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Ivalice Alliance

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Darky Dee

Dec 13, 2004
Before you read on in this thread, you are warned that this thread may contain major spoilers in Final Fantasy games such as:

Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics (Lion War), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy A2: The Secret of Grimorie, Vagrant Story

This thread is to discuss Ivalice and it's contents, this home post is just for refrence to others, so you are invited to start a discussion.

Please do not quote this entire post.

Notice: A lot of this stuff comes from Wikipedia, I did do not take any credit for any info, unless I state it somwhere around the material, most likely in parenthesis to the person who submitted the info.

Ordalia - Continent on the western edge of Ivalice. The vast plains in the interior are home to the great Rozarrian Empire. To the east of Rozarria the land is arid and largely desert. The Galtean Peninsula on the eastern portion of the continent is a crossroads connecting to Valendia and Kerwon both, and a strategic prize sought by empire and kingdom alike. Though Dalmasca has controlled the peninsula for the last several hundred years, it was lost to the Archadian Empire in an invasion two years past.

Valendia - Continent lying to the northeast of Ordalia. The climate is overall quite clement, and levels of Mist are far more stable than on the other two large continents. Many towns and villages dot the hilly region stretching from the continent's interior to the shores of the Inner Naldoan Sea, most under the direct control of Archadia. The Kingdom of Nabradia, lying on the Phon Straits in western Valendia, prospered here until its destruction in the Archadian invasion of two years past, its capital of Nabudis becoming a deserted wasteland.

Kerwon - Largely forested continent lying to the southeast of Ordalia. Climate varies greatly by region, and many less hospitable areas are uninhabited. In the west of Kerwon dwell the Garif, in the wooded north dwell the Viera, both living in peace, apparently unaffected by the expansionist hunger which has so dominated hume history. Though the hume presence is strong on the other continents, in Kerwon they can only be found in the eastern highlands, on the slopes of the holy mountain of Kiltia, Bur-Omisace.

Purvama, the Floating Lands - A great landmass, floating in the skies above the Naldoan Sea. Such landmasses are not uncommon, found throughout Ivalice in every sort and size, though the manner of their formation remains a mystery. The region in which they float has some bearing on their climate, however most are warm to subtropical, boasting primordial jungles in which flora and fauna both rare and wonderful can be seen. The crust of these floating islands boasts a high magicite concentration, and after airships became a common mode of transport, mining colonies sprung up on the richest outcrops. Bhjuerba, in Dorstonis, is the largest of the skycities, and oversees the administration of many of the rest.


The Archadian Empire - The mightiest sovereign state in Valendia. Originally a republic governed by an active senate, the rise of the military brought about the shift to an imperial system 200 years ago. With the change in governance, Archadia began invading its neighboring lands, quickly becoming the largest realm in Ivalice. While in the past the emperor was traditionally of military extraction, a purge of key figures in the military by the politically powerful House Solidor led to the installation of a line of Solidor emperors which continues to this day.

Bhujerba - An autonomous city-state found on the sky continent of Dorstonis. Originally formed as a magicite mining colony with the advent of airship travel. The magicite mines of the skylands are superior to crystal mines on the surface in both quantity and quality of ore, and Bhujerba developed quickly on fortunes born of rock. During the years of the Galtean Alliance, the Ondore family took over much of the daily business of Bhujerba's governance, a rule which cotninues to this day. Their neutral stance during the Archadian invasion two years ago positioned them as mediators of the peace negotiations that followed. Like much of Dorstonis, Bhujerba is a city of hills and sloping boulevards. Merchant houses and shops are clustered near the peaks, while residences are found in the valleys. At the very bottom of the hills lies the network of crystalline shafts known as the Lhusu Mines. Many visitors come to Bhujerba to enjoy the open-air parks with spectacular views only available to those who live in the sky. Very rarely does anyone fall from the skycity, and curiously enough, not a single death has been reported to have resulted from such an occurrence to date.

