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Mar 27, 2007
Yeah neither can I, this is my 5th time re-reading it xD.

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
^-^ Ah, thankies for commies!

UUUUGGGH! (I just needed to get that off my chest >>; - reason follows)

Summer Session is evoking more study time then I thought it would so updates are gonna be, like, primarily on the weekends -_- I'll do my best to make it worth yalls time

Chapter five will go in one shot 'cause I really wanna get to chapter 6 where alot of stuff happens so - the chapter picks up pace as it goes, so hopefully it'll be a smooth read, and again it only looks long because of all the dialoge

Disclaimer: Cursing; edited -> **** only my two special friends are said

Disclaimer: slight howdy-do inuendo -" if you know it don't say it, just giggle and let the little ones be bewildered" - basiically that's what it follows

Disclaimer: There's a Star Wars reference...be warned.

Ch. 5 Cloud Stalkers

"There’s nothing more scarier than riding with a cougar " – Ricky Bobby’s Dad “Talladega Nights, the Ballad of Ricky Bobby”

"So, how well can yall maneuver that hunk of junk you call the Bebop?"

"She can sing when she wants too," mocked Spike, "Watcha need her to do?"

"Well, your Sora right?"

"No, that would be me," said Sora scooting in.

"You remember what Amy said about registering your ship so you won't get zapped by security?"


"Well funny thing happened,” Bulma smiled apologetically, “One of our Searchers upon returning clipped the Lookout Tower when landing their craft, and, it knocked a few things out of whack...and it erased yall’s registration..."

"Is that bad?"

"How tight is your security?" asked Spike.

"Its matter sensitive, it aims for molecules it doesn't recognize, or, have been labeled as an enemy threat."............."Oh don't worry, I've delayed the system to fire with seconds to spare -"

"Not exactly what I call ample time to move a fifteen-hundred ton ship out the way -"

"Let me finish, I've set it on Wind-Fire, if yall get hit, you'll only be blown backwards, no real damage will be done to the ship."

“Yeah that’s fine and all, but there’s no way in hell Bebop could move as smooth as what you’re asking us to do.”

"What about the cruisers Spike?” asked Ed.

"Oh? You have some cruisers or something?" Bulma asked. Spike stood up straight,

"Yeah we do, but I’m worried that the Wind-Fire will blow off the scotch tape that’s holding them together."

"Wonderful,” stated Bulma rubbing her temples, *Mumble: I’m going to kill Krilin: End Mumble* “Listen when yall make it through, as a welcoming present, I’ll fix up your ships; for now, just leave Bebop in orbit around Tumble-Stop and radio me at this frequency when yall are ready to go," and Bulma closed her screen window.

"I'll go talk to Jet and tell him what’s going on; Sora, Ed, meet us at the ship hanger,” stated Spike.


"Come on Sora." And the three of them departed with Ein following Sora and Ed.

*I wonder what became of Chip and Dale?,* Sora thought, *I bet the gummi ship could maneuver around the defense system too.* Ed led Sora to the ship hanger,

"That red one is Spike's, the flat one is Jet's, and the grey crab with the red butt is Faye's." Faye's cruiser suddenly kicked on. “Hi Faye!” Ed singed.

"So, where’s this place that we're headed again?," she asked. Sora turned and gulped on Faye's attire as he got a real good close up look. “Well?” She bent towards him with her hands on her hips. She wore a small yellow vest, with small little shorts, with tiny little suspenders with a little red jacket not worn higher than her elbows.

"Uh, Tumble-Stop," Sora replied; Faye's stomach growled.

"This place have something to eat?"

"I'm sure it does, it's a refuge for people mis - " Faye dragged Sora by the elbow to her ship, "Hey!"

"Ed's gonna ride with Spike since she will fit on his back, Jet is gonna carry Ein since he feels the dog should not be left in orbit alone with the ship, and since a woman just wants a little elbow space, you are going to be riding with me." Faye chucked Sora up in her ship as the top opened. Spike and Jet walked in and went to thier ships; Spike picked up Ed swinging her on his back for a piggyback ride, and Jet picked up Ein.

"Sora can't ride with us?" Ed asked sadly.

"Noooo, afraid not, your the only one small enough to fit with me, (sigh), he's gotta ride with her. Be nice to him Faye," Spike called as he jumped in his cruiser, Ed settled like a spider monkey on Spike's back, "He can make a keyblade appear out of thin air." Spike turned to Ed, "Here's a bet on Faye, five bucks says she freaks when she sees that thing." Ed gave a giant grin.

"Whatever," Faye tossed.

*What I'd do again?,* Sora thought as he lay like a thrown shirt in the cabin. Faye hopped in, and suddenly, Sora found that there were two long legs on either side of him, GULP.

