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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
I will admit there are some faults within the story of my own naiive writing attempts ._.;;

Especially when it expands into the monster it has become around, oh, I think ch 20 was it?

And even though I try to stay true to character points I think I fall off the wagon XD Grr, I aim to entertain, I try... ^^;


Disclaimer: Violence at the end written around, lalalalalalalalala~!!!


Ch. 38-5 Kodomo’s Provoke: The Lost and Found Bin cont.
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village Ah this is only for Sora though, and this the Winged Group's Part ._.
“You better look out below!” – Wake Up, Arcade Fire

It was a warm sunny day in Tokeio Town when we “died.”

Nefero looked upon our ruined bodies, not with a smile or a frown; just looked.

“You know the Castle…..can preserve bodies pretty well….”

And ever since then, our Ghosts were caught in-between life and death. Unwilling to crossover with Reaper’s aid and unable to leave the home we’ve come to love so much, we wandered aloft; a part of everything and nothing.

I kind of remember our acknowledgement of existing being like, everything not being so big a deal. I knew of everything and it was okay, and then I’d suddenly pang to live again while in the same thought forget what living was.

When you’re ‘dead’ time isn’t such a big deal – that much was constant. Names didn’t matter, places, faces, distance, nothing did, because it was, just all okay; we could be anywhere we wanted though there was no reason to travel except only for the sake of moving, just moving.

We weren’t of any substance but a lost thread of life, a living emptiness. Sometimes memories from when we were ‘alive’ would toy with our state if we happened to pass by something that had known us when we were ‘alive’, the memories flowing around like a broken jigsaw puzzle. There was nothing coherent about us as individuals, yet our broken memories hinted towards our partnership from our past lives.

It was the only thing that kept us together as ghosts since we were in each other’s minds so frequently, but…with time…that bond was slipping away. My friendship with Dendjue, my love for Lorenia, it just didn’t matter anymore.

It’s like being in outer space, if you live out there too long, you begin to adjust to that state, and your body forgets the gravity it grew up with on earth.

Aimless wandering, panging for something that couldn’t be obtained; a dull pain with no logic or reason.

We were forgetting our gravity, our memories, everything about being alive because it was all okay; the state of purgatory was rotting us into mindless ghouls.

I can understand that feeling of powerlessness dripping from Reaper’s sullen form now, regret, that big scary Grim Reaper from our childhood lore was feeling regret he couldn’t help us.

About the only emotion we knew now was misery; endless, endless misery.

Then one day, Tumble-Stop screamed, and thus began the Development of our Ghosts for the impending Key Brawl by mysterious allies against the Lady.

It felt wonderful, eh, despite the conditions it was performed under. We were a photograph no longer decaying and blurred but an exposure becoming clearer and clearer – and then lighting struck twice when we were told that we could be revived, only, our bodies were being preserved by the Lady.

That was a bit of a problem.

However our allies were more than willing of retrieving them, and put their lives on the line to head straight into the hell that was Hollow Castle, completing their mission, while receiving nothing short than a beating that would’ve killed anyone else.

It felt weird to be treated to such selflessness.

Sephiroth told Lorenia and I that the reason we were getting called back was because of a shortage of Masters, that our services are greatly needed, and to me, that sounds like sugar coated crap Seritouge would spout out.

Despite that, as a Master, I don’t dare doubt his words….but as a person I suspect there to be more to it...I feel somewhat trapped to be obligated to trust the Winged Group with their ties to Reaper and, heh, my dear friend Dendjue….

As much as it pains me to think it, there has to be more to them than a simple alliance…and I will never let anyone get away with betraying us, ever again.

In-betwixt and Between

Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkk, shhhhhk, shh, shhhhhhhhk, skee-skeen~

Reaper lifted up his ebony scythe from drawing beneath the purple life sustaining fire ringed around the Anime Master’s bodies, leaning it against his head in contemplation; the embers that had latched onto the scythe slowly fading out.

He studied the circular symbol coated pattern all the while reciting to himself quietly the intricate details and scriptures that were needed to open the Door to the Other Side, in case he had forgotten to draw any.

It’s not every day such a ritual could be performed, much less with his own involvement.

“Pfft,” he expelled a flustered sigh, *Everything involving Astral Order requires nothing short of pulling teeth and breaking kneecaps.*

Enma tilted her ears back mirroring Reaper’s mental confession.

*This is going waaaaaay against your Design huh?* said Ragiel slowly, eyeing the breathing bodies of himself, his Love, and his best friend, *The Shepherd of Death helping to bring people back to life?*

“I look at it this way,” Reaper replied, scratching the back of his head with the same hand that held his scythe, “Can’t be any worse than what the Riders have been doing.”

Ragiel pursed his lips, *Having second thoughts?*

Reaper lightly chuckled. “I was joking dear Master~.”

*Hardy har har har.*

Reaper twirled his scythe landing the point-flat end perfectly even with the white floor, “I have my made my decision concerning everything I am able to do in order to help in this crisis. My loyalty resides with the Keyblade Masters, and of course the Spirit Children of Death. I am quite thankful they are on your side.”

*I know right?* breathed Ragiel with a smile even though he carried no breath, *I mean, it’s good to know that there are some Spirits on our side.*

“Spirit Children, there is a difference.”

*Oh! – Not even a full Spirit!* Ragiel tossed.

“Full Spirit?”


“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” piped Avera, coming out of his meditation for Developing their Ghosts.

*I was kidding too,* said Ragiel, *I mean….I don’t even know where to start in thanking you guys.*

Avera shifted his sitting pose into a standing one (keeping his eyes closed), bowing his head towards the bodies in preparation for the next Development dose, “There’s no need to thank us Ragiel, we’re just doing our part to help~”

*Hm,* Ragiel clasped his transparent hands. *You’re like, combing out what we were entitled to as Ghosts right? When Developing us? You’re imprinting back into our Ghosts what it’s like to be alive?*

“Something like that, yes. Mh, overriding what my dear step brother developed in you is taking a little bit longer than I thought, not to worry, I can still straighten it out~”

*What did he do?*

“He developed your Ghosts in a more, dry sense, not detailing too much on the more, oh how to put this……(*Sigh*) I dare say he isn’t educated well enough on theeeeeeeeeeee”–

Something hit the inside of the door of the room Sephiroth had retreated to tend to his wounds.

“Not that you haven’t come a long way~!” piped Avera, raising his voice to imitate Izzy’s and being met with an audible curse directed at the state of his own heart. The foul mood the eldest was in stemming from nothing Avera wasn’t familiar with; the younger sibling’s smile broadening, threatening a chuckle at the edge of his mouth –

*And you are well educated on said private matter?* tugged Ragiel, regretting the question as soon as it left his mouth since he didn’t have a clue on what the private matter was –

“Why yes,” Avera answered regardless, “Being raised by as great a Sovereign-level scientist that Isabella was, she shared with my twin and I some of life’s most undervalued secrets.”

Ragiel, Reaper, and Enma heard a snort from behind Sephiroth’s door.

“And in being a Fabrication, Isabella wanted to make sure that my brother and I knew everything that there was to know about what went into constructing a living organism, both the natural and supposedly unnatural way; what our origins were. She also spent a great deal of time and care when constructing our auras as well in giving us the ability to channel and decipher the Lifestream itself which is why I am best suited in Developing your Ghosts. Isabella made sure my brother and I would feel all that the Natures had to offer.”

The length at which Avera went into detailing and hiding the answer spoke subtly to put a cap on the issue. Reaper motioned for Ragiel to not pursue the conversation further, but Ragiel was already hooked on the conversation lead. Isetzue and Lorenia were absent for the rituals of the continuation of containment magic within Lorenia for the Dark Atone disease (and to also inform Dendjue and Riku of things transpired), so only Avera could give the answers he sought with the tease of the rest of his earthly set of memories coming back to him bit by bit, piece by piece.

He wanted to expand his knowledge further concerning the connections between Isabella and the Winged Group anyway, ever since Avera muttered her name when coming back to world of the living from the hell that was Hollow Castle. Perhaps it would further explain Dendjue’s involvement with Isetzue, the ring of this hidden alliance…..

*You know Dendjue?!*

“Ah, yeah~ I do,” replied Isetzue nonchalantly, “Hello, he helped create my life by nearly giving his” –


“Come on Lorenia, let’s get going” –


Could the Winged Group’s hidden agenda be repayment for that? That wouldn’t be so bad, er, yet Dendjue almost DIED during said act! Ooooh Ragiel was going to strangle Dendjue! Hug him first, but then strangle him for putting himself in such a position (and burying poor Ragiel’s mentality with all these questions! GAH!).

Ugth – get back on track mind, focus, focus, keep it together – Ragiel pleaded to himself, his head suddenly swaying into feeling like a mouth with stuffed grapes that still wanted more, Avera, Avera, so, Avera has a twin….whom I have yet to see….*In being so gifted with the Lifestream, you must be able to hide pretty well then, you know, from someone that could use it to track beings?*

“Isabella crafted our gifts and explained them to us so we wouldn’t feel like, monsters. We were just as much alive and part of existence as the next person, and she meant it when she said the word ‘person’. Admittedly, I wouldn’t put it past Isabella to have planned out any details that would have given us, protection from such things.”

Aha….*Not many have the power to create a Fabrication on Astral Terms, so, who made you?*

“My twin brother Annelle and I were top secret projects commissioned by the Sovereign Royalties to deal with a problem that would contribute to the one known as the Lady of Red; we were to have been kept secret even from the Spirits,” Avera’s words were spoken as if he was injecting poison, Ragiel’s eyes narrowing at the revelation, (Enma tightened up solid as a rock) but then Avera suddenly added brightly, “But alas we were a failure. ‘How do you correct a God’s mistake if you yourself are but a creation of the God?’ Isabella would say that a lot.”

“Depends on what the concept of ‘God’ is,” said Reaper intervening, “People need a reason for what they don’t understand be it for something as fickle as the need for justification.”

One who knows nothing, can understand nothing.

But that did squat to quell Ragiel with this information – So the Spirits did have a hand with that **** and used us – Ragiel threw out the bait – *Just come out and say it, you know where this ***** came from, don’t you? You and Reaper – Isabella got caught up in it, and then you – and then Dendjue and then* –

Halloween ‘09
“*It is no secret,*” Deity North responded quickly, “*…..Everyone who will be ensnared to the future will learn in time….*”

“Enough,” said Reaper gently raising his hand, “I know what it is you seek Master Ragiel, but I must beg for your patience in this matter” – and he said too much –

CH 33-4
Those few that know the Lady’s truthful Origins refuse to spread its publication, for it is a matter believed that can lead to the cracking of this plain down its spine; and produce an Astral Shift. And why would I aid to that in the first place? – Reaper

*So you do know,* Ragiel growled –

Avera cut in before Ragiel’s temper, “Friend, your anger is misplaced at us, you are responding to the Development, of the memories stirring within you” – *the grievance that has torn the lives of yourself and your friends apart* –

*And I’ll be damned if there’s gonna be a repeat performance of what happened to us! Just because we were – ARE – Keyblade Masters isn’t gonna cut it anymore!*

“And what if that’s the only explanation given?” queried Avera solemnly–

*Bull****! – Nothing is that simple with all this crap! Seritouge, wanted something from us, the Lady wanted something from us, and now you guys* – Ragiel grasped his head – *I should know it but I don’t* -

“I can only go so fast in Developing” –

“Please calm down Master Ragiel,” said Reaper, Enma twisting her head into a submissive stance showing Reaper’s true emotion – he wanted to yield but – “Let the memories come back at their own pace, the Seraph is doing all he can” –

Ragiel’s memories flipped like a roll-a-dex landing on:

[Edward looked off to the sunset almost totally hidden by Tokieo Town’s faded cityscape. The group was relaxing on a grassy hill with a single tree that overlooked the entire town……. “We know Seritouge has been looking to harness the power of Yahena,” he said, “But then all of a sudden, he’s also looking for something else through Keyblade Masters directly, or is his search to harness Yahena’s Gate, just a cover for Euphoria and Aurocile’s piece of mind?”]

*We didn’t have the whole picture! To be sacrificed as just ingredients, for experimental slaughter?! Because of what we were, what we were capable of becoming – there has to be more to it – to undermine life as such from a ****ing SPIRIT?! He’d have to have been so desperate to cover something up –*

*To wipe a bloodline out* - “Seritouge will pay for his crimes against existence,” said Reaper echoing all too well others with steeds –

[“Well with the way he so, masterfully manipulated these situations around other Masters and us,” said Dendjue sitting down on the stool Lorenia used to be on (Ragiel leaned himself and Lorenia over to rest on a leg), “I’d say his search for Yahena’s Gate is a cluster**** of a cover. Heh, that’s kinda creepy actually, he’s almost going a little eccentric in his, experimenting and scheming – just like the Lady,” Dendjue shook off the nerve twitching in his spine, “We seriously don’t need that so close to home,” he finished sarcastically. ]

Enough with this beating around the bush!