The Kingdom of Dalmasca - A small kingdom comprising the lands around the city of Rabanastre, governing a portion of the Galtean Peninsula. While its territories are small, its situation at the crossroads of three continents has enabled it to prosper as a center for trade. More than 700 years are marked in the charts of history since her founding, yet many are the armies that have sought to claim her for her cultural richness and strategic importance. Upon her defeat to Archadia in the invasion of 704, her lands were placed under the direct control of the Empire.

The Kingdom of Nabradia - A land neighboring Dalmasca, both kingdoms being founded by the bloodline of the Dynast-King, who first unified Ivalice under one rule. Graced with beautiful landscapes and rich natural resources, Nabradia prospered for many years as a center of both agriculture and industry. Two years ago, an internal struggle boiled over into civil war, this opening the door to the Archadian invasion of Nabradia. Several days after the beginning of the siege of Nabudis, a mysterious explosion consumed the city, leaving a smoking ruin where the political and cultural heart of Nabradia once stood, and sounding the death-knell for the kingdom.

The Rozarrian Empire - Empire located in the west of Ordalia, possessing an army rumored to be the equal of the Archadian Imperial forces. Though an emperor rules, Rozarria is a military state, and the armed forces carry much political power. In recent years, the Margrace Imperial family has sought to limit the military’s power, embarking on a series of reforms to restrict the scope of their authority. Archadia’s unprovoked invasion of Dalmasca sent shockwaves through the Rozarrian establishment, and many are those who see a war between empires looming on the horizon.


Bangaa- The bangaa were introduced in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

They are separated into four main sub-branches according to the color of their skin: Bangaa Rugua (yellow-brown), Bangaa Faa (bronze), Bangaa Bista (reddish-brown), and Bangaa Sanga (ash-colored). These colorations have been associated with their personality and physical abilities, so, as an example, the Bangaa Ruaga are said to be intelligent and friendly. However, since many Bangaa are of mixed blood, this theory is no longer applied.

Their level of intelligence is comparable to that of Humes, though they live almost twice as long. Being a very socially and cognitively advanced species, they hate being called "lizards" as this is regarded as an offensive slur. Bangaa in Final Fantasy XII are often considered to be the most integrated of all races into Hume society, and are the race most friendly with the Humes. The character Migelo, who raised Vaan and Penelo, is a Bangaa with blue skin.

In addition, Bangaa possess great agility and strength, and acute senses of hearing and smell, making them excellent hunters and fighters. However, their eyesight is so poor that some wear blindfolds as part of their clothing. Their magical abilities, however, are significantly less developed than those of Humes, Nu Mou, and Moogles, due to problems their unique mouth gives them when chanting magic spells. To make up for this, some Bangaa have developed Bangaa-only, exclusive higher-level spells for the race to use. As they are best suited to physical forms of work, Bangaa are usually employed as soldiers or manual laborers and have been relegated to a lower social status than Humes or Viera.

Nu Mou- the Nu Mou  are a dog-like species from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII that are talented in the magical fields. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance they are also known to be able to speak with monsters. Their jobs include Alchemist, Beastmaster, Black Mage, Illusionist, Morpher, Sage, Time Mage, and White Mage. The two most famous Nu Mous are Babus Swain (Rune Seeker) and Ezel Berbier (Hermetic); both of them appeared as secret characters in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

In Final Fantasy XII, the Nu Mou appeared like their counterpart in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, however they play smaller roles. The Nu Mou's lifespan is described to be three times longer than that of a Hume. They are short and hunched; half the size of an adult Hume, and are more adept in magic. Most of the Nu Mou appear in-game as acolytes of the Kiltia religion, found mainly in Mt. Bur-Omisace; save for Rabanastre and Nabradia.

