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Joshua Trapon

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How about it?
Jul 4, 2008

Year 2076
Melbourne, Australia

“The cure is coming” the news broadcast announced, “The instant cure for the common cold is here. From the same person that made the cure for sunburn and skin cancer, please welcome to the Pod. Tomhas Winston!” Most people looked up from their plates. Not many things amused human’s any more. Everything was being done, handed to them on a plate. “On other news, the Klorpake killer has been caught.” Adam overheard the other broadcast on channel 0. Not news to him, just boring, every-day stuff if you asked him.

But the announcement after that, it would affect the way everyone in the world lived his or her lives. The news reporter sounded excited, lots of people had been waiting for this day. “It’s time people of the world, isn’t it Michel?” The male reporter announced. The camera swerved around to focus on the female reporter with a pile of papers on the desk. “Yes, the Q.Q.P.S are proudly releasing the prototype tomorrow. I think we all know what I’m talking about. The first teleportation device will be released tomorrow, at 6:30 AM.”

Year 2076
Paris, France

The street was filled with the roaring of cheers. Everyone around the world had been waiting for the day when people could teleport. Tomorrow was the day, when people would be teleporting around the world. But it was only version 0.1. They obviously had to work out the kinks with them. Around the world, Q.Q.P.S workers were putting up “telefences”. Not many people knew what they were. But everyone stopped in France, to see what the reporter was saying.

The reporter was explaining to the world what Telefences were, and what they could stop people from doing. He said that telefences were where people could travel. Anyone that gets a teleportation device gets a free telefence. But they get the choice to turn it on, or they could turn it off. Most shopping centres would keep it on, as well as many other commercial properties and a couple of people would be allowed in other peoples houses if they had their fence on.

Once the reporter had finished. Everyone in France was convinced that the teleportation devices were perfect, and that there would be no need for other versions.
But Q.Q.P.S had promised that there would be more versions. Better versions. But most people didn’t even know what needed to be done with them. Well, at least they had been told that the machines were perfect.

Year 2076
Greece, Athens

The people of Greece had gathered around the main tower, where they too were watching the broadcast on telefences. When it ended, everyone was happy with the results of the news. It sounded exciting, and almost anything interesting excited a lot of people around the world. But almost everyone in the world of 2076 was excited about the teleportation devices that were to be sold the following day. Everyone got to try the machine a day earlier. The Q.Q.P.S had been around to shopping centres, and set up telefences. Not to far apart, but far enough for civilians to have a trial of the experience that they would most likely be having for the rest of their lives.

Although many people had tried the teleportation machine. Not everyone had though. And so the Q.Q.P.S had come to people’s homes, and given the version to them for a little trial. Like the other people that were more fortunate and were able to go to the shops and try it. So the Q.Q.P.S eventually got everyone to have a trial.

Q.Q.P.S got to places quickly by using the teleportation device. Joshua Trapon, as the creator of the company Q.Q.P.S and the creator of the teleportation device he was able to use the special telepast. All that was different with the telepast device, they didn’t need telefences to travel to places. That’s how Joshua got to places quickly. Of course it had a password and lots of protection. And only the people at Q.Q.P.S knew about it. Nobody would dare to try and steal it, because Joshua also always took it with him. He only used it to get the products out, and to get to places important. Only rarely did he use it.


Well? What did you guys think?

I had 2 chapters up, and just now, I deleted them. Because they're so crap and start to lead of in another story.

I hope you guys like it

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