[There is no hiding,” said Dendjue peeling off his play talk, “Not for us.*]

The overlap of Ragiel’s transparent head and hands almost gave a solid impression, Dendjue, not you too, not you too….*Please, PLEASE! Give me some answers!*

“You’re being Developed,” said Reaper, a secret waver in his voice for feeling Avera’s temper rise with Radiel’s, “This…”…..Oh all of Nature would never forgive him, “Is something you want to remember in its entirety in being alive, and not like a haze as a Ghost once revived.” Reaper knew he was lying, partially at least, if he told Ragiel the truth now, he’d have turned into a ghoul on the spot from grief….Lorenia would have to be in company as well, and Dendjue, they needed to be present all together…..

*I know that tone,* Ragiel growled.

“And you’ll do well to heed to it,” Avera snapped sending a submissive shock to Ragiel dropping the Ghost to his knees –

“Seraph!” Reaper gasped – Enma reared sharing in the shock of the sudden outburst of bottled pain and misery that had slipped from the container under a Seraph guise –

“Show some restraint, some moral compass that as a Master you are well informed of,” he spat.

The eldest sibling listening to the commotion debated swiftly if this would require his intervention or if it was just what both troubled Masters needed; the way it mirrored Avera’s own past was enough cause for his intervention with how it tormented his younger sibling’s heart yet–

“You intend to keep the Seraph cooped up here then?”

“That’s impossible. I aim to awaken him from his needless doting.”

Reaper stayed silent for a moment.

“…..Your reach is wide, Sephiroth, but it is futile. Isn’t he capable of exacting revenge on his own?”

“He’s not the one I’m worried about.”

“That’s, true……”

“You’ll have all the time you need to decipher your second chance,” said Avera opening his eyes into Ragiel’s, Avera’s blue-yellow-green hazel piercing as a ray of light into the iris of Ragiel’s blue with that tinge of green, “As much as I myself would love to treat you to the holes that cloud your memory, I cannot do so until I have fully Developed your Ghost, so that with the whole of your memories, you can come to a fitting conclusion on how to pursue the future ahead.”

Reaper’s mind raced on how to quell the sour stroke, whilst Ragiel was never one to back down from a fight especially one provoked on him! *Keh, we’re just digging up all kinds of skeletons today huh?* Ragiel gathered himself up, *Even for someone as dumb as I am, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you’ve been wronged just as bad as we were, mister goody two-shoes preachin’ on how to deal with the past, so, Seraph, Fabrication, experiment of the Sovereigns*

Sephiroth hauled himself out of bed, but curse it his wounds wouldn’t allow him to take a another step –

*Where is your brother?* Ragiel finished, standing up eye to eye with the Seraph.

The tension of the Inbetwixt Realm became like a block of ice that would shatter at the faintest touch; Reaper and Enma ready to subdue the Seraph even though the thought of threatening him left the foulest taste in their mouths.

Avera raised his hand, and pointed to Sephiroth’s door, “Over there resting” –

*I mean Annelle!*

“What about Annelle?” came Isetzue’s voice with a coat of ice, she and Lorenia arrived out of the white and red portal, “Prying into other’s people’s business are you?”

Lorenia instantly shot a look at Ragiel that had him crumbling at her, *What are you doing?*

*Wha – I’m just trying to get some answers! It’s not like* - he turned back to Avera who had silent tears trailing down his cheeks.


*EEK! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!*

“You have a funny way of showing your thanks for all we’re doing,” Isetzue stabbed, “Not that we’re demanding payment or anything oh no~! We’re just doing what we can with the means we have, spilling our own flesh and blood for our common allies, no, our friends,” each word she spoke a kick and a jab to Ragiel’s ghostly gut – “Poor Dendjue! To undermine our help is like spitting on your friendship itself.”

And Ragiel could no longer support himself up, the memory alone of feeling like a low-stock piece of crap knocking every ounce of ‘strength’ out from him as he balled up in a defeated fetal pose. [*Oh the drama* Sephiroth huffed peeking out from his room] He dared look to his love if not only to be slapped, but Lorenia’s crossed arms spoke that Isetzue was in command of this reprimand, (and perhaps a hint that she had been explained to (by Isetzue) of the length of how the Winged Group’s involvement tied in with the Anime Masters) –

“I’ll fill you in since you so fail at controlling yourself unlike Lorenia or Dendjue,” said Isetzue crossing her arms as well –

*No,* intervened Lorenia, *Ragiel, this is your punishment for making Avera cry and for undermining the ties that bind.* Ragiel’s body gave a violent shock – *You will control yourself.*

*THE TIES THAT BIND?!* Oh god…Ragiel felt lower than he ever had in his life, what he wouldn’t give for his friend Dendjue to have been here this very moment to say that he forgave him for doubting the one thing that made existence all worthwhile through the darkest of times….The ties that bind was the most sacred of code for a Keyblade Master, and could only be implemented to two agreeing parties to have their destiny’s intertwined.

Dendjue helped in giving Isetzue life.

He even introduced Isetzue to them.

He told them, Dendjue told them from his lips that these people were their friends through the ties that bind…..If Dendjue trusted them…he who analyzed and planned and….

“Of course this could all be bull****~”

…….Unfortunately for Ragiel that memory had yet to fully come back to him, and had come back all too powerfully for Lorenia.

And Reaper certainly didn’t want to add in to the agitation that was already steaming up the place by leveling the field to take off some of the shame Ragiel suffered under by pointing out the fault in Lorenia’s accusation; this the Master would just have to deal with (and he seemed pretty conditioned to be able to do so, that was nice). He glanced back at Sephiroth who also held his peeking tongue recalling in absolute disgust to have had to submit to the ties.

The One-Winged Angel remembered his justification being that the Anime Masters were only a tool to get closer to the Lady, and how he had failed to do anything of the sort when the opportunity presented itself, to respect the ties, or even the lie to himself. And he had lied again in regards to his sister when the Masters were taken on that day for why his assistance was absent. No doubt Isetzue would relay the lie to the Masters once fully developed and seeking further answers to questions, at least on Ragiel’s end, that was for damn sure. He closed his door before Isetzue had a chance to discover him out of bed. *What’s done is done.*

“As you wish,” bowed Izetsue in agreement of Lorenia’s punishment, going over to Avera’s side to soothe his aching heart.

*Lorenia, please Love, forgive me,* Ragiel bleated crawling over to her.

*Of course, I forgive you, but I’m still angry as hell at you.*

“Ney Ragiel,” came Avera’s voice as Isetzue wrapped him in a hug, Ragiel peeked an eye out filled with shame, “When, (*sniff*), you get all your memories back, when, you’re revived, you want, to cry together?”

Ragiel would have been knocked out by said statement had he not seen Avera’s little smirk –


*LORENIA CHOP!* and down Ragiel went; true ghosts don’t sleep but Ragiel’s being had been developed enough to know what happens after receiving a pounding.
Reaper expelled a deep forlorn sigh adjusting the symbols around the Anime Master’s bodies, studying the patter again.

*Ooh, the Lifestream doesn’t like to be meddled with.* “Please forgive me O Aevum, I but plead to you as a humble receiver of your flow,” he spoke the word quietly enough to not evoke any curiosity from his companions who need not dwell on his own misery.

His study slipped to their bodies, hands clasped and placed over their stomachs, eyes closed, legs together; mimicking the position of being within coffins.

Enma snorted.

How easily they all could have been mistaken to be asleep if placed elsewhere but in the middle of a ring of purple inscription fire; the empty bodies still breathing, their hearts still pumping, quite frankly all their bio-frequencies were merely on standby as a computer would be.

*On standby….*

Enma’s ears went back mirroring Reaper’s guilt ridden thought as his conscience refused him to look away from the bodies before him.

The scent of the flames were identical to the scent of the flower Celsia Cretica, flowers that some knew as tradition to decorate the gravesites of Keyblade Masters; he was schooled on the scent well.

Reaper inhaled deeply their fragrance, sighing on the exhale, “How much…could I have prevented, if I had just acted sooner?”

*’As the Reaper, it is not my position to interfere with such matters – only those that concern my Design, and catching her runaway soul is what I have been trying to do since the day she was born.*’

Enma stomped her right hoof flat in reply to Reaper’s question in judgment – ‘or how much more would lay waste?’ – Reaper picking up on her tut-tutting vibes.

True. Even if Reaper had chosen to be an even more active force than he was in the past, it was not wise of him to dwell into the ramification of the Natures as the ‘pure’ Design he was, at least not until he had well expanded his Foundation to encroach into protection other than, well reaping, to better protect his mentality. The Shepherd of Death (or Souls) is among the most powerful Designs Older Sister had ever created, if not the strongest, and so falling victim to the insanity that can befall a Design should they step outside of their boundaries, was a risk so very dangerous to take. As a ‘living’ Design, the Natures could have their way with his better judgment….

“If we do run astray, let it be for the right reasons.”

Which was more than he could say for his fellow Designs of Death, The Riders of the End of the World :/

The temptation began when he learned of his Spirit’s untimely call to her Coming’s End, and he knew in his heart of hearts that the young blasphemy of creation, the Lady, was responsible, she who had for all too long managed to escape the swing of his scythe.

Out of rage and revenge for not capturing her runaway soul sooner, Reaper pursued the Lady with a relentless onslaught to kill her – hunting the child ruthlessly when her dreams siphoned her possession of the Chrost-Weik – Enma’s only means to track her and further verification of her danger to existence – how could such an entity have come into existence?! All his fervor for naught since she had stepped upon the hallowed grounds of Hollow Castle; a place his Design could never approach (much less find) being the direct antithesis of it. The Laws would not allow it.

From these actions, the Shepherded of Death shelved the blame for inspiring the Riders to take up their arms in what would prove to be a futile attempt at protecting existence.

For together, they would right all the wrongs and claim the soul that had taken their Spirit from them!

Oh. How. That. Backfired.

Their ability to reason was mauled in an instant by the Chrost-Weik – Reaper quickly realizing with their corruption that he too was doomed to a similar path if he didn’t control his passion, restructure his Foundation – but no, no, the damage was done….The Riders were under the spell of the Chrost-Weik, and it was his fault! How he had shamed his Spirit!

Reaper retreated to the strict confines of his Design, swearing to obey the path his Spirit had left for him, swearing to never disgrace Death again, for added to his burden of subtly hunting the Lady, was shepherding the poor souls the Riders claimed.

For the longest time he stayed true to the persona of his Design.

That is until he tried the hands of fate once again by his involvement with the Ghosts of Keyblade Masters.

He had long dealt with the departure of many Masters before, just as any other living being that had met its end, but this time, in these current tides, it was different.

It was all her fault. She was behind it, there was enough blood from her hands he was cleaning up along now with her subordinates and the Riders…..He was but to shepherded souls, hunt her and shepherded souls….

So much grief, so much sadness and heartache from these crying Ghosts! The death rates were skyrocketing enough as it was and Keyblade Masters were dying at an exponential rate, none like the stars had ever witnessed before, and yet amongst all the chaos in the world of the living, he kept faithful to his Design, he would not become like his brethren, he would not become like his brethren, he would not become like his brethren….

It is his Design to guide souls to cross the Other Side – he had the power to force them to go – he had every right to do so….didn’t he? It was his Design, it was for their own good, and yet they still turned into ghouls; how many he had failed! Could he not even manage his own Design anymore?! Then what was his purpose?!

He smashed his turmoil under a lucidly placid guise, what more could he do, but his Design? He had already fueled this calamity enough as it was. And when his Spirit awoke again, he would have his punishment.

He let the Keyblade Master’s Ghosts stay if they wanted to, he would even check up on them, even though the notion was useless.

His involvement with the Masters helped him regain his better sense of self, guiding their Ghosts if he could, destroying the ghouls, doing what his Design said to do, and, what his heart bled to do.

Over time, his passion against the Lady reared compassion for the Masters. Reaper learned of Avera through his twin, and then of the Anime Masters by learning of their connection to the Lady, his heart going out to them to be tied to such a monster…..He let his curiosity bubble, and then learned of the full extent of the involvement of the Spirits….with the Lady.

On a warm sunny day, enough was enough. Everything of his Reason be damned! “The Lady is a catalyst of change… and so shall I be.”

Reaper set in motion the expanding of his Foundation, carefully and steadily, and though still abiding the persona of his Design, he put his heart into it as well, for honestly, why would he have such a thing?

“’We are not experimental slaughter! We must not suffer the same fate as our Masters, nor have our soon to be ‘new’ Masters culled. We are every bit as capable of defending our worlds as our very own Masters, otherwise, why would we be given Astral Abilities as a Natural Effect upon leaving our worlds? We, as the inhabitants, the inheritors of each heartbeat of our dear system, have as much responsibility to defend it.’”

As soon as Reaper finished expanding his Foundation, he was called to gather Lorenia’s Ghost, first.

It was Sephiroth who yelled the command, bursting out his room, Masamune in hand – Isetzue, Avera, and Reaper all taking up their weapons and fighting stance at the ready to the wrinkle in the Inbetwixt Realm they all felt within a second of one another – Reaper driving Enma to stand over the Anime Master’s bodies – the Winged Group covering Ragiel and Lorena as the Riders of the End of the World breached their Inbetwixt Realm, the wrinkle exploding into their portals, revealing their newly refurbished selves dipped in pure Chrost-Weik madness.