Viera- the viera are a character race in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII. The Viera possess long life, twice as long as a Human life, and are divided into two sub races: The light-skinned Veena and dark-skinned Rava. The Viera have rabbit-like features, most notably their long ears. Their slender forms and long ears heighten their senses and speed, and although their defense is low, Viera agility and finesse are unmatched by any other race. In fact, Viera can listen to the surrounding nature and sense Mist, and even occasionally go berserk from feeling an overwhelmingly vast quantity of active Mist. Piercings on the ears seem to be very common as they appear on all official Tactics Advance pictures of Viera.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Vieras have blue-white or purple-white hair, with only a few having hair that is pure white, which is considered to be a blessing. In Final Fantasy XII, they live in hidden villages deep within the vast forests of Ivalice, one such area is Eruyt village within the deep Golmore Jungle. The Viera believed themselves to be intimately tied to the "Wood", a part of the very forests themselves and rarely be involved in matters outside the wood. Mixed breeds of Veena and Rava Viera have accustomed themselves to coexist within Hume society, dying their white hair, while the pure-blooded ones remain in the forest, caring not for the outside world and learning of it through listening to the "voice of the Wood" with their ears. A Viera that moves out of the forest, like Fran, is considered an outcast and dead to her people. However, as Archadian forces began to level many forests, the number of Viera leaving the wood slightly increased.

Aegyl- Aegyl  are a humanoid race that debut in Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings, possessing wings that sprout from their backs. These wings count as both a blessing (able to fly in the air) and a curse (resulting in a lifespan of 40 years). The Aegyl dwell in the ruins of Purvama Lemurés. They are a people with no true conflict amongst themselves, but there are a few who tend to go against the will of their people; such as Lluyd.

Garif- The Garif  of Final Fantasy XII are depicted as appreciators of nature. Their size and stature is larger than normal Humes, and their well-built bodies are covered in thick fur. They also have superior olfactory and auditory senses, which make them able hunters. The Garif value the arts of war, but dislike unneccesary violence. Scattered throughout the Bancour Region of Ivalice, the Garif villages are sparsely located. Each village is governed by a council of Elders led by a High Elder. Relations with other races are particularly peaceful, although it is not usual for a member of another race to be in their land. Garif merchants are known to trade with the nomads of Giza Plains and the Dalmascans, exchanging items such as Bancour spices. The Garif prefer to adorn themselves with natural ornaments of animal bones and stones over crafted objects. Some question the Hume usage of machines in their everyday lives. However, the only exception is the crafted masks; each Garif is given a mask to be worn from the day they were born until the end of their lives. The Garif worshipped and kept knowledge of Nethicite; their legends were passed down through generations - in ancient times the Occuria granted them Nethicite, however the Garif's dislike for violence hindered them from utilizing its power, much to the Occuria's disappointment.

Helgas- The Helgas are a long-living race whose intelligence highly surpasses that of Humes. Helgas are tall and thin, and along with white hair, their special features that differentiate them from Humes are their long limbs. The Helgas are able to not only communicate telepathically while asleep, but can also probe into the dreams of others. Gran Kiltias Anastasis is the only Helgas that appeared within Final Fantasy XII.

Occuria- The Occuria are immortal beings, often called (by both themselves and others) "the Undying". Referred to by some as gods, but unknown to the major religions in Ivalice, the Occuria race played a vital role in the history of Ivalice such as the creation of the Espers. The Occuria and their leader, Gerun, desired control of the history and future of Ivalice. Unable to directly manipulate Ivalice, they instead created the Sun-Cryst, the source of all Nethicite, with the intent of using "chosen ones" as the "fist" with which they would shape the world as they envisioned. They initially gave the stones to the Garif, who did not know how to use them; seeking someone who could, they found the perfect candidate in a Hume future generations would know as the Dynast-King Raithwall. Raithwall cut three shards of Nethicite from the Sun-Cryst - Dawn, Dusk, and Midlight. Using these he conquered Ivalice, just as the Occuria had wanted, forming the Galtean Alliance in the process. However, dissension in the small group grew. Venat, apparently disgusted with the Occuria, left its kind and used Archadia to develop artificial Nethicite to overthrow their control by making mankind the masters of their own fate. Gerun and other Occuria decided to use Ashe to destroy the Empire, as she was Raithwall's descendant, and a fitting Chosen, however, Ashe resisted them, and attempted to destroy the Sun-Cryst with the sword they gave her. However, it was Reddas who destroyed the Cryst at the cost of his life. Because all Deifacted Nethicite originated from, and was empowered by the Sun-Cryst, destroying it effectively ended the Occuria's control over Ivalice and the Age of Stones. However, Manufacted Nethicite was unaffected and still possessed great destructive power, albeit on a smaller scale than Deifacted Nethicite. In appearance, the Occuria have no visible faces, only a pair of glowing yellow eyes seen under their floating shell-like armor. The Occuria can become invisible to all but those they favor. They also possess the ability of possession and can also assume a form their target is familiar with. Their standard appearance, though, is recognizable in the Final Fantasy series. Their featureless faces and bright, glowing eyes mimic those of the standard Black Mage.

