pokemon story without Ash being in it. Update soon.

skilled keyblada

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Sep 18, 2005
I enjoyed that, I'm completely over pokemon now and find it ridiculously childish.... but I did bother to read that and it was worth my time, update soon. ;)

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter 2
Viridian City
Kerri, Nick, and Noah soon reached Viridian City. Although when they reached the town gate, they were held up by Officer Jenny. She had short blue hair and bright blue eyes like Noah. She had a hand out in front of them.

"Your Pokemon trainers right?", she questioned. Kerri pulled out the pokeball containing Squirtle. "Of course we are! What else would we be?", she asked.

Jenny leaned down to survey her. She then asked for all three of them to empty out their pockets and their bags. As Kinra removed the pokeball containing the Pikachu she had brought, Nick stopped her, "Kerri, I thought that all you had was Squirtle."

Hearing this, Jenny snatched the pokeball from Kerri's hand. "You mean she didn't have this? Did you steal it?", Jenny asked as she caused Kerri to jump. She took it back. "No, this is my Pikachu. My dad got it for me for my birthday."

Noah turned to Jenny. "Kerri is a Gym Leader's kid. She wouldn't steal anything.", he said, which made Kerri smile that Noah was sticking up for her.

Jenny apoligized, "I'm sorry. It's just that theres been a lot of Team Rocket activity going around. This city has been put on an alert and we are told that we have to check every trainer that comes through here."

Jenny pointed to a sign tacked up on the street. It had a wanted poster of two people in black uniforms. Their faces were shadowed so that you couldn't see them.

"Ok Officer, we'll be careful.", Kerri assured her as they went past. They went into the Pokemon Center to make sure that their pokemon were healed. They all sat down on some chairs while waiting.

"Kerri, how come you didn't tell us that you had another pokemon?", Nick asked. He stared at her intently with his green eyes.

"It didn't cross my mind to tell you.", she said as she took a sip from a water bottle. "It was a gift from my dad."

"So what exactly is your goal on this journey?", Nick asked her, still keeping his eyes on her.

"To be a member of the Pokemon League. So that I can travel to other regions and explore.", Kerri said proudly.

"I'm going to be a breeder.", Noah said. "I like taking care of pokemon. Not so sure about fighting."

"I'm not sure what I'm going to be. Pokemon Master, Pokemon Champion, something like that.", Nick said truthfully.

Kerri had an idea. "Nick, Noah, let me see your pokedexs.", she said as she held a hand out. With raised eyebrows they handed her their pokedexs. She opened the backs of each one and did something to the curcuits. She handed them back and did the same to hers.

"I made it so that if one of us catches a pokemon, it gets recorded into each others pokedexs.", Kerri said. Nick turned his on and saw that Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur were added in.

"Thanks Kerri!", he said, "I'd hug you, but you know I am not that kinda guy!"

"So Kerri, what exactly do you have to do to get into the League? I know that theres something about badges....", Noah started saying, but was then interuppted by Nurse Joy bringing them their pokeballs.

"She has two options. She either does the gym battles, or she takes an exam.", she said as she gave them their pokemon back.

"How hard is the exam?", Kerri asked her.

"Pretty hard from what I've heard. Have a good day.", she said as she left them to their thoughts.

Kerri stood up. "I can handle it. I better call my brother and ask him about what he thinks."

Kerri walked over to a videophone and dialed her brother's number. Zane's face appeared on the moniter. Nidoqueen was standing behind him.

"Kiara, nice to see you. So I'm guessing your in Viridian City.", he said. Kerri scowled. "It's Kerri! Anyway, I picked Squirtle as a starter. Noah picked Bulbasaur and Nick picked Charmander.", she told him.

"Dad's going to laugh when he sees your pokemon.", Zane said. "So is there anything else?"

"Yeah, should I do the gym battles or take an exam?", Kerri asked. Zane put his hand to his chin. "Well, the exam takes place in Saffron, and that's a long way off. You should just stick with gym badges. But if you do get to Saffron and you take the exam and pass, then your in."

Nick pushed past Kerri, "Hey Zane, I'm not really sure what I want to be."

Zane thought for a moment. "Well, you could be a Collector, a Reasercher, a Gym Leader...."

"Back up, I could be a Gym Leader?", Nick asked.

"Sure. You take the exam in Saffron, just like the League member exam.", Zane said.

Kerri pushed Nick out of the way. "Thanks Zane, see you later!", she said as she logged off.

"We should go train our pokemon. We haven't battled with them yet.", Noah said. Kerri nodded. "Let's go to Viridian Forrest, there's loads of Pokemon there. Besides, I found out from Nurse Joy earlier when I was giving her the pokemon that the Viridian Gym is locked."

"The gym's locked? Why would it be locked?", Nick asked. Kerri shook her head, sending her white hair flowing into her face. "I don't know. We'll find out later.", she said as they left.

They walked along the path to the forrest. Suddenly, there was a loud scream that cut across the air, "STOP! TEAM ROCKET!"

Kerri turned to Nick and Noah. "We better investigate and see whats going on.", Kerri said as they ran towards the forrest as fast as they could. Whatever they were going to meet up ahead, Kerri hoped they were prepared for it.

(I know, short chappy, but I just wanted Viridian City out of the way. And for people to know a little bit about what the characters want to be)​
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