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Feb 27, 2008
Okay, everyone, something really big has come up in my life, I was hoping it would solve itself, but it didn't, and now I have to deal with it - I'm really sorry, but I'll have to leave this site until at least May -


I'll be back and with a real chappie because by then I'll be done with my semester and with this problem that I have to get under control....it's not something I want to go into detail with, but it deals with my family, and part of my family is going through a really hard time, and with college and finals around the corner - my time is spent.

I'll miss yall T.T but I will return - until then peace and Cloverfield dear friends! T.T

*Hops on Spirit and rides off into the sunset*

Wow, dude...that sucks. I hope you are able to help everything get situated, or at least I hope you're able to pull through the hard times. Good luck and best of wishes.

Also, I recently read Part One in its entirety and enjoyed it thoroughly. I don't have any cc this time, as I wasn't really scanning to improve your writing; I was more or less reading for the enjoyment, but I can easily say that I'm impressed with the crisp imagery of your writing, and also I noticed how none of the words or concpets in your work (or Part 1, as it's the only part I've read) seem to be repetitive or overdrawn. When you come back, I have no doubt that you'll have something else in store for everyone. Perhaps I'll be caught up in reading this by then
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Feb 27, 2008
Ah...Chapter 2. It seems as if truly is Another Side to every story, and Destiny Islands seems to be the link to every side. There is one thing that I wonder about in particular; are there in fact two linking worlds, one from each system/galaxy? I'd figure that if no one on Destiny Islands had experienced someone from the other system. Then perhaps the people from one linking world are jumping to the other linking world (Destiny Islands). Or perhaps there are even two instances of Destiny Islands, one in each galaxy. I'll end the speculation for now.

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
*Spirit drops off body of S.A.* I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! *Glomps everyone*

He-hello everyone! It’s good to be back! :D Here’s, here’s the long overdue Chappie! I’ll explain after why I was gone for so long, y’all deserve to know - *sniff* thank-you for waiting for so long.....

Nefero’s Catch Me Up: “With the Rider’s attack of judgment, all the ways in the Anime System are now open; turns out they were possessed by the Chrost-Weik. Riku saw Sora briefly, and um, uh, everyone is still alive; wow, I thought I had more to say, I mean, it’s been so long *stares oddly to the sunset*…..I want some pie….”

Ch. 27 Mixing the Ties II (Part B+C+D) - No I am not playing catch up...... >>;.....
“There is no more sure tie between friends than when they are united in their objects and wishes” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Oratio Pro Cnoeo Plancio (II)

“No vessel, no help from the heartless, so tell me, how’d you get here?” – Riku

“Hrrrrgh, I simply believed…..nothing more to it……I believed I would find her, so here I am, she MUST be here…"– Beast, Kingdom Hearts, Hollow Bastion: First Visit

We are in the place where you will never find a happy, sad, or even satisfying ending


Star’s Path:
Futil Era

“Donald, maybe you should take a break? I mean, I bet it will work, but I think the marks need to be made cleaner…? Is that right?” asked Kagome putting the top back on a can of paint, which disappeared promptly in a flurry of baby stars.

“I don’t think he heard you Kagome, he’s in his own little world right now,” said Inuyasha with his arms crossed next to her, “Sheesh, we all saw that vortex in the sky, but it’s GONE NOW!” Inuyasha yelled as Donald ran by, “Pfft, he needs to learn to relax, I don’t smell anything threatening for miles.”

“Yeah but according to Donald, if that vortex had continued, everyone would have died,” said Songo; Kagome’s hand went to her chest. *I mean, I know we’re safe, but my hands are still shaking.*

“It stopped didn’t it?” said Inuyasha bristled, “Whatever it was, it’s gone now.”

And you were all powerless to stop it in the first place…..

“This has to work this time, the ways are open!” blurted Donald hastily as he dashed by with his paint brush on the ground to leave a streak.

“You keep saying that, but please explain to us what you mean….*and calm down in the process*,” said Miroku standing on the large outer circle of an immensely complex and intertwining symbol. It had the base design of two circles perched on the “upper corners” of a larger one (Mickey’s symbol in other words….); the complete design was at least the size of a football field….They were in a field after all.

“This one looked cuter when he started out, but now towards the end, it looks kinda, messy,” said Shippo; Kilala meowed in agreement.