"Hey sit up!" Faye smashed Sora on the windshield as she got situated, then pulled Sora down like a sticker, and positioned him directly in front of her on the small seat, "Stretch your legs out with mine," Faye commanded, but really she did all the work mashing Sora like putty to match her position. Faye leaned down on Sora, bending him forward, "You’re gonna need to stay like this, at least until we're up from take off."

"Okay," Sora squeaked.

"Comfortable Sora?," radioed Spike.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I’m being crushed!"

"Crushed by what?," Faye spat shifting herself up, and purposely sat on Sora pushing down even harder.

"Uh - um - *...Of all the times for a boy to venture through his mind and find the right answer, this was truly the time between a rock and a hard place.... “Faye,” said a mouse – quite quickly, “I am being perfectly honest with you, your BUTT is crushing me, and in no way do I mean for you to move if it would make you uncomfortable in driving, however, I would appreciate it if you considered the air in my lungs to not be trifled with the impact your body is having on – on pushing down me, er me down – I – I’m not gonna push back – I – it’s just – could you please be considerate for me?" There was a silence, then Spike, Jet, Ed, Ein, and Faye, burst out laughing. Faye's laughing threw her backwards, and once again, Sora had to suck in air like a vacuum to sustain consciousness; Faye choked through her laughter,

"My god you really are just a kid!"

"Huh? Well, I was just being honest...You really were squishing me," said Sora as he turned to face Faye.

"Okay," Faye huffed catching her breath, "Okay, I'm sorry," Faye let out a long humorous sigh as Spike, Jet and Ed calmed down as well, "Now, lets see here." Faye adjusted her seat where she could still lean over the controls on Sora with Sora having plenty of room to breathe. "Better?"

"A whole lot, thank-you." The ships closed thier compartments, the room modified itself for launch, and the hanger door opened to space; a ways off was Tumble-Stop.

"Feel those gears right there?" Faye wiggled her toes.


"See these controls right here?" Faye tapped several sticks and gears.


"Put your hands with mine, and when I press on the gas and breaks, you do the same."

"Okay, monkey see, monkey do,” said Sora.


"Don't fall for it Sora," radioed Spike, "She's trying to manipulate your mind."

"Well it's her ship, so I should listen to her," replied Sora, and suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, Faye came around and kissed Sora on the cheek, turning him as red as a moogle's nose.

"What a gentleman, I wish you were a couple years older."

"Ah, let him go Spike, he's long gone," radioed Jet. The cruisers engines roared, and all three blasted off simultaneously into space; the hanger doors closed behind. Spike radioed for Bulma,

*Come in green haired lady.*

Sora was very careful and paid very close attention to Faye's movements so that he matched her's perfectly; he was not used to flying a ship like this, being almost totally on his stomach. Faye's closeness didn't help either, and, his stomach was full of butterflies with the close up windshield window adding more to his anxiety as it gave a really scary sense of all out flying. "What’s the matter Sora? You’re shaking," said Faye.

"I'm a little nervous that’s all."

"Don't be, your doing really good, have you ever flown before?"

"Well yeah, I've flown in a gummi ship, I've glided, and – well.”…

Faye sighed, “Say no more, I’m not that much of a witch once you get to know me.”

“I object to that,” radioed Spike. The Swordfish II flew in front of them, "All right yall follow my lead, I have Bulma on the line with directions on how to not get our *** blown back." Spike recited what Bulma was saying, "We are now in firing range and - " Three flashing blue spots of light appeared up ahead - aligning with each ship! -"Get out the way of the lights!" - WHOOSH! All the ships dodged the Wind Blast, each shaking with the shock wave emitted from the attacks, Faye's ship did a loop to the side, as did Sora stomach, and a chill sparked down his spine and legs - the ship then did a three-sixty out the way of another strike – but another light flashed in front of them!

"Hang on!" Faye's ship ducked the next attack pumping the engines on full forward - "Ha! This is kind off fun huh Sora?"

"So long as we don't get hit,” Sora mumbled trying to settle his guts.

"Last one to Tumble Stop has to come back and fly Bebop in, "radioed Spike with Ed's laughter in the background as the lights flashed and fired again to thier elusive targets -

"You’re on," replied Faye and Jet as the blasts missed yet again.

"Heads up guys - now that we're closer" - WHOOSH! - "they’re going to follow our positions so dodge in that moment they stop blinking." Faye swished her cruiser from side to side taunting the light as it fired and missed -

"Whoa! - Watch it Jet!" Faye spat, the two cruisers slipped by one another with Jet's light blinking on his trail - Spike dove down and cut Faye off from her escape route as both of thier lights stopped blinking – aimed for Faye's ship! - "Hey!" -

"Watch yourself Alice!"

