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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Cont. from previous post: In case you're starting from here, there's more before this certain part all the way at the bottom of 108, it wouldn't fit in one post :3

Konohagakure Village

Shonen Bat half sat half stood in an uncomfortable position over Sora who was laid back against a damp rock wall within a shallow cave; safe from the howling storm. One hand was firmly around Sora’s wrist, the one that supposedly housed the bracelet, now completely eclipsed by Shonen’s hand, he feeling Sora’s pulse grow more and more steady, while his other pressed the Light Cloak (torn apart rather heavily) upwards against the side of Sora’s neck, coaxing out a trickle of black from a gash; black, red, and tan patches completely splotching the white cloth.

“You know I’m reeeeeaaaaaaally getting tired of all these crippling movesets!” Sora spat against his anguish of Shonen applying a scissoring pressure to his wound.

“You're not the only one,” replied Shonen thickly. He then rubbed the accumulating black away from Sora’s wound and dabbed back against it with a clean part of the Cloak he was lucky to find, checking the shade, “Okay, good, the icky black stuff is done coming out, now here’s, yep, there’s the blood, okay focus now, use all you’ve stored up right on your neck, give yourself a nice Cure* right here.” Sora grimaced as the tender gash was rubbed clean.

“Cure*” – weak little flurries barely rode the air of the cave as the wound closed up.

“Good job, yeah good enough,” Shonen let out an exasperated sigh almost falling flat over the Master; he pushed himself back on his rear, “It’s just a patch job, but it’s better than nothing, at least till Abigale gets a hold of ya.”

Sora moved ever so slightly, his body and lungs iced with different degrees of pain, “How are you feeling?”

“Better, think you can draw your Keyblade?”

Sora held up a shaky hand, and drew out his weapon, arm dropping flat with the clank of metal; recalled back to a Keychain.

“Good, mine should wear off too then, eventually, and then we’ll Portal back and get you all fixed up.”

“….So, what number does this time make it? You know, for me?”…

Shonen lightly tapped his skate together, curling up his arms around his legs. “This one doesn’t count.”

Sora lightly huffed, “I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t.” That prompted a hiccup of a laugh from Shonen.

“I’m not, that shallow to hold your loss against her to you, [cheesitz]. You know this is a game of chance, don’t you?”

“I figured that out not too long ago.”

“You can’t be everywhere and protect everyone, you know that, right?”

“Yes, I understand that.”

“If they’re smart, and I’m sure you’ll attest to them being so, they’ll stay put in hiding; it’s the best thing we can do right now. So then, don’t you dare go and blame yourself for anything that happens today – I mean it, nothing.”

Sora lightly tapped Shonen’s foot with his, “Let’s hope for some miracles then,” he tossed.

Even though there was nothing he could do, it didn’t stop the frustration from whelping up, the feeling of absolute dread and fear for the lives of his friends. Sora mustered some strength up, and made a fist over his heart with his free hand (Shonen still had a slight grip over his other wrist, checkin’ that pulse), *Please…..please……*

Shonen glanced at Sora, watching the prayer in motion as Sora closed his eyes.

*Please, if there’s an angel out there listening, if there is some higher force out there, Yahena, someone, anyone…..Please, please help us.*

Shonen wasn’t going to hold a few tears against Sora either (even though the Master wasn’t crying), or anyone else for that matter this time. A few tear drops were allotted for such situations; albeit the frequency of these moments was starting to boil something deep, deep within…*Pray all you want, I’m sorry Master, but no one is listening…at least not the ones you want.*……..Shonen took a deep inhale, “’Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away~”

Sora looked over at Shonen, “What?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know this song, I could only escape it for so long until Izzy, pounded this ***ty little tune into me, ‘catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day~”

“Heh,” a soft smile curled the edge of Sora mouth.

“For when your troubles startin’ multiplyin’~
And they just might~
It’s easy to forget them without tryin’
With just a pocketful of star light~

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
Never let it fade away~!
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
Save it for a rainy day~

Save it for a rainy day~
Save it for a rai~ny day~”
………Shonen looked back over to Sora who had closed his eyes. His pulse was getting stronger by the minuet, something he should not be able to feel if the Master hadn’t sacrificed that one, infinitesimal link he had that showed his ties to them, to those other friends, the others that held such a sacred place in his heart – it was certain he would take on all the Evil Beyonds had to offer and more for them, that he would die for them, and not have it part of some duty or destiny or beckoning; that promise came before all that.

Shonen knew it didn’t mean as much as that bracelet, but he had to keep checking his pulse.

….He had gained a new level of respect for Sora, if not just to marvel at the resilience he showed out of stupidity or bravery against that person. Against the Lady, he would face nothing less than her rapture of having his heart peeled apart thread by thread.



On the edge of one of the rock pillars, stood Gaara.

The mouth of the abyss of the sky swallowed all and far beyond, the storm’s pace increasing almost exponentially; all shades of color restrained by darkness.

“Gaara?” Sora called, hoping he remembered his name right, “Are you out here all by yourself?”

“Dangerous~” Ed hissed, Ein growled at the sand Shinobi; thunder rumbled above as rain bega to dribble down.

“I think that question is irrelevant,” Shonen muttered half standing in a defensive stance, “Let’s leave him! Come on – I bet he’s nothing but a spy for his little clan, serves the little ****er right if you want to go by World Order – hell common sense, come on!”

“Whatever you are here for, we can better entertain you elsewhere,” said Vincent, “Farewell, take heed of the storm, Shinobi.”

Gaara remained silent as Vincent moved to transport everyone with a quick protest from Sora about Gaara’s safety, and then, “Her name is Kairi, is it? The red-haired, female Keyblade Master?”

Attention duly grabbed.

Vincent moved into a protective stance –

“How do you know about her?” Sora quickly asked, he drew his regular blade, wrapping the hilt in the unsheathed Light Cloak in one swift motion, pointing it right at the red, short haired genin, “Friend or foe? Make it known to us quickly.”

“Hey Bakura, you remember that red stone that Orochimaru told you to give to Gaara?”

“Yes I – oh crap…..”

“Y e a h,” Envy replied scratching his head, “Five bucks says that’s a piece of Hollow Castle too~….”

Gaara’s features stayed a stoic paste, “Be honest, Star, what do you think of that girl?”

Sora’s stance softened in surprise, but a sharp elbow to the side from Shonen toughened him back up –

“How do you know of her?” Vincent asked aiming his weapon well, “Such is a matter you need not have involved yourself in genin. Tell us how you acquired such information, or face an interrogation I promise would put your kin to shame.” Vincent cocked his gun.

“It matters not if I cared about the little whore” – Sora made an aggressive move, but both Ed and Shonen quickly stopped him short with nothing more than a mild stumble – “She matters to you doesn’t she? Otherwise, why would you wear such a ridiculous piece of jewelry?”

“How do you –?!”

“Alright you snot nosed brat – you asked for it!” Shonen Bat, Sora and Vincent moved in to attack, surrounding the Sand Shinobi in one leap – BA-BUMP – but all three were frozen in mid strike, run, and aim – a blunt pulse right to their beings scrambled their body’s function to move – Ed screamed and Ein barked wildly with the thunder as the numbers 646 burned across Gaara’s forehead, a large white ghastly face the size of the shinobi’s body opening wide behind him with black eyes and mouth before fading away as quickly as it had faded in.

Song: Ragnarok

The Sand Shinobi sighed in a double voice, “This child’s heart holds me well.” The possessed pressed his hand to chest, his hand having the red stone partially sticking out of it – and with a wave of the jeweled hand, all three assailants dropped down, a haze of static heavily clouding Vincent and Shonen Bat, Sora’s being only half so crippling, “Now, please answer me Keyblade Master, you showed a flare for Kairi during the Key Brawl did you not? What does she mean to you?”

*Oh god this can’t be happening – this can’t be happening!* Shonen mentally pleaded, *No, no, not now – NOT NOW!* His body couldn’t coordinate itself for ****, every decision ending up as just a haze of suggestion.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” Sora hissed through his haze; what in the world was that attack?! Ah! His Keyblade was gone! Back to a Keychain! – the Cloak fluttered untapped around in his lap from the stormy, rising breeze.

“I said please. Before I’d threaten that little girl back there, and her little dog too, but I’m not here for a fight, nor would it really help get us anywhere as my reputation would stigmatize me in doing such.”

Sora, pushed himself up on shaky elbows, mustering concentration through the haze, and tried calling his blade back, but felt as if a stopper had been injected into his being, in-between his heart and will, stopping the Blade from manifesting! *Blade-block?* Sora pushed himself up into a sitting position with the help of the wind growing ever stronger, dropping the rain harder, looking straight up at the possessed; the soaked Light cloak moving to catch underneath his legs.

The lightning strike above the sand Shinobi illuminated for a second the unseen presence that had superimposed itself upon the boy, faint, ghostly, her figure stood within him showing piercing amber eyes that stuck deep within.

Sora’s core trembled – had he seen those eyes somewhere before? He knew that gaze….For such threatening a presence, there was no malice in them; it was chilling at how warm a gaze they portrayed as attached to a shadow.

“This was an opportunity to meet you, and I’m glad I did, “ Gaara’s double voice seemed to be settling to the more feminine one that intruded upon his, each alien syllable growing more dominant as his own voice faded away, “This is my chance to speak to you directly, without any other person telling you this or that about me. And by the way, feel free to ask me any questions as well~ But I did ask you first, what is Kairi to you?”

Just who was this person? This thing? Such an overriding power wrapping around him, invading him, plucking at his heart strings – gah! A glance to the left and right of him showed the predicament of his friends, “Vi-Vincent, Little Slugger!” – they were but infants squirming under the haze, “What, ungh, are you doing to them?!”

“I’m not hurting them, they’re just stunned for now. There’s no way I could be heard otherwise, everyone fears me too much. They call me an Evil Beyond.”

“An Evil Beyond….?” Sora’s mind digested the label slowly, he had heard that before, his memory slow to pull up the file through the fog clouding his mind.

“Ah, silly me, I guess it’s true I have no formalities, you have no idea who I am huh? Stanger danger! – heh heh. This isn’t my true form as you can guess, no one has seen my true form and lived to speak of it~ I’m about as infamous as the boogey man by now, no one really knowing what it is except to fear it. I am she simply known as the Lady of Red.”

The statement cut through Vincent’s and Shonen haze like a hot knife through butter – a choice four letter word sputtering across their minds – *F**K* – before the static assaulting their beings scrambled any further action other than pathetic trembling and wayward movements of their limbs.

Sora’s mouth went dry, his eyes opening wide at the declaration, “You, you’re the Lady?” his voice was high, “You…you….” Lightning flashed again, a little brighter, showing just as much more of the hidden form and those amber eyes – King Mickey! Minnie! Daisy! Pluto! – “YOU’RE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS!” The fear she proclaimed to produce wasn’t running through Sora, it was HATE –

A dazzling bolt of lighting, flashed through the sky, swinging it’s collected power from its natural brethren to strike Gaara!Lady square in the head – the force of the attack knocking Sora, Vincent, and Shonen to the edges of the rocky pillar, Shonen’s leg hanging off from the black abyss below, a quarter of Vincent’s body dangled, while half of Sora’s weight was over the edge and slowly shifting for the fall –

“Sora!” Ed screamed, but she and Ein were helpless to do anything on their pillar as the shift sped up with gravity, and he fell – toup~ but was caught by the scruff of his neck and lifted up, then held up, like someone observing a pet by Gaara!Lady, with not a scratch on the boy.

Without a ground, the Light Cloak was lost to the pull of the wind, to the abyss of the storm.

Sora’s head rattled he had done something strenuous, he blinked the stars out his eyes from the display of power, focusing in on an eerie, happy smile where it did not belong, “Wow, another display of Elemental Holy* magic? Truly impressive! But do show some consideration for this boy’s body, his heart can’t hold a speck’s worth of my real power, and if I dripped anymore into him, his heart would explode. But you know, to even be able to channel me, he’s already proven himself to be a juicy Opposite Heart if given the chance. Have you noticed how anyone’s true worth and potential is only unlocked once they leave their homeworld? Think there are other ways it can be done?”

A rock knocked Gaara!Lady on the side of her head, the possessed reacting as if caressed by a leaf adding an agitated glance in Ed’s direction.

“Let him go you sick dop durple head!” Ein’s barking backing up Ed’s hiss.

“Well most people’s potential,” the Lady reiterated – BOMPH – Sora slugged her right across the jaw, “Hey! This body’s a rental!” – but Gaara having a smaller frame than Sora, had no distance to spare to hold the livid Master up without suffering Sora’s muddled body’s attempts to beat the snot out of her, the lighting above threatening to deliver another blow – “Hey! Enough young man!” the Lady sent a much reduced pulse to Sora dulling his body’s function to drop limply; he barely having enough strength to hold his head up and glare daggers at her.

“Monster, you took them away, I’ll” –

The Lady shushed him with a gentle shake, “Are you going to take this opportunity or not to talk to me? And you still haven’t answered my first question either.”

“What do I have to say to you other than I’ll make you pay for everything that you’ve done,” he snarled.

“Bold statement.”

“It’s a promise.”

The Lady sighed, letting her eye drift over to Sora’s glinting bracelet, “How’s that Protection* working out for ya huh?”

Sora began to wiggle so violent to move his body to strike her, the Lady had to retreat away from the side of the ledge from the risk of dropping him to the darkness below; she set him down on the ground (a little roughly but that was Sora’s fault), and pinned his limbs firmly.

“You deserve to know how your Royalty went. He fought back swiftly, and strongly, even though I overpowered him, grasping him like a fly, he died so bravely. He must have been a magnificent King for his system, his friends, better than most of the spoiled pompousness housed in other systems. I took away something truly magnificent without a second thought. I remember his death very well since his last breath was spent on casting a spell that would become the Protection* from three things he thought was the most dangerous to cross your path. You’ve done really well to survive this far, heh, I know we’re not the only deadly things out there, but yes, I think currently we are of the most dangerous.”

“Why?...” Sora breathed, his emotions spiraling, “...What did you want with us?”

“Answer my question first about Kairi, and I will reply to yours, what is Kairi to you? I can gain nothing but a satisfaction of a bit of curiosity from it; there are other ways you can be tortured and already have been tortured by.”

The cloudiness still lingering in Sora’s mind didn’t help his thought process too much, but, “…….She’s, one of my dearest friends, and if you hurt her, I swear I’ll” –

“Okay enough said, pfft. My turn, I” –

“Hydro Pump*!”

Gaara!Lady was blasted by a gush of water clean off of Sora, leaving her to rolling and jump right up into a defensive position – Kakashi and Sasuke leapt off the Salamence, leaving the pokemon to gather defensively over the exposed Master, moving to pick him up –

Both Shinobi moved in to attack to cover the Salamence’s retreat, but no one got far – the Pulse attack dropped both Shinobi flat at the Lady’s feet save for two kunai that had somehow found their way into, not kill points, but superficial wounds upon Gaara along with several well aimed WACKS – (the Salamence almost crushed poor Sora).

“I totally need to give Hollow some more credit for security,” the Lady mumbled tugging the kunai out with magic instantly healing up the wounds, the weapons falling to the ground with a useless clink-clink-clank. She stepped over both Shinobi – her foot suddenly grabbed –


His eyes were red with circles and tomoe and that was all the Lady had time to glimpse at before receiving a mimicked Pulse attack, though a bit more dull in power, “Right back at ya,” it still rocked the Lady’s frame – Kakashi spun up, kicking her across the head twice – the Light Cloak swirling out in all its glory – balanced on one hand he used the other to knock the Lady’s legs out from under her – both he and Sasuke moving in with kunai to cut, not kill – ah! That red stone – Kakashi cut it out – SPCHK – and it was lost to the black abyss below, smashed to pieces upon the hidden jagged edges.

“AUUGHHHH–!” Gaara! But she still held control – SPCHK – the warm blood trailed down Gaara’s arms –

“You’re not the only one in there, One Tails!” Kakashi called – he moved in, kunai in hand for a death blow through the heart – but sand suddenly whipped out of the gourd upon Gaara’s back, and stopped the attack cold as it hardened against the rain.