Donald skidded to halt with his paint brush turning back into his staff, “(*Pant, pant, pant*) Hah, okay, um, (*falls to one knee from exhaustion*) now” –

“Now you take a break,” said Kagome stepping up, “You’ve tried this four times already, and if you can’t even concentrate then what’s the point?”

“I’ve got, hah, I’ve got to try this again” –

“The world’s not going to explode in the next ten minutes” – to their knowledge – even though from the Rider’s attack, the world would have been gone in seconds – “You even said so yourself when that vortex was stopped, we were safe, or is there something you’re not telling us?” said Kagome sharply and solidly.

Donald, exhausted, was finally penetrated, and he slumped back on his rear overlooking the intense symbol he had drawn again (for the fifth time).

“It’s just…..” Everyone gathered around Donald so they could hear him, “There’s a time limit for how long I can perform this magic….”

“What are you trying to do?” asked Miroku again, “If there’s anyway we can help” –

“No, this is Astral Magic, none of you have ever left your world right? Your own Astral Magic has not been awakened from within you,” Donald tried to stand, but Kagome gently set him back down, “That vortex that was unleashed, not only touched this world, but every other world within this system, the ways to all of them have been opened until a Spirit shuts them.”

The others kinda understood this from what Donald had told them previously…..

“There is a magic that can be performed within a time limit that can trace such types of magic that hits multiple targets from extreme distances all the way back to it’s source. This magic will also open up a portal and take, take me to wherever that is. If anything else, I’ve got to find out what’s going on in this system. Sora, Riku, and Kairi must have stopped the Riders from finishing their Judgment*.”


“And thus you’d be reunited with them correct?” asked Miroku.

“Hopefully, but this entire system is in danger, ever since I arrived here, I’ve had this feeling that something bad was going to happen, and for the Riders to even think of destroying a system, something really, really bad must be out there.”

Or the Riders were just psychos that destroyed many systems due to being possessed by the Chrost-Weik…..

“Worse than Naraku?” asked Shippo.

Heh, heh.

“A thousand times worse, this problem threatens the stability of the systems.”

….We know….A lot of systems have already been destroyed……By the way, Donald has figured out that the Lady of Red and Naraku are different people from the aftermath of the Rider’s attack – this world’s borders were still working at the time of the attack (but now they’re not – no border is…).

Donald pushed himself up, “If it doesn’t work this time, I’ll know for sure that I’ve overlapped the time-limit, I’ve got to try one more time!”

Kilala gave Donald a rub of encouragement as he walked over to the outer edge of the design. Donald held out his staff and exhaled, something within him opened….“Alli-kazzo, bibbidi-do –flip-flops, and lolly-pops” –

“You know I think the problem is his incantation” –


“Pinky-punk-corny-gunk” –

“Shippo stop laughing!” –

“Bubble-bobble-toil-and – trouble! –”

The marks began to glow and organize themselves –

“Hey, it didn’t do that before!”

The lights began to rise up in a faded, shifting motion, traveling along the intricate lines of the design – Donald was ecstatic, but he was forced to keep his joy bottled up to concentrate all he had to force this magic to work – he had only used this spell once before – in his audition for –

“Bibidi-do – and bobble- woo” –

“Stop laughing! Inuyasha! – (*GASP*)” –

“Donald open your eyes! Something is happening!” yelled Songo’s voice – Donald didn’t even realize he had shut his eyes –

A tower of light was now swirling in the middle like a mystical tornado – it was expanding and contracting, like, like it wanted to open! Like a door – and for a split second it did! – with the doors promptly shutting however – but Donald saw –


“Did you guys just see that?!”

“Another world!”

“It’s working Donald! You can do it!”

“Ah! *The last part of the incantation!* Bibadi-ba-bibadi-ba *inhale* - DO!”

And instantly like a candle, the light tower along with the entire symbol snuffed out – PHOO.

…….The symbol completely vanished with the light….just like it did for the previous four sessions under different circumstances…..

“Hey what happened? It was working!”

Donald stood there stupefied, but then – “AAHHH! Inuyasha was right!”


“It was the incantation I messed up on! The last word wasn’t ‘do’! IT WAS BOO! DOG-FRIKIN’-GONET!”

*Oh Donald…..*

Donald fell forward and didn’t bother getting up….It’s just been so long, but that shouldn’t have mattered for a court magician….