******! Sephiroth cursed to himself, *How did they get through!? Even if dipped in the Chrost-Weik*–

From behind the Winged Group and Reaper, the realm was breached once again by the Deities, all dipped in a red, red light.

“You must be absolutely flabbergasted,” smiled the Black Rider, “The precursors of magic thought they could over-take us, to, heh heh, ease the burden of the Masters, but, once we convinced them of our ways, oh, they fell right in line~”

*Oh ****.*

“Now, we are not here for a fight. We are here for the blonde haired Master’s corpse, Master Lorenia, for within her body is the remnants of a baby our Lady squished, but those remnants are very important, it was Fabricated by Seritouge” –

“The baby was cleaned out!” yelled Isetzue, “When I healed their bodies, I fixed Lorenia. I destroyed whatever was left of that thing.”

Casting more containment magic within Lorenia wasn’t the only thing Isetzue did…Informing Lorenia of the grim discovery was something she felt the Master was entitled to.....Ragiel looked to his Love in utter horror, Lorenia looking back at him with an angered resolve, though her eyes glistened of pain.

Oh Isetzue could lie of her own to have healed thier bodies in complete privacy....There had to have been an under reason that the Lady didn't turn their bodies into Star Dust.....She didn't have to keep them in Hollow Castle......

The grips on the defending team's weapons tightened.

"These Masters will never be touched again," Reaper growled in a chilling voice that sent chills down his company's spines -

“Well then,” said the Black Rider raising his glowing red sword, “We’ve got a problem.”

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Whoa. Just, whoa. There's no words to really describe that.


That was epic on a whole other level. Seritouge did something to Lorenia, something bad I take it, involving a baby. The Riders are there, and the Dieties are now influenced by the Chrost-Wiek, why did you have to have them taken, they were supposed to be helping Sora and them and now their just more powerful puppets. But everything was put together so nicely it makes the story flow well and the tension is just building up and up.

Now I can't wait for Sora's part.

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>X3 thankies James ^_^ Man, as for what was done to them, I only left in Lorenia's bit since it was, you know, I guess the worst >_<

I thought loooooooooooooooooooong and hard if I should write out the fight between the Riders and Deities, but then my plot bunnie said no :p thank-you my character axe~! ^0^ And the Deities were trying to help Sora and his company out, it's just that they failed. They failed so hard XD

Yay for tension building~! Instead of a recap, injecting the recap within the chappie seemed more efficent~ Now to hit the nail home with Sora's part, yippe!!! >X3

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Just wait till we get to Sora's part, and watch the epic failures only amount to more hardships ._. Oh wesa gon' keep the snowball rollin' till it hits home >:O I mean to make the eight people goin' down worth it, there has to be some major **** going down for all ends, yep yep~

If you want, I can PM ya Cef about Annelle to ease thy curiosity~

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Watching the ending to the series of lost is REALLY getting my sad juices flowin' - ooh, I so want to make this part as heavy as it can possibly be, so that after it, I can get into the summer swing all up in June's face >:3

And the part is scary long >>; I think I'm going to have to make another separate post for it >_< oh well, scrolling ain't so bad :p.....and editing will be a ***** ._. - but I do it with LOVE! >X3

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Shonen Bat: *Looks down the Pit of Shame*......Yep, she's down there again. Mind telling everyone how you fell down the hole again?

SA: *sniff*.....*sniff*........

Shonen Bat: Can we at least get an update?

SA: Update -> Please feel free to pelt me with stones again.

Shonen Bat: Oh boy >>;



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Are you having posting problems? If so, I could probably help. There's some sort of error that happens in sentences with the word 'from' in them. Depending on how you word it, the error will happen, so, instead of having to re-write an entire book of a post, you can just hunt down those few sentences and adjust them slightly.

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*Reads Tenyas' post* - Oh dear god....@_@;;;

Thanks for the help Tenyas, but it's not a posting a problem, it's some RL problems instead ^^; However reading this greatly saddens me ;~; as if editing wasn't going to be enough of a nightmare already >>;

I'm so sorry everyone ;___________________________________;

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This is the set up for the rest of Sora’s chapter, enjoy~ and get the tissues ready - MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Disclaimer: Big violence inside – WATCH OUT!!!!

Click on the pokies to see what they look like ~

Also the Anime Royalty's part is still moved, I left what was needed for the current chapter~

Okay now, following on the surprise attack from the Riders on the Winged Group –

Also, Sora was last left recieving the Emotionless Keyblade from a Morgos, 'member~? >>; Anywho, I'll recap the entire chappie when I'm done :3

Ch. 38-5 Kodomo’s Provoke: The Lost and Found Bin cont.
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village
“You better look out below!” – Wake Up, Arcade Fire

Anime Royalty's Castle


“Oh my that’s a loud bell!” said Merlin as he and the Elric brothers covered their ears, cracks in the large glass windows of the study room snaked their way around with each ring – bank – Nikkue came bursting into the study room – twilight spear in hand –


“Wha –?!” TOOM“Da’ck –!” Merlin and the brothers were knocked to their knees from a quake shaking the entire Castle, Nikkue using her spear to maintain her solid foundation stance –

“What the hell is going on?!” screamed Edward –

“Obviously – we’re under attack!” the Steward spat –

“From–?!” – the windows darkened, light completely eclipsed by the enormous glaring, snarling (now) red eyed dual head of the Black Rider’s Untouchable –

*Deities, oh why –?*


“Their Untouchable,” Nikkue savagely growled – “Come back for more have you?!”

The dual eagle-lion head inhaled deeply for lungs with no air – rearing back for a slam as Nikkue twirled her spear – its tip glowing made an illusion of a ring of light – Edward and Alphonse clapped their hands, alchemic sparks twisting in defense, Merlin’s wand got stuck in his beardthe windows were eclipsed again – an incoming with a red eyed roar–!


The crisp white metallic hand of Spot Tower’s inner bell tower cranked its minuet hand to rest over the elegant glowing roman numerals of the number twelve, where the hour hand currently rested, and the expected clear crystal ring, failed to follow.

Red 13 froze where he stood upon hearing the central orphanage clock, its silent ding able to sound all by its little self without its much more dominant cousin to overshadow it.

Slowly his paw came to ground, his stagnant weight stretching the creak of the floorboards.

There were only two other days Spot Tower failed to ring.

The first, when the Anime Royalties were killed, and the second, being the moment the Anime Masters were taken by Nefero, never to be seen again.

The features of the red beast’s face spread wide in fear to the understanding of the forlorn mishap.

Konohagakure Village

Thunder rumbled softly in the distance.

Suicune turned to the direction that tickled her basic animal sixth sense, her eyes narrowing at the unwelcome sight of tall, thick coal-black clouds presenting an opaque smear across the sky, threatening to swallow the horizon.

A feeling in her gut pitched a warning that today will not be a good day. The thunder continued its hushed grumbling; catching up with a silent bolt of lightning whose light briefly pierced the black sky-scape.

Team Rocket peered into the main control room where Bulma, Jet, and Amy were swiftly at work on the Keyhole Location program.

“Move,” came a grumpy female voice from behind, and Faye shoved the three out the way, entering the room.

“She lives!” came Jet’s voice, but Team Rocket drowned out the conversation that sparked from within.

“(*Gulp*) We’ve made our decision, right?” said Jesse.

“Right,” shook James and Meowth.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
what couldn’t die, never lived,
what couldn’t live, never died,
the frustration of living as a fragment,
never to be whole again?
Let this weapon help the fragments find the pieces again, to have peace again,
to let go.”

Sora moved the Emotionless Keychain all about reading the fine tiny relief print of the poem through the mesh of all the Emotionless’ symbols (with a few he had never seen before), the last verse dripping down the Keychain’s tail ending in the charm of a stylized heart with one arch white, the other black, the bottom connecting end of the arches tied together in a swirl that resembled clasped hands.

“Emotionless only existed to get killed,” said Shonen Bat in a normal tone, resting his golden bat on his shoulder, “They are incomplete beings writhing in darkness, that’s no way to live, or die, but at least, you know, it makes the pain stop.”

“When Emotionless die, do they go to heaven or hell?” asked Ed.

“They simply cease to be,” said Vincent, “Their existence is terminated. I believe only ‘whole’ beings have the chance to move on.”

“Sad~” Ed replied drooping; Ein gave a little whine.

Sora felt an odd degree of guilt, yet if anything though…he ended their frustration, and yet, could they have been helped some other way? Could they have been….

“Feeling remorse?” said Vincent, “Don’t….Whether they can, talk, or not, even, resemble emotions, or not, Emotionless are still imprisoned by their fate as Emotionless; shades of grey of frustration.”

But oh how Morgos smiled….

“I guess, but, I, I just never fully understood their motivation to do the things they did…They’ve always just been an enemy that messed things up, that sought what kept balance with means that could destroy it, that we were certain would become destroyed.”

And oh how Morgos cried….!

Emotionless are broken people, really broken people.

“But this…” Sora continued with grasping the Keychain tightly in his hand, and remembering his encounter with Axel – a memory link opening up a chain that ended in the farthest depths of his being where memory ended and emotions began , “This marks there’s something deep inside of us that never goes away–!”

The light within us all!

Sora called forth the Emotionless’ Keyblade in a blinding flash of light, the shinning remnant beads trickling down around the new weapon~

“Well that’s kind of anticlimactic,” spat Shonen Bat folding his arms, “It pretty much is a sword.”

True, the design for the blade was quite simple unlike the elegance other Keyblades had, but the end of it had some fine detail by resembling flames caught in metal, and the hilt was a twisting wrap of more fire design, the color scheme of the blade was pale, pale pastels (the sheen that came off of oil), almost pure white with an outline of black for the hilt; and not to mention, but the blade had a fairly good reach too.

“Passion,” said Sora touching the tip of the metallic flames, “Sheer and simple passion never leaves us, even if we don’t even know what it is.” He gave the Keyblade a smooth swipe, the feel of the weapon felt like any other Keyblade, if not a bit lighter. He gave the blade a few more test swipes, and the movement was solid in his grasp, his cuts keeling as if they could hack through a mortal barrier –

“Hey Miyamoto,” said Shonen, “So? How’d they do?”

Sora answered with an ear to ear grin, “It’s perfect, a lot of heart went into its making.”

“Hardy har, har, har.”

Ed reached out to touch it, but the blade fell transparent, “Oh!” yet Sora was still able to hold it – the speedy removal of Ed’s finger making the blade opaque again –

“Did it hurt you?” Vincent asked swiftly before the other two.

“No…” Ed grasped her finger, “It felt like it wanted to push me away.”

Vincent and Shonen Bat went to touch the blade, the Keyblade suddenly radiating with light shielding a more ominous flash from above –


Everyone was ducked in a near bow position from the surprise thunderclap –

“T’eh hell that come from?!” startled Shonen Bat –

“IT’S GON’ RAIN!” Ed shouted back to the thunder.

Sora quickly recalled the blade and pocketed the Keychain following Vincent’s concern with the sudden thunderstorm. The group was virtually at the ebony edge with looking up causing a dizzying sensation as to look upon the great edge of a canyon, only this one being upside down, in the sky, and made of a swollen blackness cutting the blue day in half, “This day is just catching us off-guard all over huh?”

Vincent used his Memory Link* to contact Kakashi, but all he received in reply was static, his curse alarming the rest –

“What’s wrong?”

“My Memory Link* is failing, you two try and contact Kakashi, hurry”

Sora and Shonen Bat obeyed, but failed as well; Ein started growling at the sky, the storm was now just over them, eclipsing the sun away, all grounded in a great shadow – Vincent didn’t wait for any further confirmation of the suspicious storm and swirled his cloak around the group – but before he could make their escape –



On the edge of one of the rock pillars, stood Gaara.

The mouth of the abyss of the sky swallowed all and far beyond, the storm’s pace increasing almost exponentially; all shades of color restrained by darkness.

“Whoa – it is so gonna rain today!,” said Serena peering out the high-rise window from the Konoha residential quarters where they stayed, her view just over the tips of the trees showing the creeping bulk of black clouds stretching ever closer; the Umbreon by her side tried jumping up for a better look for itself.

“Oh my goodness!” Mrs. Chi-Chi jumped (her Kangaskhan, also catching sight of the oncoming storm, “Not just rain, it is going to pour!”

“Wow,” commented Mina (her Espeon putting its ears back), “How fitting, first a Death General Strikes, then a corpse is found, then we get word several pokemon disappear, and then several ANBU have gone missing, and now this storm? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it is the work of the Outsiders.”

“Not to mention our trainees having to train so far away from the village,” said Raye (her Flareon puffed out in agitation), “And for what? To keep the World Order in check? I think the cat’s out of the bag don’t you? What’s the point in pretending everything’s fine and under control when it’s not?”

