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Fanfiction ► KBOXIII Reader organization XIII (Chapter Series)

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Dec 18, 2018
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Hi, I started out this fanfiction when I was 15. I picked it up again around age 19 at chapter 7. I posted the story under the username ButterflyXMoonlight on deviantArt, Wattpad, Quotev, and Archive of Our Own.

Figurative Summary: [Y/N] was never supposed to become a Nobody. Nobodies can't feel, but they remember what it was like. Might as well take advantage of living without a heart and do what you do best: Remember. All any Nobody has to grasp onto is memory. "I never felt love as a Somebody, but I'm pretty sure this is what it would have felt like."

Summary with Spoilers: [Y/N] grew up in Radiant Garden with her friends Lea, Isa, and Ienzo. When she is turned into a Nobody she easily adjusts to her new life as she has amnesia. Axel, Saix, and Zexion are hurt to see that [Y/N] doesn't remember who they are. Slowly [Y/N] starts to uncover the mystery of her past and of Kingdom Hearts.

(Kidnapped by Organization XIII) Chapter I

It was a day like no other and since [Y/N] was living as a synthesis materials shopkeeper she had to keep her stock full. Every Saturday morning she would go to the ruins in Hallow Bastion to collect more materials. With a small poison dagger she would defeat heartless and pick up what they dropped.

[Y/N] would head out alone and take a few potions. On this day she forgot those vital little healing mixtures. Who would have known that they would be so important?

With her dagger in tow she set out to collect materials to sell. Heartless after heartless and none of them had dropped anything yet. What was going on?

She spot a smaller looking gray heartless. Or was it a heartless? Its insignia was upside down. Nonetheless she had a small battle with it until it disappeared, defeated. Finally for the first and last time that day something had dropped. She picked it up to find a crystal; an S type synthesis material. What a score!

Just as [Y/N] bent over to pick it up she was pushed down. She fell on her stomach and tried rolling to her side. She saw shadows heartless on top of her. They scratched at [Y/N]. She hurried for her dagger and tried to battled them while still on the ground. Just as one disappeared out of about half a dozen a new shadow heartless came. Only it looked much different: its antennae were longer as well as it’s body and legs.

[Y/N] went in for the kill and defeated it. With other shadow heartless surrounding her she hurried to pick up what it dropped only to be knocked down again. Only this time all she saw was black. Nothing but darkness with no end.


Saix walked out of the dark corridor to see you on the floor in a heap of darkness. He walked over to you and watched as slowly it faded away and your heart floated up into the sky. Somewhere it would become a heartless. It disappeared after a few meters in a dim of darkness. He looked back to you and crouched down.

"Out of everyone to become a nobody for me to retrieve as today's mission...it had to be [Y/N]." He spoke to himself, taking a lock of your [H/L] [H/C] hair between his gloved fingers and touching it softly before letting it go. "If I had a heart, I believe I would laugh in my own pity." He lowered his face to your ear and whispered something you wouldn't hear as you were unconscious. "Do you remember Isa?"

Getting back up, he picked you up with one arm and created a corridor of darkness with the other. Slowly he walked through with you in his both of his arms. Just what would he tell the superior about you? Should he tell the truth or keep it between him and Axel?


“It seems I have picked up the wrong person to become apart of us.” Saix notified to Xemnas. [Y/N] lied unconscious on a bed within a room which would be hers.

“Ah, that is fine. We could always use extra hands.” Xemnas looked [Y/N] over, seeing that she could be of help to the organization. Although it had weak members the more to build it up and the greater the strength would be altogether.

“What about her number?” Saix questioned.

“She will not be given one. She shall be known as The Toxic Synthesis. Now I will leave you to awaken her.” Xemnas nodded before turning towards the door.

“Yes, superior.” Saix turned to [Y/N] as Xemnas left the room. “Awaken at once.”

“…uh…huh?” She slowly turned to lay on her side.

“You must regain consciousness.” Saix spoke out to her.

“I’m…alive? Who am I?” Her eyes slowly opened.

“[Y/N]. No number. The Toxic Synthesis.”
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