Kagome walk up to him and started rubbing his back, “Don’t worry, there’s got to be way to reunite you with them.”

Heh, not a snowball’s chance in hell…..Meanwhile, back on the world covered in ice and rusting cities, Goofy sat in concentrated despair within a small cave…..

“Someone should, go talk to him,” said Hige.

“I tried,” said Toboe, “He wouldn’t talk back.”

Goofy then suddenly sprang to life scaring the wolves – “Rrrrrrgh!”

Then together for all to hear, Donald and Goofy screamed, “I’ve got to find my way back to Sora!”

……Oh how sheltered these two have been blessed to be…..


Midnight’s Path: Inbetwixt Realm

Now, can’t you hear it? Listen, listen quietly…….No you have to listen carefully…..Hear it? Hear it now? Listen here, in your chest. It’s moving within you, little by little. Sorry, no, it’s too late, it’s in your heart–it’s all there, your own soul, holding the woven slippery tissues as it beats faster and faster….

Riku suddenly awoke, and snapped up on the white bed, in the white room where he was kept. He was breathing hard, a bead of sweat dropped off the side of his face, “What…what just happened…?” His mind was blank, but like an exposing photograph, it all returned. “Sora…” Sora was right there…! But then Riku was pulled – it wasn’t him per say, but like a copy, a doppelganger….Never-the-less he was pulled back away from Sora, back like a rapidly retracting piece of measuring tape that recounted the amazing distance between them. Riku rubbed the side of his head, he felt so, displaced, like his body was still trying to synchronize with…..his soul? Was it an out of body experience? *Sure as heck felt like it,* but, but he could’ve touched Sora, he could’ve sworn, just an inch further, no even closer than that…

….But he was able to do what he wanted; he protected Sora. Whatever it was that was trying to hurt him, Riku protected him from it. He looked at his bracelet which happily shinned his reflection back. His wrist had the tingles from the tremendous pain he felt earlier. (*Sigh*) Riku laid back on the bed looking at the infinite white ceiling, recalling his brief, strange transparent journey through a glittering sea of green….How, why, perhaps that doesn’t matter, but something, took him to Sora for that brief moment. He closed his eyes holding onto that wonderful image of seeing him, looking tired, but okay, and with some other people – with that boy with the wings, Avera……*So he’s safe…*

Now knowing of both Kairi and Sora’s safety, Riku let out a long sigh of relief that he just realized had tightened his chest for some time.

A grin appeared on his face, now if only Isetzue would hurry back from wherever she ran off to, heh, *Maybe I could pull the same stunt again to find out where she went.*

Teeth; sharp, my sharp teeth.

……Off to the side from where Riku lay, a tinge of red glowing ghost-like cloth, dissinigrated into black fickle fibers, and faded away into a sifted portal.

I see you.

A strange tingle went up Riku’s spine as if something had just left the room. He took a quick look around, nothing seemed to be out of order, in fact since he was up, he was a little hungry, and the smells from the food table were too inviting.


Returning to the bed with two platefuls of food, Riku noticed the mini dolls of his friends were missing.

I almost touched you, hee hee, I almost touched both of you.

Tokieo Town: Spot Tower

*Oh I can feel it, an angry aura coming my way, I guess knowing that Aurocile’s ‘talk’ with me wasn’t satisfying enough* -

BOMPH – Euphoria knocked open a large thick glass door giving it two thick cracks in the process –

In a white room with windows all around, Seritouge was never happier that he had no physical form, “Why Spirit of Life, such a manner is” –

“Don’t you Spirit of Life me,” whipped Euphoria’s child-like voice from her small frame, “Is this how you plan to treat these Masters? Like your own personal experiments?”

….. “We need to figure out the way to detour this enemy from any further progression, and the Masters are the key to unlocking Yahena’s power.”

“You mean Eros? Eros will do whatever the hell it wants, you, me, Aurocile, we have a duty to guide in times of crisis, and you, are taking over the responsibility of these Masters for your own little lab rats! This system cannot afford another loss!”

“We are not going to lose them. I am making sure that they will become strong enough” –

“See? Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue didn’t satisfy what you wanted to do right?”