- Sora cut the ship to the right dodging both attacks -

"Nice," Faye praised, "That’s how they wanna play? Let’s play!"

"Now come on yall lets keep this clean," said Jet -

"Hey you backstabber!" cursed Spike as his light and Jet's light criss-crossed forcing Spike to hit the breaks - stopping his ship in front of the criss-cross of the shots, the shock wave knocking him back a short distance, allowing Jet to take the lead -

"Jet look to your left!" yelled Faye - Jet spun to his left to see Faye shooting the ‘victory’ sign as she passed by – Ping! – Jet’s light stopped blinking - !

"That was so cheeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!" Jet's voice faded from the radio as the Wind Blast blew him ways a way back -


"What on earth are these people doing Bulma? From what the radar is reading - it looks like they're trying to get each other hit!"

"I overhead; they turned this into a racing game! Now we could use people with guts like that as Searchers!"

"Play nice with the mutt back there," chimed Faye, suddenly Spike dashed in front of her as his light stopped flashing - Sora hit the right gear and the ship dropped in the nick of time as the shock wave rocked Faye’s ship hard up above -

"Well fizzle sticks," Spike pouted.

"Alright Sora you take the shift and gears, I got the gas and breaks," said Faye.

"No prob." Sora was a fast learner and he flew Faye's ship with his expertise from the gummi ship routes dodging the attacks with Faye's judgment of speed.

"You grow a second pilot or something?" Spike spat as his current attack missed.

"Yep," replied Sora.

"No! You've been turned to the Dark Side!" mocked Spike.

"Go Sora!" piped Ed.

"Hey you’re supposed to be on my side!"

"Ed, come to the Dark Side," played Sora -

"Cover Spike's eyes!" yelled Faye -

"HEY NO ED - !" the Swordfish II swerved erratically and was swept to its side as his light stopped blinking and fired, hitting the front of the ship, putting it in a tight spin outwards - "Ack!" -

Whoosh! "WEEEEEeeeeeeee!" Spike's ship was finally blasted with a direct hit in its crazy spin and back it flew -


"My allegiance is to Sora!" Ed singed -

"Yeah thanks alot," Spike spat as their voices faded back - but suddenly stopped in level volume -

"Let’s go get 'em together bud,” said Jet as his ship's magnetic clamp saved the Swordfish II from any further distance back -

"Love to, but Ed is mutinying!"

"MUTINY! - Hey!" -

"Alright now let’s go get 'em!" In a sweeping motion, Spike had rolled Ed under him, sitting on her for security.

"Looks like we got trouble abroad captain," said Sora.

"Naw, we got nothing to worry about since even together they don't make a full brain," said Faye.

The blinkings were getting faster and the Wind Blasts were coming quick and frequent, putting Faye's and Sora's unity at a critical level, Jet was trying to concentrate with Ein's frantic barking, and Spike shuffled in his seat trying to contain Ed, his Swordfish II, gifted with speed, was reclaiming its former lead, and Jet was coming up from behind Faye hiding within her trail, his light merge with Faye's, making the attack on her that much more worse, and Jet simply followed the aftermath, “Dammit, the sheer force is junking the gears!” Faye growled – Spike gave a signal to Jet – he dashed in front of Faye - Jet's ship's harpoon caught her in the surprise maneuver - all three lights synchronized! -

"Give Bebop my love!" -

"No you don't!," and Sora turned the ship to a lighting left as Faye floored it, swinging Jet around, nicking Spike's tail which knocked his ship to the right -

"Ack!" -

"That’s how you drive!" yelled Faye - in Sora's turn he also managed to tilt the ship up as the attacks fired, hitting both Jet and Spike's ships - the shockwave broke the harpoon's grasp, and Faye's ship rolled to safety from the tilt - she gunned it again as Sora straightened the ship's course and they crossed the world barrier which flashed into the atmosphere - "WHOO-HOO! That’s some fine driving!," Faye praised as they glided through the sky revealing a sea port. The ship slowed to a hover, and Faye parked her ship in an empty lot surrounded by barbed wire on the docks. The top popped off and Sora and Faye hopped down from the ship and stretched the tension from the race out of their system. Faye patted her ship, "Good Redtail."


"That’s her name," said Faye, "Jet's ship is the Hammerhead, and Spike's is the Swordfish II."

*The Swordfish II, Hammerhead, and Redtail.*…..

"So if you had a ship Sora, what would you name it?"

"Mmmmh, I think I would name it Sunset Horizons."

"Sunset Horizons?"

"Or Sanctuary, or Highwind, or, um, Simple and Clean, heh, I dunno."

"Those are some good names; hey, weren't we like supposed to go to a tower or something?"

"Yeah, but don't you wanna wait for the others?"