Kakashi and Sasuke retreated several jumps back as Gaara’s body was pushed up by an unseen force onto wobbly legs, his hands grasping his head with sand whipping about him for an enemy unseen –

“GET OUT! GET OUT OF ME!” he screamed, the sight of his own blood trickling down his arms spiraled him further into a panic – “MY BLOOOOOOOOOD–!“

“Gaara!” Sora called, Kakashi leapt to him, ripping a part of the Cloak for Sora, tying it around his neck, like a bandana –

“Hopefully that was enough for the One Tails to kick that monster out,” said Kakashi, he moved to the Salamence while keeping an eye on Gaara’s srtuggle, “Come on you big lizard, shake it off, we need you.”

The Salamence groaned pushing itself up, a torn piece of the Light Cloak tied around its left foot, and Sasuke too, had a piece of the Cloak around his neck, but it was tucked out of sight. Eeeeeeagth, a small chord struck low in Sora for not utilizing the Cloak well (again), but in his defense, he was more offensively oriented –

Gaara shrieked a high pitch, then dropped to his knees as the sand poured even more out from his gourd, encasing him in a solid sand ball against the rain.

“Great,” Kakashi huffed, “And this storm blocks all HU Abilites…”

Lightning flashes reflected off the protective covering.

“At least he’s safe from anything the storm can throw at him,” came Shonen’s sarcastic dripped voice as he and Vincent recovered themselves; the Pulse remnants dispersing, “Dammit you saved the day again Shinobi, ungh, come on, we have to get out of here” –

“We can’t just leave him!” Sora called back.

“Can you draw your Keyblade?” hissed Shonen.

Sora tried and failed yet again – “I can still fight with magic!”



“She blocked my Portals too! @#$%!!!” *I should have known she’d remember me….(*shake*)* Ah Vincent, “Did she disable your traveling methods too?” An annoyed nod was the response.

“We have to leave,” said Kakashi getting Sora’s attention, “We can’t help him as we are now, if we can even help him at all.”

“Are y’all okaaaaaaay?” came Ed’s voice against a thunder clap, “YAY NINJAAAAAAA~S!”


Vincent walked up –

“Vincent,” Sora pleaded –

“It looks like we’re walking, kids get the Salamence,” he chucked Sora up onto the dragon with Sasuke boarding as well (showing a disapproving look being labeled as such).

“What about Gaara? What’s going to happen to him?” Sora asked as the group gathered (minus Ed and Ein still alone on their rock pillar – “Heeeey~!”), Shonen and Vincent showing small limps.


“Get back to the village as fast your wings can take you,” said Vincent, the Salamence roared settling for take off, “Don’t forget the orange haired girl and her dog.”

“Hey! Aren’t y’all coming?”

“Get to the Hokage and tell him the Sand may have ties to the Evil Beyonds and Orochimaru,” said Kakashi.

With a gruff, the Salamence leapt up with the wind, and then all plans were hushed as a Mortal barrier sprung up tightly around the pillar where they stood, knocking the Salamence back to a crash landing feet away from the encased jinchūriki – Sasuke having leapt away before the crash; Sora’s reaction was not as swift in trying to help the Salamence recover – “OOF” –


Everyone prepared themselves, gaining what distance they could from the orb of sand, turning black as ebony (Shonen getting to Sora’s side)….

“These ties go way beyond any villainy,” came her voice, filling the area the mortal barrier encompassed, “What is taken for granted as chance, is actually destiny.”

The black orb rippled as if it had suddenly become as some sort of mud, BA-BUMP, a red glow came from its core, growing stronger with each beat, the black orb shifting, molding into the shape of a bloated tanuki with red markings over its face, body and tail; the Tailed Beast’s size expanding dangerously in the restricted space, its size eclipsing the glare of the lightning.

*Oooooooooohhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh*************************t” –

A vein ticked on the side of this tailed beast, of Shukaku’s head.

“Ah, through the One Tails I can project much more of my power, but ah, um, alas, I’m still pretty sick, controlling it is another matter it seems, especially without the red stone, it ah, also seems, thanks a lot Jounin…..”

Minds raced for a battle plan, but the size of the beast grew and grew and grew, overshadowing them all –

Sasuke’s stance shook, “We’re caged in with a Tailed Beast….”

“I’m assuming that’s very bad,” said Shonen.

“Awakening the Astral Powers of the One Tails, of this boy, probably wasn’t one of my smarter ideas. I’d avert your eyes for what’s about to happen Master Sora, you’ll be well protected, but I cannot say the same for your company!”

Sora’s heart felt a tap, and his Keyblade was drawn! “Ah!” (Shonen tried his Portals, but no go – “FAK!” –)

The One Tailed Shukaku reared up and roared – TUUCH – it’s front paws landing upon the Mortal barrier, it’s back legs touching the other end.

“Aim for its” –

“GROOOOOAAAAAAAARRRR!!!” – Shukaku roared at its discomfort in being so confined – the beast let loose it’s spiraling anger into a spiraling wind, making nothing short of a blender out of only air within the confines of the barrier – WHHIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR –

“Astral Power numero uno!” came the Lady’s voice, “I think it speaks for itself, Tornado*!”

The attack showed no mercy, the wind ripped bits of black sand from Shukaku and pieces of the rock pillar to add into the grinder – “GAH!” The wind ceased after a fully minute of torture, leaving everyone to crash land around the feet of the Beast, minus Sora, who’s Protection* finally came into practical use by coating the Master with a white haze, he merely floated about and landed like a cotton ball.

“What the –?!”

*Don’t worry, I tricked your Protection* to work by stuffing this monster to the brim with my aura,* came the Lady’s voice through Sora’s heart, *Stupid things, they’re so precise they’re practically worthless you know?*

Yeah, it didn’t trip with Haku now did it? He had some of her blood in him! Or, er, did Seritouge once again flip – uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugth – who knows who cares! :p

“You” –

The One Tails snarled, twisting and stomping about in the tight space, Shonen and Sasuke coming close to being pancakes – Shukaku thrashed its tail about, swatting the undead and Jounin from any attack attempts – the Beast seeing the Mortal barrier still in place exploded its anger tenfold, sending the wind into another tornadic fury as Shukaku pounded on the barrier walls.

“Urk, this is like Haku, but with sand – AND WAY WORSE! – AHHHHH!”

No one had control of anything! Sora swung his Keyblade to aim an attack, but instead caught Sasuke right across the throat leaving him to ‘cartwheel’ almost unconsciously in the tornado – “Oh Sasuke I’m sorry! Heal*! Heal*! – Come back!”

And everything they tried (mainly from Sora’s end since he was the only one stable enough to land hits) turned out to be useless against Shukaku’s impeccable body – if they even got that far! Shonen grasped his bat like a lifeline for fear it may become another projectile – t

The wind then suddenly stopped just long enough for a butt, back, foot, and face to touch the ground when yet another serving of tornadic wind ripped everyone back into the grinder of sand, water, mud, and rocks “GAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA” – the same (along with blood) smearing the wall of the barrier. Shukaku let loose another bloodcurdling roar intensifying the wind twice the current speed for several seconds – then dropped the wind attack to body-slam the walls.

Shonen’s vision was doubled from the wind blender; the phantom images of Shukaku criss-crossing in movement – “You – you strafing bastard!”

The One Tailed Beast’s temper escalated exponentially – it was free but still confined?! *LET ME OUT!!* Again it let loose the blender-like attack, everyone suffering more (minus Sora) of another dose of cuts and dizziness – Shukaku was beside itself, as was Sora in being absolutely helpless to do anything – even with the Cloak – but float about, his magic drained in trying to fight and Heal* his friends, but anything he did, Shukaku instantly wiped away. He was left to watch his friends get the life whipped out of them; none of them could even stand as the wind ceased yet again for Shukaku to gather it’s anger up into a fine point of rage –

*At this rate, everyone is going to be torn to shreds!* - “ACK!” The Salamence got smacked into Sora, his head getting such a violent knock his vision doubled, (like so many others), his hands mingling with the shape of the dragon –

*Master Sora, do you want a tip in upping your friend’s chances of survival?* came the Lady’s voice again from his heart.

“WHAT?” Sora roared back at her (actually looking down at his chest to scream).

*Two words – Drive Form* Love~”

“My Drive Forms?! But I don’t” –

The Salamence perked up, *Master Ragiel Words! Master Ragiel Words!*

*All you need is a compatible heart, and the pokemon are wonderful tools for such an act as their hearts are open to everyone. What? You haven’t tapped into how they’re used in this system? For shame! Give it a try now! Combined with your Holy Elemental* Magic, you should have more than enough strength to serve one good blow to Shukaku for me to take over once again.*

Shukaku inhaled deeply, his chest cavity bulging while balling up his fist for to serve up an earth-shattering dose of pain – Sasuke in its line of sight! –

*Or you could watch your friends die a painful death, look at them they’re fatigued enough already!*

Everyone had a pool of blood (or black in Shonen’s case) at their base getting dispersed by the rain; cuts, scraps, gashes, contusions of all kind carved into their bodies; no one looking like they had the strength to dodge, much less brave another attack – the Light Cloak pieces passed about all soaked in red, tan, and rain, Sora’s also showing the collected grime, there was nothing “Light” about it anymore.

*I give them props for living this long, they are splendid Opposite Hearts, and don’t you want to continue our conversation?* -

Enough was enough, *I’m sorry Gaara* – Sora reached inside his heart – his being, his soul –

*Tamashii no kyoumei!* the Salamence prepped itself, *As you wish!*


Sasuke couldn’t move for ****! – the One Tails opened his conclave mouth wide and pounded his gut to let loose a compressed air ball attack ! – WHOOO –

“AHH!” –

A sudden concentrated whirlwind sprung up from the ground, swirling up the One Tails attack – depositing it up into the sky, the force so great – it punched a hole as wide as the area the barrier encompassed through the storm, showing the clear blue sky up above; the storm none too quick the fill the space opened up.

The area where the whirlwind had sprung up from the pillar was drilled deep into the rock from the effort of the blocking wind; a tight precise hole.

Shukaku snorted at the rival in power, following it as it now stood before Sasuke in a protective stance, the Master glaring right up back at the Beast against the sunlight, his clear blue eyes full of retaliation against it and anything else that posed a threat.

Ah it felt so great to have the power of the Drive Form underneath his belt again! Geeze! And all this time it had just been staring him in the face! But this was indeed a little different, he was aiming for his Wisdom form to set up a protective barrier, but this wasn’t what he was expecting, the barrier turned into this whirlwind (it did the job, not that he was complaining), and when he finally saw himself in the reflection of the rain water –


*And a tail!* came the Lady’s voice.


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Ahem. *Clears throat* I mean to say that this chapter was awesome! I loved it, filled with plenty of action and such. I'm glad Sora got a Drive Form back, but LOL, he has wings and a tail now! The Lady talking to him was pretty creepy and exciting at the same time, and of course she had to ask what Kairi meant to Sora, though I'm sure with how she is she already knows. I know Sora won't want to talk to her but I'm wicked curious as to what direction whatever conversation they have will go.

Sorry, kinda ranted there for a little. Totally wicked awesome chapter, well worth the wait. No, way more than worth the wait. I'm still feeling tingles of excitement.

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XDDDD It's quite alright~ Awesome! I made tingles! ^0^ I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 To be honest, I thought the Spirit's part would win out in being an OMFG moment, but I bet it was pretty transparent as far as relations go neh? :x At least it's all tying in together now :D The Lady and Sora was part, I couldn't hold back on that any longer, originally I had them meeting way further down the line, but gosh darnet something needs to happen already! DX

It was also fun in trying to re-arrange the Naruto storyline a bit, but it was hard ^^; I like Gaara alot, but the opportunity presented itself and I took it ._. Oh, I felt a disturbance in the force for doing that to his character.....

Anyone feeling bad for Seritouge? Anyone? Anyone? No? That's what I thought~

*Looks around* Summer months are hard no? XD Thanks for reading! ^_^


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Wow. Just wow.

A lot of things just became clearer to me in this one.

And yeah, I saw the Drive Form thing coming since Sora complained about it. Kairi did it with Pikachu, why can't Sora? And on a related note...


But the Lady's still creepy, and even if Seri meant well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions... Ergo, he's still a jerk in my eyes.

*gets buried under failed attempts at a run cycle animation*


*gets buried under more failed attempts at simple animations*

*muffled* I HAVE NO REGRETS!

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I know right? @_@;; It feels so good to have some major points finally solved, I need to do that more often XD The next part is really sad though, er at least I plan it to be, we finish up Sora's 'time in the storm' thingie and move on to the others, Genkai's group is next....y'all are going to be so mad at me ;-;

SUPER DRAGON KNIGHT SORA! ^0^ >X3 I wuv writing the Drive Forms so~

Actually it was Ragiel inside Kairi that did it ^_^ but yeah she's also capable of Drive Forms, and designing her clothes is fun :3 Pretty, pretty stuff >X3

I think I was heavily influenced by Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame for Seritouge....I firmly hang onto the belief that the people who think they are doing good but really end up doing evil are the scariest villains of all.

If you think the Lady is creepy now, I think the next part will kick it up a bit *crosses fingers* As Fang would say - "you're gonna squirm!" XD

>:O You animations better leave my friend alone! I'll unleash the monsters of Design upon thee villainous animations!


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Me? Mad at you? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww, I'd never be mad at you!

And besides, every death and disaster here has a reason, ney?

*run cycle animation monster appears*



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Yes Cef that is true - I wanted this part to be even longer, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - so this will do for now until the next part and I updated in the span of one week!...Didn't I? No, no I didn't oh well, mindless babbling aside, y'all might be slighty irked, but not for the reasons I initially intended and you'll see why~

Also you cycle animations need to lay off >:O

Disclaimer: Violence :O

Late Disclaimer: Last chapter had a song in it I didn't own "Pocket Full of Starlight" DX and likewise this chapter has two from BBS - no there are not any BBS spoilers in here, I just chose the music because it was awesome~

Ch. 38-5 Kodomo’s Provoke: The Lost and Found Bin cont. I can’t finish it Mommy I can’t
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village
“Wouldn’t you rather your kid be the drug dealer instead of the drug addict?” – John Waters

*Master Sora, you have Dragon now!* the Salamence piped within, its heart timed well with Sora’s.

He had wings, not feathery wings, but orange and leathery like the Salamence – and a tail, a blue slender tail, two little fangs just peeking out of his lips, his hair slightly resembled the dragon’s horns, his clothes reflected the pokemon’s color scheme of a dull blue and striking orange, were very smooth and plain in design with a gray sturdy decorated chest plate showing the crown symbol.“Wow…” his Keyblade had also changed, the design a marriage of water, fire, and wind, and harboring great reach.

Sasuke took in the sight of the Keyblade Master before him, *He, blocked an attack, from the One Tails…?* the last bits of his strength were draining out of him quickly.

Sora looked back to check Sasuke, giving him a nod before the young genin fainted, the Master unsure if he saw trust or resentment in the Shinobi’s pained face.

Before he could check the status of his other friends, Shukaku roared a challenge to him –

*This is it Sora, what outstanding power, a Dragon type is definitely the way to go! Yes! This is more than enough of an upgrade for one good blow – listen, Holy Elemental* Magic is based on strong hearts, thus they are ruled by emotions, here, I’ll give you an image to spark some fuel, don’t worry about aim, your heart will know where to hit,* and with that, the Lady linked through Sora mind the image of King Mickey’s death –

“AAAHHHH!!!” – The blue sky up above vanished as the black clouds swirled back in like parted water, the storm breathing anew, the otherworldly lightning returned gathering strength from its sister bolts – Shukaku bowed its head down to cast away from the lightning and roared again, preparing to defend against the attack – Sora’s body was moving on its own – the Holy magic at struck him – he deflected it with his Keyblade and the help of the cloak – landing a powered up Holy Bolt* right into Shukaku’s mouth, the Beast bracing itself with bent knees –

*Damn, not enough* the Lady growled – but Sora had more on reserve from that spark – the Lady’s presence gathered above in front of the One Tail’s head, presenting a nearly opaque self, showing those amber eyes their brightest to Sora with open arms, “Your target’s right here!”


