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Fanfiction ► Just one little promise....

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Apr 6, 2006
Great story! Say, can I have Blase make a cameo in my story/game? He sounds like a divious villan!


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Feb 7, 2007
Ive been here before...Shooting stars are falling,
Ok this is my fanfic. ,plz reply,and this is only becuz the site wont let me post it in a new thread!

Chapter 1: The New Life
The alarm started to go off,The Girl just ignored it,she wanted to sleep,just because of her new school. "Namine! Wake up!",her mother screamed,"Ok fine ,but my life is over!",she screamed back. She knew her life was over,she was going to have to get new friends,a new dream,and the whole cheerleading stuff was over,she was exhausted,not ready for this new life crap. Anyway she had to get ready for school.

Namine turned on her mixed CD,"If we were a movie",started playing. Namine started to get ready. First she got her light blue jeans,,then her hot pink Hollister tank-top,then she put on her American Eagle white jacket.She put her hair in her average style. That's when she realized,its time to go ,"Oh crap ,bye mom!".

Then she was at her new school,Twilight Town academy,home of the sharks. Her room was dorm 304 ,and this room was huge! She noticed how one side was all about the sharks ,and all about the horror movie posters.She thought her roommate might be very into the schools team. She opened the box full of her stuff. She had four friends from Summer Camp...Kairi ,Olette,Selphie, and Yuffie, she missed them a lot. She put their picture on the night table by her bed. She got her guitar stand and put it by her desk. Then she hooked up her laptop,and set up her sea shell collection,then put a few posters up. She finally set up her bed. She had oceanic sheets & bed spread, and put a canopy over her bed. Then she was done, she started to think it wont be that bad here, She is a sophomore.

A boy opened the door, "What the?!?!" , They were roommates! This boy was....was her roommate! He was so hot ,his spiky blonde hair, his sapphire blue eyes. He obviously got over it fast once he found out that she was the new girl.
Namine was the only girl who hadn't begged to be his roommate, actually Namine got a little mad when she found that out,but he was nice. His name was Roxas, he is a skateboarder and competes in competitions. Namine knew she was gonna LOVE it here!

Next Chapter: Popularity............To be continued!

Author's note: I'm thanking the series The Skater and The Artist,because I love everything about it,and I hope you'll will love this series,because it took me forever. This series has my own twist to it,and this time Namine sings,and also this series has High School Musical in it, yeah I told you that you would want to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
Sorry for the double post but I needed to ask you guys this

... Ummmm... I was thinking and I don't know if I should tell the reason why why Riku did what he did, in the next chapter.... but I decided to be nice and ask you guys what you think.... so what will it be?

Get Riku to tell why.....or....Wait until the next couple chapters........hmmmm decisions...decisions:toungesmile:


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Nov 18, 2006
I really want to know but i think u should give us clues and then tell us! Hope you don't get writers block so you can post soon!


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
you guys are all so sweet... you guys rock!!!!This is a pretty long chapter... I didn't know how much I had actually writen until I just read it over...lol

Chapter 5: A new friend

That day Namine showed Tieka and Rika all the sites and all the people in Destiny Islands.

“Wow…this place is amazing…it inspires me… it inspires me to…to DRAW!!” Rika yelled, grabbing her sketch pad and beginning to draw.

“Hehe… yeah it is pretty amazing…but they don’t have the one thing that I miss the most…” Tieka began.

“Oh come don’t be thinking about him at a time like this….” Rika said a bit concerned for her sister.

“I know but the beach it reminds me of him…of Sirch… it reminds of when we had our first date…he was so silly back then, I remember when he tried to put his arm around me and ending up putting his hand on a crab, his whole hand was swore for almost a week. I remember that smile he gave me, with his glasses almost falling off and his dark brown hair all messed up… ” Tieka said giggling.

Namine giggled.

“Wow, he must have meant a lot to you.” Namine said foolishly, instantly regretting reminding her of him even more.

Tieka started to cry. The wind blew her auburn hair all over her now tear stained face. Rika came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her sister’s shoulder.

She whispered in Tieka’s ear, “You’ll see him again, I promise...”

With that Tieka began to stop crying. Rika walked past Namine to the trail leading away from the beach.

“Well, what are you guys waiting for? You still have a lot to show us before we go home, eh Namine.” Rika said jokingly, nudging Namine in the arm lightly as she walked back over to her.

“Hey, you guys are the ones who wanted to come here remember, you guys said it would remind you of Hong Kong, like when you used to spend hours and hours just sitting at the beach.” Namine said, defending herself from another nudge, this time from Tieka.

“Well let’s go…didn’t you say something about a girl who you wanted us to meet?” Rika asked.

“Oh yeah, Kairi… she’s so nice, I’m sure you’ll all become great friends with her.” Namine said thoughtfully.