"Nope. Come on lets go," Faye's stomach grumbled and she made a cute face, "I'm hungwee." Sora's stomach grumbled too.



In the midst of space a young transparent woman watched as the last two cruisers lowered into the world like falling stars, “That looks like it would be a lot of fun,” she said simply before her one, white wing folded around her and teleported her passed borders beyond….Hopefully she would return before he did…

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Mar 27, 2007
Awesome update, I can't wait for the next part but take your time like always xD.

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
And I'm the latest of all gosh darnet! >_<

commies- thankies (comments) - We're currently doing history in summer. Yay.

Alright! I admit it, I have no length perception whatsoever -_- I know some of yall are leaving for a bit - please stay safe and cool ^-^

Squee!!! I have been wanting to so this chapter for sooooo long! I hope yall enjoy ^-^

Disclaimer: someone says damn...ooooohhhh...damn disclaimers.... XD

Ch. 6-1 Tumble-Stop: Doppelganger
Universal World: Tumble-Stop
"Lights go out and I can't be saved, tides that’s I've tried to swim against have brought me down upon my knees, oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing come out of things unsaid, shoot an apple off my head, and I -trouble that can't be named, tigers waiting to be tamed..." - Coldplay "Clocks"

Sora and Faye walked down the alley of the docks to voices of people going about their business in the intertwinings of the sea-port city. Many of the building structures reminded Sora of Traverse Town, however, the buildings, shacks, and shops were beat up and rusty and some were colored gray or a gritty white. "There, that must be the Lookout Tower," said Sora pointing to a large slender tower in an elegant triangle form (like that French Tower) that glittered bright sparkling electricity; the only structure that held any outer beauty to a stranger.

"Well let’s get going then," said Faye and they continued on their way entering the main square of the port, where to Sora's right, a long wall covered in pictures of hundreds of people immediately cut off Sora’s sense of space; they stopped. "Wow."

"Come on lets go take a closer look,” said Sora. They walked right up to the wall which towered over them with faces; all sorts of different portraits of people looking at everything and nothing. Some portraits were old and decaying, some were new, others had been torn off, or ripped with crude tape holding them together, as if, to preserve the last memory of a person that exists, or existed...

"Hey, I haven't seen yall around here before, yall new?" Sora and Faye turned around to a tall man with big black spiky hair, almost puppy eyes, dressed in an orange karate suit with a blue under shirt, with blue tie- around belt around his waist, "Yall have any pictures, you can just give 'em to me and I'll be sure to register them and post them up for you."

"Weeee, don't have any pictures," said Faye.

"Can you tell us what this wall is for?" asked Sora.

"Oh I'm sorry, yall are new, whelp, this is called the Calling Wall, and it’s used to help us locate people who are missing from worlds all over the Anime System."

"From the attacks by Nefero, and the others...I presume" said Sora in a hushed tone looking at all the pictures...

"Yep, I guessed yall would be familiar with them, by the way, my name's Goku."

"I'm Faye."

"I'm Sora; hey Goku, shouldn't those torn off pictures be replaced then? If you’re using them to identify people, then..."

"Well Sora," said Goku scratching his head, “The pictures that have been torn off, are of people that have been confirmed as dead."

"Oh." Sora eyes suddenly honed in on all the torn pictures; his gaze fell to a little boy far off to the left of him who was checking a row of pictures. Sora saw he was wearing a blue jacket with blue pants, but was taken back by his big, soft purple eyes, however what caught Faye's attention was his erratic yellow bangs and black and red hair, and, that lovely shining, gold, upside down triangle hanging around his neck. The boy had a face that had seen a fair share of anxiety, but when he finished observing the pictures, there was a little sigh of relief, which turned into a solemn look.

"That's Yugi," said Goku, "He checks that wall for his friends almost every day now, used to be every day, but, I think he's finally starting to realize that he's the only survivor from his world."

"Of his entire world?" said Faye.

"I know the feeling," Sora moaned, "It really sucks."

"Yeah, I know a few who can relate too, poor guy, he's so lonely,” said Goku, “He has himself an imaginary friend though. What was left of his world finally reached its breaking point and got merged with a batch of our worlds with our sister system not too long ago, hopefully if there were any survivors, there with a better place now."

"I'm sure they are; I'm a part of the system it got merged with,” said Sora.

"Whoa, you’re from our sister system?! That like almost never happens! Or, at least from what Macevoy says, anywho, glad to have ya!" Goku gave Sora a big pat on the back knocking his sight of Yugi off a bit.

"I think I'm gonna go say hi to him," coughed Sora.

"Good luck," said Goku, “Yugi hardly speaks to anyone, except his imaginary friend, you know, guess it's easier for him to uh, talk to himself about these things."