“Only the higher ups of Konoha know what’s really going on,” said Mrs. Chi-Chi, “They’re already going to be paying for our enemy’s interference long after we leave. So, I suppose Vincent and Genkai don’t want to add salt to the wound.” Studying such black, black clouds, a chill trickled down her spine, the same chill that warned her of the troubles of Tumble-Stop, the impending doom that led to the arrival of the Riders….her hand caressed her goosebumps. “As much as I want to believe Genkai and Vincent can keep them safe, there’s only so much they can do.”

“The kids aren’t completely helpless,” said Lita (her Jolteon scratched the back of its head), “They can fight, when they need to at least, and that scruffy guy Spike is out there too, he seems to have been around the block of hard knocks a few times; we have to trust they’ll be able to make it back.”

“At least Genkai called Goku and Suicune to give a helping hand right?” said Serena, “We should be out there too, but we’re supposed to stay here, the threat of another attack on the village is too great with everything’s that been happening.”

“Let’s just hope it isn’t another one of those, Death Generals.”

“Speaking of powerful people, Abigale has gone to be with, oh what did Goku his name was, Mewtwo, right?”

“Yes,” said Mrs.Chi-Chi a fair note of worry and disapproval in her voice; her hand rubbed her temple, “Oh, we’re doing what we should, yet I can’t help but think this is all wrong.”

“Purple Kitty!”

*Ugth.* Mewtwo dropped into a sitting position from his post along the Konoha border wall.

*Good, she made it to you,* said Suicune via Memory Link*.

*Yay hurray, you just take care of yourself, understand?*

*Of course my husband~* Suicune teased and closed the Link*; Mewtwo shifted his blushing glance down, and there she was, standing all innocent with her hands behind her back, and those, pig tails –

“The bad guys here are really trying to pull our strings now huh?”

“They most certainly are.”

“You and the other pokemon are not gonna stay out here without some umbrellas are y’all?” Her puppy bounced up shortly after.

“If you can find well over several hundred umbrellas, then by all means,” Mewtwo snorted, “A little rain never killed anyone.”

“I’m sure our Shinobi friends would be more than willing to donate, and tell that to those who didn’t get on Noah’s ark.”

“That was a flood, there’s a difference” –

“That was started by the rain!”

-_-...“We’re not going to die from a stupid storm, *hell I’ve made worse*” –

“But what about tornadoes? What if a tornado comes down?”

“Then I’ll dissipate it.”

“WOW! Really?!” –

“Yeah wow, and yes really, honestly Abigale, we’re quite capable of defending ourselves, *or so we thought* and, there’s plenty of us that can manipulate the weather to kill the storm itself if it becomes a danger to the area.”

“Can’t you just kill it now?”

“No, the storm is a part of nature, the only reason we’d dissipate it in the first place is in defense of our lives.”

Another silent bolt was followed some seconds later with the thunder having increased in volume.

“It’s getting pretty close, we can actually see it moving, look there, those cloud bits are churning” –

“Churning the tides of death” –

Mewtwo passed the vibe, “Count the seconds in-between the bolt and thunder and you can tell how many miles away it is, or something like that, although that’s kind of pointless now” –

“I don’t wanna look at it anymore.”

“It’s not going to bite you.” Mewtwo stood up fully and folded his arms.

Abigale copied him, although her folded arms also held back the increased strength her heart put into beating as the sky-scape was eaten away by darkness ever more, “ ‘Ney Purple Kitty,” she closed her eyes, “I know a secret.”

Mewtwo’s esp was gifted in where he could pick up on the heart rate of the truth and a fib.

Or fear.

“And that would be?”

“What you’re deepest fear is.”

“Oh by all means, do tell.”

“Losing her.”

“Really?” Mewtwo faked his awe, “I had no idea! How did you ever figure that out?”

“Hm, I didn’t think you’d confess it so quickly.”

Mewtwo growled, “I confessed to nothing. Why don’t you ask me what I’m afraid of instead of making up some stupid fantasy.”

“I did ask Suicune, been talkin’ to her a bit about you,” yet another bolt struck and Abigale’s knees almost buckled at the thunder volume ever increasing, her puppy mindful of the weakness and whined for his owner to do some confessing of her own.

“Stop it,” hissed Mewtwo, “You can’t possibly understand anything about what we are.”

“Aha! You confirmed Suicune all by yourself!”

“You just spoke of her!” Mewtwo spat back, “Asking of her of me – when I’m right here!”

“You had that tone – why you all up in the defensive side? Suicune totally wasn’t uptight.”

“Because you’re being a little brat who doesn’t know how to stay out of other people’s business, and I bet Suicune was just being nice, feeling sorry for such an insolent little girl.”

Abigale pursed her lips, “Geeze, how she could ever fall for a thumbtack like you I’ll never know.”

“We cannot be together!” Mewtwo yelled, “I have told you this before, we have no gender, we are not made to be compatible, now listen – what is affection to us is only an acknowledgment that we’re alive, I am a legendary pokemon, Suicune is a legendary pokemon–we are products that merely run the gamut of nature – a part of it – and separate like the seasons” –

“I prefer you a boy” –

“I’M –

“So that’s what you’re afraid of,” said Abigale freezing Mewtwo by looking up at him in a sudden wide eyed glance, “You’re afraid of yourself.”

There was nothing hiding Abigale’s white knuckle grab of death on her dress as she hissed at the thought of the shadows from the sky creeping ever more along the ground with a far off rumble of thunder.

“Your heart has been ripped out a lot, hasn’t it? You don’t want it to latch onto anything else, but you like Suicune, she’s an amazing friend, and Mew, and Darkrai. You’re mad at yourself because you know the inevitable will happen, it’s already taken Darkrai, it’s taken so much, who’s next? What’s next? But that’s what the heart does Purple Kitty, even in its confusion, it still loves, and that’s okay. Suicune wanted to tell you this earlier, face to face, but you know, you guys are kinda busy right now, she couldn’t get away, and she got tired of waiting for you to spill your guts. She loves you a lot too; really she does.”

Mewtwo couldn’t clearly read what Abigale’s fast heart rate meant, the truth or a lie, or fear, and, he couldn’t read his own. Hopeless dumbstruck by the bulls-eye of her words, he could only ask “…So why are you telling me this now?”

“So that when she gets back, you can tell her you love her dearly with all your heart, since you didn’t get the chance to tell Darkrai how much he really meant to you, right? Better late than never.”

Mewtwo swallowed, and looked away from Abigale’s trembling form.

“Wait for her at the gate, be all tall and, stuff, and you know – be like a” – CRRRCHCCHKSKSS – Abigale latched onto Mewtwo from the surprise VERY close thunder clap –

“Holy shhh, that one made me jump too,” Mewtwo startled cutting the moment, he felt Abigale latch onto him, her entire body trembling terribly with tiny tears falling off her face and onto him.

Another bolt flashed prompting her to bury her face in his leg to attempt to bear the threat of another assault, but, it never came.

She looked up and around and saw that she and Mewtwo (and her puppy) were encased in a blue-psychic orb against a black sky, “Would you look at that, no more thunder-sounds~” said Mewtwo in mock awe, placing a hand on Abigale’s head, making motions like a magician with the other, “This psychic wall is completely sound proof~”

Abigale was too spell bound to reprimand Mewtwo for his poor magician’s accent, all she could utter was, “Stop running. You like the color blue?”

“No,” said Mewtwo, he looked down at Abigale, and she looked up at him, “I love it.”

More lightning flashed, but with no bark.

Mewtwo gave a deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep long withheld sigh (even a tear dared to jump out), taking note of his previous actions, and gently rocked Abigale’s head from side to side, “Been talking to Suicune have you? She really spilled the beans about me, didn’t she?”

“Nope I totally lied about that part, but I did want to make sure I pronounced Darkrai’s name right.”

If Mewtwo was glass, this is where he’d break.

“I went to her and told her I’d get you to come clean about what’s been troubling you, and her exact words were this, ‘Thank-you. I love him so much, I fear for his heart’s well being, but I don’t want to cause him anymore grief. My own scars prevent me from being the support he needs. You may not understand, but I’m scared like him.’”

Like how a lot of us are.

“And then Mew chimed in via Memory Link* and said, ‘Maybe you could be a better therapist than me, I got Suicune to admit love, it’s up to you for Mewtwo.’ And then Suicune said, ‘You know, I really want a hug from him; it sounds so nice.’ And then Mew was like, ‘What about my hugs?’ And then Suicune said, ‘You’re not Mewtwo, I need a hug from him.’”

Abigale could feel it…three, two, oooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeee –

“She’s all I’ll ever need,” he softly whispered.

“And Mew? Don’t forget about Mew~”

“And Mew.”

“And then you have all of us too~ We’re one big happy family now!”

Abigale’s puppy barked~

Mewtwo could only laugh through his grit teeth, blinking away tears as he gently grabbed Abigale’s head, “You are the most annoying child I’ve ever met!” feigning to keep his composure and his heart from starting the faucet.

“I’ll grow on you,” replied Abigale with a smile during the boggle head treatment, “You have your sense* on full power right?”

“Don’t question my work ethic child, I’ll chuck you right out into that storm.”

“You wouldn’t dare~”

“Scared of thunder aren’t you? Where’s that strong pluck that the cutest weapon of mass destruction has?”

“Gone with the wind. I hate thunderstorms, they’re reminders of what ate so many worlds up right? A terrible scary storm of darkness, and death, and evil.”

And that terrible void.

“Drama queen.”

“At least I don’t emote like you – just ‘cause I’m a Key means I can’t be scared? I HATE THUNDERSTORMS!”

Mewtwo shook the daze and ring of the concentrated fear out of his head.

“If there was no fear, there’d be no bravery right? Let me get my weakness out now, I need to dump a lot of it out, since I feel I’m going to need a lot of courage later on. Even I can get tired of being brave.”

Touché dear friend, touché.

“Then,” said Mewtwo thoroughly beaten, “You go right ahead, and dump as much of it as you can.”

Oh, if only it was done sooner…..

Mewtwo perked up, suddenly catching sight of a Flygon with special cargo.

A beaten ANBU with a wrapped blanket under one arm was delivered to the scouts with the help of said Flygon, “Star Shinobi! Ungh –” he fell to his knees, Lita and Raye the closest to catch him –

“We gotcha mister, you just hang in there now” – (the Flygon nodded at them and flew off.)

Serena started to perform Cura* on him but he grabbed her hands with his free one, “This, *cough* poor creature needs it more than I do,” the ANBU handed over the wrapped blanket to Serena, she feeling its unconscious contents – “I understand you’re not permitted to use your ‘talents’ on someone who’s never left this world, please don’t let me add to your burden already” – the ANBU completely slumped down on the supporting scouts, his mask falling off revealing a young man with dark hair –

“Nonsense! Whoever said that?!” Serena dual cast Cura* on the ANBU and (unwrapping the, pokemon) the Vulpix –

“We need to inform the Hokage and everyone else about this, let’s go Zippy!”

“Jolt-jolt!” an’ Lita and Jolteon took off while the others helped the ANBU to a room, and into a bed, Serena keeping her task up with Cura*, Mrs. Chi-Chi making a suitable resting spot for the Vulpix.

“I’m so glad I’m able to use Cure* magic,” said Serena with a sweatdrop.

“No kidding,” replied Raye –


“Mister, you shouldn’t talk, save your strength” –

“I must…get to Sasuke, please, move the boy from the hospital, he’s…not safe……intruders….are near” –

“Don’t worry, the pokemon won’t let any of the Outsiders inside!”

Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon turned agitated –

“Not…an Outsider…they are, Shinobi…! Please, Stars, you must, move Sasuke – he’s not safe, and neither, are you –” and the ANBU could speak no further.

“….Still worried about Astral Order now?”

“Sasuke, isn’t he that boy that Kakashi asked Abigale to heal earlier?” asked Mina.

“Yeah, and he’s with Kakashi right now,” said Raye, “They took a Salamence and went to go meet up with Vincent’s group for, *sigh* training, I mean I guess painting targets on ourselves would have been subtler? As if the Outsider’s weren’t enough, this world’s own problem is rearing its ugly head!”

Serena’s hand went to the side of her head as if a sudden headache had stricken her – “Ah! My Memory Link isn’t getting through to Vincent!”

Umbreon began to bark and scratch at Serena’s legs, likewise with Flareon and Espeon –

Mina and Raye tested theirs, both failing to contact Vincent, and then Genkai, and then Goku, then Kakashi – they even tried each other, and though not but several feet apart, their Links* refused to connect! – a clap of thunder shook the building –

“The storm! It has to be the storm messing with our Links!”

“So we’re completely cut off from one another?!”

“Esp-Espeon!” *Sense* not doing what it must!*

“Umbra-Umbra!” *It’s not picking up stuff! It’s not picking up stuff!*

“Oh no,” Mrs. Chi-Chi’s hand went to her mouth, “What about the pokemon’s sense* abilities?!”

The three Eveelutions shook their heads in unison with another thunder clap.

“There could be an invasion on the way and we won’t be able to see them until they’re knockin’ on the door!”

“HEY!” – a pounding on the door causing everyone to jump – Mrs. Chi-Chi opened it with almost getting knocked back by the orange ninja – “Star Shinobi–the–! What happened to him?”