Rebe- The Rebe are a minor race of Final Fantasy XII that appears in Skycity Bhujerba. Evolved from felines, they are deeply cultured and a bit aristocratic. They act as advisors and representatives for Marquis Halim Ondore the IV.

Seeq- The Seeq are a porcine race in Final Fantasy XII. Despite amazing upper-body strength, powerful defense, and surprisingly speedy movement for such a bulky race, the Seeq have low intellect and are described as barely able to speak human languages. However, Final Fantasy XII shows no real distinction between Seeq, Bangaa, or Hume characters, with all three races living in relative peace together in Rabanastre and areas outside of Archades. Though somewhat cowardly, due to their incredible physical ability, they are often hired as mercenaries, guards, or hunters, with a significant amount going into thievery. The Seeq are also attracted by shiny objects, often adorning themselves with such, sometimes to ridiculous lengths.

Urutan-Yensa- The Urutan-Yensa are the "Lords and Masters of the Great Sea", a name bestowed befitting their presence in the Yensa Sandsea. The Urutan-Yensa are strictly territorial, attacking anyone who enters their land, including other tribes of their kind. Evolved from crustaceans, their bodies are thin and entirely covered by layers of clothing, which the bestiary states is either to hide their ugly bodies or to keep themselves protected from the sun. Their speech is usually incomprehensible, and attempts of befriending them have been met with failure. They prefer to wield simple bows and smallswords as compared to complicated instruments and machines. They had, however, learned to tame the Yensa Ichtions that dwell within the Sandsea, using them to travel great distances. They also fear the titantoises called Emeralditans, which they call "Urutan Eaters". The Urutan-Yensa are divided into different tribes, each ruled by a queen, the only one able to speak, and each Urutan-Yensa is extremely proud of their heritage; it is a shame for an Urutan-Yensa to show any form of weakness, like asking the aid of others, with only death as the fitting punishment for the disgrace and restore honor to the entire tribe. Though Urutan-Yensa appear cruel, they can show mercy to few outside their race, but only so that others who dare wander in their domain will learn to know that the Urutan-Yensa are to be feared and respected. They are also known to exile members that show unusual aggressive and violent nature, known as the Urutan-Exile.

(Credited to Shamdeo)

Belias, the Gigas-
Represents: Aries
Scion of darkness and guardian of the Holy Realm, made by the gods in opposition to the Transcendent Loghrif, scion of Light. Called the Gigas for his appearance: man and monster fused as one. Considered a mistake upon his making, and receiving not his intended role, the Gigas challenged the gods and lost. Scorned by his masters, he found another: the Dynast-King, whose tomb he swore to protect for eternity.

Mateus, the Corrupt
Represents: Pices
Scion of darkness ruling and protecting those who live in the underworld, in opposition to Lahabrea, Abyssal Celebrant and scion of light. In the course of his rule, he submitted to avarice, and the darkness took his heart, transforming him until he was both evil and corrupt. THen in his corwardice did he bind a Goddess of the Demesne of Ice, and using her as a living shield, he challenged the gods. Defeated before their might, he fell screaming into the depths of hell, there to be imprisoned for eternity.