Faye's stomach growled very loud, "Come on Sora, let’s go get something to eat."

"Go on ahead without me."

"But I don't feel like going alone."

"I'll show you to a little eatery,” said Goku.

"Goodness, will this faucet of gentlemen ever stop?" played Faye as she followed Goku across the square to an open bar. “I’ll order you something," called Faye.

"Thanks," Sora called back, and he proceeded to walk to Yugi who was still looking at his row of pictures, a little smile had crept on his face - "Hello there!" -

"Ahh!" Yugi screamed jumping back and fell on his rear; he looked up at Sora with his big frightened eyes.

"Hey it’s okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you like that," Sora held out his hand to Yugi, "Here let me help you up.” Yugi took a long look at Sora and then finally held up his hand to Sora who pulled him up, Sora smiled, “You’re a little jumpy aren't you?"

"I guess so..." Yugi turned his face away, he looked like he was about to cry.

*Converse Sora! Converse!* "My name's Sora, what's yours?" Even though Sora already knew it -

"Yugi." They made eye contact and Sora was determined to keep it.

The following is spoken in chipmunk notion: "So, um, I'm new around here, and I'm tryin' to get to know people, you know, not be a stranger and everything, and I just saw you standing here and I wanted to come by and say hello 'cause you look like a very interesting person and I thought it would be cool to just walk up and say hi, but I honestly didn't know I'd scare you and I'm really, really sorry that I did, but yeah, eh, um, hi." Sora gave a big cheesy smile. Yugi just starred back wide eyed, giving an unsure blink. *Okay Sora, we’re doing good, the ice is broken,* he thought; Sora held out his hand again, “Nice to meet you Yugi.” Yugi childishly shook his hand with Sora's, and Sora felt Yugi’s sheer discomfort in their grasp.

A tingle shot up Sora’s spine - he felt a second presence, as if cold eyes were staring at him - no way it was Yugi, but, it felt like it was coming from Yugi; the stare sent a cold chill racing up and down Sora's spine, but, eh, "Hey Yugi, um, is there someone else with you, somewhere?," said Sora looking around, hoping to see something (preferably physical) looking back at him. Yugi's sad expression looked as if he was trying to determine if he should keep talking with Sora, Sora however, out of the corner of his eye, thought he saw…a transparent figure, but no, no one was there, and the cold feeling disappeared. *I don't think this imaginary friend of Yugi's, is imaginary at all,* Sora thought with tingles running all over him.

"It's just me,” said Yugi.

*Huh, he doesn't seem to be that bad, a bit of a chatterbox though.* Yugi gave a weak smile.

Sora shifted his eyes, did, he just, hear that? Yugi looked back towards his pictures.

"Are those your friends?" Sora asked gently. Yugi pointed to eight different pictures in the row.

"This girl said I was putting up too many, and she took two off and said be happy with the ones still up."

*That's mean,* Sora thought. "Hey, why don't you give me the pictures she took down, and I'll post them up as my own."

"You'd, do that?"

"Sure, I'm sure there's still time to find them, even if they've been taken to another system, and you know what? I'm a part of that system they went to, it's a very kind place, and who knows, they may be on another world still in this system, you never really can tell in times like these, trust me, I know from experience." Ooooh Sora that was dangerous...Different systems, different rules? Yugi's head dropped and he looked to the side,

"Two years, that’s how long I've been living at Tumble-Stop, with no word about my friends and grandfather," Yugi was unsure of his words, they just came, because Sora was- “I’ve been back to my world many times with the Searchers, helping them look - " Yugi's face turned real sad as he remembered the state of his world," - and there was nothing there, except -," he began to cry as the images burned his eyes, "It wasn't fair that only we were spared, (sob) there were other people trying to get away - and - they couldn't!" and Yugi's tears took over.

The other people of Tumble-Stop simply walked by Sora and Yugi; not even taking a second look at the spectacle of Yugi trying to hide his uncontrolled sobs.

Sora for a second didn’t know what to do – how could these people be so cold?

-It’s called desensitization -

And the cold stare returned glaring daggers through him - *What? I didn’t do this, he just started crying on his own!* Sora wanted to blurt out to the glare, but Sora instead put his arm around Yugi. *Yeah, I remember this, this feeling…Like it was yesterday*...“It’s okay,” said Sora sweetly, reverting to a sense of nostalgia, “I know it hurts sooo much to be ripped apart from everyone you hold dear. To see them before you, to hold out your arms to them, and feel them disappear as you grasp out to catch what you hope to be them in your arms.”

The glare disappeared.