“WAKE THE NIGHT*!” BUSHOOOOOO – the beam of light blasted through the apparition, into Shukaku’s head, knocking the One Tail back against the barrier – the wall cracking from the savage blow of the combined power of Drive Form and Light Cloak. Sora dropped to his knees, grasping his head and stomach, the surge of power jumped the gun on his body, he wasn’t ready to channel such magic – everything was burning inside! He tried to Heal* himself, but any pull of magic only aggravated the internal burns further –

*Is that really Sora’s strength?* gasped Vincent within, practically motionless with his wounds, *All of that was buried within…?*

Shukaku was sliding down against the barrier, threatening to crush everyone against the wall, *Wow! Yes! Ha ha! Good job!* The Lady’s presence rounded onto Shukaku and Gaara within – *You’re mine again suckah!*

Shukaku’s form began to withdraw, deflating in shape.

The Drive Form ended, the Salamence appearing back by Sora’s side fully healed, while Sora reverted back to normal, still shaky from the surge, his Keyblade recalled; the pokemon looked saddened, such anger and fury coursed through this young man at this Lady!

*How bad you burn self,* the dragon cooed nudging Sora, *Not good.*

Sora grabbed the Salamence as his legs didn’t feel up to fully supporting his weight, they tingled terribly, and thankfully the pokemon was more than willing to lend a crutch for him.

“Sorry…” he breathed. The Master and Salamence were the only ones to stay conscious, the shrinking One Tails the last sight for the rest that managed to hang on this long, the devastation toll claiming Vincent, Kakashi, and Sasuke to leave their lives up to fate; Shonen Bat watched Sora on the bridge of unconsciousness, his last thread of strength the luck of the draw.

Outside the battlefield, Ed was grasping Ein so hard, the puppy squealed to be let go, “What to do? What to do? What do we do Ein?”

Sora felt the Salamence’s deep growl rattle his own body as the One Tails was subdued back where it came, back within Gaara, his human form molded back into a sitting position. Having more time to understand was what going on, he wasn’t as surprised as he thought he would be in digesting that such a monster was buried deep within the Sand Shinobi, (the Lady’s presence wouldn’t be topped so easily), but it certainly was something worth noting.

Or perhaps not if Gaara’s life ended here and now.

The Sand Shinobi stood back up, a smile gracing his features that did not belong, “I must say, it was certainly a higher force that kept you safe from me. What you have buried deep within, would have the Natures drooling over you, pfft, that would explain Yahena’s favoring of you at least, but I definitely wouldn’t put it past the Chrost-Weik to pluck your strings either. Mh, perhaps that explains me here.”


The mortal barrier began to dissolve away.


“Because we’re enemies?” asked the Lady as the last of the barrier faded away, “Mind you it wasn’t here before Shukaku arrived~ Makes you wonder eh? But just to be safe~”

The block within Sora for his Keyblade had returned; he uttered a dark curse under his breath at her, but *I guess this is the only way we can speak with each other.*

The Salamence stomped the ground, warning the Lady to stay back, but Sora gave it several good reassuring pats to the side of its head, “Stay big guy.” The dragon gave a longing moan as Sora gathered himself up, neglecting the magic burns he felt within, and with a small limp in his step, he walked about half the distance towards her for she was walking up the same route, stopping only a few feet away from him. The Master was thankful for the fog gone from his mind at least, he knew that every ounce of strength he had would be needed – if not to just suppress his anger from blinding him into a fury….That image of King Mickey…Sora’s blade hand was making such a fist that if he wasn’t wearing a palm glove he would have drawn his own blood from the cut of his nails.

She clearly had the upper hand, and it riled Sora to no end how easily he was still bulldozed by these ‘major opponents’ – hell he wasn’t even deemed capable of cleaning things up in the Key Brawl! But…casting old scabs aside…

“You took this opportunity to meet me did you?” he started, “You seem to be like a person, monster, who is used to getting her way, or what she wants, and boasts an incredible amount of power to back up your reach. You’ve done something to me, to my heart so that I can’t call my Keyblade.”

“It’s only temporary, I promise,” the Lady smiled, “This power is not truly mine, I’m just siphoning what I can from Hollow Castle, that’s how I’m within Gaara, I can’t do this on my own; we really can’t do much on our own, can we? Before though, I wouldn’t put it past myself to have used much more savage means such as cutting off both your hands and feet to impede you.” The tone of her voice made Sora’s skin crawl with ice, each word stapled with a prick through his heart. “I’ve known I was monster since the day I was born. So I will politely ask you to not refer to me as such anymore, unless you wish me to have a lapse of anger of my own, and rip out your tongue with these bare hands, maybe even your heart right out through your ribs….You can still use magic to smite me, but I remind you that this is Gaara’s body. Hm. The way you are now, you’re no good to them without your weapon, but to me, well I’ve come to find it best to utilize another source of power.” The Lady walked up the final feet to Sora, and wrapped her arms around him tenderly – Sora’s body bristling up tightly, shaking with insurmountable fury that would do him no good, “See? I’m offering you protection too~ :3”


The pillar dropped slightly, tilting slightly.

Oh no.

“IT’S GONNA FALL!” Ed screamed –

The pillar was going, its mid section was crumbling fast, the Salamence scrambled to pick up the lifeless, hauling them all to the safe pillar where Ed was minus Sora and the Lady – the dragon suddenly blocking Ed’s view – “MOVE!” she screamed, and scrambled around the pokemon in time to see the rest of the rock column fall, swallowed up by the darkness below.


“No, they’re not,” breathed Shonen, a second wind had graced him and he thanked his lucky stars for it. Pushing himself up on shaky knees, he stated further with more of a healthy tone, “He’s okay, *cough*,” spit mixed with black and sand dribbled out from the corner of his mouth, “but he’s with her……You crazy brat…..I don’t know how, but, you better not…Hey, dragon, get these guys out of here, I’ll stay behind, and wait for Sora.”

He’ll be alright, he’ll come back. He has that Protection* on him, otherwise, what, what was the point…?

Ein began to bark wildly as Ed screamed – Shonen Bat whirled around and saw Sasuke, wide eyed – standing up, hands clasped around his mouth, the Salamence reared up against the boy – aiming to strike at him! “Hey – HEY STOP!” – Shonen had to settle for smacking the dragon off balance (along with Kakashi’s semi-conscious help with a low kick that his condition would permit) since in his current state there was no way in hell he could block an attack –

Sasuke heaved as if he was throwing up – “Just let it out! Don’t –” Shonen rolled over to help him but as soon as Sasuke removed his hands, Shonen Bat jumped back as a black, dripping, oozing snake head hissed from the young genin’s mouth – Sasuke’s curse mark burning with red!

Cont. in post below because this current post sucks and chokes on a ****ing font change.
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Darkness – Ssenkrad.

Falling…falling down into darkness…falling down into nothingness…falling down into an abyss…




Into the Ocean…Into the Ocean…

*I know all of this…*

A flash of static hit Sora’s mind.

*There’s nothing to be afraid of…*

His anger was gone, all was placid, all was a fleeting thought….

He felt something intertwining around his hand, another hand? It was weaving something within his grasp –

Another flash – *Kairi?* But her eyes were amber.

The grip on his hand tightened with resolution, giving a firm shake before the feeling faded away, leaving the gift –

A flash of Tokieo Town –

*Oh –* Sora’s heart lurched at the sight of the Universal World – the static returned, muddling out into a blurry, then hazy view of Tokieo Town on the ends of twilight with two great enormous beings standing on either edge of the city, one was so enveloped with light, the other with darkness, that their forms couldn’t be made out – they towered over everything else, they could have been standing on the horizon’s edge –

Yet another flash – *Riku!* A green ethereal will was enveloping around him as his hand was casually reached out towards Sora’s direction – the vision hazed out back to the two beings upon Tokieo Town, the light and darkness around them beginning to take shape of their forms, a great beast with many wings, a great beast with many eyes….*Eros…* Sora swallowed…then its name came…*Thantos*….Both Gates turned towards him, observing him from his dream view point – and a chill ran up Sora’s spine.

Something was using them as eyes, the head of each Gate an outlet for it, blue, and crystal clear a gaze it was – until Sora was certain he was face to face with the eyes! – “BACK OFF!” Sora gripped the gift in hand and swung it! A Keyblade! The Emotionless Keyblade sprang to life in his hand cutting the vision into a turbulence of smoky water and colors –

Gently coming out of a tumble, Sora’s feet lightly touched a hard surface, but everything before him was darker than black, he couldn’t even see the nose on his face.

The turbulence of smoky water and colors from the vision before gathered and formed into a being with light unto himself, “Avera?!” His head was tipped down so that his hood hid his face well, but he knew those wings anywhere.

“Avera” took the remaining steps towards Sora, head still down, “Avera?” and placed a gloved finger on his forehead – and everyone Sora had met within the Anime System, the Disney System, his friends and those he’d yet to meet – suddenly flashed before his mind like a countdown – everyone disappearing!– “Stop–!”

And it did, right on a single young girl with pale brown eyes and dark red hair halfway turning around with a smile that could light up like a fireworks display – the facial resemblance was strong to Kairi.

“That is my mother.”

The vision ended, and all was black yet again, now save for Sora himself in a strange “self-light” along with the possessed Gaara, a vision of a young woman with amber eyes and red hair just etched over his being like a faded photograph; the Lady.

“That was quite a vision you were experiencing there.”

Sora placed his hand over his heart, “You, you saw that?”

She nodded, “I can peek in through your heart; that’s one of my gifts, not Hollow Castle’s.”

And Vision or not, Sora still had the Emotionless Keyblade in hand!

The Lady sighed, “It seems we are far too woven with the means to kill one another….We are in the Realm of Darkness, where Kingdom Hearts resides, and with me being here…Just my presence alone is enough to send tremors through the Doors. I think they were trying to speak to you.”

Protect me.

“The Doors?!”

“The Door to Light, the Door to Darkness, Kingdom Hearts, the Gateway to Yahena, the Gateway to the Chrost-Weik. All the doors are intertwined through the Physical Plane, and likewise are the Realms with Kingdom Hearts as an anchor. You see, I’m not wanted here, and yet here I am. The Realm of Darkness is a dangerous place for me to be in right now, they want me to retreat, but I won’t. I need to be here….”

You need to be here.

…..Sora was thankful that the Emotionless Keyblade, somehow, could still be called despite that little stopper within him…but….

Sora recalled the blade, and the Lady gave an honest gasp.

“I still have a choice in the matter, in case you’ve forgotten about free will,” Oh it was taking quite a bit to say that, “You’ve made it clear you wanted me to sit still enough to hear what you have to say aside from everyone else, you didn’t come here for a fight, you just came to talk.”

The Lady was beyond words at the moment, and settled for a simple nod instead.

“….That question I asked, about you invading the Disney System, you’ve done it to others.”

Again the Lady nodded.

“A reason for one, is a reason for all, isn’t it?”

“(*Nod*)…I know nothing I can say, can ever make anything I’ve done forgivable. I don’t ever expect that, not even from someone like you. All I can hope for is understanding.”

“I agree…” Oh boy, and Sora’s head was already swimming with so many more question he felt dizzy; this thing had a mother? A mother that looked too eerily close to dear Kairi….Her mother, her deal with the Realm of Darkness….Gee, Sora could only guess…. “Something has happened to you, huh?”

The Lady couldn’t help but smile at that, “Something has happened to you too. With me taking the initiative to meet you, I think I might’ve done exactly what was wanted of me all along.”


Song: Ventus Theme

She can finally say it to someone, more over she can finally say it to someone that mattered, “I am a Design Master Sora. I was to be Pandora’s Box, the antithesis of Kingdom Hearts. My being was to exploit seats of power within Astral Order and crumble it upon itself, so that everything would be reborn anew from a great Astral Shift, free from these chains…It was my purpose to bring ruin, and no matter what I did, that is exactly what happened.”

“Chains? Chains of, of existence?” Sora felt like something he could barely comprehend was trying to be swallowed by his brain, “What do you mean by that? An-and what does meeting with me have anything to do with ruin? You think I’m going to do something?!”

The Lady gave a disheartening chuckle, “Oh prepare yourself dear Master. We all have our part to play. The History of every system is tied to everyone else around it – however warped it may be by fairy tales and history books. It’s there, lost, but not forgotten…The World Borders, World Order Rule, System Borders, the Laws, ever wonder why they were made in the first place? Did it really help your King out at all? It didn’t help anyone else out either.”

The Lady continued, “Things need to be sacrificed to prove a point, it makes a bigger impact when you go for what tugs at the heart – ‘if it bleeds it leads’ – people get riled up even more when you attack things that are pinnacles. I manipulated the ‘spell’ if you will that my kids were under to take away the Keyblade Masters, it kept a Seraph from ever rising to oppose us, but it also tore at the system’s heart, the Royalty’s heart, the world’s hearts – the hearts that mattered….slowly bringing them into despair, slowly breaking them apart. Doing and undoing what I myself wanted to accomplish – I didn’t want to destroy existence! It had to be able to be changed another way. I fought with myself for so long…for all my life, and eventually split my concentration between different projects to fulfill something in which I intended to carry out, but not at the same time, you know? (*Sigh*) but from that I sharpened my conceited side to a pin prick point. I could do so much, I REALLY could do a lot aside from just pushing the ‘DIE’ button, but just how much could I do with my gifts other than having an impeccable power to bring an end to everything? There’s nothing wrong with anyone! NO ONE! It’s the Order’s fault – the Order should pay, not the people, and yet I….and yet I….”

Sora’s own breath was stopped in his throat as the Lady looked at her own hands with a single solemn tear going down Gaara’s face and the apparition’s, mimicking the solid’s moves.

“What do you think the purpose of an Opposite Heart is?” asked the Lady, “What other role does this child have to play other than being a living weapon? He is no different than you Keyblade Wielder! Both born so far apart, tempered with different measures, and yet you both end up playing the exact. Same. Role. To search and destroy. Opposite Hearts are gifted with combat Astral Abilities, and the Anime System, heh, is well known for its weaponry.”

“What are you saying…?” Sora’s own voice wavered.

The Lady’s face darkened with ominous lines, “Long ago, there was a great war that was fought across the stars. Countless victims were engulfed in the play. The very abilities your friends have been blessed with in being Opposite Hearts, are the same abilities that fueled the war…along with the Keyblades….Time will tell many variants…and there are scars if you know where to look….Harbored in each world are those with the power to take up arms under Astral means, to be used in war. To be harvested away should their services be needed. It’s starting in the Anime System, with your friends, with you…And me. That’s all they’re worth in their eyes, just tools to fight, otherwise, what good would they be in these times? They’d just be waiting around like mindless pigs for slaughter, believe me, and I’ve slaughtered quite a few idle minds.”

The Lady gave an ominous chuckle, “Are you on the side of the goodies? Or the badies? Opposite Hearts are destined to farm the destiny of their worlds to a brighter future, or to leave it to despair, and if either destiny is reached, they are culled by the Riders of the End of the World should the Opposite Heart blood thins and dies out…reborn anew as it’s called. Isn’t a world boring without conflict? Opposite Hearts exist to negate peace! With peace you can’t tell the weak from the strong. And so together, the goodies, and the badies, are raised so that each side has optimum weapons sharpened against the constant struggle to survive. That is the Spirit of Balance’s idea of retaining ‘peace’ heh heh. And you Master Sora, help protect the cycle…”

Sora’s head shook involuntarily, “That, that’s impossible, my world…other worlds” –

“This is a lot to absorb isn’t it? You are all being played like the instruments you are; is it so hard to believe? Would you be standing here before me now if you were but ‘a regular person’? No, you’d be home, worrying about getting food for your family, paying bills, going to work, maybe going to the park~ You’d be blissfully unaware as somewhere on your world, a great battle was being fought with your lives as the currency! The stake in a sacrifice far too great for any of you to comprehend. You only think of the protection of systems, but what about their destruction? I assure you I am not the first to bring such turmoil, but I do aim to be the last. This generation of Opposite Hearts will be split among the opposing tides, calling upon the Chrost-Weik and Yahena to settle a score that has gone far too long unchallenged. You think what I’m doing is bad? Do a little research, and learn about the details after the first Astral Shift – that Shift is what put in place the borders, to keep everyone apart in fake ages of ‘peace’ so that the war reserves could be built back up! And to think it was placed upon me to wipe away this madness, my Design a combined effort of the Spirits of Light and Darkness, how’s that for a shocker there hun? Not too surprised I’m sure.”