“He’ll be fine – spit it out genin!”

“Oh – right, the girl with the yellow spiky pokemon told me to tell y’all that everyone needs to be on the borders stat – the Jounins are also gathering along the wall too and so are the ANBU” –

“Let’s get to it then,” said Raye, and the scouts departed like the wind along with their Eveelutions, Naruto following them out before Mrs. Chi-Chi could stop him.

“Where do you think you’re going kid?” said Raye side glancing him as they ran–the storm outside growing with ferocious intensity –

“With y’all! In case you haven’t noticed” – Naruto pointed to his forehead protector – “I’m a Leaf Shinobi too! What level you are doesn’t matter – we’re going to ride out this storm together!”

“Oh,” Mrs. Chi-Chi felt like she could faint on the spot as another clap of thunder rattled the building, she now alone in the room with the unconscious ANBU and Vulpix…..*Isn’t there something I could do….?* Her Kangaskhan partner patted her back, "Oh thank-you," and left the room to get Mrs. Chi-Chi her own glass of water, closing the door on the way out.

Mrs. Chi-Chi couldn't take her eyes of the turmoil the windows promised; the lightning flashes betraying shadows getting up, just out of Mrs. Chi-Chi sight!


*I can at least protect –* turning around she was met with the raised ANBU and Vulpix, it’s eyes a pale pastel white – “Oh, sir, you should be in bed, please, lie back down” –

“But I can’t,” the man replied, “I must do my duty” –

“But you see, the Astral magic gives regular people a mild sickness” –

“True, I do feel a little nauseous, but that’s nothing compared to having your face ripped off,” and the ANBU grabbed his neck a little inside his clothes and began to pull – tearing the skin clean off – all off around his neck and face and head – Mrs. Chi-Chi watching in horror as the flesh mask was removed to show another face underneath, the young man feathered out his bloody silver bangs and pulled out a pair of glasses from his pocket, “Which was more than I could say for that poor ANBU,” he dropped the skin to the floor with a sickening splat.

The Vulpix howled and slammed Mrs. Chi-Chi to the wall with its stolen psychic powers, pinning her in an eagle spread –

“Now if you’re like a true Shinobi, then this is going to be very cumbersome, and if you’re going to act like those, Keyblade Masters, then this is going to be unbearable, but perhaps if you just play dead and let me work my, magic, then this is going to be a wonderful experience, but, I need to ask you a few questions first, so, are you people in possession of the Key? Her name wouldn’t be Abigale would it? That cute little girl with the pig tails that hangs around the tall orange idiot? Would a target on her chest have been more appropriate?”

Mrs. Chi-Chi growled a death glare at Kabuto, “My husband will kill you.”

“You’re implying he’ll avenge your death? How quickly you understand your fate,” Kabuto pushed his glasses up. He gave the signal to Vulpix who twisted Mrs. Chi-Chi abdominals with its psychic powers while simultaneously muting her scream by choking her, “Now,” said the Sound Shinobi to his gasping prisoner, “Where is the boy that can summon the red sky dragon? His name is Yugi right? Has he gone off with Genkai and Ash? You wouldn’t happen to know where Vincent’s group has gone to train would you? Since Kakashi and Sasuke are going to meet up with them, that’s a two-for one deal there.”

Mrs. Chi-Chi shook with fear and rage at the knowledge he spewed at her, and then Kabuto described them all in perfect detail.

Kabuto sighed his gaze down cast at the six-tailed monster working its cruelty, “I lost track of my main target Sasuke, and just now Naruto! He was just so close, and I really don’t want to go back empty handed; something must get accomplished.” He turned back to Mrs. Chi-Chi, “I suppose I can help with the Opposite Heart quota, but unfortunately you are not of such brand, you’re just a simple Outsider. Vully would know to not damage the goods so much.”


“I could use you to lure your husband away, he’s an Opposite Heart, or you could enhance my Master’s Soul Skin* ability, you’re useless now as to anything the Lady would need a female for. Ah, I’ll ask you one more question, do you know where Team Rocket is? Nefero wants them back.”

“WE’RE RIGHT HERE!”–and they bashed through the door, Arbok and Meowth and Jesse and James all going on the attack–!

“Vulpix!” – the Vulpix dropped Mrs. Chi-Chi and froze Team Rocket from any further heroics – “Oh! This a fair catch enough! The traitors – oh no, don’t choke them Vully, they need to be alive” –

“But of course,” Jesse coughed, “We only know how to deceive” –

And from outside the room – KA-BOOM!

The border forces turned inward – “****! They made it in?!”

Goku skidded to a stop in his search, the Primape that accompanied him sliding into a tree –“PRIIIIIII–MAPE!” it steamed, the rain evaporating before touching the boiling temper.

Goku looked back in the direction of the village from the abandoned training grounds where Genkai, Ash, Yugi, and Spike were, a sparking pain in his heart telling him beyond Astral connection that something has gone horribly wrong.

Meanwhile Suicune had reached the tall reaching rocky landscape where Vincent’s group was said to be, also abandoned, save for a teeny black snake hiding in the shadows, its eyes pulsing, pulsing red.

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WOW, just WOW.

So many things to think about O_O

Well, then, time to get cracking:

*throttles Kabuto with a rubber chicken*

*cheers on all the good guys*

*teases Mewtwo and Suicune*

*gives Abby a thumbs-up*

*hi-fives James and hopes they all survived*

*prays that Hinata doesn't get hurt*

*gasp* I think that's all of it >.>

All in all, AWESOME!

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Thankies for the praise Cef, but I still failed XD and I'll explain why >>;

(Yes so many things to think about, that way in the confusion, people die~)

I'm not sure if a rubber chicken is adequate enough to harm Kabuto....Even though I, for the moment turned him into a bit of a pokemon trainer XD - OH CRAP I FORGOT TO ADD THE POKEMON LINKS - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *runs to edit*

Okay, the pokemon links are done and I'm saying this more to myself, but no Mrs. Chi-Chi's Kangaskhan doesn't just dissapear into thin air, it actually left the room to get Mrs. Chi-Chi a drink, I added said part in there, dammit I KNEW I forgot something DX - here I clipped it out, but it's edited back within the story now:

"Oh,” Mrs. Chi-Chi felt like she could faint on the spot as another clap of thunder rattled the building, she now alone in the room with the unconscious ANBU and Vulpix…..*Isn’t there something I could do….?* Her Kangaskhan partner patted her back, "Oh thank-you," and left the room to get Mrs. Chi-Chi her own glass of water, closing the door on the way out.

Mrs. Chi-Chi couldn't take her eyes of the turmoil the windows promised; the lightning flashes betraying shadows getting up, just out of Mrs. Chi-Chi sight! –

Character axe is going to hurt.

Also Vulpix gets no link because it's not a pokemon anymore. :p
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*Jumps in*

Thanks James ^_^ Although I dunno about the large scale invasion just yet, it's pretty much hysteria, and me likey histeria since of course it could all be bull**** 8D - Let's all sing the Doom song! And a one, and a two, and a three -

Okay! Aside from the destructive forces of l-i-f-e forever making me ponder the reason of trying - I'm!....Fairly certain Sora's part will get totally polished this week, for one - I am so embarrased at the plot bunnies I keep finding @_@;; I mean I know this chapter has been in development for....a long time and because I stuck soooooooooooooooooo much into it over said time period that it got a bit out of hand >_< So! With my trusty filler hedge clippers, I'm pruning the beast.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a beast, but it won't be so, hairy I guess, scary yes, hairy no~

Disclaimer: Clicky on the Links to see the Dual Monsters :O
Disclaimer: Cursing.
EDIT: Tahoma is now the new Chrost-Weik font since Verdana seems to be the new basic, or it's something really close to Verdana...anywho, this is Tahoma~

There's a sad song in here I don't own~

Ch. 38-5 Kodomo’s Provoke: The Lost and Found Bin cont.
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village
“You better look out below!” – Wake Up, Arcade Fire


Bakura eyed an entire area of forest demolished, and sinking, into the muddy sinkhole the downpour opened up and was still opening up; the cave that served as their would-be meeting point was now much more airy as the mouth of a volcano after an explosive burp. He had scoured the area looking for Orochimaru’s body, but only came up with the smashed remains of in-progress Soul Puppets.

Envy landed from a graceful jump right next to Bakura, “Well who could’ve seen this coming? Pet snaky went crazy?”

“Pet snaky went crazy.”

“Sooooooo, I’m going to assume that since momma snake is not present, he’s~ been done away with.”

“I wouldn’t count him out just yet, his pet has eaten him before, and he’s eaten it, and ugth. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just experimenting further on what that abomination has been evolving into, no doubt this storm is a product of it, I remember seeing the serpent coughing up dark mists and clouds before, among other things,” Bakura gave a involuntary shudder, “Just before my Memory Link* went out from the storm, I tried to contact him, and only received back an extremely pleasurable feeling” –

“Oh say no more,” Envy would have feigned nausea if he didn’t genuinely feel doused in gross-gross, “I don’t know if you noticed with your expert eyes, but Orochimaru had swiped a fork from Hollow Castle in the meeting before last the one, and if I remember correctly, such a storm as this one is one of the outer defenses the Castle can produce, but the Castle’s knocks out everything – any and all Astral Abilities.”

“You think he fed the fork to the snake?”

“Actually I thought he’d eat it himself, but I guess he was a bit skittish to digest some of the Castle; probably was a smart move considering said snake has now gone bat **** insane and off doing god knows what. But I suppose he still sort of ate it since he and his pet share entities, and, stuff,” Envy clapped his hands to kill the mood, “Whelp! Despite today’s interruptions this has turned out to work well in our favor at least~”

Bakura pulled out his Millennium Ring from under his Shinobi guise, touching the eye of Horus in the center, causing it to subtly glow, the glow then dripping onto the tip of the fingers of his right hand and with a wave – “Come forth, Puppet Master, Dark Necrofear, Earl of Demise” – the monsters materialized in a swirl of ghastly darkness.

“Speaking of which where are the critters that got siphoned away? The snake spit ‘em all out right after it turned them? Before it went bonkers?”

“I sent them as back up for Kabuto; we should gather as many Opposite Hearts as possible in the confusion, and at least help keep the rest alive.” Bakura gave a mental command to his summons, who merely looked back…. “Oh right, Envy if you could please change into him?”

Envy gave a more than exasperated sigh changing into Yugi.

“Find him, he too has a Millennium Item like me, feel its power, you don’t need your HU Abilities for that, remember the power you are drawn to.”

“Whew!” Envy!Yugi cut in, “That would have really been tedious if you didn’t have a loophole~”

“Protect him and everyone who is in his company from Orochimaru’s pet. If the opportunity arises, bring him and the other young boy with him to me, but do not harm him or the people in his company, subdue them if you must; as soon as the storm disperses, contact me.” The monsters bowed and promptly dashed off within the shadows.

Envy!Yugi stretched, “Good idea, picking the kids off first~”

“We are Hunters after all.”

Envy!Yugi smiled, “Oh, what about the Sand Shinobi?”

“I told them to just hunker down when the storm was brewing, but alas, Gaara took off somewhere.”

“Is that so~? A child went off by himself in a big bad storm?” Envy twisted a cruel smile over Yugi’s face, “You know we came here to do a job, first and foremost we are loyal to the Lady and Nefero – let’s go ahead and add raccoon boy and that Sasuke kid to the list – Orochimaru has ****ed around enough, he can have whatever’s left.”

“Hm, why not?” Bakura snapped his glowing finger tips together, and several ghouls from the Millennium Ring fashioned themselves into a giant black cage.

“No spikes?”

Spikes immediately dotted inward, making the cage walls a mesh of pain – a large bolt of lightning hissed over deadly design followed by a crack of thunder; Envy’s wicked laughter broke through Yugi’s gentle form –

“How distraught they all must be by now~!” the shape-shifter changed again pushing the evil smile a darkened degree further in the transformation–“Let’s go ease their suffering.”

Bakura’s own glee for action spilled over his face, placing his hands to hover around the Millennium Ring causing the glowing eye of Horus to intensify, “Find the ones that wield the combat Astral Abilities, find the Opposite Hearts!”


Unaware of the negation of her Perfect Sense* Suicune pushed her ability to its absolute fullest searching high and low in the rocky training grounds for any trace of Vincent’s group – *If they left this place – why didn’t they alert Genkai? And if they were in danger – why didn’t they alert anyone?! Surely they all couldn’t have been silenced –!*

The snake flicked its tongue, tasting her alarmed aura, slithering contentedly to her position as she fumbled through the severed Links*….

*What is going on? My Memory Link* is failing?! – Mewtwo! Mew! Genkai! Master Sora!* -

And then she felt the burn of a glaze that contradicted what her Ability reported and welcomed any admonishment; Suicune whipped around into her fighting stance, facing two red swaying specks slipping from the deep layer of darkness set by the storm onto the rocky platform where she stood, letting its little tail trail off the side; it flicked it’s forked tongue again, tasting her aura ever more.

The creature that attacked Lugia!

“Suicune, legend of the North Wind.”