Seritouge took a breath to keep his composure in front of Euphoria, “This system is still here, we have grounded ourselves here” –

“At the cost of their lives!” –

“Many Masters have died” –

“So that makes it okay to continue this trend?”

“I’m trying to stop that” –

“SEE? There you go again! We are supposed to work together! We are the ones responsible for guiding existence – are you forgetting those bonds, Seritouge?! Does our connection, our balance not matter to you anymore?! Do ANY bonds mean anything to you?! What was that little stunt you tried to pull back there when Sora was under attack from the Riders huh?”

“A Sever*,” said Seritouge plainly.

“A Sever*,” Euphoria echoed with her body tightened, like a coiled up like a snake ready to bite, Euphoria shook her head, “How dare you try to destroy the bond between the Masters, honestly as a SPIRIT – you know how sacred that bond is to people! Ours is superficial, it’s a trust, but the Masters are able to be around physically much more often than we are, and that is a backbone for hope that when together this system may still stand a chance – you snap it and they’ll become just as crippled – and, and WHY have you even considered it?! Don’t think Aurocile and I don’t know that you went behind our backs and screwed with Sora, Riku, and Kairi’s Protections* to help keep them apart! Weren’t the original Masters of this system enough?! I know these times are difficult, but are they strong enough to bend your will Mr. Spirit of Reason?!”

Seritouge remained silent for a bit.

“I know you’re still here Seritouge, even if I can’t see you,” said Euphoria bluntly, “Don’t play those stupid intern-pranks on me.”

……….“My dear Euphoria, I know you don’t agree with my reasoning at times *about 99% of the time….*, but please, hear me out at least this once.”

Euphoria quickly crossed her arms.

“We now know why the Riders have gone astray from what the Stewards sent us right?”

“Yeah, I already knew the moment it happened because I can hear the Lifestream, DUH! They messed with stuff they shouldn’t have and allowed the Chrost-Weik to manifest in the physical plain.”

“Yes, the Lifestream allows you to sense what Aurocile and I cannot, the Chrost-Weik and Yahena actually manifesting in our physical realm.”

“So? What’s this got to do with the Sever* you tried to pull? Was it because of the danger Sora was in? Were you testing the Master’s bond or something? Because I believe you nearly succeeded in sending both Riku and Kairi into stage 2 of the Dark Atone disease due to the sheer shock of the attempted separation,” said Euphoria quickly like a doctor with a numb patient – all the while she spoke, she tried to regain her composure from the screaming child that wanted back out.

……… “I invoked the Sever* with two reasonings in mind, one if the Sever* would work or not, and two, if Eros would show itself again.”

“You know we don’t have any control over the gate to Yahena,” said Euphoria, her temper about to hit its limit, “Eros will do whatever the hell it wants; provoke it at will and it’ll bite back, and it’ll bite Sora – is that what you want? You’ve been especially cruel to him! What are you trying to do Seritouge?!”

Seritouge ignored Euphoria’s accusations and carried on with his speech, “If Sora, were to have truly died at that moment, the Sever* would have been for the best since the grief most likely would have been too much for the other two. But the Sever* failed, and Sora was rescued by the Seraph accompanying him.”

That, changed, everything….Euphoria’s eyes grew wide…… “A Seraph, is with him…?”

“Yes, the Lifestream read it differently didn’t it? You thought that Sora has escaped by using Lifeline* on his own, you assumed he knew it because King Mickey knew it and probably taught it to him, but that’s wrong, the Seraph saved him, I know it – otherwise my Sever* would have worked. I had my Sever* specifically concentrated to react the strongest if Sora had used any magic directly from his soul, and he didn’t, thus my Sever* was not at full strength and failed, and confirmed for me that the Seraph was still with him from when I caught a glimpse of him through Genkai, and rescued him.”

Euphoria’s anger had almost completely subsided, replaced by shock, *That Seraph was able to manipulate its form inside the Lifestream itself?!*

“The fact that we, Spirits, cannot sense that Seraph’s presence leads me to wonder that he is a much higher being than he allows others to believe. He also has been able to disperse his existence in the Lifestream, but I have no doubt that if you sift thread by thread of the Lifestream* you’ll be able to piece together his existence.”

“You think he’s, a-a Spirit’s….?” Euphoria breathed.

“Yes, it is quite possible that he is such, but I don’t believe he is. Why would this, Seraph want to hide its existence from us if he was a Spirit’s Child? (*Sigh*) His existence is a mystery we need to figure out soon, and the difficulty is something we haven’t seen since….”