Sora was reeling….*That, that can’t be the truth..could it…? Could it really…? No, it’s a lie, it’s a lie* - “You’re lying…”

*Sora~…* his heart was being tugged at, his strings were being tickled, holding him fast, *Understand…please understand…We were destined to meet…The time is now…Otherwise why would we be brought here…? Don’t you understand…? We need each other to end this…To end this.....I need* - it was dripping in like a seductive toxin –

“Don’t make me laugh with such rhetoric,” cut a voice from behind Sora snapping his mind right, “It’s monsters like you that can only see purpose as such. Tearing down what you can’t be a part of, scorning it.”

“Se-Sephiroth!” Sora gasped as the One-Winged Angel (holding his weapon) glided past him with cool strides to stand in-between him and the Lady.

“Big Cousin, you’ve seen better days,” said the Lady flatly, “Keh, how long have you been slithering around here?”

Sora’s mouth fell open in taking in the damage that had been dealt to this once solid being – how was he still standing?! C-could he see through his chest – was that a hole?!

“You can’t help it can’t you?” said Sephiroth, holding a very red and dripping Masamune with a still arm, “Despite all you’ve done to expand your foundation, in the end, you are still a Design; how sad. It’s like finding different uses for a chair, or any other piece of furniture.” The damage could also be heard in his voice – what in the world happened?!

The Lady’s eyes narrowed, “Your tongue is as cold as ever….but I don’t think I’m furniture – I’m a weapon!” – A red horizontal bolt cut through to Sephiroth but he just barely dodged it by sidestepping back to the left, Sora to the right – some of Sephiroth’s long silver hair getting clipped along with the front of Sora’s clothes!

Sora caught himself from stumbling back, while Sephiroth used the shift in momentum to launch himself at the Lady – no at Gaara!

“STOP!” –

SKEENE!a bright, blinding flash of light came as blades made contact.

Song: Sad Princess

Clink….clink…..clink…..Sora’s golden bracelet, slashed in pieces off of his wrist, twinkled like starlight before fading out, lost to the Realm of Darkness.

Both Sephiroth and the Lady held shocked looks over their faces as Sora stood between them, Emotionless Keyblade drawn, holding a finished stance of slicing Masamune off trajectory. Sora’s arms, (especially his wrists) ached terribly, and a cut along his former bracelet arm and wrist began to produce blood to drip off.

“Regardless of sides,” Sora shook – “It’s wrong to kill the innocent!”

“…Oh the poetry in your movements, it pains me to see.”

Gaara’s body dropped flat to the ground, the Lady’s presence had retreated from whence it came.


Sora dropped to the ground on his knees with a grunt of pain, his head throbbing now from physical injury.

“Stupid boy,” Sephiroth hissed.

“At least I’m not blind,” Sora hissed back, crawling over to Gaara, oh thank goodness, he’s breathing!

“You protected her” –

“I PROTECTED HIM! Someone, who got dragged into this mess….Why, why should he have to pay on behalf of someone else?” Sora’s voice cracked at the end, his whole body swallowed up with emotion.

“Because that is Astral Order. Look at yourself.”

It was then the sting of the cut really began to invade Sora’s train of thought, oh wow his arm was bleeding kind of bad – his bracelet. His bracelet! Sora grabbed his empty wrist and desperately gave a scan for the precious jewelry – he stood up, but his knees refused to support his weight, and he dropped back down next to Gaara, gripping his naked wrist.

“I trust you understand now.”

Sora felt like bursting into tears….. “Is (*hic*) what she said true?”

“I thought I made that clear before, idiot, she was trying to invade your heart, to make you her slave, but the information collected was indeed priceless, so you’ll forgive my late intrusion. A Design. Who would have thought. Hm, no doubt Seritouge knows all the rest of the details.”

Is what you’re saying true?

Sora couldn’t help it, and released the fountain that was built up.

Hmm, Sephiroth gave a look of distaste at Sora’s breakdown. He made his way over to Sora’s side, and yanked him up to his feet, casting Cure* over his wound.

It begged the question, “(*Sniff*) What happened to you?”

“We survived it; nothing else needs to be said of the matter.”

We could also mean two – “Avera? Isetzue?”

“Beaten, but fine.”

“Thank goodness,” Sora wiped his eyes……Er… “I think I can see through you.”

“Perhaps, my wounds are not done healing.” Sephiroth then opened up his portal, “Take it, and return back to your current duties.”

Sora swallowed a second wave of tears trying to push themselves up. He knelt down, picked up Gaara (that gourd on his back presented some problems, but he managed), ah, then turned to Sephiroth.

“Are you going to be okay?”

Sephiroth gave a smirk at that, “Worry about yourself.”

Sora nodded in Gaara’s direction, “Can’t.” And took Sephiroth’s portal back, the moment he left, left the portal to disperse.

“Of course…” Sephiroth muttered to himself, and re-opened his portal to take it back to his own duties, for the time being, his siblings….and others….

The rain began to drop heavier from the cave entrance, the sound invading all thought. Intruding in on the sleep Sora had fallen into, eck and not in a very comfortable position. He woke up with a light panicked sitr, but Shonen squeezed his wrist saying it’s okay; never the less Sora shifted, “Ow.”

Shonen Bat picked his head up, “Hey, don’t move so much.”

“I-I got it, ow, there, ah~” Sora all but collapsed from his simple shifting into a much more comfortable lay, letting his mind go blank till a bubble of thought popped against the resonance of the downpour.

“’The Key Bearer shatters peace and brings ruin’.”


“King Trident, the ruler of Atlantica, once told me that on my very first journey as a Keyblade Master; that I must not meddle in the affairs of other worlds.”

Shonen Bat laughed, “Really? Well in case you haven’t noticed, but whatever you do will affect the other worlds no matter what!”

“I know right? If I keep them safe, they can continue on doing what they’ve been doing, but if not, then they’ll get torn apart by who knows what, Emotionless, the Riders, the Lady…who knows what. But what he meant was interacting with the people of the worlds….There’s no way around that.”

“So, with that in mind, you know where I’m coming from in saying that keeping World Order is silly.”

“Believe me, more than you know, but, it’s something that’s just been in place for so long; it’s just how things are….But….”

Was she right?

“But nothing,” said Shonen, “What do you think is going to happen after today to Konohagakure Village? And none of it was your fault, none of it was our fault. People are going to freak out because their little bubble got popped. If the worlds were never broken apart, we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

“Shonen, this, all of this, was never supposed to happen, but it did, she exploited the faults of Astral Order, and has all but brought it to her knees. We wouldn’t be any better than she is if we just barged in and broke apart people’s sense of reality” –

“But that’s just it, everyone’s reality is a lie! Sh*t man, is there any place we can turn to for truth?!”

Sora gave a tough exhale and looked up at the cave ceiling. Blocked. “I don’t know – AH!”

“Sora!” – Shonen Bat leapt over as Sora limply grasped the side of his neck, a burning red curse mark showing through the patched skin – “Hang on, hang on you hear me? Don’t let this come through, sh*t – fight it – fight it Sora come on!”

Shonen Bat gave a squeeze around Sora’s empty wrist, feeling that blood being pumped through, and through.

Sora broke Shonen’s grasp to cover his mouth, he began to heave as if he was going to vomit – “FIGHT IT!” Shonen Bat screamed also pressing his hands to Sora’s mouth – Sora coughed up black gunk through the hand cover – “FIGHT IT! DON’T LET IT COME OUT!”

Sora gasped, back upon these rainy rocky pillars, Ed, Ein, Shonen Bat, the Salamence, Kakashi, Vincent and Sasuke were nowhere to be seen.

“Guys?” Sora called, only to have thunder answer him back.

A murmur came from Gaara as he began to shift around, “Gaara?” – WACK!

“Guh!” – Sora was knocked back by a thick tendril of sand, forcing him to drop the genin.


He was awake, in that posture of grabbing his head he was defiantly awake now…The sand seeped back within the gourd upon his back despite the rain, and the Sand Shinobi slowly stood himself up, ultimately looking Sora dead in the eye.

“You’re okay!” Sora piped.

Gaara gave Sora a look somewhere in-between confusion, calculation, and just a downright plain stare.

“……,” he looked past Sora.

“My name is Sora,” he smiled, “Eh, I don’t mean to push you to do anything, but my friends are missing, you can get yourself out of here right? I’ve got to stay and look for them, but, *shoot*, um,” oh yeah, Gaara’s Astral Abilities had been awakened!

SHWOUGH~! A jagged spear of sand whipped past Sora so fast – he only saw the aftermath of the reach past him!

“What the?!”

Sora spun around, and saw Sasuke whom had dodged the sand attack…..Oh…but Sora quickly deduced this wasn’t “Sasuke”….

:O The Sora/Sasuke/friend or foe fight and more deaths for sure next part~! Oh the lies, when will they stop DX
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I was right~! Thee is most irked indeed~ XD

At least from previous information about the Lady, perhaps the only thing that can be taken as "truth" is the Lady being a Design, but the rest, I'll leave that to Dendjue -

Dendjue: Of course it could all be bull****.

Also I blame the Da Vinci Code for influencing me this round XD but everything just fell in place - just as planned - MUAHAHAHAHA~! The confusion, the plot details, the plot confusion~ MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! The characters can only think on belief and assumption, facts are few and far between - is the only truth the truth in who we are~?! :O

More song refrences~ <- spell fail This is Waaaaaaaar~!

EDIT: 7/30/2010 - READ ME! In according to the most recent chappie posting of this date, it is okay to read now! I can't edit the first part of it anymore for some reason, the post won't let me do it - so please scroll on down and enjoy! :D
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Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

No matter how annoying this part was, I STILL can't get mad at you, just at this headache I got!

Jeez, you been taking lessons from Lelouch, Light, and Gendou lately? Those dudes can screw with anyone and get away with it!


At least you've updated again...

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Gendou yes, Lelouch and Light no XD But in terms of seniority Gendou is all anyone really needs in the screwing over factor XD

D: It gave you a headache?! ;A; *Applies ice pack to Cef's forehead* I'll make it up to you next part, promise lots of kick-butt stuff is on it's way :D Not brain jarring exposition~

Ney, turn that frown upside down, we're in the writing world together ^_^

Imma update while I can 'cause why hello there my college semester, how are you? Being a jack-*** as usual yes? Great, can't wait till you screw me over in three weeks DX


Updated within about a week, yippe kai yay muther ****er!

Some headaches were caused from the last chapter (I am so sorry Cef ;A;), so to help alleviate the stress, I’m setting out the timeline of how part of this mess went down during the Storm at the end of the chappie instead of in the inevitable chapter 38 recap~

Disclaimer: Quote from KH1 is in here~

Gaara quotes in here as well used from “Gaara Quotes” by Modern Yasha from Deviant Art-> link: Gaara Quotes by ~ModernYasha on deviantART because I cannot sit still through reading 60 chapters of what would be the best ones, sorry, I used a short cut (don’t worry I have done super Gaara research to get as close to his character as I possibly could).

Disclaimer: Cursing.

Disclaimer: Violence. Mainly due to a N. G. S.

Ch. 38-5 Kodomo’s Provoke: The Lost and Found Bin cont. Monsters inside me
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village
“There’s a time for everyone, if they only learned, that the twist in the kaleidoscope, moves us all in turn; there’s a rhyme and reason, to the wild outdoors, when the heart of this star-crossed voyager, beats in time with yours~,” Elton John, Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Huzzah, oxymoron quote for chappie part~

Once upon a time, in lands far, far away, there lived three young boys; all destined to change the arc of their world.

A boy with fox whiskers on his cheeks.

A boy with eyes encased in dark circles.

And a boy with black hair glazed in a blue tint.

For the longest time, they knew neither hide nor hair of one another, nothing past the restraints of their own lives. Restraints they had no control over.

One was born without a family.

One witnessed their family murdered.

One who’s family tried to murder him.

A dark shadow followed them all, nipping at their ankles and minds, tempering their hearts deep within. From their tragic beginnings, all three wanted strength to fuel their future.

One possessed it.

One desperately wanted to attain it.

One fought to keep it.

The boy with dark circles under his eyes proved his strength by killing.

The boy with black hair glazed in a blue tint proved his strength though his skills.

The boy with fox whiskers on his cheeks proved his strength by making his own path.

He killed to prove his existence.

He trained to avenge what was stolen from him.

He lived his life against the barriers.

One has become a monster.

A monster sleeps within one.

And the last will decide his fate on his own.




The life of their world was passed unto them from the way things are; nothing was an accident.

Or so it was.

For an even greater monster than them all has arrived from beyond their lands, beyond their world, and the young boys will be restrained again, but now with their harvested strength.

And only the strongest one will finally break those chains.
“Sasuke…Oh no –” Sora caught a good enough glance at the genin to see streaks of black dripping down his mouth, down his neck, all down his front, and his eyes, his eyes held an otherworldly tint from lens not of the sharingan, but an invading malevolent presence – and upon his neck, his curse mark burned with red! “Possessed!” Sora gasped.

A beat of warmth tickled Sora’s heart, alarming him slightly in thinking the Lady had returned, but no, it was the Fire Pendant!

The fight was still in motion despite Sora’s pause – the sand tendril that went after Sasuke pursued him furiously like an enraged wave as the cursed Shinobi ducked and dodged and cut himself a path clear from the inhuman pursuer, while Gaara himself, merely stood in place as the sand that seeped from his gourd chased its prey.

*I need to help Gaara subdue Sasuke,* Sora thought and moved to call forth his Emotionless Keyblade – but with only his arm outstretched – Sasuke’s throat made a noise – incoherent at best if he was trying to say anything – and made with a strike to Sora’s chest – moving at a speed the Master wasn’t expecting –

The tendril of Gaara’s sand bent around the vulnerable just a fraction of a second faster, Sora only barely feeling the prick of the kunai at his chest through his failed block, Sasuke’s hand was gripped by the sand he penetrated from the motion of the attack –

The sand held the Shinobi fast – all his squirming and cutting with his kunai just barely keeping more sand at bay as it swarmed up from under Sora – “Whaa –!” rolling him up and back from the wave aiming to encase the trapped ninja – “OOF – ah –!”

Sora whirled around to Gaara, and his mouth dropped open. That expressionless face he had seen way back when he caught sight of him during the Chuunin exams, and that face that he had just seen – just seen with nothing remotely carnage about it, was now holding a wild look in his eyes, wide and focused on his victim, lips lightly curled as if aching for a taste of something – a visage of oncoming wickedness that had only one objective.
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Cont. from the post above which I can't even edit anymore, so please ignore the RAWR! RAWR! Statement and wait a good three or four hours before reading this chappie part if the same happens to this post and I can't edit anymore again :/ FAK. There's also a quote in here from KH2, the Lion King world.

Kill it. It’s her.

Kill it. It’s her.

Kill it. It’s her – it’s her that invaded me – that’s the one!

Ah, this newly translated sense* the storm could not trump!

The One Tail! Sora’s eyes unfocused a smidge and he could it, its death glare cutting right through him from its avatar, but that glare, Sora’s heart whispered in fear, was only part of the equation – his gaze was quickly focused back on Gaara as sand wrapped about both his ankles, holding himself fast – “Hey! GAARA!” he was whipped up and thrown out of the way by another sand tendril – only to land smack against a brand new mortal barrier and fall gracelessly to the cold wet rocky surface.

The lightly coated walls sprung back up to the heavens, Sora watching the barriers transcended the black coated sky, “No…”



But Sasuke couldn’t free himself, the sand was beginning to overwhelm his defensive tactics from it claiming anymore of him – his left foot was caught, his right – it was wrapping around his middle –

A tortured cry was ripped from Sasuke, snapping Sora back to this cruel reality, “GAARA STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!”

Did you think you were saving someone? Someone like you?

Another chill wracked Sora’s body, his words fell on deaf ears – he had to act now or Sasuke was going to be killed before his eyes – !

You did. Did you forget where you are? These are just toys playing with one another. Shinobi are tools for war.

Ch 34
“This exam is…A replacement for war among the allied countries.”

Tools for war just like you.

Ch 34
“…a shinobi’s true strength is born only through life-risking battles.”

Just like you.

“What other role does this child have to play other than being a living weapon? He is no different than you Keyblade Wielder! Both born so far apart, tempered with different measures, and yet you both end up playing the exact. Same. Role. To search and destroy…..You are all being played like the instruments you are; is it so hard to believe?”

Just like you.