SONG: Midna's Lament

A stark realization blossomed within a single tremble betraying her stance – *This is a set up!* But alas Suicune could not flee, for at the snake’s beckoning, a mortal barrier sprang up around the training grounds high into the black heavens.

“I’m glad you came. You are so great a title is attached to your name, you must have been one of great importance from your home-world. ”

Suicune immediately understood her fate, keeping her broken heart together to focus on what she could do in order to produce as much damage as possible to the [currently] tiny assassin as it mindlessly babbled on–

“I know you and those other creatures are not native to this land; that the Village Hidden in the Stars is but a lie. And so I wonder, what would you and your kin be doing here so far away from home? Do you even have a home left?” The snake coiled itself up, locking in the pain reflected in Suicune’s scarlet eyes. “It’s not like I am much different than you are, I am displaced too. I don’t belong here, in this world, in, this form.”

Suicune tensed her body up to gather all her powers and strength together with the small hope she could save herself and blast the abomination back to its maker – she planning on her pokemon attacks, as translated by Astral Power, to take full advantage of the tool that cut her off from her friends! –

The forked pink tongue flicked again, “I am Opaque. ‘Tis the name I gave myself. I am a living Void, I don’t have a purpose other than to drag more into my darkness, other than to fill my hunger lest I fade away, and you powerful legend will help fill my belly” –

Suicune reared up – a sparkling dazzling orb of water collected at the tip of her mouth – *Hydro Pump*!!* - a brilliant jet of crystal clear water was blasted at the teeny black snake who held up it’s little tail as a futile attempt to defend while sending a more deviant counterstrike via bio-frequencies that almost broke Suicune on the spot – SPLASH! – the water-type legend’s attack tearing off a chunk of the rocky structure (and several others behind it) to dribble down to the black depths below; Suicune smiling inside at the fact her powers were indeed translated well! She dropped to a half sitting position, her legs shaking to prop up her body weight; whatever that counter attack was, she missed its launch as all of five of her senses were short circuiting, the intense pressure filling her chest cavity causing her to gasp for air – her sense of equilibrium was crushed, leveling her a notch lower –

The thunder overhead sounded like a chuckling demon, relishing in Suicune’s short lived joy; the laugh echoing all the way down to the black depths.

The mortal barrier did not disappear, ah, yes, Suicune suspected that much would happen. The rain was coming thicker now, and despite the growing shadows around her, (and the pain her senses were being cut with) all the coherent thought Suicune could muster was how soothing the water felt to the make-up of her legend, almost, as if it was a hand to stroke her, to calm her from what was to come. Suicune dropped her head, adding several drops of her own to the drenched landscape. *To think I couldn’t put up much more of a fight….I who was one blessed to have survived, and make it this far….* Suicune’s brain bled to filter that short lament.

The body of Opaque reached far up into the clouds, its red eyes glaring at Suicune through the cloud cover, the darkness all around now thick as night save for the flashes of lightning. Suicune pushed herself to return the glare up into the two hovering red orbs, her own scarlet eyes empty of any further retaliation, accepting that she had been bested, and there, her mind replayed the Void that decimated all of Kanto and beyond – that mercilessly tore the world she held so dear asunder; Opaque unhinged its jaws, opening wide…. “At least I was able to speak my reason to you, a reason is all anything needs.”

Suicune couldn’t help but laugh at that through her torture, “I suppose so,” she breathlessly sighed, letting her sadness and exhaustion of the will to live close her eyes. “Sure....” she slipped to the ground, the hidden attack now disabling her heart, "....could have…used a hug, right about now….”

CHOMP – Goku bit a Scissor back with the rest of his limbs occupied knocking a plethora of other Emotionless out of existence – twisting about to land solidly on his feet – his focus now square on the Scissor, the Emotionless decided instead to retreat, once again leaving the former training grounds of Genkai’s group to Goku and the Primape.

SONG: Midna's Lament 2

“Whew!” Goku wiped his brow (even though the rain kept on pouring), “They just kept on coming!”

“Pri-pri-ma~ape” – *Carry me Monkey Man* - Primape fainted on its partner –

“Hey–hey now! This is not the time to shut down! We’ve got to find Genkai’s group and get back to the village as soon as possible, I think we’ve been had, you feel it too don’t you?”

The Primape mustered up some more strength to stand on its own two feet and nodded with a snuff; both then taking off together in their search –

“I’ve got a hunch, ‘member that Outsider that’s supposed to be able to change its shape? I heard it copied Shonen Bat perfectly, and even used some of his power to get away! Well what if it could also disguise its Memory Links*?! Darnet, I’ll bet anything that wasn’t really Genkai that called Blue Kitty – I mean Suicune and I out to pasture – it had to be that Outsider!”

Close, it was actually Opaque pulling on some of momma snake’s powers.

“And not to mention Memory Link* and Sense* have been disabled, this is terrible – we’ve got to hurry!” and Goku grabbed Primape and took off at high speed looking desperately for the missing group, the poor Primape praying he wouldn’t let him go. “When did this storm hit? Fake Genkai called us out to aid in defense so they could train a bit in the thunderstorm – that did strike me as a little funny, but Genkai did train hard, grrk, why didn’t I say anything?! So then that must mean Genkai’s group hit trouble before then – and not a single one of them called out for help! And Vincent’s group – we’ve heard nothing from them either – none of them! – Ah DARNET! How could this have happened?! Suicune must be heading straight into a trap, but, she can take care of pesky Emotionless no problem, she’ll be alright.”

That’s assuming Emotionless were lying in wait – were those Emotionless lying in wait for you?

Primape made a slithering motion with its arm, and Goku stopped dead in his tracks – “You mean the thing that attacked Lugia? The giant black snake? Lugia defeated it, didn’t he?”

Ah, but it was reported to have retreated into a portal, remember?

Primape gave a glare that said ‘don’t underestimate anything – we are currently having our ***es handed to us.’

“You’re right, and, dammit! – If not the giant black snake then she might be up against the Outsiders themselves!”

Or some other terror yet to be discovered!

“Pri-primape!” *What do we do?!*

Goku put his hand to his head, his tumultuous swirling thoughts threatening to tear his head apart, “What do we do? The village, Genkai’s group, Vincent’s group, Suicune” – he knocked a tree in his anger – “They crippled us so easily! We were completely unprepared!”

The tree cracked from the punch, toppling down onto the soaked earth; the storm raging on.

Primape made motions like Sora swinging his Keyblade, and Goku nodded, understanding what they absolutely must do.

“Again, you’re right, as much as I hate weighing our,” Goku hands made fists, his heart heavy, “friends lives, we’ve got to find Sora and make sure he’s okay, as the Keyblade Master he’d be their main target and Vincent would protect him with his life, and that Shonen Bat too, so, there’s a good chance he’s in a protected position, though probably hurt badly” –

And isn’t Ed and Ein with them too?

Goku redirected his anger into energy, grabbing Primape and taking off with all due speed in the general direction of where Vincent took his group to train. If there was one thing that went right today, at least they knew where the training grounds were, even though he would still be searching blind, what else was there to go on? How they all took Memory Link* and Sense* for granted! The Higher Understanding Astral Abilities that had been hewn into their beings….Why didn’t they focus on them more? Wait, but, its not like they didn’t, yet, well, wasn’t there more that could’ve been done?

After all that’s happened, how could this gross underestimation come to fruition? They were proven time and time again that they were on the cusp of survival against the wicked beings that sought and haunted them – hunted them – as if they weren’t forced to play right in the grip of danger so many times before, now the World Order they knew to protect had them make a deadly mistake to train away from the village, having them split apart. But that wasn’t the end of it, they overestimated themselves, simple as that – no one saw this coming, no one ever thought they would be disabled so, and went through with the decision even after the Death General attack, the black snake’s attack on Lugia, the security breach, the missing pokemon – the missing ANBU?! Just how was that justified?

Oh right, to protect Konoha’s Order…True they were in pretty deep already, but….well so were we!

Wait a tick did Genkai and Vincent even know about the ANBU? They had to have, right? But that wouldn’t have changed the decision anyway – and wait a minute more – Kakashi and Sasuke were going over to meet Vincent’s group! JUST GREAT!

GAH! Of course all this NOW would come to question! And not a single person spoke out against it! Er, well, Chi-Chi was quite a bit irked at it, and the scouts, Raye didn’t like the idea, but if it was Astral Order…..then….

Goku couldn’t even imagine how Genkai and Vincent felt about this terrible mistake, or if they even had a chance to regret it, and it weighed his heart heavy that such a terrible tragedy would have to occur to make the majority of them (he had no doubts about it now) re-think that following Astral Order to a tee might not be worth the effort, especially, oh geeze, especially if they were already in a world tested with those from beyond! DAMMIT! This all could have been prevented! They could easily have lied some more couldn’t they? They were doing it already! Found some other way…Was it really so bad to ‘meddle?’ Well it had to have been if, if…

And to add more woe, isn’t that Keyhole location program done yet?! That’s what they were here for! To lock the damn world! That’s what they should have been focusing on really then none of this would have ever happened!

No…no….Amy, Jet, and, and Bulma were doing all they could to get that program online, and Genkai and Vincent just wanted to help, to make everyone stronger from their previous battles….They were just trying to do things right, they all were….and they just….were bested.

Yep, Goku could think this out all he wanted to, but what’s done is done, he knew better, and now all there was to do was what they had the good fortune to do time and time again – to try and survive.


Goku skidded to a stop, following the direction Primape was so vehemently pointing at, and discovered Genkai’s mini monitor, smashed to pieces in the mud.

Grr, I wish I had more polished :/ anywho, a new post will be made for the next part 'cause editing the old one backfired into all kinds of fail ._.

EDIT: I was lucky to add Goku's little part right here in~
EDIT2: Is it just me, or is Verdana now the now basic font? ._. Blast, that means the Chrost-Weik has to switch fonts, blah DX Okay, Tahoma is the new Chrost-Weik font~ O_O Ah dammit, that also messes over all the times the Chrost-Weik spoke during the story x.x.....Oh well, that the way the rock rolls :c
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Pretty cool new part. I liked it.

Goku seems to really think things through, unlike himself in the anime. But then again, if he hadn't learned to think things through, he wouldn't be much of a help now.

Suicune, oh poor poor Suicune. I know there's gonna be some character deaths, BUT SUICUNE!? T_T How? Why? Oh Suicune.

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At least all the thought process came through after everything that's happened so it's kind of pointless anyway and only pushes him to try something rash ^^; and with Primape's nudges to boot~ I know that was stretching Goku's character a bit, but I want to write with him some more :p So I tried justifying it with an event such as this one to move Goku's brain works just a step above from what he's used to since he has to make a rough decision about which friends he could try and save, which is a position I'm sure no one wants to be in >>;

BTW he got inspired to try and think things through from Seritouge's shenanigans but he usually fails, this is one time he made it through however XD

And Suicune......She was hit with that Pulse attack I previewed a while back, so, yeah ;-; More or less it's a one hit kill without the proper defenses and Suicune, like I put in the story, she was bested as a pokemon; I mean anyone who's played pokemon has had that one match where they were just beaten by the better pokes.

Or an evil Deus Ex Machina. Either way, it ends in tears. ;~;

EDIT: Super plot bunnies are attacking me! :O But this is a good thing, yay! >X3
EDIT 2: Probably going to wrap up Sora's part in the next post and then we'll be free of the 38-5 curse! YAAAAAAY!!! I will FINALLY be back to pre-written material, oh thank you sweet lord! Oh and I'm possessed by the Chrost-Weik now, so....*points to username*....yeah.......It's time our two main peeps meet.
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NOTE: This is split into 2 posts because I damn near drove myself insane trying to do it in one, it just won't process, it's that long @_@;;

Ah….sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, but this part required many a plot bunny sacrifice, and I came to the conclusion that it was time for the great red bunny to rear its ugly head.

Chapter 38, and more specifically 38-5, is all about showing what you’ve got, what you really are, the theme fit, and so I present to y’all – no, this is still NOT the end of 38-5, god help me I just can’t put a stopper on this chapter :p – I present to y’all, a turning point in the story…..and plot points resolved after three long years.


Disclaimer: SING ME DAMMIT! (*violence*) and there's a song in here I don't own and refrences to Soul Eater....I think that's all of them, oh cursing, and there, that should do it :3

Ch. 38-5 Kodomo’s Provoke: The Lost and Found Bin cont…..what number is this one…?
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village
“You better look out below!” – Wake Up, Arcade Fire
Ch 8
“Our tasks as Spirits, to put it simply, is to guide existence, we cannot necessarily stop anything from happening for we are only guides…”

Tokieo Town: Spot Tower

A young technical assistant bolted from a branch communications room of Spot Tower, finally free of her post in collecting and filtering data for the condition of worlds in the Caru-nitwau System, running past the windows of a long circular hallway that displayed all of Tokieo Town. A glance down at the root of the tower showed a crowd gathering around the edges of the building; the assistant knowing well that the people shared in the tell-tale fear of Spot Tower’s silence.