Euphoria pulled away.

“Well, since we cannot track him ourselves, and the Lifestream unable to outright tell you of him” –

“No! No more Influences*! Make Genkai your last!”

“Mh, I was merely going to say, it’s all on him. Besides, I doubt that I could anyway, the Seraph was able to remove my most focused Influence* from Genkai while I performed it.”


Now Seritouge was starting to lose his temper…“You missed the point, he overcame my magic, and thus can probably overcome other Spiritual Magic too, and you know our magic source is from similar but separate means.”

“Oh no! Say it ain’t so,” Euphoria mocked, “So he can hide in the Lifestream and from your eyes” –

“Yes, that is a serious problem” –

“But he’s still has the mark of the Seraphs yes? Wings?”

“Of course, but even so, the pedigree of the breed doesn’t matter if the personality is at fault.”

“He’s still a Seraph, and thank goodness, we need one desperately. Yahena has not had the chance to awaken one with those murders Nefero and South Light committed, I wonder if that’s how he managed to survive to becoming a Seraph – by being able to hid from us, he must be able to hid from Nefero and South Light’s capabilities as well.”

“Well, my dear I’ve thought of that too, and I so desperately wish it so, but,” –


“When I saw him, he looked straight into me, through me – yes I know I am transparent anyway – wipe that smirk off your face – anywho, I’ve rarely had that feeling before which he gave me at first glance, and from a Seraph no less.” Euphoria tilted her head a little. “Fear. He gave me the purest fear there is.”

“That’s funny, it’s usually the other way around.”

“I analyzed my fear, if it’s not me who does the Severing, he will; I felt, he has the power to break bonds, even the bonds of Masters apart.”

Euphoria gave a baby growl. “Bonds can be stronger than any obstacle existence can produce, besides you were just probably over-reacting anyway” [Threat brushed aside]….*clears throat*….What caused your Sever* to fail?”

“Only because my Sever* was weak, but I’ll grant you this, it was the Master’s bond enhanced through the bracelets they wear, it turns out their bracelets have turned into Charms*.”

“I thought they would!” said Euphoria triumphantly, “And once those Charms* develop more, then they’ll be able to pick up on each other’s emotions, well being, and eventually be able to talk to one another at will!”

“Yes I guess some communication between them would be good, and in a chance of luck, it turns out my Sever* was just the thing to kick-start a more rapid development of their Charms*”

“Don’t try to turn your negative into a positive,” Euphoria mumbled, “You put the other two Masters under a lot of stress, shoot Riku was able to use Astral Projection* for crying out loud, his cry in the Lifestream was so scared, I wish you could’ve heard it to kick-start you to care about feelings a little more.”

“(*Baby growl*), and about Riku, ever since he was taken from my sight by that other unknown force, we have learned he was safe since he was able to use Astral Projection*.”

“Hmph, looks like you were able to hit a lot of birds with that one stone of yours,” said Euphoria stubbornly.

“However, Riku is still missing, his captors are still unknown – able to hide from my sight, and this Seraph’s identity is still unknown, able to hide within the Lifestream. These unknown, allies dare I call them, want their identity hidden from us Spirits for one reason or another. Either the Masters have secretive powerful friends working along side them, or we, have already lost them to another predator capable of opposing even us.”



“Fu, fu, fu, fu, so the Riders have been banished from this system?”

“Yeah but, no doubt they’ll be back. The Chrost-Weik is in them after all, and you remember what Nefero told us about it – it wants something – this is probably gonna be the first Astral Shift in over five-hundred million years!”

“And only the second since existence awakened.”

“Ah, the Masters better not let down their guard.”

“We have pin-pointed the location of the scuffle between the Riders and the Stewards, at least one of the Masters must be there, or at least he still should be there.”

“Hee hee! Coolio.”

“Alright then….”


……….The sound of waves………rising back and forth…………..The Dark Tide, The Red Tide – violence and death, like the tides, they retreat and return, and now a new threat travels up with the returning wave.


Twilight’s Path: Tumble-Stop

Ed tightened her hug a little around Sora’s neck as she situated herself upon his back.

“So Avera….tell me about Riku. How did he appear like that? Is he okay?”