“STOP!” Sora screamed again, launching himself forward – swinging the Emotionless Keyblade offensively and hacked and slashed and sliced through the tomb that encased Sasuke– the Keyblade giving shimmering blinding flashes of light in making contact with the sand – and Sasuke was free before further damage could be done – “Guh” – the sand rounded together and grasped Sora around his neck and arms before he had any chance of reacting – the strength of the grip so very painful around the hand that held the Keyblade, but Sora would not let his grip falter as the tendril raised him up, curling itself up for another painful throw – but not at the wall this time – Sora’s airway was choked off for several seconds before he was slung right into Sasuke’s failed injured dodge – both then making contact with the barrier with Sasuke sandwiched in-between.

Sora pushed himself up as Gaara clasped his hands, the sand twisting to his command in preparation for the kill –

The Fire Pendant gave another beat – *What do you want?!* Sora blurted internally to the inanimate object – *Shut u –!*

Sasuke’s arms wrapped around Sora, locking him into and embrace, oh no – CHOMP – Sora’s scream a few octaves higher from the intense pain wracking his entire body from the epicenter of the bite. Sasuke’s teeth, though that of a human, bit like a viper through the Cloak around Sora’s neck, the fabric absorbing the red produced from the assault.

The sand gathered overhead to smash them both –

Something was entering his being up from Sasuke’s throat, searing, burning, it was eating away at him like acid – Sora gathered his strength in his legs and jumped back against the barrier to knock Sasuke loose, but the possessed genin’s strength was strong – *Ignore the pain – ignore the pain!* – Sora jumped back again, harder from the adrenalin rush and Sasuke’s mouth let finally let go – Sora knocked his head back and bomped Sasuke in the face – his hands unlocked and Sora whirled around slashing Sasuke square across the chest – knocking him to the right as he jumped to the left before Gaara’s sand impaled them both – the force of the sand genin’s attack cracking the mortal barrier slightly.

Sora rolled away but couldn’t do much to stand up, he quickly jabbed the Emotionless Keyblade into the ground, using it as a balance and a crutch to hold half of his body up like a seal, all the prior injuries he recently sustained giving a not so kind reminder he wasn’t in the greatest of health at the moment, and if he wanted a Cure*, he’d have to re-aggravate the magic burns that were waiting to burn anew.

A bolt of lighting gave eerie shadows over Gaara’s face, his smile unnatural, his eyes enjoying the pain they witnessed…… “Mother, which one..?”

*Dangit,* Sora could feel his river of life leaking out of him, the Cloak as a fabric could only absorb so much. He could barely stand, everything just hurt and his neck felt like an exposed nerve, the balance of the Keyblade wavered, the swing of the wobble growing exponentially – tic – and he fell to his hands and knees.

You are no different than these two young men before you. You are all merely weapons, tools, objects for use and dispensary.

“Shut up.”

If you’re broken, you’re done.

“SHUT UP!” Sora caught sight of Sasuke hauling himself up, holding his chest, ooh, Sora had hit him good, but he didn’t mean to, he –

You didn’t have a choice if you want to get out of here, break the other toys


“I think as long as the Keyblade stays with me, I’ll have to keep fighting.”

Sora gripped the Emotionless Keyblade, how could he use this to – KRSHCHK…Too late.

Sasuke was pinned up against the mortal barrier by his stomach, the sand tendril a crushing weight, pushing black out of his mouth until red splashed down – “SASUKE!”

Just playthings for us.

Just playthings for us.

Just toys.

Sora’s second attempt to launch himself forward only ended in a stumble – “STOP IT!! STOP IT!! ENOUGH!!!”

The sand wrapped around Sasuke’s ruined middle and slammed him face down into the ground, the sand genin then raised his clasped hands as a bolt stuck above, illuminating a great shadow behind Gaara – the One Tails and its avatar alerted of the new threat wheeled around to face it.

Red glaring orbs the only clue to the beast outside the barrier till another bolt illuminated the presence of Opaque, the enormous snake slipping through the barrier like a ghost!

Gaara was forced to retreat to the edge of the barrier as Opaque fit some of itself within, the area filling fast, with the rest of the snake’s body left to hang outside the barrier.

All Sora could attest to the acknowledgement of the giant black snake was that it shifted Gaara’s attention away from Sasuke, the Master settling for half crawling/stumbling as fast as he could over to Sasuke’s side, climbing over the snake (ow, ow his muscles hated the usage), he felt Opaque’s body tremble violently but it was nothing Sora stopped to mind, he slipped down the other side –

Oh, Sora could feel the weight of the snake buckling the pillar, and he had serious doubts about another saving grace freak feat of being transported with special cargo to the Realm of Darkness if this pillar gave way, but –

“Sasuke! Sasuke!” Sora reached his side and pulled the genin up in his arms, using all the Cure* he could muster, muscling his magic might through the burning pain, “Ungh, Sasuke! Sasuke come on snap out of it! Wake up! Sasuke! Sasuke?....Sasu…ke…?” Sora last reserves of strength were draining out of him as he looked to Sasuke’s damaged middle, the Cure* magic had done nothing….and beyond the soaked red middle, he saw the red pool underneath and about Sasuke’s body being thinned out by the rain….His eyes were not quite closed, just staring slightly to the side and down; the rain dripping idly down his face, off his body, his hair…red leaking softy from his mouth.

It broke. But don’t be sad, it can be replaced. You didn’t know him anyway, you could barely call him an acquaintance. He tried to kill you. He was bound to break anyway, he was a cursed toy, remember?

The curse mark on Sasuke’s neck looked like cracked paint.

At least he’s not Possessed anymore. Orra~ Are you mad? Perhaps you should pay attention to more pressing matters, unless you want to break yourself.


Opaque’s body trembled again – Sora looked up and saw a bolt of sand sticking out of the back of Opaque’s head – the sand curving around to grasp the top jaw – another tendril grabbing the base of its mouth as the snake moved its massive weight to use the momentum to break free, but the sand genin only used that to his advantage twisting the grip on the lower jaw and – RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII – the tear traveling down the snake’s body! All the way down – down – down – down – the encased arena of rock getting splattering with black as the immense size of Opaque was split in two – a third tendril of sand immediately formed and helped the splitting by hacking down the cut as the greatest thickness of the body was being reached, and all Sora could do was watch in absolute horror as the carnage rained over Gaara with an wide eyed, ear to ear, toothy grin.

The wobbly, loose torn sides of Opaque slipped off the to the sides through the barrier that failed to effect it, the sand shifting into great hands to just pull the remaining length of the creature apart, the sound of ripping, gooish flesh drowning the air till the end was reached with a pop marking the deed done; the rest of Opaque’s body falling over the edge and out of sight. The walls of the barrier were clean, but the ground was soaked in black with thin streams rushing over the edge, watered down from the rain…The barrier slowly disappeared.

Gaara looked towards Sora….The remains of the look that craved carnage were still etched in his now narrowed eyes and curled mouth showing a satisfied smile….Gaara began to walk over towards him, tak, tak, tak, walking through the black puddles, his face slowly going back to a plain glare, “That snake had a great power wasted on it…” His voice was so empty, like a hollow whisper, “It needed others inside it, to live, to feel alive.” Tak, tak, tak, “Foolish creature, one cannot win against their loneliness…” Tak, tak, tak.

If only Sora had known this person was as such…Would it have mattered…? He lost…something so precious to protect him, to protect Gaara…And it meant nothing, absolutely nothing in the end….compared to the weight that was now in his hands…

“Mother says you risked your life to protect me when you very well could have been killed. And then you protected him, when he was trying to kill you….Are you a complete idiot? A battle...is a gamble...where one pits one's existence against another's...and you try to kill each other...and where only the victor gets to savor the worth of his existence….Tears? For what?” Tak, tak, tok.

Gaara’s foot had landed on something smooth and round. He plucked it up from the black puddle, the rain washing the black liquid away to reveal Ash’s pokeball, and whatever was left of Sora’s breaking heart, broke right in two.

“Oh? What is this? It feels like I’m holding a pearl of pure sadness and despair. Perhaps you should hold onto to this? Can you not even lift your head to face me? You are weak after all. Understand this about me, when a corpse's bitter, crimson tears flow, they mingle with the endless sand, and feed the chaos within me, making me stronger. You are of the Star Shinobi aren’t you? The one, called a Keyblade Master that can wield a special light justu?.......I will do your kind a favor, and trim from them an embarrassment.”

Gaara’s sand went to pierce Sora right through his heat – but the sand was deflected with a single swipe of the Emotionless Keyblade with a brilliant light.

“Are you ready for a real battle then?”

Sora looked right up into Gaara’s blue eyes, the Keyblade Master’s own eyes not their clear sky blue, but a fierce piercing yellow!


“Sora! Sasuke! Hang on we’re here!”

It’s no use, can’t anyone understand?

Sora was bent over on his knees, it was no use, it had to come out or his body would explode – it had to come out somewhere, his mouth, his nose, hell his eyes – his ears?! It was no use it was coming out, and there was no stopping it – Shonen Bat prayed his first honest prayer looking at the Light Cloak re-wrapped around Sora’s neck – Sora was bitten through the Light Cloak, hopefully, *Oh god hopefully that counted for something! Protect Sora, please, be able to do something that can help him through this,* Shonen Bat pleaded.

He helped raise Sora up a little into a better “purging” angle and the Master could take no more, Sora purged a great black pool upon the cave ground, again, and again, and again, nothing but black liquid being released, and after a fifth, sixth, and seventh time, Sora was shaking so bad Shonen Bat trembled just trying to hold him – Sora coughed, then dropped like a rock in Shonen Bat’s grasp – “Sora?! SORA?!”

Shonen Bat rolled Sora onto his side – GNASH – something then grabbed the back of Shonen Bat’s neck – HARD. “GAAAHHH!” and raised him up off his knees, feet, away from his bat, and away from Sora – “Grk” – the Light Cloak?! The Light Cloak an extension of –?!

The Light Cloak acted like a third appendage wrapped around the fainted Sora’s neck, a weird long cloth arm and hand – the grip of the Cloak suddenly turned black – the black spreading all down through the fabric, around Sora’s neck then all throughout Sora’s body – coating his being in an ethereal darkness, his entire form a patch of midnight.

Shonen Bat’s heart capsized.

Sora’s arm twitched, standing up his left elbow, *twitch* then his right – and in a blink Sora was before Shonen Bat’s face – nothing really left of Sora’s own visage from the eclipsing darkness other than two glowing yellow orbs for eyes.

“Sora…” Shonen Bat breathed as amazingly the grip got stronger, twisting Shonen Bat’s face further into pain, “Sora,” said Shonen Bat through grit teeth, “I – I’m your friend, friend! – If, ungh, if I have to smack that curse right out of you I’ll do it! Sora – Sora please, please, think, Sora, you’re in there, grk, Sora! – stop – stop, please – PLEASE! – Sora – WAKE UP! WAKE UP! SORA–!!!”

The Fire Pendant tucked within Sora’s clothes gave a beat of warmth to his heart.

“Heart or no heart, at least he still has a conscience.”


Shonen Bat was dropped, released from the fate of being torn to shreds,

Anti-Sora, with its twitched, etchy movements looked at its own hands. The “Cloak Appendage” closing and opening its “hand” idly…

With the back of his neck feeling like crumpled paper, pain stinging from bruised nerves, Shonen Bat forced his neck to hold his head up, trying to make eye contact with the being before him – “Sora…!”

Anti-Sora flinched at his voice, its quirky movements placing its hands on its head, covering the ears – the Cloak lashing about like a ticked cat’s tail –

Shonen Bat grabbed his bat to deflect any whip attacks from the “Cloak Appendage” as he moved to get closer – but for something as wispy as fabric – it felt like he was deflecting a train! “Sora! Fight it! [SMACK] This isn’t you! [WACK – THWACK] Use your light! Think!” The Cloak Appendage then bent itself back like a spring – snapping forward to bash Shonen’s bat so hard it was bent nearly parallel with itself, the weapon falling uselessly to the ground from his broken grasp – the appendage then whipped back up – knocking Shonen Bat right in his face, sending him up to smash into the roof of the cave, and leaving him to fall back down on his stomach, limp as a doll, followed by little bits of rocks lodged loose from his impact.

Shonen Bat turned his head and coughed out black drips along with several teeth while pushing himself back up with strength he never knew he had, “DAMMIT SORA! YOU’RE NOT THIS WEAK! What will everyone say when they see you like this?! What will your friends think of you?!”

Anti-Sora’s arms suddenly thrust themselves up, grabbing the Cloak which responded by acting like a worm grabbed by a bird’s beak – lashing about wildly – then suddenly it ceased all rapid movement, moving to caress Anti-Sora’s face, making a path down his neck, shoulder, arm, and to the wrist that was robbed of its precious gift.

A ghastly, ghostly dark portal opened up underneath Anti-Sora –

“NO–!!!” Shonen Bat screamed – leaping forward and grabbing the empty wrist – the shadow boy dragged into the portal, hooked with his grip, as Anti-Sora sank into it, both gone; the last wisp of the portal flickering out like a soft flame.
(Ping~) “Lugia, the Diving Pokemon, it is said to be the guardian of the seas. It is rumored to be seen on the night of a storm.”

“Wow,” Ash’s grip on his pokedex nearly snapped the little machine in half. Lugia looked a little annoyed at having to be scanned to be proven real, but regardless of that, the legend bent down to Ash, nudging him gently, “Bu-But, how can they both fit, in, here?” Ash held up his pokeball as if he’d never seen such a thing before.

“Pika, pika.”

It was Genkai he was talking to, however Lugia nodded anyways and nudged Ash again, prompting him to hug Lugia back (as far as he could wrap around the legend’s head) with all his strength; Pikachu, resting on Ash’s shoulder, hugged the legend as well, it’s tiny arms not reaching far.

“It’s how that item was translated by Astral means,” said Genkai, “And remember, one at a time,” she added with crossed arms, “If you try to do both, you’ll end up dead. Now let’s see that other one.”

Ash instinctively reached for another pokeball from his belt, but the empty slots swiftly reminded him of how things are now. “Return Lugia.” In the legend went, retracted by a beam of red light.

“Feel the other presence,” said Genkai, “A summoner with multiple summons in a single container must be able to distinguish them clearly through his or her heart. Failure to do so with negate the summon attempt.”

“Got it,” Ash felt Lugia’s presence thoroughly, so that other mysterious presence…He concentrated, and, “Um, long, green dragon – come on out!”

Popping out of the pokeball in a radiant brilliance came the long green dragon with red, ancient lines and markings across it’s body, the pokemon hovering above the ground without wings, throwing its head back and giving a mighty roar that sounded all over Tumble-Stop; Ash’s heart a flutter in connection with it, this legend full of defiance and power!

Oh my…

(Ping~) “Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokemon, a pokemon that flies endlessly in the ozone layer. It is said it would descend if Kyogre and Groudon were to fight.”

“Concentrate,” said Genkai, “This one is a bit more spirited than the silver bird.”

The connection between them was firing Ash up with excitement; he felt like jumping up and down with joy – “So you’re name, is Rayquaza? That’s awesome – that’s totally awesome!”

“Pika…” Pikachu put its ears back.

“Concentrate,” Genkai groaned.

Rayquaza stretched itself, shook it’s head, then caught sight of the squeeing Ash below,

“Come here and give me a hug big guy!”

Rayquaza gave a roar, then bent down and – CHOMP!

Genkai sighed as Ash’s legs kicked wildly, the only part of him not currently soaking in dragon saliva, and as for Pikachu – it’s muffled screams (along with Ash’s, over Ash’s in fact) gave warning – “PIIIIIII – KAA – CHUUUUUU~!”

A bolt of thunder blasted Rayquaza’s jaws wide open – Ash dropping out frazzled, Pikachu landing in triumph, with poor Raquaza left to cough and hack up electricity; the connection between summoner and summon on shocked reserves –

“I’m going to get something to drink, when you stop being a complete idiot, come get me,” said Genkai, that last part of her sentence almost inaudible to Ash since she was already closing Lookout Tower’s door.

“Ah! My hat!” –

Rayquaza, still hacking and coughing, began the process of cleaning its nasal cavity out, sucking up the yuck to prepare it for launch – it opened its mouth and – “HUUUUUUUUUGHWACK – COUH!”

….Ash’s, electrically charged mucus coated hat hit him square in the face, the accessory sliding off, revealing a very dismayed 11 year old; the connection between summoner and summon broke.


“You have got to be kidding me!” Ash screamed.