The assistance wet her cracked lips, how could another tragedy befall them? Was this evil intent on this system’s misery? The Tower had ringed eerie, eerie notes when the Kitzserubie Star darkened, as if the bells were wailing, and replaying the same disturbing harmony when Tumble-Stop disappeared, even though it was only yesterday that Tumble-Stop’s death was publicly announced, so, the silence, the silence must mean death of system regulators! But of who? The new Masters? The Stewards? The assistant thought of the people, what kind of terror must be going through their heads for the new Masters they may never know. Or the Stewards for that matter, the assistant wasn’t too sure if they were announced to the people of Tokieo Town or not, although Euphoria may have said something, ugh, either way, it all may not even matter anymore – why? Why, must all this happen to our home?!

She took another glance at the root of the tower, the crowd already tripled in size, they wanted answers, they needed them, the Kitzserubie Star fading, Tumble-Stop dying, and now this? Something has to give, the purgatory their system was in after their Master’s death was to end at the edge of the abyss’ mouth? No way! Not with the Spirits here! Something must be done this time!

Christmas '09
“Hardly a speck’s worth anyone keeps in belief of you Seritouge. I’m sorry it is too late for you, but perhaps you can save, what can be for them at least.”

She finally made it to Seritouge’s white, white room, the doors fully open, joining in on the Spirit of Reason’s presence along with Euphoria, and surprisingly enough Aurocile, and joining them were a great group of Spot Tower workers, technical aids, and scientists, all watching in the seemingly endless plain of white. Within the room, that held everyone’s attention, was a great big (magicked) monitor, showing the feed projecting through a Seri-Cam, showing the world of the Anime System’s Royalties, or rather, what was left of it.

The female worker crept low to a male friend and whispered, “Is that feed really from the Castle?”

“Yes,” the friend whispered back.

“This, this can’t be happening….”

“I know, but did you know Seritouge-sama had tried sending a Seri-Cam to the Royalty’s Castle before? I mean, during the Steward’s occupation? But it always shorted out before it ever reached the place.”

The female friend gave a hushed gasp.

“And now that it has finally made it through, after the attack, we can assume it was the will of the Stewards that kept the Spirit’s magic from interfering.”

“I didn’t know the Stewards had such power! But, why would they defy Seritouge’s investigation? He is the Spirit of Reason! His knowing for how things are done is what he is!”

“We can only assume, but Joseph overheard the great Spirit say that the guise of the Stewards were different from their forms that had served the Sovereigns.”


“That’s probably the main reason Seritouge-sama wanted to see how they were working. These Stewards have been on the tethering end of his suspicion.”

“No way.…”

“And here people say that the Spirit of Reason had done such terrible atrocities, what a load of crock – if anything, he’s done more for our safety than anyone ever could! Our former Masters would sigh in comfort knowing the protective hands our system were caught with, and a Spirit no less” –

“You do understand we other Spirits exist too? Right Neratle?” said Euphoria loudly with Neratle’s Ghost nearly jumping out of his body –

“Sa-sa-sorry Lady Euphoria” –

“Euphoria-sama, haven’t you been able to siphon out anyone from the world through the Lifestream?”

“I’m afraid not,” Euphoria replied with a growl, “There is a powerful magical barrier around the area that is casting a black out of any and all search abilities around the Castle, the only reason this Seri-Cam has gotten through is basically using blunt force from rival magic.”

“Aurocile reinforced the Cam with a heart,” said Seritouge, “And, it is also taking a great deal of magic on my part to keep this Cam intact around the heart.”

“Just do what you do best,” Aurocile teased.

A little joy hiccup from Neratle caused Euphoria to shoot him the ‘evil eye’, dropping the Communication’s Assistant back down to a downcast level. Grr, it was really starting to annoy the Spirit of Life for being at the bottom of the totem pole in the unofficial Spirit rankings among the Spot Tower staff. If only they could appreciate the more subtle things that have been keeping this Universal World’s people from giving up all sense of –


“EUPHORIA!” both Aurocile and Seritouge dropped their concentration with the Seri-Cam, the transmission going black as the magical object was destroyed, heart terminated – the Spot Tower staff bolted back from the Spirit of Life, screaming with her body going completely rigid – a black pulse coming from her chest – spreading into red electric wisps that shot out towards Aurocile and almost blindly for the unseen Spirit threatening the people –

“No you don’t!” Euphoria shrieked grasping herself – an emerald aura encompassed each electric tendril, stopping them from a range of inches to millimeters from their targets, (Neratle fainted) – “Aurocile, Seritouge, stay back! You can’t get caught up in this!”

*Euphoria –!* The Spirit of Heart and Reason lowered their protective interference, pulling back their auras that ticked like magnets towards the wicked electricity to protect the staff.

The Spirit of Life grounded her standing stance against the Chrost-Weik laced Possession as it sought to poison Euphoria’s very being, wracking the Spirit’s small frame with all the pain her physical form could feel due to the very Designs she herself made, *Try and possess me will you?! Just what do you think you’re messing with?!* Euphoria’s aura forced the menacing electric tendrils back into her chest along with any traces of the black pulse that unleashed the rampant aura

Sealing away the poison, she closed her eyes, dropping herself into a meditative state, releasing her anger away like the flow and cleansing of water…..In one deep breath, she called upon the Lifestream to trace the possession attempt, opening up a pathway along the course of the threads of existence, all such beautiful colors etched with green, the Lifestream itself, threaded souls far too numerous to count, a great “network” of life, to find the this malicious strain.

There, twisted from two thick threads that were each made from four others, they were the ones that struck such a bold move. This combined thread of eight coursing with an overrun of thick red, producing its own veins that reached and prodded with other threads, ultimately making a beeline in connecting to Euphoria’s great vibrant chord, *Let me get a good look at these poor beings…*

The Lifestream highlighted the two multi-threads, and Euphoria opened up a Perfect Memory Link*. Focusing her being, she pushed the invading presence back, out of her aura, out of her being, her thread, snipping the other veins that attempted to branch out from the solid red thread, back, back, back –

The Steeds reared up – knocking into their Riders which in turn knocked the Deities out of the Rider that they powered up, the Steeds jumped back as they were blown back by the vortex of swirling green wind that sought to erase the Revival Circlet they exploited for their twisted intentions – and treated them to the same possession sweep –

Euphoria read deep into their beings before the last symbol was dissolved away into nothingness, cutting the Link* – SCWIP~! Curse them being in an Inbetwixt Realm – her being rewound and smacked back into her, stumbling her forward out of her meditative state, gasping for breath.

Aurocile rushed in and caught her, “I’m okay Sister, whew! Wow…That was quite a feat of Astral Power the Riders pulled, but, *cough* the Astral Knowledge of course wasn’t theirs, thank goodness for that at least; they exploited a Revival Circlet.”

The workers all looked back in awe, and then, “A Revival Circlet…..” Aurocile breathed, she could practically hear Seritouge’s head revving up his knowledge motor, “Reaper…”

“Reaper was not among them,” said Euphoria, “The Rider’s took over the circlet he was using to,” Euphoria gave a smirk as she felt Seritouge’s presence suddenly choke, “To revive the Anime Masters.”

The workers all but exploded the room, and Euphoria and Aurocile (who gave Euphoria a shared smirk about ol’ Seri) tuned out the cascade of questions being asked at them (Neratle suddenly revived and jumping at Seritouge waving his hands leading everyone else to “attack” the Spirit of Reason with questions instead of the Spirit of Life)~

“So what is the condition of the Riders now?” asked Aurocile, although she could guess the answer.

“Not good…” Euphoria regained her footing from her Sister, nervously twirling a part of her long green locks, “This is bad Sissy, really bad. The Riders are completely turned now….It’s no longer a Possession, it’s an absolute Mutation; their aura is toxic to existence. They’re virtually a walking Nature’s Crossing, capable of poisoning and corrupting anyone they come across, and, they’ve already put their terrible power to use by, by, (*gulp*) corrupting the Deities.”

The weight of the reveal spread pain over Aurocile’s face, *Oh Deities….* she closed her eyes in heartache…..That would explain the fantastic magic around the Royalty’s Castle.

The day before….the resounding *CRACK!* of the Deities’ unified heart breaking stopped Aurocile dead in her tracks, astonished of such a feat, her own heart shuddering at the waves her Spiritual body received from one of the pillar points of existence falling– *To shatter the heart of the Deities…no, no it can’t be –!* From an omniscient dictator to an omnipotent one?!

For without a heart, the Deities were nothing but puppets in need of strings.

Thus, the only way they could still be functioning, still be capable of thought, if it could even be called as such, was that a Nature must be holding the pieces of their heart together – the Deities are far too great a pillar of existence to let go, and now were reduced to being slaves in much the same manner Tumble-Stop became to the Chrost-Weik. They were right back to square one, from an omniscient dictator to an omnipotent one….

Aurocile, informing her siblings, prayed it was Yahena since the Deities, being the Precursors of Magic, hid themselves easily from all of the Spirit’s attempts to locate them –

- and lo, Aurocile cringed at the thought of death being the better outcome.

“And worse yet,” Euphoria continued, “They plan to breach the Anime System; the crossing of their Untouchable pets was a test for the Deities to perform, as well as the attempted possession of me.”

*Deities,* Aurocile growled internally, *Seritouge at least kept you free of the Chrost-Weik’s temptation, did he not?! You couldn’t learn for yourselves once free to stay away what we all feared?*

“But that does give a ray of hope," said Euphoria, "the Stewards must still be alive! Otherwise their Ruling would have been nullified, not that it matters much though, anymore….they have control over the Deities…they have access to any route of magic they desire….”

“Mh, but none of them have access to the knowledge of a Revival Circlet,” said Aurocile, “That was knowledge shared only by you and Older Sister, and her most trusted Design, Reaper, correct?” Euphoria nodded, “They may have control of the Deities, but they’re stupid. It’s the same as a child with a handgun; they’ll most likely end up shooting themselves before they wise up about what exactly they just claimed. At least the Lady doesn’t control them.”

Aurocile shifted her thought and continued, “So the eight of them came across Reaper trying to revive the Anime Masters then? Mh, I can’t help but think that our hidden winged friend Seritouge spotted, is involved as well. Did you pick up from the Riders on their state?”

“I’m not sure….I felt anger, anger, anger, anger in losing their intended target. Didn’t help they were in an Inbetwixt Realm, you know our power has trouble peeking into those gaps, but, at least I left with a burnt translation….” Euphoria knew exactly what she wanted to say, and how to say it, “They were going after Lorenia, they were after something that was growing inside her, but alas the Lady smashed it, and a female One-Winged angel cleaned her out of any of its remains. From the Birth Records the Riders were gathering from the Royalties they plundered, they started looking for the ancestral ties of Keyblade Masters before the physical plain was broken up into the modern standards of today, and one such Bloodline, as commented by the Dream Works System, ran through the Anime Masters. Common knowledge for us Spirits, but not for Designs who are engrossed in nothing but their work and slumber when not needed. The ancestral Bloodlines have a knack for producing better-than-your-average kind of Joe~”

“Everyone!,” said Aurocile to the Spot Tower workers cutting their rambling to silence, “Please, leave us be.”

The workers looked about like misguided children, and then quickly gave the Spirits the space they desired, Aurocile closing the pure white door behind one last deer-in-headlights glance from Neratle and the female technical assistant.

The sting in the silence was piercing as each Spirit was expectant in reprimand, and the first stone was cast –

“So,” said Euphoria, “ Lorenia was pregnant when she was taken, neh?” her voice surprisingly resonant with the room cleared of any other interference, “I’d have to read the contents of her body to know who the daddy was, but I can guess, it wasn’t Ragiel. He made a promise to Lorenia to wait until they were married, you know he was old fashioned that way.”

Again. the silence in the room was piercing.

She continued, “I can’t even begin to describe how angry I am with you right now…..You know full well of the consequences that are going to befall you, yet you still chose to do it anyway. You manipulated one of my Designs….I never thought I’d say these words, but – I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Euphoria’s scream scratched the walls, “HOW COULD YOU?! HOW COULD YOU?! DO YOU HONESTLY NOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WRONG?! A CHILD?! A CHILD! YOU EXPLOITED HER! AND WHEN YOU KNEW SHE COULD CONCEIVE, THEN WHAT?!”

Ch 38-5
*We didn’t have the whole picture! To be sacrificed as just ingredients, for experimental slaughter?! Because of what we were, what we were capable of becoming – there has to be more to it – to undermine life as such from a ****ing SPIRIT?! He’d have to have been so desperate to cover something up –*

*To wipe a bloodline out* - “Seritouge will pay for his crimes against existence,” said Reaper echoing all too well others with steeds –

“I had to ruin the Bloodline he was a part of.”

Euphoria was struck speechless, whilst Aurocile managed to whisper, “His Bloodline…?”

“Any Bloodline the Lady is a part of cannot be permitted to carry on, not when it is liable to produce another monster. How all the power and Honor of Succession came together of the heritage was much too much of suspicious interference of an outside source, one that exploited the Bloodline’s potential to produce a monster, creating the Lady.”