Shemhazai, the Whisperer
Represents: Sagittarius
Scion that is both horse and woman, wielding utter control over the souls that wander the underworld, in opposition to the Martyr Igeyorhm, scion of light. Though se once served the gods as a guardian, when Ultima announced her rebellion, Shemhazai went to her, whispering of the gods' hidden weaknesses. She then descended upon the land without leave of the gods, and taught men of destruction and evil. For this she was stricken down and bound.

Hashmal, Bringer of Order
Represents: Leo
Scion set by the gods to wield and manipulate the laws of this world, and with holy power lead mankind to order. Created in opposition to Fandaniel the Protector, scion of light. Desiring to bring order to all things, he joined with Ultima in her battle against the gods. He gave his body to the Thousand-Years War, and when his strength was spent, down into the burning inferno he fell.

Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud
Represents: Aquarius
The hideous, darkly clouded form of Famfrit, scion in opposition to Holy Queen Emmerololth, scion of light, was anathema even to his creators. Thus, after a great battle, was he broken and sealed within armor laced with wards. The confines of his armor are void of light, so he is called the Darkening Cloud. Men fear the rain that falls from the black clouds that ooze from the giant ewer as a herald of chaos and waste.

Adrammelech, the Wroth
Represetns: Capricorn
Emperor among the scions, able to reduce to nothing aught he strikes with a single vengeful blow of his fist, created in opposition to Deudalephon the Benevolent, scion of light. Though he was made by the gods to quell the fiends that raged in the Otherworld, his immense strength and fearsome visage drew the fiends to his side, and turned him against his creators. Adrammalech rose to prominence in the Otherworld, whence he lead a fiendish horde against the gods, but in the end, was defeated.

Cùchulainn, the Impure
Represents: Scorpio
Scion created to rid the world of its impurities by swallowing them within himself, in opposition to Nabriales the Majestic, scion of light. The world, however, was more filled with impurity and corruption than even the gods had dared imagine, and having swallowed it all, the once beautiful Cùchulainn was transformed into a hideous thing, a deity of filth, and so did he turn against his creators. Wherever his feet should fall, there all life withers to dust.

Chaos, Walker of the Wheel
Represents: Taurus
Tutelary deity of the sacred crystals fashioned by the gods at the time of the Great Making. Created in opposition to Mitron the Chastiser, scion of light. Upon entering the world of Man, he was enveloped in the turmoil rampant there. Lost, he died and was reborn countless times, a walker of life's wheel, eventually to rage against the gods that had so fated him. By sitting in meditations upon the Uneh Pedestal does he clear heart and mind until all that has order and reason is made as nothing.

Zalera, the Death Seraph
Represents: Gemini
Heretic scion who wrapped the world in dark energies, seeking to take the souls of all living things unto himself. Created in opposition to Emet-Selch, Angel of Truth, and scion of light. Originally tasked with the judging of men upon their deaths, his soul was tainted by the curses of those who raged against the heavens, and seizing one of the gods' servants, a shamaness, as a hostage, he rebelled against his creators. Even now, in defeat, he clutches the shamaness to him in his right arm, and with the aid of her death-wail does he summon the sould of darkness to do his bidding.

Zeromus, the Condemner
Represents: Cancer
Honoring the law more than any other, a scion of holy order and condemner of criminals. Created in opposition to Knight Star Pashtarot, scion of light. He turns his deep, abiding hatred for those who break the law into living darkness, therein to plunge the guilty in fell judgement. Over time, he came to care less for upholding the law and more for condemnation, and so tainted by hate, he sought to condemn the gods themselves to death. Thus did he earn the title of "The Condemner," and thus did he fall from grace.