Yugi now hugged Sora back hard- again, Sora was taken back by the sudden affection, but he thought that in two years, this was perhaps the first time Yugi felt someone extend a hand to him…after all since these town folk seem to care less…Two years is a long time to be alone…

Sora felt something strange. He barely arrived in this system, he barely met Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ed (and Ein)…the Scouts, he barely met a world of this system, he barely met, Goku (Sora’s back still hurt a bit), and…he barely met Yugi, but…somehow, he just cared for them so much already.



No. None of the sort. It’s more of…nostalgia…

“Come on Yugi,” said Sora softly, “you can’t let this get hold of you. You can’t let that claim every inch of yourself, because if you do, then you won’t have the strength to move on.”

Yugi gave a large sob –

*Move on?! How can he possibly expect us to forget them?!*

“Oh shut up,” Sora said to the voice, “That’s not the interpretation I meant, I meant that you Yugi need to move on from this little pit of wallow and misery, otherwise, how will you be able to continue to look for your friends? Being sad takes a lot out of ya. I’m sorry I dug up some bad memories, but if you can visualize such realistic memories, then, why don’t you think about those of your friends?”

“I do,” said Yugi, his voice coming through his tears, “But I’m sick of them being only memories.”

…”Sometimes,” said Sora far off, thinking about… “Memories are all we have. But yeah, I can get sick of memories too.”


Memories. The thing that ties us to the past. Our unknowing, unintentional doppelganger.

Clop, clop; clop, clop; clop, clop; clop, clop; the hooves of Equos, the powerful black steed, walked in full dress with his protruding scythe headdress topping his fierce look off, and his master, the Black Rider, rode him proudly along the tile of the throne room as the Royalty for the Natakschoule System, the Sovereign Royalty, sat at their high chairs, dead, frozen, as morbid statues. The throne room was littered with tattered clothes of the highest class, and bones about to cast off for dust. “I remember,” said the Black Rider calmly, “When I first laid eyes on your disgusting class, and now you bane me again by being the center of this damn goose chase!” Equos reared and fire and brimstone disinigrated the frozen bodies and blew the dust of the dead into a thick morbid cloud.

Yay! Goku is finally here! I love him so much, he's such a cool character, and...if yall know Yu-gi-oh...do you think Sora knows just who he said "Shut up" to? 0_o

Plus those horsemen, er riders, are getting pretty fed up with these dead ends...Bwahahahahahaha! I don't know how to do spoiler boxes, just keep in mind that this is a foreshadowing chappie *shifty eyes* if someone wants more of a hint, lemme know ^-^

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Apr 22, 2006
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I'm shootin' for Saturday Haku, but it my come out Monday >_<

@Acein: Yeah, it's nice when ya don't realize you're talking to a subconcious...kinda...well...it's the same person, isn't it? >_< Homer: D'oh! Perhaps I shouldn't break down that relationship too much, if at all -
*Runs to re-read Yu-gi-oh Manga*

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Apr 22, 2006
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Well it depends...did this story happen after the events of Yu-gi-oh? Cus if it did...

No, no it takes place during the yu-gi-oh storyline ^-^, I know how the um, whole thing goes >>;...*sniff*

Anywho, thank-you for catching that, I feel better about how this will play out *crosses fingers*

@Lectori: I know you can't read this now, but have a great trip!

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^ Ah don't worry about it Angels, I know you're busy ^-^

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Ch. 6-2 Tumble-Stop: Unconscious Reckoning
Universal World: Tumble-Stop
“I see dead people,” Haley Joel Osment (is that how you spell it?), The Sixth Sense

Yugi stepped back, and wiped his eyes, “I’m sorry, I–”

“Don’t worry about it,” smiled Sora, “You need to let that stuff out.”

“Yeah,” Yugi blushed still trying to wipe away all his tears.

“Here, I never use it,” and Sora handed Yugi a totally wrinkled handkerchief.

“Thanks,” and Yugi’s tears immediately began to start up again, but they were much more controlled.

Sora heard a long sigh and seeing that it didn’t come from Yugi’s closed mouth – *Are you alright?* It asked carefully.

Yugi nodded.

*I wish Sora could hear me, so I can tell him how grateful I am of his kindness to you, and, to show respect to his elders.* But Sora did hear him; a chill ran up his spine again, the stare was back too, it wasn't cold anymore, but it was still strong - like this dude was right by -

Yugi gave a small smile, "He is kind, isn't he Pharaoh?," he whispered into the handkerchief.

*O-kay, there are creepy voices talking around us and things - change the subject,* but Yugi got the jump on Sora with his voice back to uncertainty,

"Others, have been here much longer than two years, and most of their friends, and family, are dead–do you really think there's still a chance?" His expression was confused and naive of hope as he looked up into Sora's eyes. Sora’s heart ached from Yugi’s words, but it beat profoundly and clear,


And Sora saw Yugi's eyes turn so bright; they shined even more from the tears with a big open smile upon his face.