But it’s not…raining…?

A cackle of thunder processed the dream into reality, the sound and smell of rain tugging at Ash’s eyelids, and slowly, he awoke to a very concerned electric mouse with circles of red-orange on its cheeks.

“Pikachu…” Ash’s hand went to his face, ugth, he could still feel that snot in place of subtle moisture gathered from the mist of the rain.

“Pika pika~” Pikachu nuzzled him warmly, and Ash then and there felt all throughout his body (despite the jacket on him) how far the temperature had dropped from the previous sunny weather, and was dropping still.

“Ha-how are you feeling?” Yugi came into view from the side, oh, he looked even more feeble without his jacket.

“Uh…” ‘Not good’ would have been the coherent answer, Ash tried to sit up with Yugi moving to protest and there was Pikachu again~

“Hey little buddy,” he moved to pet Pikachu, but his body winced with a resounding crack

“You shouldn’t move much,” Yugi pleaded gently trying to push Ash back down, and failing –

“Hm, good, no brain damage,” came a male whisper.

“Ow…oh, mister…”

“My name is Spike, in case you’ve forgotten,” he whispered at the edge of the mini cave mouth, it was a crevice really, and come to think of it bordering on cramped, but at least they were sheltered from the storm, “Keep your voice below the rain, or better yet, just stay quiet for now.” Spike looked a little weird too with his jacket off (it was being used to shield the crevice mouth with just enough peek space for Spike to keep a watch on the outside), must’ve been that faded yellow shirt against his loose darker colored tie.

“You, wear a tie?”

“I do; now be quiet.”

“Uh, ow, ow, I – (“Please Ash, don’t try to move too much”) – where, where’s Genkai?”

Yugi froze. Blink...“You don’t remember about what happened?”

Ash shook his head, then quickly wished he didn’t as the make shift cave suddenly looked like a shaken jello bowl; Yugi scooted closer and tried healing Ash some more with what magic he had built back up, but this was damage that his Cure* couldn’t quite reach.

“Mh, so your memory has been knocked around a bit,” said Spike barely audible to himself, “Listen you just catch your breath for now, don’t worry about her, there’s nothing we can do.”

“How, ow, can I not worry? Is she okay?”

“Don’t know, although she’s probably thinkin’ the same thing about us.”

“Think?” Speaking of which, Ash’s brain functions wanted to rest up a bit more by tempting his eyes to droop, but the wonder of how in the world they ended up like this pushed himself to wake up with his thoughts collecting in single file, “What, about Memory Link*?”

“Mine’s not working,” said Yugi, “Spike thinks it’s a complete black out; I can’t contact anyone. Sense* seems to be out too,” he looked to Pikachu who drooped, “I know mine sucked, but at least I could feel the people around me….”

“Regular people can still hear Memory Link* right?” asked Spike to Ash, “But not broadcast?”

“I think so, yeah, but you’re not regular, you’re one of us.”

Spike shrugged his shoulders at the comment for his abilities. “(*Inhale*) Like Yugi said, we haven’t heard anything; it’s been about, maybe an hour, or two, three, hell; rain doesn’t help the flow of time too much.”

“I’ve, been out that long?”

“That’s a relatively short amount of time for what you went through, we thought you were dead at first” –

“We, we were attacked?” – Ash combed his hand through his hair, “Hey – my cap’s gone!” – finding a rather large lump on his head – [“Shh!” Spike hissed] – while noting the absent of another lump from his pocket – pockets – “MY POKEBALL! – MY POKEBALL IS GONE!”

“Shut up!” Spike reached over and pushed Yugi’s jacket to Ash’s face, “We don’t need to get discovered by another monster.”

“Pika pika” –

Ash rambled on through the jacket, working up into a frenzy before the adult pinned him to the ground (a little painfully at that), still keeping him muzzled, (Pikachu hugging Ash head) –

“Ash…” Yugi looked on helplessly as Spike commanded the situation.

“Listen up,” Spike’s voice was barely coherent through the rain, “Before you were knocked out, there was a storm approaching on the horizon. That little Pidgey that was tagging along with me – it was bugging the hell outta me, almost all day – worked up into a panic, it’s rather good with danger once all the pecking and biting is translated into sheer terror,” ah good, the story-telling froze Ash to listen, and though the boy was still was ready to spring, Spike was better prepared to silence him once Ash knew what had happened, or at least the moment he remembered everything. “I climbed up a tree and spotted the storm, and by the time I turned to climb down, Genkai was at the base of it with you, your mouse all uptight, and Yugi, and that giant Grizzly thing on its hair line leash looking about as antsy as the bird.”

Ash was racking his brain to try and remember what had happened, but the most recent memory he could conjure up was the defeat of the Grizzly with the help of an orange ninja of all things – how hard was he hit again? No, that was really that kid’s clothes, they had run from him to get to the training grounds – *Gah! Stupid memory – fast forward! Fast forward! Don’t rewind!*

“Genkai was telling me about the approaching storm and how we were all going to head back to the village stat since you guys were having a little trouble with your Memory Link*” –

“She asked you,” Ash cut in, “If you had made any progress in, working with sense* or, Memory Link*…”

“And my response was” –


Genkai threw (or rather knocked) Yugi and Ash out of the way – ducking herself into a position to face the foe – as the black snake with its new red eyes, then about 1/4 it’s complete mass (enough to split a tree in half), lunged from the brush towards the different colored eyes it was locked with – sending out it’s purple electric net –

Genkai reacted like greased lighting negating the net in trying to absorb it, *Damn, wished that worked* - leaving the others to move –

“Go Rayquaza!” – Rayquaza flew out of the pokeball and made its ropey body into a hoop which the snake leapt through cleanly –


The black snake’s lunge smashed into itself from the magic attack, giving Spike extra time to get the hell outta dodge by making a solid jump to the ground, while the dragon closed its loop – choking the black snake, Spike’s birdy friend dove in from above to peck an eye of the snake as Genkai positioned herself underneath it to steal away the snake’s pure energy but –

*What the –? This thing feels like the Death General, but its being is completely hollow! There’s nothing to pull from it!* - but that lapse didn’t stop her from at least unleashing a Spirit Gun* blast to the snake’s head –

Spike then took the advantage from Genkai’s attack and aimed for the other eye, busting it with a shot, and upon the heels of that –

“Flamethrower*! Pikachu – Thunder*!”

Yugi switched with Pharaoh – “Fira*!” Starting a blaze on the snake’s head as the Grizzly bore into its side –

And at point black range, Rayquaza kept the fire going by roasting the black’s snake’s head while Pikachu served it a Thunder*, aiming carefully to reduce interference to Rayquaza – the snake wiggled violently, breaking out of Rayquaza’s hold with its flaming head – shaking it violently to try and cease the flames – Rayquaza served the black snake a b*tch slap with its tail before continuing its roast, the snake refusing to give away anymore ground – even from the goring the Grizzly was serving it! – but the snake’s body just seemed to keep producing more flesh to tear –

Genkai quickly weighed the options for battle – *There is something terribly wrong with this creature – this can’t be the same snake that Ash’s Lugia had fought – it would have killed them* -

Now with the snake clear from Rayquaza, Pikachu took the opportunity to fry it with its electricity along with another magic attack from Pharaoh which failed to break the snake apart into sand – *What is this monster?!*

“Haha!” yelled Ash, “Back for round two are…ya?” the connection he had with Lugia and Rayquaza suddenly screamed for them to run!

*Ash! This is not that same snake! It’s different! It feels like its just a hole in space!* Lugia called –

“You three get out of here now! I’ll lead it away!” yelled Genkai, “Go to the village and tell them to prepare for an assault!” –

The snake reeled back further as the flames and electricity persisted, merely hissing its discomfort at the combatants efforts against it – the Pidgey took one look at an eye reforming through the flames and dove towards Spike urging him to run – for them all to run!

“Let’s go Rayquaza!”

Rayquaza ended its roast with a Fire Blast* - but with the spectacle focused on the snake’s head, there was only partial focus on the rest of it, including its tail which came sweeping around – Genkai managing to dodge it by leaping, Spike by rolling, (Pikachu was small enough to have no effect) but Pharaoh and Ash were less quicker with any response – both knocked clean into the air with an electric charged THWACK!– the shock shared by summon and summoner stopping Rayquaza dead in its tracks – the snake opened its moist mouth wide and lunged forward, scooping up Ash and chomping Rayquaza in one bite! – leaving Pharaoh to get caught by the Grizzly as it dove from its tearing pleasure–

Ash remembered feeling like his heart and soul were being sucked out of his body when inside that snake’s mouth, his hand that grasped the legacy of his home going limp.

“ASH!” –

“Eat this you giant worm!” – Genkai faded away as the heart string retracted inside the Grizzly, the Emotionless (dropping Yugi on his knees – Yugi taking the reins back with Cure* in tow) roaring it’s challenge to the black snake while jumping up and tearing out a good chunk of the snake from under its head in one swipe – Ash dropped out from the cavity and was caught by Spike –

“I saw it, your item was about to roll out of that open cavity in the snake, but its flesh reformed, sealing it in” –

And Ash remembered the rest with his barely conscious self witnessing the snake chomping down further on Rayquaza, with the dragon returning inside the pokeball, inside that mouth, to its doom before he completely blacked out.

“Genkai tried focusing the snake’s attention to herself while inside that big Grizzly Emotionless but she was forced to be on the defensive by putting up some sort of energy barrier around us all when that snake went absolutely ballistic and unleashed pulse after pulse after pulse of this devastating attack. Yugi was doing all he could by using his healing magic to back up Genkai, but they just weren’t making any ground, and just as Yugi was about to go down from exhaustion, Genkai caught a lapse in the snake’s attack and aimed everything she had, combined I bet with what that Grizzly had to offer, and blasted the snake’s head with a, I think she yelled Shatter-Drak*, or something like that. The snake reeled back, the smoke from the attack blocking us from seeing any clear damage, however –

*This is insane, is this Hollow Castle?!* “RUN! ALL OF YOU GET OUT OF HERE NOW!”

“I grabbed Yugi and followed by your mouse and my bird, we got the hell out of there, leaving Genkai and that Grizzly to that monster. It was all we could do, but before we could make any decent ground back, the storm was in full fury, and so here we are.”

“Are you aware now? Monster?” Genkai growled.

“My name….is Opaque….”

“I thank you for your stupidity in battle, Opaque. You gave those children a chance to grow just a bit more in this cruel world.”

“Growing, absorbing, I can do both…Yes, that’s right, I can do both,” and Opaque grew to its full height, its red eyes greeting the clouds, “This form is terrifying, mother made it so, and now mother is inside me, connected with me, but I am in control now.”

“Can you reason? Monster?”

“Reason, is that what mother was doing by playing around inside me?”

“That is insanity, reason is a rational motive for a belief or action, keh, but I have had my doubts about that definition with reason recently leading to cases of psychosis.”

“A burning desire I must fulfill, I must do it……I…must eat. And you will help me eat more…”

“The little bird has gone to the village to warn them and get help to guide us back, we’re no match for that thing – we have to avoid it, hell we were barely a match for it before, and thankfully there doesn’t seem to be any Emotionless around here at the moment” –

Ash was shaking, badly; any efforts that Pikachu made to comfort him were for naught; Yugi gently grabbed Ash’s wrist that look poised to smack someone and said, “Ash, its, going to be okay” –

Wrooong thing to say.

“NO IT’S NOT! I HAVE T’ah” – Spike almost choked Ash shut.

“What part of keeping your voice down can’t you understand?” he hissed.

“You’re hurting him,” Yugi squeaked trying to pull Spike off – Pikachu bit the adult’s arm –

“Hey!” – he grabbed Pikachu by the scruff of its neck –

“Enough,” Pharaoh hissed, his surprisingly strong grip grasped both Ash and Spike’s wrists from those dainty hands, and pulled both of them apart along with their temper’s a notch down (the deeper more commanding voice a bonus as well of which Spike did a double take at). “Fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere,” he stated (Pikachu, dangling from Spike’s grip, its ears flat back in anger, flicking its bristled tail).

“Pfft,” Spike dropped the yellow mouse, who went back to Ash’s side, and yanked his hand out of Pharaoh’s grip moving back to the nitch entrance, leaving Pharaoh to turn his full attention to Ash, his grip on the young trainer’s wrist not yet letting up. Ash’s eyes were shut tight, he was biting his lip, trembling,

“Ash…You can hear me, right?” Ash didn’t give too coherent a response, never-the-less Pharaoh continued in a serious, yet gentle tone, “Can you open your eyes?”

They opened with several tears falling out, Pikachu right there to catch them underneath as it looked up at its heartrending friend.

“Look up.”

Ash complied, looking right into Pharaoh’s eyes, holding a composure he just couldn’t see himself grasping yet, and he let his head fall, “I have to get them back,” he cried, “I can’t just sit here and do nothing” –

“You don’t really have a choice,” said Spike and Pharaoh shot him a nasty look to which Spike happily retaliated with a smirk, “You can’t sugar coat this, pops.”

“I’m not sugar coating anything,” said Pharaoh – he felt Ash try to stand –

“They’re mine to protect and I’m going to get them back,” Ash growled.

But Pharaoh held him down, it didn’t take much, Ash was weak from his own body’s beaten feel and his emotions swirling about.

“Ash, calm down,” said Pharaoh sternly, holding both his arms now, “Blindly rushing into anything won’t do anyone any good, trust me” –

“You have guts, I’ll give you that,” commented Spike, “Unfortunately for you, courage equals suicide.”

“I’ll chase that snake down and make it spit them out!”

“Case in point, and keep your voice down.”

“Ash,” Pharaoh lightly shook him, “Are you going to throw away Genkai’s sacrifice for us? Use your head about this.”

“We’re not honoring her by being cowards!”

“Ah ha, right, because we’re just sitting on our asses because we want to,” said Spike, his words coated in sarcasm, “Tell me, what other Astral Abilities do you yourself have?”

If memory served right, all Ash has been able to do is pull out and sustain Lugia and Rayquaza….

“Genkai told me I’m a, uh……(*thinks*) – ah, pure heart at summoning, so I’ll pull something out to smash the snake to pieces!”

“Without your item?” said Pharaoh, getting fed up with his stubbornness.

“It’s the heart that counts!” Ash spat back, “Item or not, I’ll find a way and get them back! That pokeball doesn’t define what I can do alone!”

“Raise your voice again and I’m throwing you out into the storm” –

“Pika pika!”

Yugi took back over, “Everyone please calm down,” he pleaded.

“It’s him that’s being unreasonable,” muttered Spike.

Yugi hugged Ash startling the trainer still, “Ash I’m so sorry you lost your pokeball, but we can’t lose you too. (*sob*) We can’t lose anymore friends.”

“And we won’t, I’ll get them back.”

Spike rubbed his brow, oh boy, this was not going to work, he needed to get these kids into more capable hands stat, like Mrs. Chi-Chi, or someone; anyone else.

*Ash,* came Pharaoh’s voice, *You can hear me right?*

He nodded.

*Good, then as a friend, you’ll forgive me for doing this* -

“Eh –“ Pharaoh switched places with Yugi before both boys had anytime to react – the eye of Horus appeared on Pharaoh’s forehead and with a wave of his hand, Ash was knocked and pinned to the ground.


“Pika pika!”

But Pharaoh motioned for both of them to not interfere, “If you can use your own magic to overcome mine, none of us will stop you from rescuing your friends.”

Ash glared at Pharaoh as he tried to push himself up, but this invisible force (also known as a calmer version of Gravity*) his muscles and heart just could not overcome, and Ash fell flat as his arms gave out. Pharaoh ceased his magic and knelt down besides Ash, alert in case that temper was still flickering, but the only response Ash gave him was a simple turn of his head to face him from below. His face full of defeat and sorrow, guidance, please?

“Right now,” said Pharaoh slowly, “You, Pikachu, me, Yugi, Spike, we cannot change what has been done. As your friends, the best we can give you is just a hand to help you stand back up. We’re so sorry about what happened, and you know in your heart if there was any way to have changed the outcome, we wouldn’t have hesitated in doing so. But what is done is done. And we must now focus on getting back to the village, on surviving. Do you understand?”

Ash swallowed and raised his hand up, Pharaoh took it, and helped him to sit up.

It was barely audible, but Pharaoh and Yugi heard it, “Thanks…”

“Finally,” said Spike, “At least you listened to the imaginary friend.”