Aurocile trembled, her hands shaking, “From…what Bloodline…?” Euphoria felt her stomach turning with ice –


Aurocile almost dropped to the ground; Euphoria bent over, grasping her stomach and covering her mouth…..Consensio. The Bloodline they tended to favor for Spirit Children. The Bloodline that ran through the last Queen of the Sovereigns, that runs through Master Ragiel and Princess Kairi, er, Queen Kairi actually.

Both Euphoria and Aurocile were dumbstruck, so Seritouge continued, “The Lady is a full blooded sister to Master Ragiel, and half-blooded sister to Princess Kairi. Even though they are all Cross Bloods, I doubt that will protect them from any future repercussions in being tied to the Lady.”

“That’s right….the Sovereign Queen came from the Disney System,” Aurocile nonchalantly mumbled, her mind ingesting the truth tid bit by tid bit…

Inbetween Quill 36-37-38
“*He said she was his precious sister that he’d always protect, no matter what, ‘I’m your big brother Kairi, and though we live way away from one another, I’ll always be your brother, and you my sister.’…….And then the Queen stopped coming by one month, and didn’t return the month after that, or the month after that, or the month after that. Finally, word came down that the Sovereigns had had an attempt on their lives and that the Queen would no longer take Kairi to visit him. That devastated Ragiel, he wasn’t able to protect his sister, or then even be able to see her again.*”

It was only a matter of time before the Spirit would have to confess all his dealings to his siblings, and now was as good a time as any. “I first tried to kill the Bloodline by sending Influenced* assassins after the Queen and young Kairi, but they failed. Then I went after young Ragiel, but before the assassins ever reached him, his father took them out. Older Sister, stated she would aid me in covering up the end of the Bloodline as Natural Selection*….I had lied so much to the both of you – we had lied so much to the both of you, Older Sister and I….The Riders awakening actually happened at the time of the Lady’s birth, remember that instance? They were not in routine of rebirthing any worlds as you so pointed out, but Older Sister kept them awake, we hid them well from the two of you, especially you, Euphoria, so sensitive to anything that threatens Life…It wasn’t easy. Older Sister and I…we set out to deal with the Lady, she according to the Laws, and I….well, my taste in procuring action had expanded.

“But, heh, I seem to have rambled on, thank-you for being so struck with silence, I will go back to your initial question of why Lorenia was ruined and restate it was to kill the Bloodline, his Bloodline, from Ragiel’s end. Since Lorenia was his only Love, and would be his only Love, I was aiming to poison Lorenia’s ability to conceive children, in turn leading nothing to stem from Ragiel. But, perhaps I failed in that endeavor since with the return of the Anime Masters, their Ghosts would have been Developed and bodies kept in prime condition – I have no idea the healing powers bestowed upon their bodies in preparation for such an event, so, heh heh, yeah. That didn’t work at all I bet….The revival of the Anime Masters was imminent if they should die….Older Sister would make it so…even past her Coming’s End…Oh you know she was cunning just as much as I was.”

“Cunning how?” Euphoria asked in a defeated tone, she wanted to fall down and cry.

Ch 38-5
Sephiroth told Lorenia and I that the reason we were getting called back was because of a shortage of Masters, that our services are greatly needed, and to me, that sounds like sugar coated crap Seritouge would spout out.

Despite that, as a Master, I don’t dare doubt his words….but as a person I suspect there to be more to it...I feel somewhat trapped to be obligated to trust the Winged Group with their ties to Reaper and, heh, my dear friend Dendjue….

“Before she was sent to her Coming’s End by the Lady, she chose two Spirit Children, one who was chosen to be a Keyblade Master, Dendjue, and the other which was a Sovereign level scientist, Isabella. According to Astral Law, their powers were to awaken only when they were needed, but, Isabella as we know died long before that.”

“I hate that definition of ‘when needed’” Euphoria slipped, yes, this she and Aurocile remembered well.

Seritouge continued on, “And Dendjue, mysteriously lost his entitlement to becoming a Spirit Child…”

Ch 38-5-Winged Group
*You know Dendjue?!*

“Ah, yeah~ I do,” replied Isetzue nonchalantly, “Hello, he helped create my life by nearly giving his” –
Dendjue helped in giving Isetzue life.

He even introduced Isetzue to them.

He told them, Dendjue told them from his lips that these people were their friends through the ties that bind…..If Dendjue trusted them…he who analyzed and planned and….

“I can only guess as to why that happened, one outlet could be because he was strong hearted enough to realize that he was chosen as a Child and passed on the power to someone else, well of course that makes sense, he was, is a Keyblade Master, keh. As to why he would give up such a gift is beyond me.”

“It would be,” Euphoria muttered.

“…..It….makes so much sense now as to why we rooted ourselves here,” Aurocile smiled, “More than enough sense…..The main reason we rooted ourselves here, or at least why I thought we did, was for the time when the Disney Masters would emerge out from the Protective shell of the Disney System. We were to guide them, guide Queen Kairi, and Master Sora, and Master Riku….that all seems so long ago; how sad, I, I’ve been so busy in coordinating and reconnecting and synthesizing, I, I have completely neglected Kairi…At least you spoke to Sora, Euphoria…We thought we could do things as was done before…but that is not the case, neh, Older Brother?”

“Yes, that was not the case at all. We are not perfect beings, as much as people tend to believe that, and we never will be. You both know we were never to step into such a public light. We, ourselves, have violated a protocol above Astral Order in mingling among the recipients of our Designs. In speaking of “human” matters, our presence was to be reserved only for Royalty at best, and now we find ourselves here. These protocols that kept such distinct boundaries between everyone, everyone, and have been dissolving away before our eyes – something we all knew was a very real possibility – we have dealt with as such before, but always according to the Laws…and minimal interfering….And now, we faced yet another great trial,” Seritouge berated himself a billion degrees under which he was due, “and this one, true it is similar to what was faced in past, but this threat, mirroring what had almost destroyed existence before, and only expanding further beyond into territory never before breached….the consequences,” a resonant shudder filed through the three Spirits, “…..I was so adamant to end this nightmare at any cost….and so I thought to fight the Lady at her own game, to utilize the broken means, the new possibilities our interactions granted, and, I turned out to be a monster just like her, perhaps even worse.….How long this monster had been sheathed by procedure, codes, and borders….These troubled times, provoked me in such a way I never thought possible….Losing Older Sister to the Lady, certainly didn’t help….”

Ch 27
“How dare you try to destroy the bond between the Masters, honestly as a SPIRIT – you know how sacred that bond is to people! Ours is superficial, it’s a trust, but the Masters are able to be around physically much more often than we are, and that is a backbone for hope that when together this system may still stand a chance – you snap it and they’ll become just as crippled – and, and WHY have you even considered it?! Don’t think Aurocile and I don’t know that you went behind our backs and screwed with Sora, Riku, and Kairi’s Protections* to help keep them apart! Weren’t the original Masters of this system enough?! I know these times are difficult, but are they strong enough to bend your will Mr. Spirit of Reason?!”

“Thank goodness, you both kept such level heads….”

“Well gee, you were an outstanding example to keep ourselves level headed,” Aurocile replied sourly.

Snow from a cloudless night returned to Seritouge’s memory.

“Perhaps that is the best thing I can attest to,” Seritouge inhaled deeply.

“With all that has happened, I’m a little surprised an End Bringer hasn’t awakened yet, I mean the Rider’s absolute Mutation, the Deities falling, you, not to mention the death of billions due to the rampant flood of Emotionless with the stark decrease in Keyblade Masters, Older Sister being sealed maliciously, Deos, hell, still missing; and the twins….”

“It’s scary, isn’t it?” replied Seritouge, “’When needed’, I think I hate that definition too.”

Aurocile felt the sting of the air in the room wanting to dissolve into a thick draining exhale of regret, but the time for that was long past. Seritouge gave a soft breath, “Although, I have been receiving, Heart Taps of Nabiru, she is stirring. My punishment is coming soon enough…..Will you both be fine without me?” Seritouge closed his eyes, “What do you think?” so he could fully concentrate on Aurocile’s reply.

“I think we will get along just fine without you. You have done enough Older Brother, have faith in us, in existence.”

“…That is good to know……Hope….is something that I…had come to fear, because it was always based upon nothing and yet held so much to lose…..Yet hope is the only thing I have left now…..”

Seritouge was ever reminded of just how far his usefulness ranked when the damage was done when Euphoria was struck. You can’t prevent what you can’t predict, and yet, how can the cleanup be even worse than the spill?

Christmas '09
“How long you have lived in the present, lived in this emptiness. You tried to reason the other Spirit’s tasks instead of governing what reason is all about, you took charge, alone, and alone you will stay. You pushed the only two siblings left next to you away, and for what? Your reasoning is paradox, what you wish to protect the most you only push away. You have long over-lived this life out of fear and love for those you care about, more than anything in all existence. How twisted.”

“Are you frightened?” asked Aurocile.

Christmas '09
“You are the Spirit of Reason. Isn’t it reasonable, to note the power to believe? For the longest time, you’ve denied yourself your Coming’s End, to sleep and be reborn anew with the progress of existence. Existence evolves you, and the change these children will bring, will break you because you refused to sleep, refused to trust your siblings to take care of themselves, refused to believe existence can carry on. For when you face your Comings End are you not reborn as a creature of the physical plain? And when you awaken again, you are, ‘updated’ from the very thing you are trying to mold apart from yourself. It is hard for you, for what you are for how can a spirit believe? The faith of billions overruled by you? How can one such as yourself express hope? You do not have a heart of your own Seritouge, Aurocile is the heart, the heart of the Spirits. You are Reason, and all together do you all not weave a foundation? You understand everything is a part of the whole yet you separate yourself out.”

She felt Seritouge’s defeated smile, “No. There is nothing to fear, I’ve known this was coming for quite some time. I brought this upon myself; I will finally be dealt with.”

“Older brother….” Euphoria’s voice was high, “Where is perfection?”

The older siblings traded glances, “Perfection?” asked Seritouge, “What would cause such a query?”

“I want to hear your opinion, oh omniscient being.”

I can give you mine~ There is only perfection when separate, without interference or corruption. We Natures are perfect paranoia agents :)

Neratle settled back into his chair while the other Communication Assistants and Technicians took their time in examining the ever growing crowd and gossiping; he was shaking, the Anime Master’s revival?! Was he dreaming? Did he really hear that?

“Did you guys hear Euphoria scream? Man she sounded pissed!”

“No doubt it was because of Seri, auck, she totally like does nothing compared to the other two Spirits” –

Blip, blip, blip, Neratle pulled up the display screen showing each world and how much Nature radiation was seeping through them, the world of the ninjas showing an exponential increase, “Holy **** that’s a lot” – and rising – in two leaps it was off the charts – “Hey! Hey! Someone – run to the Spirits! ****, tell them we’re receiving incredible amounts of Chrost-Weik radiation emitting from Konohagakure Village within the Carunitwau Star’s world cluster – a Nature’s Crossing!”

The lead Communication technician waltzed in, “Shut up Neratle, it’s probably just a, woah – ho, holy ****!” –


“What?! What’s wrong?!”

The Primape pointed in the direction its fear was amplified, Goku immediately getting into an offensive stance as a great creature covered in the shadows of the forest and storm tried to make its way across muddy ground, rocks, and flora mush – Sloooch sooch, slop, tink, slop, tink, tooch-tooch, slop, shk, tink, t-t-tink,schwop, slop, slooch slooch tooch, shwarp, tink-tink – “W-whe-e-r-r-r-r-e a-a-a-a-m I-I-I-I?”

It’s voice sounded as if it was being spoken through the chop of a fan.

Goku’s stance slowly lowered in disbelief, “What, the…?”

“Wh-w-h-e-er-r-e i-i-i-s th-th-th-i-i-i-i-s-s-s-s p-p-p-l-a-a-a-a-a-ace?

The Primape latched onto Goku, trembling in fear – “What in the world –”

“T-t-ta-a-ak-k-k-e –

“ – is that?!”

“T-T-A-A-K-K-E M-M-M-E-E-E- B-A-A-CK-C-K T-T-T-T-T-O-O-O TH-T-H-E C-A-S-TL-T-L-E!”

The young female technical assistant slouched back into her own chair –

“Serah, check up on Sora’s condition will ya?”

“Okie doke~,” Serah spun around in her seat, “Ah!” jumping up, seeing the insane amount of data the printer had spit out in the time she was away – and was still trying to print, it was stuck on:

Subject is decea

“!” – she hit the side of the machine and with a reboot and a whir, the printer backtracked and the computer processed the rest of the information skipping a line underneath the incomplete suggestion of Sora’s demise to print anew:

Subject is mine, subject is mine, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – think you’ll be able to accomplish anything with the Tool of Destiny? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA –

The machine’s printer then whirled out of control, shaking with an intense surge of power that suddenly assaulted the entire floor of the tower – shuddering the lights before bursting her, the computers coughing electricity before shorting out or exploding leaving Serah and other unfortunate employees to duck and shield herself from the spitting glass, bits of metal, embers, and sparks.

Humans tapping into the Lifestream! Papa must be sooooooo proud!
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