"Hey, why don't you come with me to get something to eat?"

"Well, um, I'm really not that hungry..."

*Yugi you need to eat, you haven't eaten all day.*

Sora looked all around now, *Who is talking!?* "Yugi, are you sure, you’re alone?"

"Well, uh, um, why do you ask?"

And then it happened, from Yugi, out slid a transparent carbon-copy of him; the identity of the cold eyes revealed. The image was identical in every fashion except that his hair had a little more yellow, he was a little taller, (he wore the same outfit as Yugi, but his was a little more stylish) and of course, he had the stronger eyes, and, his arms were crossed giving him an upright posture. Sora followed him out with a stunned expression. The image was plain in sight as a ghost, but as the other people walked on by without a double take; he was only visible to Yugi and Sora–Sora being the one in question.

He noticed Sora staring at him - Yugi noticed too.

The image blinked. Sora blinked. The image took two side steps to the right, Sora followed - then the image took four quick side steps to the left, all the while Sora following, not breaking eye contact. Yugi looked back and forth between them -

*Can you see me?* asked the image, Sora felt a jolt having that voice connected with a mouth, a transparent mouth that looked like Yugi's! And it was so totally the opposite of Yugi's voice! Whereas Yugi's voice was soft and light, the copy's voice was strong....

"Sora, can you see Pharaoh? Can you hear him?" Yugi asked.

*That's, Pharaoh?! Th-the ‘imaginary’ friend? He is real then!*...."Uh-huh," Sora's throat operated.

A little passer-bye girl’s puppy began to bark at Pharaoh giving Sora further confirmation that he wasn’t seeing, or hearing, double; the dog was barking at something!

*Noisy little mutt,* Pharaoh muttered, *Hm, but that’s odd, he’s never barked at me before.*

"That’s true, but Sora, really? You can see Pharaoh? (*That dog sure can.* - “Bark, bark!”) Usually no one notices Pharaoh until we switch spirits, but even then they think it's me trying to be -”

"Hold on, switch spirits?"

"Yeah, well, oh let's just show him." The upside down triangle glowed a mystic light and Pharaoh and Yugi switched places with Pharaoh now flesh and Yugi the ghost -

"Whoa!" Sora jumped a step back now eye level with Pharaoh–he took a curious glance at the object; the puppy shuddered and ran after its owner.

"This is the Millennium Puzzle,” said Pharaoh, “It is what connects my soul with Yugi's soul. I was sealed within it for three-thousand years until he solved it, and my soul was released."

"Wow, so, you’re the one who’s really, kind of like a ghost then right?"

"Yes, I am a ghost, er, spirit, and connected through the puzzle, Yugi and I are in a way, one in the same."

*However,* said Yugi taking a more studious glance at Pharaoh, *Usually when we talk, it’s like, up here,* Yugi pointed to his head, *and through here,* he pointed at his heart, *And sure I see Pharaoh as he is now, but, it’s more like a shadow of a ghost than the actual thing, like he’s still inside my mind or the puzzle and his spirit on this plain is more like a projection of what I see or,* for a quick second, it looked like Yugi was going to try and touch Pharaoh, but he withdrew his hand back to his side,*or feel.*

"Well I can see that," said Sora putting his hands behind his head, “Is that why yall look alike?”

"No, I've always looked like this,” smiled Pharaoh, "and Yugi has always looked as he does now."

"What a coincidence,” stated Sora.

Yugi looked back at the little dog who was still by his master’s side, but looking straight dead on at him, *He can see me too,* he said.

“What’s so special about that puppy being able to see yall in spirit form?”

“I, don’t know, it’s just, there’s something different, I can feel it, the instance you came to Yugi, I, felt more ‘whole,’” said Pharaoh abruptly.

*Yeah, I think I feel it too, feeling a bit more sturdy in spirit form than before,* said Yugi.

Nothing is whole, and nothing is broken.

*Huh?* That voice from the dream again…Pharaoh and Yugi didn’t seem to hear it. *Great, why am I hearing all these voices?* Sora moaned internally.

“I wonder,” said Pharaoh as he held up the Millennium puzzle, “If our puzzle is reacting to you somehow.”

*You think?* asked Yugi.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” replied Pharaoh taking a more studious glance at Sora now; he held the puzzle still as Yugi spoke,

*Yeah, this puzzle is really special to us; I’m sure it's what saved us from the darkness.* Pharaoh took a side glance at Yugi. *I remember, it was when Pharaoh and I had switched spirits with people running and the heartless coming; a strange mark had suddenly appeared on Pharaoh’s forehead, like some sort of eye, and I felt something strange happen to me too as the puzzle glowed a light it never did before, and, Pharaoh was all of a sudden able to use some kind of magic to keep the heartless away.*

"But it wasn't enough," said Pharaoh looking at the ground; they let the memory pass. “This magic came to us as if we'd of known it all along, as if it was a dormant part of us. Then the puzzle glowed another bright light, and we found ourselves in a back alley of Tumble-Stop down on the ground."