“He’s perfectly fine,” said Avera, “He just misses you terribly.”

“Aww,” sighed Ed with the emotion floating in Sora’s tummy; Little Slugger looked like he was about to vomit (Isetzue elbowed him). “Poor Riku.”

“He’s okay though, like, Avera said,” said Isetzue. Sephiroth gave her a plain glance to calm down…..She bit her lower lip, she had sensed* information that she knew would only cause trouble: something had breached the room where Riku stayed….

*We’ll leave soon Isetzue; I sensed* it too.*


Sephiroth made eye contact with Avera to ‘wrap this up, it’s time to go’, and he understood; Avera put his focus back on Sora, “What Riku achieved is something extremely rare, it’s called Astral Projection*. When someone wants to be somewhere so badly, so much that it causes their soul to scream, sometimes the Lifestream will hear that scream, and carry that soul directly though it to wherever it wishes to go.”

“That was, Riku’s soul?!”

“Well in even rarer cases, a physical apparition appears, but the Lifestream will only allow the soul to stay in it’s destination for seconds; the body needs the soul to live after all.”

“….I remember, a friend of mine back in the Disney System, Beast, I guess that was what he used to get to Belle, I remember her telling me about that, only his was a full body transfer or something.”

“Wow,” said Sephiroth plainly.

“Goodness, he must’ve made a deal with the Lifestream,” said Avera.

“I can count on my fingers on how many times that has happened,” said Isetzue.

Sora’s head drooped……*Riku*……Was Sora’s desire to see his friends not as strong as he thought? Why?

Avera took Sora’s wrists; Sora had been subconsciously rubbing his wrist with the bracelet. “Don’t think for one second that your bond is any weaker than it was before Sora,” he said. “This bracelet sent a very powerful message to Riku that something had happened to you. Yes, I’m sure what pushed his desire over the edge was when your bracelet reacted to our deaths, no doubt he was quite alarmed, Kairi too of course, but she wouldn’t have been able” –

“What do you mean deaths? You’re both alive,” said Serena.

“Oh no, we both died under the Riders’ attack, its known as Natural Selection*, that dark hand can either restore a person to perfect health or steal it away, and with me caught in the hand’s grasp, I guess their hatred for me was stronger than their desire to take Sora ‘peacefully.’ I’m not surprised, since they were tainted by the Chrost-Weik after all; such a possession intensifies negative emotions, especially rage.”

“So y’all really were dead,” said Spike, “I thought I had y’all’s pulses wrong, but I guess not.”

“B-b-bu-but – how?!”

“Lifeline*,” said Vincent and Sephiroth together.

“You were able to transcend your own Lifeline* ability to Sora? That’s incredible,” said Genkai, “I thought it only reeled back the soul of the caster.”

“Well I just wished really hard that it would save him too,” smiled Avera at Sora.

Stop. *Whoa…..I was… actually dead?! This time, this time it was not, not a dream?! Those Riders, in that split second, with that, hand – they killed us?!* Sora’s body remembered that sensation – of his heart suddenly giving that mighty jolt –

“It happened so fast didn’t it?” said Sephiroth to Sora, reading his expression, “Consider Avera rescuing you from the Riders a fluke. He can’t constantly be around to keep you from dying, and Isetzue and I have other obligations to keep as well, and as you can see, the Stewards have already left. The Riders getting banished from this system was the best thing that could’ve happened since out of the big four, they were the only ones left out of your Protection*.”

Sora suddenly felt a sharp emotion brought on by a glare – and Sephiroth, Vincent, and Isetzue suddenly looked to the immediate right of the group towards an opening crease of an alleyway – hands on their weapons – tension suddenly cutting the air –

BUOSH! A pillar of fire-light erupted from the ground blowing half the alley way and the buildings around it to bits –


Sephiroth gave a frustrated breath, “Damnit”, *why did I hesitate?*

As the cinders fluttered down to the ground Avera took a step in front of Sora….The sharp emotion that set off the group faded away (leaving the others shocked and shaken).

………“Well if its not one thing, it’s another,” Sephiroth breathed taking his hand off his weapon, “Your new adversaries know where you are Sora,” he said turning towards him.

“New adversaries?” Sora half gasped, half moaned; Ed gave a sigh with him.