Ash and Yugi (in his ghost form) turned to Spike with their jaws dropped, whilst Pharaoh snapped around –“Ah! I knew you were faking that you couldn’t see me back on Tumble-Stop!”

Spike puffed. “Can you really blame me? How many more people are in there? But before we start another argument, I have a quick question, how can you, and, ah, Yugi, right? Still communicate? Isn’t it through a Link*? Or something like that?”

“I think it’s more than that,” said Pharaoh a bit bristled, “Yugi and I share the same body and entities, so I think we’re above what the storm cancels out. At least that’s how we were Translated.”

The entrance to the cave suddenly darkened with a dark snort – something grabbed the jacket from the outside – Spike sprang into action by whipping out his gun and firing twice through his jacket at the shadow –


“Oh, ****” – Spike exited the nitch with Pharaoh, Ash and Pikachu trailing to asses –


“No, it’s the Easter Bunny! Ow-ow-ow!!!” – Goku was on the ground holding his bullet bitten right leg –

Spike put away his gun, “Sorry, you sounded like a monster” –

“I’m a little flustered, yes, oh Yugi, I mean, Pharaoh, er, imaginary friend, Cure* – Cure* please” –

Everyone retreated back within the nitch and Yugi switched with Pharaoh with a very sour look (more oriented at himself) and performed the healing magic, the bullets coming out the way they came, ick.

The Primape that followed Goku glomped Ash, jumping up and down with glee for the trainer’s safety, Ash responding with giving it a playful rub on its head, and then a bear hug.

“Man I’m glad I found you guys!” piped Goku, “There’s weird stuff happening in the woods, very, very strange creatures are walking about.”

“Strange like how?”

“They look like, just pieces of junk, and, meat, and limbs and stuff crumpled together!”

Unearthly wails that sounded like the cries of the damned filled the air – glances jumped from one another (the Primape pulled Ash into a vice grip – “Ack –“!)

“I’ve never seen anything like them, ever!” said Goku, “I don’t think they’re Emotionless” –

“Then what could they be?” asked Spike.

“I have no clue, but I made friends with one of them :3 (“You…did?”) He’s kind of shy, ah,” Goku stuck his head out of the nitch, “There he is – Headsy! Over here!” Goku exited out –

“Get back in here!” Spike went out to try and grab him back but his jacket came off of the entrance and dropped on his head.

“Head…..sy?” Ash and Yugi (and the trembling Primape) peeked out from the nitch, and the Pike Monster came stumbling out of the rainy darkness, the mixture of flesh and machine with its five missed placed spider like legs (as if it’s wobble wasn’t bad enough, its legs sunk terribly into the soaked ground) along with those heads all stuck on pikes, and all of them crying, twisting their grotesque faces into mourning wails of woe save for the middle head which actually spoke rather than cry banshee tears, “D-ie! DIE! W-we c-anan d-die out-t-t he-re-re!”– its mangled walk swinging it’s piked heads this way and that –

Ash, Yugi the Primape, (and Pharaoh) all gawked at the mangled monster, the young boys frozen with fear of the sight before them, and then Pharaoh spoke from the gut – *That is an abomination of nature* –


“Uh, he’s a little emotional right now,” said Goku –

“He’s very loud right now,” Spike hissed before actually getting a good look at the thing, yanking his soaked jacket off of his head and then– “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!”

“Headsy,” smiled Goku, “I know, I completely had the same reaction, but it can talk, and it’s very scared,” Goku looked at the Pike Monster feeling an [insurable] amount of pity for it, “I think, this thing and the Death General that came here, are related.”

“You mean this thing’s a Death General?”

“I don’t think so, but I think, like the Death General, it got messed with by the Lady, badly.”

Again, close, it’s a Resident from Hollow Castle.

“I know there are different worlds with different natives, but I just can’t wrap my head around that anything normal would look like that, or the other creatures like it wandering about” –

“There’s more?”

“Yeah, I told you guys there are weird creatures wandering about, this is one of them, they’re all jumbled up like this” –

The heads all screamed in agony of the world around them – hey –!

“Get it away from us before we’re found out by something worse! – Or better yet, let’s go, let’s get the hell out of here, come on Goku, lets get back to the village.”

But Yugi and Ash only stepped out to pull Spike and Goku back into the nitch –

“Ack!” –

Both boys silenced the adults as the Primape snatched Spike’s jacket and used it to block the entry way, propping it up himself since it wouldn’t stay; the adults catching on that something worse has indeed come their way.

The Pike Monster was left to shuffle about outside, it’s wailing suddenly silenced by a hard THWACK, the hidden company hearing the monster fall to the ground, gasping and wheezing, returning to its sniffles –

*The black beast with yellow eyes, the black beast with yellow eyes* – both boys only knew what he looked like from a drawing, their cold bodies from the rain dropped in temperature even further with veins filling with fear upon seeing just the scruff of his profile shuffle out of the foliage –

“It’s bad enough he’s siphoning the Castle’s aura, and now all of you idiots are scattered about?”

The Beast of Darkness and Ruin’s angered voice snapped like thunder, the presence that took the Anime Masters away – Nefero! Nefero was right outside their hiding spot!

Goku knew then and there his life was forfeit if Nefero discovered them; his sacrifice would at least give the other’s a chance to escape. His brief inward gaze focused outward on the Primape holding its position steady, the poor thing doing its best to stop it’s shaking, (doing a better job than Ash and Yugi) none of the boys daring to move further, much less even breathe.

Goku’s pokemon companion felt the same, knowing it would be the first to go since it held up the cover.

“I can’t sense for sh*t in this stupid storm – STUPID! IDIOT! WHEN I FIND HIM – I’LL GOUGE HIS – what are you blabbering on about?!”

“Heart-art-arts a-a-are in-in-in th-th-th-tha-aat nitch-tch-tch” –


“Th-th-th” – THWACK! Nefero’s growl cut like glass as he stomped up to the nitch entrance, the weight of his steps feeling as if they were stomping on the chests of those inside.

The entrance darkened, and then a pause, the only sound coming from the crying Pike Monster, and the taps of rain…The Primape could barely see Nefero’s bright yellow eyes studying the mud covered jacket through the rain…and then they made eye contact through a gunshot hole – GNATCH!

Whatever made Goku stop dead in his tracks from pursuing Primape to give the others a chance to run made all the saving grace in the world as Nefero whipped around so fast he didn’t even notice the remaining inhabitants of the nitch, leaving them to have a clear view of his back as he dragged the Primape away holding it up to the Pike Monster, “Here!” Nefero didn’t even question the jacket it had used to shelter itself, the Primape hissing, biting, scratching, punching, doing everything it could do to keep the attention on itself – leaving the others to choose to be fools to run or fools to stay – if Nefero turned around, if Nefero heard them leave – no they had to take this sacrifice! –

“Look what can happen out here to you!” Nefero grabbed the feet of the Primape in one paw, and it’s hands with his other paw – and pulled – the scream that came out of the pokemon and Pike Monster rivaling the thunder in volume – Goku took this chance, grabbing both boys and Spike he bolted out the nitch like a bat out of hell, not even daring to look back for time –

Ash caught the last glimpse of the pokemon, still holding Nefero’s attention as it was ripped asunder.

“Enough now! It’s dead! You want to die too?! Now don’t you ever wander out from the Castle again! Get inside that portal, get! I have enough running around to do without your stupid asses – dealing with the Riders Untouchables, the Riders themselves, the Deities, Deities! Son of a ****! – Orochimaru – and now you Residents? *** DAMMIT!”

“We have to intercept the help I sent for!” Spike yelled over the storm, but now that Nefero was running around, what could they do? What could they really, possibly do? There was no one – no one among them that could take Nefero down, but there was just one that could defend, Sora! As for the rest of them, it was merely a game of chance….and their hearts whispered that Sora could no better protect anyone from Nefero than they could themselves.

...With the HU’s down, everyone is going about blind (thank god Nefero is too), and they could only guess that Nefero was here for one thing, that he knows this is where Sora is – but how could he have known?!

Was there a traitor in their midst?

“Piece of sh*t,” Nefero hissed as the portal for the Pike Monster dissolved away.

A portal of empty light then opened and deposited South Light, “Brother~! There you are, geeze this storm sucks, I found Envy and Bakura, Bakura’s summons led me to them, and they have a surprise for you~! They have your traitors~!”

“Good, that’s one good thing gone right during this sh*t fest,” Nefero rubbed his eyes to ease the oncoming headache, “Uuuuungth, with the way the Castle’s aura has just been oozing out of this place, it’s a wonder an Emotionless of epic proportions hasn’t just, dropped out of the sky by now!”

“Are the borders of the Realms warping that bad around here?”

Nefero gave his sister a ‘you really just said that?’ look.

“Sorry,” South Light put her head down.

“This world’s heart is very strong, I’ll give it that,” said Nefero, “It’s holding itself together pretty well.”

“But it’s just from this area,” said South Light, “That’s enough to make that big an impact?....Sorry.”

“Sissy, I wouldn’t be surprised if a portal to the Realm of Darkness just opened up for no apparent reason and spit out an End Bringer” –

And no sooner than Nefero had finished up that sentence, a portal of darkness opened up from above, and dropped out Anit-Sora.

Nefero clicked his tongue, “Son of a *****.”


Place your bets 38-5 ends next part, I’m placing mine!

Okay here's a mini timeline that should ease some headaches ^^;

During the storm we have two and a half groups out and about apart from the village,
1.)Vincent’s group (Sora, Shonen Bat, Ed, Ein): Rocky Pillars
2.)Genkai’s group (Ash (Pikachu), Yugi/Pharaoh, Spike <- tentative member): Forest clearing
½ Kakashi, Sasuke, Salamence: en route

With everyone else residing back within Konoha either protecting the borders or doing other things.

Vincent’s group sees the storm first, then Genkai’s group, then those at the village (Kakashi’s group is en route to Sora’s group) – the notifications of the storm happening relatively close to one another.

Order of events (numbers remaining the same mean they happened at the same time or close to it)

A. Beginning of the Storm:

1.) The events that happen with Vincent’s group (possessed Gaara arriving and the fight with Shukaku)
1.) The events that happened with Genkai’s group (Opaque attack); supposedly called for help for the approaching storm
1.) Mewtwo and Abigale talking it out.

B. Search Party being called out by Opaque disguised as Genkai:
Goku – Forest Clearing
Suicune – Rocky Pillars

The motivations behind Opaque calling out specifically Suicune and Goku was only the luck of the draw from Genkai’s memories, their destinations also based on Genkai’s memories of who is out and about.

After Opaque dealt with Genkai’s group, it’s insanity activated Sasuke’s curse mark courtesy of Orochimaru currently within Opaque (Astral Powers FTW) and honed in on that connection to portal jump there (unfortunately through Sasuke’s mouth).

C. The Storm is Here

2.) By the time Opaque portal jumps through Sasuke, the Lady and Sora are transported to the realm of darkness. Opaque then descends from Sasuke’s mouth, and wrecks havoc on Shonen Bat, Ed, Ein, Kakashi, and Vincent – scattering them about for their lives; Opaque left alone.

2.) Survivors of Genkai’s group are taking shelter in a nitch.
2.) Goku, out searching with Primape, “thinks” about who to help while they can; eventually off camera, he can’t make up his mind.

3.) Opaque, understanding that prey is coming, merely sits and waits for it.
3.) Suicune then arrives, and is defeated by Opaque.

Sora returns with Gaara, free from the Lady’s possession, from the Realm of Darkness seeing his friend gone. Sasuke” then shows up, but he is not alone.
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H-b-sh-t-u-I-how-c-th-tw-wh-m-ea-to-qu-c-x-wh-ho-li-me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * Faints from awesomeness of chapter*

Holy crap, that was awesome!!!!! I love the Sora/Sasuke/Gaara fight, that was amazing, and Sasuke gave Sora the curse mark, that was epic!!! Then Gaara takes apart Opaque, that was near unbelievable, HE TOOK OUT OPAQUE!!!! Then while Spike and his group are hiding they nearly get caught by Nefero (BTW, Spike shooting Goku was funny, seriously that was funny) and poor Primape T_T *Cries for Primape* But he died to help his friends, that was incredibly noble.

Then the parts of Hollow Castle moving about, and Goku made friends with one of them, and it betrayed them to Nefero. Then Nefero and South Light start talking, I really really hope they beat the crap out of Orochimaru. And then a dark portal opens up and drops down Anti-Sora, who I feel is near invinsible now. Seriously, I think he's near invinsible, and he dropped by Nefero and South Light.

BTW, what's an End Bringer?

Anyway, a great new chapter, and if you're going to do this every week then I have something to really look forward to next week now. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

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An End Bringer is exactly what it sounds like, it brings the end XD And it can be the end to anything, anything.

SQUEE~! I'm glad you liked it James, but I don't think I can do the chappie a week thing constantly ;~; There was some unseen force that helped me this week (prewritten stuff helped alot) and even though I have some prewritten stuff coming up, I have other things that piled on DX *shakes fist at higher forces*

And Orochimaru was within Opaque, soooooooooooooooooooo~ He's not in really good shape right now XD

Gaara really amped up the violence in this one, and with his Astral Abilites awakened, I think he's a worse enemy than Opaque - Opaque didn't even get a Pulse attack out that took out Suicune :p He never got the chance too.

I don't think the Pike Monster was ever really "friends" with Goku XD it was just following him and Goku in all his naiive glory thought it was a friend XD Also Goku getting shot really freaked it out XD

And then Primape ;A;

And there will be much fun with Anti-Sora, Nefero, and South Light, oh yes, yes, yes~

Shonen Bat: Where the hell am I?

SA: Don't care you're out of my hair~!

Shonen Bat: I BETTER NOT BE!!!


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H-have you been watching End and Rebirth of Evangelion? Oh, GOD, they gave me nightmares back when I was younger, and this is just giving me flashbacks! The fact that me and my brother just re-watched them DOESN'T. HELP. A F*CKING. BIT.

Some scenes were just... Ugh...

The part with Anti Sora freaked me out a LOT. Especially since I've played Birth By Sleep, the Japanese edition, to 100% completion, and it was too close for comfort to THAT. ONE. SCENE. in Ven's story.

Oh wait, that's considered as a spoiler. Let me reticify that.


The one bright spot, however, was Goku and his HORRIBLE, but cute, judgment of character. I LOL'd at that.

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I have watched the End and Rebirth of Evangelion....Perhaps that is why I no longer flinch at media violence @_@;; *Points to Gaara* He's just so bloodthirsty he pushed me to go all out ;A; I watched the Lee/Gaara fight so many times, along with other fights that involved Gaara, and came to the conclusion that **** is goin' down with him around DX

Nefero didn't help either.

And I admit some parts were really gross, but it fit into place...*squeaks*...I mean at least Sora didn't throw up a snake -

Shonen Bat: Like that made it any better! >:O

Oh wow really? XD I want to play that game so badly I'm siphoning stuff from it through esp~! >XD I'm kind of looking forward to that scene then with my morbid curiosity ;A;

Should I get another icepack? I'm so sorry! :'(

There had to be some comedy in this chappie because of how heavy it was, I can't be that cruel anymore >_< "Headsy" XD
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Seen this before? Maybe, but like a Nobody, I was just a shell. Body, soul, but no heart.

"Time amongst the tide is slim before the water returns."

Waves rose and fell along a shoreline where few have treaded. A person clothed in a silk black hooded robe stepped up to the water’s edge; his bright blue-green-yellow eyes peeking beyond his light blue wavy bangs to the sea nearly hidden by night, and rock formations that can only be described as “unique of the elegant.” The waves rolled back and forth, with their sound mixed of bated breath. His eyes smiled - and the sky, once draped in eternal night, gave way to dawn stretching her scenic rays upon land once mysterious to the warmth of sunlight; the light of the dawn revealed the boy’s translucent wings.

Darkness - Ssenkrad

Sharp footsteps echoed down a long dim hallway. The glow of candles with black flames shied their light away from a Lady clothed in deep satin cloth of Red; she stopped at the end of the Foyer of Dusk, “My loyal adherents,” she smiled, “What news do you have for me?” Sharp, incisive yellow eyes opened, followed by a grin portrayed of teeth sodden in malevolence …Empty, white eyes opened, followed by a playful, high-pitched laugh,

“The entities revealed that the Door to Light has been tamed out of hiding milady!”