"I can relate," said Sora, "That’s kind of what happened when I was introduced to the darkness," Sora held out his hand with the keyblade manifesting in his grasp, “and with my powers and magic too."

*Wow!* expelled Yugi,*You’re a Keyblade Master! Serena always said yall would come back!*

"You’re not from this system then are you? All our Masters are..."

"Yeah I know, and I'm gonna take on the darkness they went up against."

"I hope you’re strong,” said Pharaoh seriously–

*He has to be if he's here,* said Yugi, *Maybe he's the one Serena said we were waiting for, the one who's supposed to conquer the darkness once and–!*

"Serena did not hear Euphoria correctly, she said there would be more than one Keyblade Master to come to our system from beyond, that lady that was with you, is she a master?"

"No," said Sora blatantly, even though he had no proof, something just told him no, wait a sec– could the other masters be Riku and Kairi?! Wait - Kairi?!...She did wield a blade back at the Organization's castle..."The other Masters...we got separated."...*They're going up against this darkness too then*……


Sora moaned in his head, he really didn't wanna go through those memories again, “Long story short, we came face to face with Nefero and he jumped us with a whole bunch of heartless, then we fell into, I guess a portal, and I found myself in this system; I have no clue where my friends Riku and Kairi are."

"You all came face to face with Nefero and lived,” Pharaoh breathed slowly–

*See Pharaoh? It's gotta be them!*

"Well, if you’re implying we fought him, we didn't, in fact he said something about not being able to even touch us, then he said we weren't worth a **** and left us with the heartless."

Yugi blinked.

"Huh, that was lucky," stated Pharaoh in steady awe, "He was the one that killed our Masters in cold blood."


“If you can stand to part them for a moment –”Avera turned around from the care of Riku and Kairi – “There is an odd aura emitting off of Sora,” stated Sephiroth.

“Oh? Have you been keeping an eye on him for me?” Avera smiled fully turning on his stool.

Sephiroth did not answer his question. “He is awakening.”

Avera’s smile was steady as he rose, “If you don’t mind, could –?”

“She will watch over them while you are gone,” and Sephiroth disappeared.

Avera turned to Riku and Kairi who had unconsciously snuggled more under the blankets from Sephiroth’s cold presence. “Don’t worry,” said Avera, “She has a much warmer disposition than he does. Right now he is just upset that his path has to cross mine.” Avera took a quick check of Riku and Kairi, his black robes, then disappeared into his portal of light before she arrived from her portal of light and red. Avera knows very well that Sephiroth doesn’t like him interacting with her.


When Avera stepped out of his portal, he was side by side Sephiroth over-looking Tumble-Stop.

“What did the aura feel like?” Avera asked.


…”Have you given a false trail for the horsemen to follow?”

“It will only be a matter of time before they go on another bloody rampage, unless, you give them what they want.”

“Well then, something’s going to have to be fixed since I certainly can’t give them what they want, and them taking more lives would only put this system in an even worse state than it’s in now.”

“You’re taking on more than your responsibility. It is the Master’s job now to quarrel with the Evils Beyond, or die trying. Release the others Avera. People die. And they don’t need some boy with wings to hold their hand to the Other Side.”

“Oh, I quite know that people die, and that they die, and revert back into the Lifestream,” said Avera simply, “But from what you’re implying, I can still interact with them when they’re alive in the means of holding their hand since when you cross over to the Other Side, there is no need for guidance.”

“Release them,” stated Sephiroth again, “If I am to involve myself with them any further, use the Masters as bait to get the Riders out of the way.”

“To then focus our efforts on the Lady of Red? Don’t you think the Masters should at least be strong enough to hold off the Riders first?”

“At the rate you are going with two of them, they’ll only be strong enough to count sheep.”

“Touché,” Avera sighed, “Very well. I’ll keep an eye on Sora for now, thank–” Sephiroth disappeared–“you.” Avera happily rolled his eyes, *(Sigh)* “He can’t stand me.”

P.S: Sora does NOT know he is cursing due to Yugi's blink in that someone as highly respected as a Keyblade Master would openly drop the "s" word. Also Pharaoh could care less for his reasons, blah, blah, blah, just thought I'd give that more wieght >>;

Nefero: Yay! I'm coming back in the next chapter, now everyone will know my cold-hearted, mind-crushing, evil-doing, over-killing - "

South Light: Over-stating actions.

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