Then, they went off in the direction of Kairi’s house.

When they finally got to Kairi’s house, they went to ring the doorbell, but no one answered.

“They should be home, I mean Kairi and her mom didn’t have anything planned today…at least I didn’t think so…well we better leave, sorry you didn’t get to meet her.” Namine said disappointed.

They walked down the driveway and on to the side walk when all of a sudden, Namine heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, Namine, how have you been?” The voice yelled.

Namine turned around slowly trying to remember the voice but she couldn’t. When she finally saw who it was she screamed and almost tripped on her untied shoe lace running to give the boy a hug.

“So, I bet you’ve already seen Kairi. Right, Sora?” Namine asked.

“Yeah, I’ve seen her; actually I was just hanging out with her until a few minutes ago.” Sora explained.

“Well that explains why she wasn’t at her house.” Namine said giggling.

“Well, anyways who are your new friends?” Sora asked.

“Oh sorry, I forgot about you guys.” Namine said a bit embarrassed.

“I’m Tieka and this is my sister Rika.” Tieka explained, pointing to her sister who was drawing the sunset while sitting on one of the park benches.

Sora walked over to Rika, who was so immersed in drawing that she didn’t even notice the newcomer. Sora walked right in front of where Rika was looking. Almost instantly Rika began to sketch Sora into her drawing when she finally realized what she had done it was too late, her picture was ruined.

“Now look what you’ve done; now I’m going to have to start all over!” Rika yelled, absent mindedly.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize what you were doing.” Sora apologized.

“Oh…umm…sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.” Rika said blushing.

“Rika let me introduce you to Sora, he’s one of my friends from way back, a couple of years ago he left this Island and now he has finally returned.” Namine said enthusiastically.

“Hi, nice to meet you, Sora,” Rika said with silly grin on her face.

“Yeah, nice to meet you too, and let me just say sorry again, for ruining your picture.” Sora chuckled.

“Well anyway, let’s go see Kairi and then go shopping!!!” Namine yelled a little bit too enthusiastically.

Everyone stared at her as if she were crazy. Then they all started laughing.

“Wow that was random!” Tieka said between each of her laughs.

“Well, um…never mind let’s go find Kairi,” Namine said blushing with embarrassment.

“Yeah, I bet she’s already on her way home,” Sora said.


“Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve been to this island.” Kairi whispered to herself while sitting on the tree where she had spent so much hours staring at the sunset with Sora and Riku.

“Beautiful; isn’t it?” A voice asked.

“Huh, who is that?” Kairi asked looking all over the island.

“Don’t tell me you forgot my name? How sad.” The voice called.

“Who is it? Tell me!!!” Kairi’s voice started to rise.

“Well it’s me of course!” Riku said jumping down from the top of one of the trees.

“…Riku…it’s been so long,” Kairi said remember what Sora had told her to do.


“Hmm, she’s not here, I wonder where she could be…unless,” Sora began, and then all of a sudden he ran towards the beach.

When he got there he realized what Kairi had done.

“Kairi is at the island!!” Sora screamed, “She took the only boat and went to the island!!!”

“Yeah, so what’s the big idea, the island isn’t that dangerous,” Namine said a bit frightened at Sora’s actions.

“No, that’s not it; Riku would suspect that Kairi would go there!” Sora said still screaming.

“So, isn’t Riku a friend?” Namine asked.

“I don’t know anymore, he betrayed us, so I really don’t know.” Sora began.

“The only thing I know for sure is that we can’t trust Riku; let’s just hope that Kairi keeps her promise.” Sora continued.

“We have to find a way to find her,” Tieka interrupted.

“We have to find a way to get to the island!” Rika added.

“Thanks, but it’s probably already too late,” Sora said disappointedly.

“Hey, that doesn’t seem like the Sora I know,” Namine complained.

“I know but Kairi’s in danger and I can’t do anything to help her this time,” Sora whined.

“Hey, do you think Sora has strong feelings for Kairi?” Rika whispered to Tieka.

“Well duh, can’t you tell?” Tieka whispered back.

“That’s what I just said… so of course I can tell,” Rika whispered in reply, while pushing her sister in the arm.

“Hmm, those two seem more like friends than sisters,” Namine thought to herself.

“Hey, wait I just thought of something, didn’t Mom, just buy a new speedboat?” Rika asked.

“Oh, yeah she did she said that we might need it, boy was she ever right,” Tieka said happily.


“Umm, oh look at the time I have go,” Kairi said while looking at the imaginary watch on her wrist.

“Kairi, why are you trying to leave so soon? I have something I need to tell you please, stay,” Riku said.

So I have a lot of questions to answer...in the next couple chapters.......that's gonna have to take a lot of thought to answer them all... well I guess you guy are going to have to wait a little longer then usual
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