“The systems are now calling for the Seraphs to take stand, however -” the yellow-eyed monster spit a bloodied keychain at the Lady of Red’s feet, -“we have seen that they have yet to breathe.”

The Lady’s smile turned as twisted as the beast’s, “Go then – finish them off – anehay fo ecnatsiser eht rethgualst!”

Thgil - Light.

A short young lady draped in spring green cloth (with skin tone of the same shade) rocked on her heels in the sand. Her long flowing olive hair, radiant in every strand, swayed with the night ocean air. A monarch butterfly perched on the side of her head, slowly beat its wings to keep steady with the wind. Her eyes were a brilliant yellow almond, and her face, usually gentle of a young maiden, had a somber look which made her eyes shine even more in the moonlight, of a beach, were few have tread.

Waves rose and fell drenching a deep pink shawl that hung from the side of a tall woman whose feet were just out of reach of the waves; her hands on her hips. She was dressed in a simple pink summer dress with short sleeves. The deep pink shawl that was tied around her waist, slowly turned an even deeper pink with the wet of the water crawling up. Her skin tone was bright peach and her long hair was shocking pink with shades of blonde; her eyes were the brightest sky blue ever witnessed, above a sarcastic smirk on her mouth.

Though these two females stood upon the beach, thier steps made no impression in the sand, unlike the smudge that was where two boys once sat. A third person arrived; he made no impression in the wind.

"Its warm right here,” said the green girl happily (the butterfly flapped its wings), “They really were here."

"Funny, how someone can just tumble to all sorts of places,” smiled the pink lady (the green girl returned the smirk), “I wonder if they even realized where they were."

"I doubt it," said an elder voice, “they came, and went, like the passing of the ocean's tide. It is truly them, the ones so many have been waiting for."

"I wonder if they know how much will ride atop thier choices," said the green girl concerned.

"We'll just have to wait and see," said the pink lady, “I know by the remarkable shape this system is in, they've made some excellent choices."

"The ultimate line of defense," smiled the green girl, "Aw, but didn't they just return home?"

"Yes, but the fact that they even get to see thier world should be enough," said the elder voice.

"That’s true," said the green girl sadly, "the universal worlds are so full these days, its ridiculous on how powerful this enemy has become!"

"I agree,” said the elder voice, “this enemy has a force behind it unlike that of which the stars have ever seen before, or us for that matter. The doors...they quivered, and now -"

"Now the tide will be met," said the pink lady wringing her shawl of water.

"I hope thier ready," said the green girl coaxing the butterfly onto her hand. “They are still so young.” The butterfly flew off with her sending into the night sky.

"Whatever thier case, in three days, the way will be open for them, and then, they will have no choice, but to act.”

"Sora! Riku!"

Sora and Riku bobbing in the ocean turned and smiled as Kairi waved them home at last…

Kingdom Hearts Anime
By Etu =^. ^=​

Intro (Part 1) – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Blue waves crashed upon the shore, sparkling in the sun's bright rays. Sora held up to the sky a young papou fruit which made a shadow across his smiling - SMACK! - A volleyball bonked him right on the kisser and the papou fruit went flying out of his hand into the jaws of a crashing wave. "Sorry Sora!" yelled Wakka; Sora blinked stars from his eyes as Kairi ran over and stood up his wobbling stance,

"Are you okay Sora? – Geez Wakka, watch where you’re bopping that thing!," Kairi yelled back.

"Tso al righ' Airi," Sora slurred, "Bidn't even hurt." A small drop of blood began to trickle down Sora's nose.

"Great," Kairi sighed as she put Sora's head back, "Yall aren't home but a couple of hours and suddenly its like being back at the Organization's castle."

"I thought he was gonna bounce it back!"

"Ah it's just a bump Kairi," said Riku walking up with a cold towel; he put it over Sora's face, “Nothing a great Keyblade Master can't handle." Wakka jogged over with Tidus and Sophie in tow as Sora stood himself up,

"Whe’ de thsa sky be-ome puunk?" asked Sora wobbling around with the towel on his face,

“Tsk, I stand corrected,” said Riku – (“ACK!”) – watching Sora trip into a wave.


Goofy pressed his nose on the window of the gummi ship as stars passed by their reflection on the ship. "Did we have to leave so soon?" he moaned," I wanted to stay with Sora a bit longer."

"Me too," said Donald, "but we have our responsibilities at Disney Castle so that a crisis like the heartless ,and nobodies, can never be out of control again; right your majesty?...Uh, your majesty?"

"Your majesty?"

"Huh? - Oh right, our responsibility," said Mickey fidgeting in his seat.

"Your majesty," said Goofy scratching his head, “you seem a little jittery."

"Are you okay? You never told us what that transmission from Minnie was," said Donald (finally showing his agitation of King Mickey's actions), "You just whisked us away on this ship."

"Well, I wanted yall to be happy when yall said goodbye," Mickey's voice was higher than usual; he was clearly upset. Donald and Goofy were unnerved at thier King's answer after the defeat of Xehanort, the man behind two years of turmoil amongst thier worlds. Goofy leaned forward by the King,

"Your majesty, is everything alright?"

"(*Sigh*) I thought it was Goofy"...*but apparently, our system wasn't the only one who saw the heartless’ eclipse that night, two years ago.*


Waves rose and fell along a shoreline where few have treaded. As water trickled back to the sea, a black burning hoof stepped upon the shore followed by a decaying hoof; foot of the same black horse. The decorated steed, with a headdress protruding two scythe blades on top, snorted embers and soot, the ebony fire from its mane and tail gave light to the water as it passed back and forth. The rider was dressed in a black velvet robe, and his hood covered only passed his eyes leaving his sweeping white locks to portrait his smile.

An emerald stag walked up besides him; the creature a definition of posture and beauty, contrasted with a gaping gash in its throat which bled fresh blood from veins with not but supply; it's rider sat upon a saddle with the impression of heavenly wings on the stag's sides. Her green robes shinned in the moonlight, her hood also covered her eyes, and her wisps of blonde hair flowed with the sea breeze. “This shore was always a gateway,” said the Green Rider looking to the pale fading sunrise, “And now it has opened up its final path.” The Black Rider looked to the displacement in the sand made before his arrival; the black horse shook it mane, and emerald stag pawed the ground. With the passing of clouds in the moon's vision, the riders and thier steeds, faded like shadows across barriers to worlds beyond.


The night sky twinkled with diamonds and star dust in glittering trails across the horizon. The ocean was silently illuminated by moonlight in the graceful darkness, the sound of its powerful waves cradled Sora, Riku, and Kairi's hearing as they gazed at the night sky, atop the tiny shack, on the small island where so many of thier childhood memories where kept. "We're probably the only people left awake of all the islands," said Riku.

"That’s kinda a cool feeling," said Sora, "We have the whole world all to ourselves."

Kairi sighed, “You’re still as philosophical as ever Riku."


Kairi and Riku laughed as Sora blushed at his remark. A large wave sent a light mist of sea-water on thier faces; Sora sat back, "Our world has been lucky, after all we've been through, and seen, it’s like this world had been spared the second blow.” Timing sensed the feeling - a beautiful shooting star crossed the night sky. “Wow, did yall see that?" Another shooting star crossed the sky, then another, then two at a time, and all three were captivated by the silent dazzle.

"How pretty,” Kairi breathed.

The shooting stars dribbled in a timed parade, and then like candles, thier glow was flickered out, and thier spark dissolved back into the night sky.

"Now that was a nice welcome home," said Riku.

“Thank-you!” called Sora waving to the sky.

Kairi giggled and leaned back while stretching, allowing her sight to gaze down to the brush by the ocean. Relaxed in their movement, her eyes suddenly honed in on two dots in the darkness - two other eyes looking right back! Kairi gasped grabbing Sora's arm,

"What’s wrong?" asked Riku –

"What is it Kairi?" asked Sora; both turned to where Kairi was looking, but saw nothing in the brush. Kairi peeked up from Sora's hold, and breathed a sigh of relief, seeing for herself that whatever it was, was gone. "Kairi, what’s wrong?" Sora asked again, his adrenaline kicked up and subsided within him with Kairi’s settling. Riku called out his blade,

"Want me to go check it out?" Riku asked.

"Nah, if it was anything dangerous, our Keyblades would have responded in the first place," said Sora as Kairi sat herself up,

"Eyes, I saw these two eyes looking right at us from the bushes."

"Just eyes?" A little tingle ran up Sora’s spine, “Were they mean looking?"

"No, not really, eh, in fact, they were kind of pretty.”

"Anyone hiding in those bushes better make themselves known right now," Riku called.

The brush looked back at him silent.

"If your some peeping Tom," yelled Sora, "You’re gonna be in alotta trouble," and he motioned to himself and Riku who crossed his arms. The wind gave a quick cold gust, and the hair on the back of their necks stood straight up - they felt a stare, and the brush behind them rustled with a giggle - Sora called out his keyblade as everyone spun around to only the wind blowing long and hard, rustling the brush and the palm trees.

"Y'know," said Riku," I don't think we're the only ones awake on the islands anymore."

Out of the corner of her eye, Kairi saw a lone feather floating by in the winds, and Sora, though it may have just been the waves, thought he heard the faint flapping of wings.


"Oh Mickey, I thought I'd never live to see the day!," cried Minnie looking in a spherical floating object known as the Tell-Tale Orb with Pluto growling viciously at it, "What could cause such a drastic measure?"

"I hoped we'd never get the chance to see that,” said Mickey sadly.

"Well we're gonna find out real soon what’s causing this mess,” said Daisy.

Donald burst through the Study door, but was run over by Goofy who went directly to Mickey -

"The (OCC: Orb that you have to go back in time to save) is going berserk! Your majesty please tells us what is going on?!" Mickey looked away as Minnie and Daisy were silent with a look that said ‘you haven't told them yet?’ Mickey inhaled and spoke,

"Pieces of worlds from another system are merging with ours -"

"The old By-Laws?!," quacked Donald un-sticking his face from the ground; Mickey nodded,

"Whenever a system is on the brink of desolation, it has the right to merge with its closest system in a final attempt to keep the most severely damaged worlds from disappearing forever, and to relieve stress of the heart of the system."

"But, didn't the same thing happen when the heartless came two years ago?" asked Goofy, “There were no merges from our worlds then.”

"The crisis the heartless posed could be corrected, and, was not a strong enough reason to activate the By-Laws back then -"

"But entire worlds -?!"

"Only when entire systems have been destroyed, is when the By-Laws activate, as it is a By-Law itself that systems are to remain separate, and it takes a terrible force to make the By-Laws contradict themselves." Donald and Goofy gawked at King Mickey.

"Entire systems, gone?" Goofy breathed. The Tell-Tale Orb became cloudy, the sky outside grew dark as ebony, and the ground began to shake. Minnie squeaked and Donald took Daisy's hands,

"Stay calm everyone,” Mickey ordered, “Looks like it’s our world’s turn, this is a merge, and by the looks of it a nasty one!," Mickey took Minnie's trembling hands, "It'll be over soon,” he said softly. The stained glass windows behind them began to crack; Pluto jumped into Goofy's arms. The castle moaned, and shook, and outside the Study, the shattering of the hallway windows echoed closely and distantly. Minnie and Daisy were pulled close with the rising howl of the tempest outside, and then everything, gave way to darkness.

OOC:Squee! So, questions, comments, points of interest? Or, b****ing, gripes, complaints? - be gentle

Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood critic, Dr_Mario64! I couldn't help but notice that your story has taken on quite some length up to this point. It is because of this that I will review it chapter-by-chapter starting with your first installment.

Up to this point, your story seems to take up form right off the bat which is a very good thing. Sora, Kairi, and Riku have finally found each other and Donald and Goofy are returning to Disney Castle. However, reading the prologue will reveal that all is not well. I like the way you made me say to myself, "Just when you think it's all over..." In fact, this is one of your strongest points. You get the plot started and keep the reader interested. This is actually one of the more intelligently designed plots I've seen in recent memory, so I hope it holds out in later chapters.

Not everything is perfect, thought. There is one major problem I notice right off the bat, and it is consistency. You go from setting the scene in the prologue dragging out details to jumping right into the action in the first chapter. Your story changes gears a lot, jumping from lots of narration to lots of dialogue to unnecessary scene changes, and then finally goes full circle to the Gummi Ship without finishing the Destiny Island scene. You brought the scene to a halt with Sora just noticing the flapping of wings. Then what? Oops. No time. Onto the Gummi Ship. In a situation like this it would have been more appropriate to include a cliffhanger rather than marching on to the Gummi Ship.

This brings me to my next point. You seem to rush the story a lot. You want to just skip the smoke and mirrors and tell the reader what they need to know. To be honest, I actually respect your wanting to keep the plot moving. This is something that most beginning authors actually struggle with. The reason this is a problem is because this rushed pace makes the reader feel neglected. Take the time to embellish details and point out little things that otherwise wouldn't matter. It indicates your passion for the story and points out to the reader that you really do care. Most of all, always set the scene before beginning the plot. It lets the reader know, "Okay. We're starting a new setting. Get ready, because the mood or theme is about to change."

This is just being nit-picky, but there are a few things in the context that don't really belong in the context. First of all, the "OOC" should be removed because it disrupts the flow. Second, please do something about the "y'alls", because Sora and friends are not from Texas the last time I checked. Aside from this, you had quite a few punctuation errors. Please proofread your work before submitting.

All in all, you do a pretty decent job. There is nothing wrong with the plot but you need to smooth out a few wrinkles and make it more readable as well as easier on the eyes. Expect reviews on later chapters in the days to come. In the immortal words of Tigger: ttfn!
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OMG thank-you so much for this - oh snap I never did fix that OOC thing?! CRAP! It's the Cornerstone of Light! I know this - why didn't I ever fix that?! ;A; But thank-you for being so gentle with that, my mistake, sorry, sorry, gah, stupid, stupid, stupid DX I know better, really I do, shame, shame, shame on me! ;O; But I must stuff my embarrassment down, or I won't make any sense ;~; Okay *breathes*.

And I'm sorry for the "y'alls" I know they're not from Texas but I am and it just sneaks in there ;A; but that's no excuse for gramatical errors.....Dangit, I thought I did proofread it ;~; but this chapter is such an old piece of work - it has showed my greenside well....and I don't know if it'd be cheating your review for me to go back and try to wipe all the "y'alls" away before you get to 'em, you know?

Anywho, thank-you so much for this, and I certainly hope the plot lives up to what you're expecting. If not, your critique of what went wrong is welcome. 'Caaaaaauuuuuuuuuusssssseeeeeee I certainly won't try to hide my mistakes, I know I've made them, but where....

Anywho, anywho~ thank-you so much again, but I must say I think I abuse this guy ";" alot ;A;
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Wow. Just wow. I must compliment you on an excellent intro. Your writing style is very unique and fits the style of Kingdom Hearts perfectly. The plot is really deep and also impressive as well. You incorporate new themes such as reality, the universe, and life and death that really takes Kingdom Hearts to a level I'd never thought it would reach. There is a certain danger in this, however. Let me be fair in saying that the average reader may struggle with wrapping their brain around all the uber-deep themes. Non-philosophical types beware. This is not the book for you. I was concerned a little with consistency at the beginning, but it appears my fears were quite unfounded as the book tends to balance itself out as it goes along. I am disappointed that it took until part three to fix this, as it is something that should have been taken care of at the very beginning. Same goes for attention to details, it gets better starting at part three, but this is really something that should have been managed from the very beginning. I don't intend to knock on you in any way because these are minor flaws, and I pointed them out just for the sake of making the book easier on the brain. I had no trouble staying interested or understanding the themes, but the writing style became border-line monotonous at times because of unusually large amount of dialog. Again, this is only a minor flaw. Your only major flaw is transitioning scenes. In every part of the intro you jump from one scene to the next without any warning. Not to be rude, but this will not cut it for me. You need to let the reader know that you're switching gears. If you don't the story becomes choppy and disorganized. There are a couple of tiny points I must make out simply because of loyalty to the series. First, "Organization 13" needs to have Roman numerals because that is how it was originally written. Second, you misspelled "Stopga". Third, the "Dark Portals" you mentioned are actually refereed to as Corridors of Darkness. All-in-all your story is great up to this point and I'm excited to see where the plot is headed. Until next time, ttfn!
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