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Fanfiction ► KH Death Note



Jan 19, 2019
What if Light Yagami was in KH?

Let’s say the Heartless enter his world and he becomes curious about them, discovering about other worlds from Ryuk. But he’s surprised that the Heartless obey him so he uses them for his plan.

After L dies, during this six year rule, Light grows bored without a challenge. He convinces Ryuk to tell him more of other worlds and uses his darkness to leave his own, coming into contact with say Xehanort or Maleficent. If he joins Maleficent, he tries to write her name down, only to discover it won’t work. In fact, Xehanort himself deliberately tampers with the Death Note to ensure that Light can’t use it to kill Sora or any potential Guardians of Light for his big master plan; Maleficent still has a role to play to provide Sora “training” by fighting off her council.

So for the time, Light studies the many worlds, gaining control of the Heartless and using Maleficent’s alliance, killing off the idiots of the group or the most powerful. Malefcient catches on of course and increases Light’s Darkness. Light abandons his Death Note, drunk on power and engages Sora or Riki in combat during the Keyblade Graveyard, declaring himself the God of All Worlds. And of course when he fails, Ryuk takes his heart.

Riku: I used to be like you, Light. I used to think all the evil things I did justified the ends. But all I did was hurt people. The darkness consumed me just as it’s done to you.

Light Yagami: (clutching his hand) You..you think we’re alike?! That I’m some petty villain?

Riku: you’re rotten. It’s over. This worlds safe from you.

Light:...No. I am JUSTICE!”

The team step back as a dark arua surrounds Light. (The Encounter BBS Verision begins). Ryuk chuckles as the aura engulfs Light, who laughs as well.

Ryuk: Interesting...

Light: And you have been found guilty...

Riku barley dodges a scythe attack. Right behind Light is a shinigami like Heartless, leering at them all. Light suddenly has a scythe appear on his own hands, his eyes glowing a bright red/yellow.

Light: By the God of ALL Worlds!

Battle Qoutes

1. This is the End!

2. I’m justice!

3. Is that it?!

4. (Crazy laugh)

5. Looks like I win!

6. No! Impossible!