Exodus, the Judge-Sal
Represents: Libra
Most ancient of the scions, created in opposition to Halmarut, the Arbiter, and scion of light. Tasked with keeping watch over the world, with the authority to judge the value of all things. As he watched, unseen, unknown, his attachment to the world dwindled and faded until it was as nothing. Fitting that he would desire to make the world, too, as nothing. Yet he fell in the war against the gods, and was thwarted, imprisoned in punishment for his heresy.

Ultima, the High Seraph
Represents: Virgo
Masterpiece among the scions created by the gods, and mastermind of the plot to rise against them. Prior to her betrayal, she was tasked with guiding souls to heaven and aiding in their reincarnation. Called the High Seraph for her angelic wings of glimmering gold, yet it was on wings of deepest black that the tainted angel Ultima rose against the gods. Since her fall, her heart is without light and impossible to know.

Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts
Repesents: Serpentarius
Strongest of the scions created by the gods, they feared his growth, and so kept him a child. So indomitable is his strength that all things are by him twisted and pressed into oblivion. He alone fashions the laws governing all things, and administers punishment in place of the gods. So is he the Keeper of Precepts, and his authority is absolute.

Graveyard of Airships
The party encounters St. Ajora on an airship.

St. Ajora: Ugh... what... What is this?

Blue light emits from her torso, and she falls to her knees.

St. Ajora: Ugh... ugh... Help... Help brother. (Alma regains conscious)
Ramza: Alma!!
St. Ajora: Brother Ramza. Stop... don't interfere... do not interfere... do... not.. inter!!!

Light emits above, and channels Alma's being out of st. Ajora, to the other side of the airship, on her knees as like St. Ajora.

Ramza: Alma!! Are you ok!?
Alma: ...Brother... I am alright... We have to kill Ajora. Hurry...
St. Ajora: Are you... trying to... stop my resurection... I won't let you. Come out my servants...
St.Ajora: I will not allow anyone to prevent my ressurection...!

Immense light fills the screen and St. Ajora transforms into a holy angel.

Ultima: Prepare yourselves... powerless ones!

Battle ensues utnil Ultima has fallen.

Ultima: No! This can't be! You're a descendant of the one who killed me before... No... I will not be beaten... I will not be beaten...

Ultima fades and a tremendous amount of light lights the area and Ultima returns back aboard the airship, in a sinister form, with red demonisitic wings.

Ultima: I will kill you!!

Battle contintues on with Ultima in her new form until felled.

Ultima: More... power.

Ultima begins to deteriorate with explosions, along with the airship, with everyone still aboard and everything vanishes, and the screen shifts to a funeral scene.

Preist: With the father's blessing, you shall return to Earth. Guide Alma Belouve's soul to heaven, with St. Ajora's divine protection... Farlem

Everybody: Farlem.

Mourner 1: What a pity, she was so young.

Mourner 2: All the siblings, gone...

Mourner 1: The youngest, Ramza won't be burried. Sad...

Mourner 2: Belouve's 300 year history is over now...

Mourners walk off last, after everyone else, and Olan with ??? walk up to Alma's headstone.

Olan: I'm sorry I'm late Alma... Ramza. I wanted to come earlier, but it was too dangerous... Too risky.

??? woman places flowers on Alma's closed casket.

Olan: Delita married Ovelia. A commoner brings peace to a chaotic kingdom, marries princess, and becomes king. A legend that will be passed down for centuries. Delita may be a good person as you said. He made it seem like he killed her and let her go when her identity was clear. I guess he identified with her, having been used by Vormav.

??? woman walks off.

Orlandu: Did my father die fighting heroically? ...I'll come back again. .. Bye.

Orlandu walks off in the same direction ???? woman does, shaking his head, and halts midway, turning around and speaks again.

Orlandu: Are you really dead? I still can't believe you're really dead... I mean, you know.

He turns around, and is about to continue walking off, but vaults turned around again, noticing Ramza and Alma riding chocobos past Alma's grave.

Orlandu: !!
Orlandu: Wait! Ramza, Alma!

???? woman returns back to Orlandu.

Orlandu: ...He's alive! Alive!!
Orlandu: Thank you, Ramza.

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