“But there’s no one left that can hurt him,” said Goku, “The Riders are gone, and Nefero, the Lady of Red, and South Light can’t touch Sora.”

“True, they can’t hurt Sora, the rest of you however are still fair game,” said Sephiroth, Vincent detecting a subtle dark note, “There are still others out there to oppose you.”

“Even if there is a Protection* around you Sora from Nefero, it won’t matter to him, or the others in the end, really,” said Isetzue, “If he can’t screw with you in one way, he’ll do it in another.”

“Back to the point,” said Sephiroth, “Aside from dealing with your earlier disturbances of the heartless, Xehanort, nobodies, and Organization 13, who else gave you a hard time within the Disney System?”……..Sephiroth himself was a good example……….

And so it dawned on him, Sora never thought about them, or the possibility of them since he was so preoccupied with the evils at hand….and the rest…but yeah….Why wouldn’t this system have…?

There was an uncomfortable shift that spread throughout the group….Some had the inkling of what Sephiroth was getting at…..Of all the mess they would eventually have to deal with, and now, just one more weight was added to the wall of evil before them….



Within the darkest depths of the Anime system, where darkness is as thick as a velvet moonless night, a large room was illuminated only by subtle candle light upon elaborate dinner party tables decorated with black. The candles that flickered in the stagnant darkness gave the impression of an intense desire to escape from the cold presences occupying the room–who were dressed in such filling shadows that they were nearly merged with the darkness itself.

Some sat on the elegant ebony chairs (nearly invisible in this darkness which made the people almost look like they were floating) and some preferred to stand to the side, one in particular, stood way near the back almost completely hidden – he had a metal sword and wavy white hair which caught the timid candlelight.

The sound and wind of a dark portal filled the air, and one more chilling presence arrived – with smoke coming off of the black cloak that protected him –

“Dude! **** that was close!” came a creepy playful voice.

“I told you the One-Winged Angels don’t take any threat lightly,” came an oily snake-like voice.

“Heh, the only reason you’re still alive is because of that cloak that Nefero gave us,” said a sly voice from the sands.

The cloaked person said nothing. Part of the cloak was ripped around an odd spherical bulge with three spikes connected by a flat piece of metal on his left shoulder.

“Ugth, first you burn it! And now you’ve torn it!”

“Oh great, thanks, now I’ll have to fix it again, jerk.”

Before the situation could escalate any further, a man who sat in concentrated thought with his hands clasped before his mouth spoke stiffly, “What did you see?”…….

The man relayed his message, and a smile crept out from under the cover of the clasped hands.


Ah, and there you have it! My longest chapter yet!....I keep topping myself….. >>;

But anywho, here’s what went down with me: I pulled my first 24 and 48 hour shifts (no food or sleep) – Whoo! I passed all my classes – Whoo! I helped the family member get on the right track – Whoo! – For now….Boo. I became Secretary of our Anime Club – Whoo! And I’ve…….kinda planned out the rest of this story till it’s finale – Whoo? Anywho, summer should be a very fun time for this tale – I hope y’all enjoy it! Thank-you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, very much for understanding why I had to leave, I REALLY didn’t wanna, but I just couldn’t concentrate……(of course material did come though as like around the magic hour of 3 am….) thank-you guys for your support, you have no idea how much that means to me…..*sniff*……..Okay! I will have the first arc (as if anyone knew we were even in an ark, er, arc…….done by chapter 30, or 29, and then comes the really fun one! From world to world!.....That only took a year………d’oh.

Hee hee, hee, enter the Anime Villains…..Can anyone name (with the unreasonable short amount of clues given) the first few?....Please use spoiler boxes!


By the way to voice in Verdana type face is the Chrost-Weik speaking, Comic-scan is Yahena.....

Chrost-Weik says scary things........

Sephiroth:..............................................................................Why won't he listen?
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SILENT!! You're back! Oh how I've missed reading about your wonderful chapters that have come out thus far, wonderful start of a comeback XDD.

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Ah ^.^ Thank-you guys! And yeah......I described the villains.....quite vaguely >>; Really you can only guess them if you are really familiar with thier characters (for some....)- I'm surprised no one has guessed who was under the cloak (there were two clues with him....make that three...... >>; ), and probably the dead give away is that I mentioned his name before in a spoiler box....look if you dare O_O

Anywho, now I must go take care of some things that I couldn't because I was knee deep in Ouran - OH WHAT A CLIFFHANGER TO LEAVE US ON BISCO!!!! T.T


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SV I'm so glad you're back. If I were an emotional guy I'd cry. And that chapter was incredibly long, I'm so happy i feel like I just ate after not eating for a week.

