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Fanfiction ► Just one little promise....

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Mar 23, 2007
Sora_luver you are an amazing writer!!!!!!! nad i really like that one called life as me (LOL)

[ /QUOTE] If it was only you and only me, we would live together happily.


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
I'm glad you're excited about the next chapter.......I figured out a title for it..... and I got it started......I'm gonna be so busy ...lol... I get to go to lazertag, I'm having a sleepover today, and today I get to go to this videogame night thing at with my friend... it's gonna be so fun... by the way `princessofheart you know that picture of mini sora/kairi well I finished it, I added a few things cause the printer isn't working but I'm trying hard to fix the printers.... with any luck I'll have it up today tomorrow or the next day... no later... I promise....:p

P.S. the title for the next chapter is 'Entwined'


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
Sorry for the double post but I had to post the chapter before I went to bed and no one else replied my last comment and I didn't feel like editing it so here is the chapter....:toungesmile:

Chapter 8: Entwined Trouble and Dangerous Secrets

“Hey Namine,” Tieka yelled over to the blond girl.

“Hey! Come on over, quick!” Namine yelled back.

“Okay!” Tieka yelled grabbing Rika’s arm, causing Rika to stumble and fall, but as she fell she grabbed Tieka by the arm, trying to stop herself from falling, but ended up bringing down Tieka with her.

Namine ran over, worried about the two girls, now tangled in some weird position where Tieka had her foot in Rika’s face while Rika’s arm hung around her sister’s hips while Tieka’s arm was stuck tightly behind Rika’s back.

“Rika get off me!” Tieka yelled.

“I can’t you have to get off me first!” Rika yelled back.

“I can’t move my arm is stuck under your big fat butt and one of your legs is weaved in between my legs!” Tieka screamed back getting annoyed.

“Wait that means…that means…We’re stuck like THIS!” Rika bawled.

“Rika, calm down, we’ll get you both out of this,” Namine reassured.

“How are we supposed to do that?” Tieka asked, “The plan is ruined now and we’re stuck like this.”

“The plan was already ruined look, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, that means no rain, and no rain means, no more plan.” Namine pouted.

“It would have rained, I would have made it.” Tieka thought.

“Tieka, I already said not to use your powers,” Rika whispered to Tieka, so Namine would not hear.

“Ha, you’re one to talk,” Tieka said sarcastically.

“Anyway I have a plan to get us out of here,” Rika said.

“Okay what is it?” Tieka asked eager to get out of the entanglement.

“K, so rock your body this way so we can get your arm free which will free my arms, then getting out from there should be easy enough.

Unluckily for them, they were at the top of a hill, they swung and rolled over to they’re side but ended up rolling down the hill instead.

As they reached the bottom, they both felt ill, as though they were about to throw up, but in the end no one did.

“Oh my god, are you okay?!?!” Namine asked while running down the hill.

“Yeah, I’m fine but can you stop these birdies from flying around my head?” Rika asked dizzily while her head was spinning. She was trying to stand up but to no avail, she just ended up falling on her butt, luckily while her and her sister were tumbling down the hill they untangled and went separate ways so as not to get hurt.

“I’m fine to but umm, you better umm… help me with Rika,” Tieka said.

“Ahhh, this isn’t good, if Rika is in this kind of state there is no idea what her powers might do, luckily I didn’t get to dizzy, this isn’t good at all.” Tieka thought to herself, “Hmmm, I think I know how to get us out of this situation, I just hope this works.”

The two girls brought the dizzy girl to a bench.

“Umm, Namine, I think I dropped something when I was rolling down the hill, let me go get it, you stay here and watch Rika.” Tieka said making up an excuse so she could execute her plan.

“Okay, be back as soon as you can.” Namine said smiling but with a hint of worry in her voice because she didn’t know what to do with Rika.

Tieka ran back off towards the hill.

“I need to make it rain!” She thought. She looked back and made sure she was out of the view of the bench and started to use her powers.

After awhile, a small cloud about the size of a microwave began to appear.

“Tieka, we have to go, some kid saw Rika and thought she was drunk, he’s gonna call the cops on us!” Namine yelled running over the hill towards Tieka.

“Damn, why does she have to come at a time like this?” Tieka thought angrily to herself.

“What the hell? Tieka, what are you doing? HEY, DO YOU HAVE POWERS?” Namine asked excitedly.

“Umm, yeah, but umm…. Why don’t you find it weird?” Tieka stuttered with a sheepish grin on her face, dumbfounded by how quickly Namine figured out about her powers.

“Oh, well you see, Sora, he has these powers that can make this blade called a keyblade appear, so ummm, anyway if you have powers does that mean Rika has powers too and what are your powers?” Namine questioned.

“Yes Rika has powers and with my powers I can control water and Rika she can read minds as well as telekinesis, but anyway if we don’t stop Rika from being so dizzy her powers are going to go crazy, and that is never good!” Tieka answered.

They quickly ran back to Rika who was singing ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ out loud.

Suddenly as Rika was barking like a dog, she fell unconscious.

“Now that was weird.” Tieka said.

“Yeah, I never saw anyone sing Old McDonald that loudly before,” Namine stated.

Tieka sweatdropped, “not that, I was talking about how she fell unconscious.”

“Oh, umm… yeah, that too,” Namine giggled try to cover her embarrassment, “Anyway so I guess that was how it was going to rain, because you were going to use your powers?”

“Umm, yeah sorry we couldn’t tell you we had some bad experiences with some other people who found out.” Tieka said sadly while her mind was thinking about the past events.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, you can trust me.” Namine said happily with a big smile on her mouth.

“Thanks, I’m glad I can.” Tieka said with a little smile.

Gradually, Rika began to stir, after being brought home and laid down on the couch. She woke up with wide eyes.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“You’re home.” A voice answered.

“Okay, Tieka, umm, what happened yesterday? I have an awful head ache and I don’t remember what happened after we rolled down the hill.” Rika asked.

“Let’s just say, you had a blast singing.” Tieka giggled remembering Rika singing Old McDonald.

“What did I sing, don’t tell it was Old McDonald again, I sang that last time too.” Rika whined while blushing with embarrassment.
It's not my favorite chapter but it's still oka, I got really annoyed near the middle cause I couldn't think of anything, so sorry if it's stupid but still read it and tell me what you think
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