I can't wait to see how Sora fights the Anime villieans. I was wondering if on the other worlds Sora will get more allies?

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Heh, yeah Cold, I just wanted this chapter done with >>; I hope it wasn't too much trouble*Ah* Yes Sora will get some really powerful allies (and enemies too T.T) as he goes from world to world - much to a few's dismay

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Part 3 was excellent. I feel that your story-telling abilities up to Chapter 3 have been exceptional. I commend your ability to eventually progress your story without the use of dialogue.

Overly descriptive is a term which some fictions (such as my old fic) tend to become when trying to progress. Also, I'd feel that my fiction is very dialogue-driven in comparison to this, so in turn, I'd have to also commend you on including the right amount of dialogue at times as well as a right amount of imagery and progression.

One piece of advice, which you may or may not wish to follow (and you certainly do not have to, and of course this is only based upon what I've read thus far)--Some readers can give the excuse that chapters are too drawn, and to a degree, writers would have to respect that. Trying to catch a reader's attention is hard enough, but keeping that attention is another story altogether. I'd also have to say that readers, especially in this day and time, tend to have a short-attention span. Perhaps trying to find a way to seperate one chapter into two or even three would be advantageous.

Bask in the compliments, but don't get hubristic :lol: I'm joking.

Part 3
The first and lighter section of the chapter in which the Destiny Isles crew spend there days in relaxation, only to be haunted once more by the piercing eyes within the shadows.
Disney Castle is suffering from the aftermath, but has now recently found at least one lead in the newly-introduced character who has yet to be named.

I listened to Destiny Islands, KH while reading the first section and Scent of Silence, KH Re: COM during the Disney Castle section :p.

I'll continue to slowly follow this and respond to each part. Onward to Chapter 4.
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Thanks Biz, you're so detailed in your responses *_* I'm reading your tale too right now ^_^

*Still on chappie 2....>>; Gomenasi......*

.......Yeah, my chapters can get....long....really long......really, really, really long......(just wait dude, just wait) >_<

That's my main fear, the length of my story, 'cause goodness knows it does no good to have a long story and that's just it - long. -_- That's why when it comes down to it, I try to make the story as interesting as possible.....I'm also worried there's way too many characters........>>;

But then again, I have wonderful friends who are reading my story *Gets emotional*.....

*Goes back to work - AHHHHH!*

Here's a bit of bad news, my dog, my beauitful wonderful dog decided to EAT some key elements of my story that I has written down on paper...............T.T I'm hoping they will return to me in the middle of the night.

Omen? ><;

EDIT: Cef-chan, huh? I'm confused...... ><
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Thank-you Coldman *sniff* I'm not accusing anyone of having a short attention span, it's just a fear I have for a future story I wanna post - and god knows my attention span is about the same capacity of a gnat's which is why it takes me a whole week to finalize a chap - otherwise I'd get these puppies out alot faster


Ugth, once I get into the world to word arc, things should be much better (I have so much planned! It should be fun ^_^) - for the first arc, I winged almost all of it after the intro with my pitiful guidlines >_< praying it would all just tie together somehow >>;

The chapter this week is looking good so far, read at yer own risk:

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EDIT: AH! Cef-chan I just understood your post just now >_< sorry

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Chapter 4: I listened to Destiny Islands once again, and during the encounter with Avera, The 13th Floor, KH Re:COM.

Progression, and the Destiny Isles trio are finally introduced to peeping eyes. There were a few dialogue quotes which I do not know who spoke what; other than that it's yet other chapter that's easy to follow.
Until Chapter 5,

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My laptop is broken. That means my K.h.a files are all in some pit of doom that I can probably never get back.

I'm very sorry. I know I just came back with this story, but now it's going on hiatus, or however you spell that, I don't know, quite frankly I'm in a bit of shock right now because that laptop was very important to me - it had ALOT of important files that I had yet to back up - k.h.a being one of them.

So, I don't know when I am going to continue this story, right now I am just gonna go somewhere and do what any person who has been delt a blow like this does - CRY!

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